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  1. nuccifamily

    Another year, another National Championship (again...and again) - Part I

    Wow! Haven't been on the forum for awhile and laughed when I saw that this thread was still alive (page 92!) and in the first few pages of "New Posts"! Love it!
  2. nuccifamily

    Oh My... I just weighed in and...Ugh. ***Up Date***

    A friend told me that one as well and I love it! I have lost 57 pounds over the last five and a half months and have that much to go! It has been a great journey and I am feeling great. If any of you want some particulars and want to join me on the jourrney, you can read all about it at...
  3. nuccifamily

    What do you blog about?

    I have never blogged before three days ago. I started a blog because I hoped it would help hold me accountable for my weight loss to family and friends. So far, it is working. Very therapeutic. Never thought I would write about myself. Here it is...
  4. nuccifamily

    Friday Night Lights 2009

    Excellent series Jeff! I really like the first one and the last three.
  5. nuccifamily

    like screen for of new member tonight????

    Way to look at the silver lining Joseph. But, I am willing to bet that he has purchasing or selling in mind. In my defense, I don't care that much about our FS forum. Just really like saying hi to the newbies! :tongue:
  6. nuccifamily

    like screen for of new member tonight????

    Hello and welcome... again!
  7. nuccifamily

    like screen for of new member tonight????

    :biggrin::redface: Sorry about that! I usually do this more timely but he reminded me I hadn't done it in a while. Didn't realize that I was responding to posts that were that old. But, I did stop before going through everyone I hadn't welcomed!
  8. nuccifamily

    First time shooting Jr College Football

    The timing of the action and the cropping are spot on. My only issue is that they seem a little dark and it's very hard to discern any details in the faces. I would try to lighten them slightly. #4 is my favorite. All in all, a very good series.
  9. nuccifamily

    Girls Field Hockey

    Great action and colors. You got some excellent suggestions from Chris and I will just reiterate that all of these pictures would be benefitted by some cropping. Once cropped, your responses to this set will change dramatically.
  10. nuccifamily

    Mak Cik from Bali...she's a natural

    Wonderful series Banhup! She is a beauty.
  11. nuccifamily


    Excellent! Congrats Randy! I love seeing these posts when our members get accepted to SS.
  12. nuccifamily

    Hannah and the 100/2

    Adorable! This is a wonderful image.
  13. nuccifamily

    85 1.4 and sorority girls

    Not a bad gig! I love that third one.
  14. nuccifamily

    Business Card Try #2

    Definitely no hard feelings and no need to apologize... I wouldn't have posted again if there were. While I thought your original tone sounded opposed to input, your actions proved me wrong (and you right). Probably not your communication skills, just one of those issues with written...
  15. nuccifamily

    Happy Birthday nuccifamily - anthony

    Thanks Jake!
  16. nuccifamily

    Business Card Try #2

    I know you probably don't give a crap about my opinion at this point. And, thus,I am not quite sure why I still offer it. :biggrin: (Must be a glutton...) But, I have continued to follow these two threads despite our disagreements. Partly because I enjoy threads about business cards and the...
  17. nuccifamily

    Happy Birthday nuccifamily - anthony

    Thanks Geoff and RFC!
  18. nuccifamily

    Happy Birthday nuccifamily - anthony

    Thanks Simon! Just wondering that the other day when I saw that you were looking for another D2Hs. :smile: Glad to hear it! I miss that camera and wished I could have afforded to keep it.
  19. nuccifamily

    Free 11X14 Poster Print

    :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Hadn't thought of that! Yes, my green picture was also free. Their customer response was also free. Both were worth every penny of what I paid. To be truthful, it caused me a little bit of aggravation and angst... so, I think I came out on the losing end of...
  20. nuccifamily

    Happy Birthday nuccifamily - anthony

    It was a happy day! My daughter, unlike my son, is extremely excited about this next phase in her life. Thanks Michael.
  21. nuccifamily

    D90 High ISO: Kickboxing (main event fight)

    The shot of the double spinning kick is excellent!
  22. nuccifamily

    Free 11X14 Poster Print

    With the results I have gotten from Walgreen... and the subsequent responses from them regarding those results, I wouldn't even bother with a free coupon from them. My last picture was green. :eek: If I remember, I will scan it and post it here for everyone to see.
  23. nuccifamily

    Collared Lizard Scanning for Prey in the Utah Desert

    Nicely captured Michael. Beautiful colors on the little guy.
  24. nuccifamily

    If there is one thing I can't stand about FedEx..

    Try living at my house. We had gotten used to deliveries being as late as 8 to 9. But, the last delivery for my son came at 10:05 PM!! :eek::frown:
  25. nuccifamily

    Happy Birthday nuccifamily - anthony

    Thanks again everyone for the warm wishes! :biggrin: Good for you Seneca. I thought you only looked 29 so it must be working!
  26. nuccifamily

    Happy Birthday nuccifamily - anthony

    Great memory Sean! Yes, she is off to The University of Northern Colorado.
  27. nuccifamily

    Happy Birthday nuccifamily - anthony

    Well, I got Qdoba, which is one of my faves and now I am off to the Silver Lake Photo website to shop for some bargain backdrops! Wish me luck. :smile:
  28. nuccifamily

    Happy Birthday nuccifamily - anthony

    :biggrin: No change Nick. I prefer to continue to think of myself as young as my nephew rather than my true age. I usually act his age over mine most of the time anyway!
  29. nuccifamily

    Happy Birthday nuccifamily - anthony

    Thanks to all! A bittersweet birthday as I spent the day moving my daughter in to her college dorm. :redface: Sad to see our youngest moving on... I feel really old today. But, she is thrilled to start school and I enjoyed taking in her excitement. So,spent the day mostly driving and moving...
  30. nuccifamily

    Borders and signatures

    Doesn't bother me any. In fact, if done correctly, it often adds to the capture. If done poorly, I just ignore.
  31. nuccifamily

    Christina - Looking for input / critique / tips Thanks!

    While the catchlights are a little overpowering. They are still far better than the re-edit that does not have any. I would try to make the large one on the bottom a little smaller. Nice pics overall.
  32. nuccifamily

    to serious?

    I agree to some extent. Non-smiling, serious, distant... even pensive. But, I still think this photo just looks angry. If she likes it, then I think it was a success. But, I hope she doesn't put it in the yearbook!
  33. nuccifamily

    Business Card Opinions

    Of course, it's JMHO, but I think you are going in the wrong direction with the latest one posted. I am not a huge fan of pictures, but I think those pictures will end up way too small and do nothing to sell your work.
  34. nuccifamily

    Newest U.S. Lacrosse team member...

    Very cool! Congrats to her and you. Nicely done on the photos.
  35. nuccifamily

    Modern teenage girls in Tokyo

    They're probably talking to each other!!! :eek::biggrin::tongue::wink:
  36. nuccifamily a Nikon

    Crazy story! Reported here a couple of times already...
  37. nuccifamily

    Business Card Opinions

    I like it much better Milan. Do you plan to put the email address on the other side of the card? If not, I would add that to the front. Also, I would move all of the text in just a little so that it does not get cut off when printing. Nice clean design. These are the cards I prefer. Nicely...
  38. nuccifamily

    Re-enactment Shots

    I really like the second one.
  39. nuccifamily

    What time does UPS usually come by your house?

    Last week's delivery was at 10:05 PM! :eek:
  40. nuccifamily

    cannon beach, or

    These are great. #2 and #4 are my faves.
  41. nuccifamily


    I definitely think most of those posters are trying to be "first" to post this info. Does it bother me? No, not anymore than a lot of other quirky forum behaviour. :tongue:
  42. nuccifamily

    Happy Birthday Steve King!

    Happy Birthday Steve! I hope you have a great one.
  43. nuccifamily

    If you weren't already invested would you

    Wow! Interesting insights Geno. I remember your switch to Canon but must have missed the switch back. While I also am bothered by the price difference and thought of switching before the release of the D3, this makes me feel a little better. :tongue:
  44. nuccifamily

    basketball and shutter speed

    1/500 at a minimum, but I strive for 1/800. With younger kids, you can get away with slower. But, for high school and college, I think that 1/800 is ideal.
  45. nuccifamily

    Funniest costumes you wore for a party/halloween

    Worthless post without pics! :tongue:
  46. nuccifamily

    San Francisco restaurant recommendations, please

    Fisherman's Grotto #9 is excellent! There was so much Dungeness crab on my wife's pasta dish that she actually finished the noodles before the crab. And, though it may be touristy, the Stinking Rose is still a classic. Great food if you like garlic. Definitely get the roasted garlic...
  47. nuccifamily

    Lame, Lame, Lame !!!

    Dang, that was mine! Okay, how about... "Yeah, I thought that looked horrible as well (or was cropped wrong, etc.), but the client insisted!"
  48. nuccifamily

    DIY Reflector / Stand

    Definitely keep us updated on it's success. I always enjoy DIY projects.
  49. nuccifamily

    SAMANTHA - photo shoot

    I will echo most of what has been said... 1) The B&W and desaturated images don't work as well as the color images in this series. 2) Watch your backgrounds. 3) Number your photos to help with critique. However, please ignore Glenn and continue to post the numbers you have been posting...
  50. nuccifamily

    Has this ever happend to you?

    Yes. But, I don't think it's exclusive to photography. People are simply not considerate any more. :confused:
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