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  1. andreasb

    Music from another time

    Amazing stuff, and sure brings back memories
  2. andreasb

    BARRED OWL- I think?

    Nicely done Gary, and the background helps it as well
  3. andreasb

    In flight meal

    Nice is that what was left of your BBQ steak?
  4. andreasb


    Good for you Allan, well deserved!
  5. andreasb

    A lone eagle

    Great composition and you got the take off just perfectly, The beach sure has been productive for you over the years, lots of good memories for you (and us)
  6. andreasb

    Snowy BIF; files from Quarantine

    What a great shot, this is just what I need to cheer me up!
  7. andreasb

    Reddish Egret, Brevard County, Florida, this morning.

    Ohh the light in Florida I sure miss going there, want to go when this is all over, and everything else, top notch images!
  8. andreasb

    Critique Birds from Bosque. An abstract

    That's real beautiful!!!
  9. andreasb

    a beautiful bird

    That's so cool, well done Randy!
  10. andreasb


    bit if a crop but sure is a great capture!
  11. andreasb

    Wondering if I should get another dog

    We are soon going to be faced with the same issue our little dog is a cavalier King Charles spaniel is 13 years old and what we plan to do is to be without a dog for a year or two and try it but then I think we will get another one again.
  12. andreasb

    Step softly...GBH

    To funny, i guess they're to big to swallow whole?
  13. andreasb

    A Matter of Perspective

    Grest shots and a real good lesson for us all, thanks for the tip!
  14. andreasb

    First Hummer of the year

    The issue is holding the camera & lens still at this magnification that is the limiting factor, keeping the focus at the eye is hard. Many OOF shots, but after a few hundred of them I got a few keepers (and a lot to delete ;-) )
  15. andreasb

    Moonrise over Saltspring island, British Columbia

    We sat at dinner and it was getting dark, and my wife said to me shouldn't the moon rise very soon? And that moment I saw a sliver of light over the wooded Mt. Maxwell on Saltspring Island, and the moon came up. I ran after my camera D500 with the 500PF on a small tripod and here it is...
  16. andreasb

    At the Feeder

    I think we all wish we had your feeder with the visitors that you get on a regular basis, nice series!
  17. andreasb

    First Hummer of the year

    Thanks Louis, much appreciated, the 500pf does ok with the tc14
  18. andreasb

    First Hummer of the year

    The Annas stay all winter, the Rufous go south Just to clarify, its the first shot this year for me, of a hummer, even though they stay i dont take any pictures usually during the winter. Its a rite of spring...
  19. andreasb

    First Hummer of the year

    Not much more to say than the he sat in a low tree and let me get real close, and I handheld the D500 and the 500mm PF, sometimes with a TC14EII, and I didn't see much else to shoot so here he is: 1. DSC_4276csc by ANDREAS BERGLUND, on Flickr 2. DSC_4453cs4K by ANDREAS BERGLUND, on Flickr 3...
  20. andreasb

    A Few Firsts for Me

    The waxwings made it all worth it for me, i like it a bit different than we normally see
  21. andreasb

    Coming at You

    Such a cool shot the frozen water drops makes this image!
  22. andreasb

    Nominate a Thread for Front Page Feature

    This image is incredible! I nominate the first one of the two!
  23. andreasb

    March migration is on in Nebraska

    Both are great but the first one is NG quality, priceless!
  24. andreasb


    You really nailed the take off, perfectly frozen in a great pose
  25. andreasb

    Trouble with MH-26a or EN-EL18a?

    I wish we could fix a lot more things in the world this easy way ;-)
  26. andreasb

    Picked up some stringed instruments while down in Southern Ontario

    That's real net, I wonder what they sound like as well. I also have a number of string instruments, the most unusual one is a Bolivian Charrango
  27. andreasb

    The Eagle and the Duck

    What a great action sequence! Welcome home!
  28. andreasb

    When do you use Group AF?

    Just to expand on this a bit. I have 4 different focus modes setup on each of my D500 and D850 assigned to buttons as follows AF on button: Single point, I use this on sitting birds, and on lots of other images, I point focus on what I want then recompose and shoot. Joystick button: Group AF, I...
  29. andreasb

    When do you use Group AF?

    Group AF focuses on the closest subject, so I use it on BIF
  30. andreasb

    chateau de Mauvezin

    That's an amazing evocative image, well done!
  31. andreasb

    Peregrine Falcon in Central Florida

    Super series, so well done!
  32. andreasb

    “Who you looking at”

    Last week we have actually had some sun here, Nothing to shoot here though, we are waiting for the herring run, and it should come soon.
  33. andreasb

    Love In The Early Morning Light

    Very nice images Gonzo, so nice to hear from you!
  34. andreasb


    That's very well done, hard to get so close to them
  35. andreasb

    Black Oystercatcher up close and personal

    A selphie in a birdseye?
  36. andreasb

    Black Oystercatcher up close and personal

    I hadn't noticed that ;-)
  37. andreasb

    eagle in a tree

    Nice shots but i wonder who was the most bored 😉
  38. andreasb

    Male Sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus)

    That's gorgeous, shows who is behind the camera
  39. andreasb

    Black Oystercatcher up close and personal

    I stood still and it came just closer and closer... _DSC5141cs4K_2 by ANDREAS BERGLUND, on Flickr
  40. andreasb

    Bald Eagle season in the PNW =I'll fight you for it...

    Hey Buddy, #2 is fabulous, lots of eagles around right now its a lot of fun
  41. andreasb

    3.0 Firmware Update

    Allan, I'd be curious how you compare this Eye AF to the Sony A9 II Eye AF
  42. andreasb

    ID needed

    Female Northern Harrier I think it is
  43. andreasb

    My current AI-S/E/P Lens Collection! What's next?

    28mm F2 AIS , is an incredible lens much better than the 28mm F2.8 AIS and the afore mentioned 28mm F2.8 ais (but make sure you get the CRC version focuses to 20 cm, it's also called the food lens) 135mm F2.8 AIS is incredibly sharp Dont try the 58mm F1.2 AIS Noct, then you have to have one!!!
  44. andreasb

    Peregrine Falcon at LAWD

    Awesome! #2 is an instant classic, just about perfect flight shot.
  45. andreasb

    Nikon D6 Review from JD

    Yes that is nice, btw my old Canon 7D MKII has that as well as I assume all higher end Canons so that is a bit of a catch up
  46. andreasb

    Nikon D6 Review from JD

    Welcome back Dino! Nice to hear from you again. I haven't scoured the whole internet but I have seen no one with a real hands on of the D6, other cameras like the OLympus EM-1 MKIII has real hands on reviews from multiple, so its clear to me that Nikon has not given reviewers D6 cameras to try...
  47. andreasb

    Nikon D6 Review from JD

    As far as I'm concerned (yes biased I know) the only thing of interest in the D6 compared to The D5 is the different AF module. Nikon says its better, but herein lies the problem: we don't know how much better because: We have no tests nor reviews, and that will slowly solve itself. I noticed...
  48. andreasb

    Nikon D6, 20mm f/1.8 S and Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR

    Well I (and I think others) are looking for tangible benefits when we are to buy a $6500 USD camera (and the expensive Super Tele lens system that goes with it). That new AF better be real good, because without it there is almost nothing new there compared to the D5, and then we have the Sony A9...
  49. andreasb

    Nikon D6, 20mm f/1.8 S and Z 24-200mm f/4-6.3 VR

    To me the specs of the D6 is decidedly underwhelming, no eye af, no MP increase, clearly the target is sports and action and nothing to us birders of real interest. Only joker in the deck is how good is that new AF, not much description there from Nikon on why the new AF is better. Correction...
  50. andreasb

    Ft D reddish egret

    Sure brings back memories, great series
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