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  1. greyflash


    Thanks a bunch for checking up on me. I am indeed still kicking but did suffer a pulmonary embolism and passed out on the side of the road while taking a walk with my dog. No permanent damage but I am on a blood thinner for the rest of my life. I have never been on any drugs over my lifetime...
  2. greyflash

    Critique Backlite Egret

    Outstanding work. Love it.
  3. greyflash

    Here are a few more from Costa Rica

    Beautiful images. The woodpecker really stands out.
  4. greyflash

    Mono Morning

    I have taken a few shots at Mono but none that reach this level. Well done Eric, always a pleasure to see your work.
  5. greyflash

    Marquez Family

    Excellent work Jake.
  6. greyflash

    In honor of the the end of WW1 - Ypres/Ieper, Belgium

    Perfect subjects, excellent photography.
  7. greyflash

    2018 Octoberfest - Phil K - Hasselblad X1D with 90mm f/3.2 - Day 31 Finale!

    Your first image is so peacefully done and beautiful. Love the cat and what a great pose.
  8. greyflash

    a 7 week old loon

  9. greyflash

    Cocker Spaniel puppies. 1 Week old.

    Darling pups and your photography is super. Well done.
  10. greyflash

    Newfoundland Road Trip Favorites

    Glenn, you are an amazing photographer and this recent body of work is superb. Well done my friend.
  11. greyflash

    Got The Cover Of Air & Space Magazine!

    Quite an accomplishment. Your photo’s are excellent and very deserving.
  12. greyflash

    Myth Busted; Brown Bears' Running Endurance

    Great pictures and a super story to accompany them.
  13. greyflash

    Supermodel Jackie...

    My 3 1/2 year old looks just like her. He is light beige. Very smart dogs.
  14. greyflash

    IN FLIGHT AT 1/80

    Excellent what else can I say.
  15. greyflash

    Study break

    A lot of things good about these pictures but perhaps most of all is just having fun together as a family. Cheers.
  16. greyflash

    Class of 2019 - Last shoots in NH...

    Best wishes with your move Jeff and as to your business your work will speak for you.
  17. greyflash

    A Very Special Little Boy

    Love this series and I feel certain that he is lucky to have such a special grandma.
  18. greyflash

    My new purchase

    You have just proven the old adage "it ain't the camera it's the person behind it."
  19. greyflash

    Class of 2019 - Last shoots in NH...

    You have always done nice work and this years crop is no exception.
  20. greyflash

    Pictou, Nova Scotia

    Excellent Glenn as always. Fun to watch you move around to new places while working your magic with the camera.
  21. greyflash

    Our Annual Family Trip

    Fun pictures of your family vacation. That’s what it is all about.
  22. greyflash

    Strong Possibility - A Move to the Dark Side?

    Best wishes to you with your decision. From the down side I would really miss the f2.8 of the Nikon lenses. Hope you choose to stay here on the Cafe whatever choice you make.
  23. greyflash

    Hummingbird Lands in the Palm of My Hand

    In a word, amazing. I am blown away
  24. greyflash

    Underwater Photographer Spends 20 Years Capturing Photos of Microscopic Plankton

    Such beautiful images. This is something that most of us would never see were it not for dedicated photographers like this. The colors are fantastic.
  25. greyflash

    Last Dollar Road, Telluride, CO

    Love that Jeep trail ride up to Telliride. Hope the storm will clean things up a bit.
  26. greyflash


    I would say in #2 they pretty well have that guy wrapped up. Good series.
  27. greyflash

    Yellow Crowned

    Excellent focus, good detail and overall a super shot. I feel certain it was worth the wet britches. Well done Carl.
  28. greyflash

    Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

    As always I am very impressed with all this wonderful series of shots. Much impressed with the care and effort that goes into you catching the scenes at just the right time. So serene and peaceful.
  29. greyflash

    Peek-a-boo grizzly

    A special series, well done. My favorite is #5 where he could pass as Sasquatch.
  30. greyflash

    Kofi Annan RIP

    Excellent work Ray.
  31. greyflash

    First Glad of the Season

    Could easily be a painting. Very nice.
  32. greyflash

    Osprey in the Rain

    Excellent series of shots, I like them all.
  33. greyflash

    Mountain Lemonade?

    Good “depth” on these images.
  34. greyflash

    never seen a Troll?

    So that’s what a troll looks like. Cute images.
  35. greyflash

    Football (series)

    Very good and at ISO 5000 impressive.
  36. greyflash

    Critique My wife posing -Florida cloudy afternoon

    I like #4 the best because of the lighting and pleasant look on your wives face. I would crop it square, print it and hang it up.
  37. greyflash

    My wife's elderly aunt in Ukraine

    Clear, well focused images with good detail.
  38. greyflash

    Mt Rainier, under the Stars

    Stunning images with both being different but excellent in their own right.
  39. greyflash

    Emma - the Coke Addict

    Fun shots of this cute little girl.
  40. greyflash

    Wayside chapel Ukraine

    Certainly a well maintained site and very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  41. greyflash

    Deer on the run

    Well captured subject.
  42. greyflash

    Critique Unknown fly ?Tachinid

    Really excellent image.
  43. greyflash


    Beautiful shots of my favorite bird.
  44. greyflash

    City Abstracts - Cincinnati

    Excellent Glenn. You have certainly shown us all how to do it behind the lens and in the subsequent processing steps. Love the verticals, balance and patterns. Well done.
  45. greyflash

    starting over

    I have the 70-200 and recommend it highly. It’s a great sports lens.
  46. greyflash

    Things are Winding Down at the Colony

    Great shots Bobby.
  47. greyflash

    Common Tern

    A wow shot, very nice.
  48. greyflash

    Brown Pelicans

    Louie, you definitely have the knack of capturing birds in flight. Nice subjects and good captures
  49. greyflash

    "Admiral" butterfly

    Very nice Klaus. What a beautiful subject.
  50. greyflash

    White Coat

    Congrats to your daughter and lovely image of your ladies.
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