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  1. Randy

    Did a bear do this?

    btw I took your advice and got a few of those feeders, so far so good
  2. Randy

    Sushi for dinner

    the BG makes the shot, well seen and well captured !
  3. Randy


    using Instacart online lets me know that 10 different stores in Charlotte don't have toilet paper or paper towels......WTH (what the heck) am I missing here (other than toiler paper)
  4. Randy

    Share Birds; When/Where Did You Start

    I was a sports shooter and went on a Nikon Café annual shoot in Florida called MI5 (MI=Merrit Island) run by Harry B and I was hooked the day we went to Viera. This was approx 2006
  5. Randy

    Baby Least Bitterns

    thanks Ron thanks Andreas....I ended up with > 100 keepers out of 300 and I ended up walking away leaving all 3 still fooling around. When I left I was surrounded by photographers, it was hard to get up
  6. Randy


    we do that at Harris Teeter but they're a week behind, instacart is still doing same day
  7. Randy


    we have an area dedicated to cleaning everything, we even wash the fruit and vegies in soap and water it's hard to tell on the prices but I'm pretty sure the big stores don't go up during a crisis
  8. Randy


    Anybody try this for delivered groceries ? We started 2 weeks ago and it's very impressive. There alot of things not on the shelf but the shopper works with you, via text, to find good substitutions on some things. For $99 a year delivery is free. Note they do mark some stuff up a little. I'm...
  9. Randy

    ?: D810 for sports in 2020?

  10. Randy

    Great Blue Heron in good morning light

    the moss makes it special
  11. Randy

    ?: D810 for sports in 2020?

    I'm 68 I used to shoot a D3/D4/D5 + 400/2.8 and a D800 + 70-200 on a black rapid strap now I shoot D5 + 400e. 2 bodies is way too much work and so is flipping from a zoom to a long prime...... shooting just a long prime for so many years changes the way you see the game. You definitely miss a...
  12. Randy

    Same burrowing owl - different looks

    about as good a BG as you can get with these guys, nice job, did you get bit by any ants ?
  13. Randy

    Baby Least Bitterns

    thanks Mitch thanks Dossy thanks Bob thanks Frank
  14. Randy

    Critique Bosque incoming

    killer shot
  15. Randy

    ?: D810 for sports in 2020?

    in NC high school stadiums are usually around ISO 8k at 2.8 and then there's the BG at f/4 120mm FX is close enough for me
  16. Randy

    Critique Weaver bird - Post #10 has two more photos

    Very nice, wing open and sharp eye
  17. Randy

    ?: D810 for sports in 2020?

    for day games the D500 is a good choice and maybe a 70-200 2.8 2.8 is critical for backgrounds. another good choice is the Sigma 120-300 2.8 for high school games at night the D500 is not a good choice....high ISO (like 8k) does not look good (to my eye). You can process each picture thru some...
  18. Randy

    Basketball District Championship

    nice set btw
  19. Randy

    Basketball District Championship

    is this recent ? no sports down here
  20. Randy

    Snowy Owls; Nature's Cruise Missile

    that last one is incredible
  21. Randy

    SS for waterfall

    I can't decide based on the size but generally I use 1 sec
  22. Randy


    thanks Bob thanks Ron thanks buddy thanks Dan, yes on flash, all but the last one were 5 flashes thanks Louie thanks Dossy thanks Nick thanks Karen
  23. Randy


    what a beauty, nice shot and pose
  24. Randy


  25. Randy


    from Costa Rica 2 years ago
  26. Randy

    Photo workshop cancellation- should I expect a refund?

    what did you know about the cancelation policy when you paid ? This is unchartered territory, they're canceling because they have to so who pays ?
  27. Randy

    Snowy Coming at You

    a 10
  28. Randy

    Red squirrel close up

    wow great shot Bob
  29. Randy

    Unison call

    great shot
  30. Randy

    Baby Least Bitterns

    thanks buddy thanks Louie thanks Allan thanks Alex thanks Dan
  31. Randy

    Critique Very rare melanistic serval cat

    well done
  32. Randy


    nice set, especially #1
  33. Randy

    My Backyard Birds

    thanks Tony....the biggest thing to remember is once you start feeding them never stop, not even for a few days. And keep the perches above the feeders, they like to stop on the way to lunch
  34. Randy

    My Backyard Birds

    thanks Bob. You can't really tell the difference at these sizes but the D850 is noticeably better at details, The D5 is way better at AF and high ISO. The D6 will be even better at AF and high ISO but it will still get bested by the D850 in details. The problem is most places we shoot you can't...
  35. Randy

    My Backyard Birds

    ever since I switched to the D850 I haven't shot the D5 back here
  36. Randy

    Critique Bosque Blackbirds at Sunrise

    I don't like any blur, even in sports and especially in BIF, I'm old and traditional :)
  37. Randy

    Migratory Waterfowl in Idaho

    nice job with that BG, it shows the vast numbers against a vast BG
  38. Randy

    Hummingbirds from the last few days

    nice set, sharp eyes those BGs are very cool
  39. Randy

    Eastern Meadowlark

    Very nice
  40. Randy

    Critique Birds from Bosque. An abstract

    that 1st one rocks !
  41. Randy

    Nominate a Thread for Front Page Feature

    the 2nd shot Is over the top
  42. Randy

    Critique Birds from Bosque. An abstract

    love the colors, got one with a faster SS ?
  43. Randy

    Just Some Florida Birds...

    10s Love the turkey
  44. Randy

    No action eagle

    Great pose
  45. Randy

    Lola won a local photo contest

    great shot Rick, both eyes sharp and paws up, can't get it any better than that
  46. Randy

    Few eagles flying

    3 looks great
  47. Randy

    a beautiful bird

    thanks Brian
  48. Randy

    a beautiful bird

    thanks Jeff thanks Bob thanks Dan thanks Allan thanks Andreas thanks Alexis thanks buddy thanks Jim thanks Louie thanks Dossy, 15 mins after I sit down I disappear for the birds, right in front of them, good food keeps them busy
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