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  1. LyndeeLoo

    *Italy and Coronavirus - READ IT*

    Always knew I liked you, Phil, LOL! :ROFLMAO: Indeed, tofu is very versatile and I use in many different ways (sauces, stir fry's, eggs...etc). I developed my love for it while in Asia and it is a staple in my house.
  2. LyndeeLoo

    *Italy and Coronavirus - READ IT*

    Checking in, here... I was supposed to travel to Budapest and Istanbul on April 10, and last month had hoped against hope that I would still be able to travel. Earlier this month, however, Delta and Turkish Airlines both cancelled my flights, so that was that. My hotel reservation in Budapest...
  3. LyndeeLoo

    Blaqck & White to Color My Great Grandmother

    That is outstanding work. Your great grandmother was a very beautiful woman.
  4. LyndeeLoo

    Any Experience with Induro

    Late to the game but I have an Induro and love it. Sturdy, solid and has been flawless in its operation.
  5. LyndeeLoo

    And my wife Hanusia's way of occupying her time while sequestered at home:

    Thank you so much for the invitation, Hanusia! I would be most honored to visit one day! :)
  6. LyndeeLoo

    *Italy and Coronavirus - READ IT*

    Noooo!! I just go to Whole Foods or my local grocery store and buy it. I wouldn't know where to start with making it from scratch! :confused:
  7. LyndeeLoo

    *Italy and Coronavirus - READ IT*

  8. LyndeeLoo

    *Italy and Coronavirus - READ IT*

    Ehhh...and what's wrong with tofu?????? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  9. LyndeeLoo

    And my wife Hanusia's way of occupying her time while sequestered at home:

    You know I wait all year just to see these photos and I see your wife is on a roll, once again! Outstanding design and creativity! Please give my best to her, and tell her that her work is just beautiful!
  10. LyndeeLoo

    Europa Point Lighthouse, Gibraltar

    I loved Gibraltar when I was there and this is a wonderful photo!
  11. LyndeeLoo

    Down town old Havana -Cuba

    Excellent and they remind of my visit there!
  12. LyndeeLoo

    Steveston BC

    Love these! The town will be on my must visit list for when I next get up there.
  13. LyndeeLoo

    Laptop Cop

    Beautiful photo. Very well shot!
  14. LyndeeLoo

    Ottawa this time of year....

    It looks sooo cold there! Nice images...!
  15. LyndeeLoo

    Critique Morten's (BLX) 52 weeks project 2020 - Week 13

    Morton!!!! 😃😃😃 It is so nice to see you here again! How have you been? And how is the family especially my babies Lasse and Lisa? I see everyone, including Marley, has grown so much. I look forward to seeing all of your images, and a very nice start to the 52 week so far!
  16. LyndeeLoo

    *Italy and Coronavirus - READ IT*

    Thinking of you and the family, Dino; please let us know how things get on.
  17. LyndeeLoo

    Critique Veggie lasagna

  18. LyndeeLoo

    Angel's Landing, Zion NP, USA

    Oh heavenly days, these are wonderful, however, I broke out in a cold sweat just looking at them! Glad you and your bride made it up and down safely!
  19. LyndeeLoo

    Critique Veggie lasagna

    Absolutely! I am not so rigid in my plant based lifestyle that I can't enjoy other food options. Had I been at your table, I would have eaten the lasagna, and asked for more, LOL! :ROFLMAO:
  20. LyndeeLoo

    Mississippi River Morning

    Wait - you’re down the street from me? :eek: I go to Grafton all the time. That is a beautiful photograph; well done!
  21. LyndeeLoo

    Critique Veggie lasagna

    Delicious! I made a vegan lasagna last week and it was wonderful. Didn’t think to photograph it, though, but at least I have your fabulous photo to look at!
  22. LyndeeLoo

    One more from Marblehead

    Ohhhhh...that is splendid!
  23. LyndeeLoo

    NY / September / Baseball

    Update - Dino, I just spoke with DezM, who lives in New York and who has photographed in Yankee Stadium. He said that a 70-200mm is the largest lens they will allow. He also stated that the stadium seriously frowns upon video recording and that if you are going to use your camera and lens...
  24. LyndeeLoo

    NY / September / Baseball

    Dino - those tickets are on sale now. For the best selection, you need to make your purchase as soon as possible.
  25. LyndeeLoo

    Night time in Amsterdam

    Absolutely beautiful!!
  26. LyndeeLoo

    (Great) Blue Moon

  27. LyndeeLoo

    San Francisco view

    Ohhhh! This is beautiful! 😃
  28. LyndeeLoo

    Fun With A Little Food Coloring, Some Water and a Touch of Glycerin

    I can totally see this as wall art! Awesome work, Connie!
  29. LyndeeLoo

    Helping a Child Learn a New Skill

    First, I cannot believe that is Rylee - I remember when she was born!! :eek: Second, it does my heart good to see this skillset being taught. Even in my own family, I cannot believe the number of younger relatives who have never seen a needle, much less threaded one. What a wonderful...
  30. LyndeeLoo

    Critique Duck Breast and Fettuccine

    That second shot would make a vegan turn back to an omnivore! 😅. Wow!!!
  31. LyndeeLoo

    What a Difference a Euro Makes

    These are fantastic! Worth every euro and more!
  32. LyndeeLoo

    Jerusalem - on the way to the old city

  33. LyndeeLoo

    Jerusalem - on the way to the old city

    Yesss...I really like this one. I am especially in love with the contrast; well done. When did you visit, Alex?
  34. LyndeeLoo

    Portugal - Day 10-12 - Porto

    These are fantastic, Klaus!
  35. LyndeeLoo


    Well done, Dave, and I'm happy to hear that Gordon is well...!
  36. LyndeeLoo

    Your New Year's Resolution?

    I see you know me... 🤣🤣🤣
  37. LyndeeLoo

    Portugal - Day 7 - Nazaré

    Wow - these are great, Klaus! Love them!
  38. LyndeeLoo

    Your New Year's Resolution?

    To actually locate all my equipment, put it all in one place where it can be easily located, then USE MY GEAR!! :confused:
  39. LyndeeLoo

    Should I consider a new TV?

    I have a TCL 55 inch 4K that replaced my 20+ year old, 105 pound Sony that hadn't been used for almost seven years (prior to the TCL, I hardly ever watched television. Anything I watched was streamed on my computer). The TCL is sharp and I love the resolution. Now the blasted thing has me...
  40. LyndeeLoo

    Emma at Christmas

    Live the photos! She is so cute!
  41. LyndeeLoo

    Candied Yams

    I agree in that there is a huge difference between using fresh versus canned. The pain is in the peeling of the potatoes, especially if you're cooking for a lot of people, but really is well worth it in the end. Enjoy and Happy Hokiday's to you!
  42. LyndeeLoo

    Merry Christmas!

    Santa - is that you???? Merry Christmas to you and yours, Steve!!
  43. LyndeeLoo

    Don't pay the ferryman

    I Wouldn’t pay him either, LOL! Really nice images, there!
  44. LyndeeLoo

    Our New Zealand friends - Desmond

    Desmond is fine. He posted a new thread this morning.
  45. LyndeeLoo

    Portugal - Day 2 - Lisbon

    This is a wonderful series! I loved reminiscing to them!
  46. LyndeeLoo

    CS #678 - Shadows and Reflections....

    Ehhh...Slin's name is Sam. :ROFLMAO: (P.S. In the interest of complete fairness, you had no way of knowing...:))
  47. LyndeeLoo

    CS #678 - Shadows and Reflections....

    G - thanks so much for hosting this week’s CS! You presented a great topic and the submissions were all fantastic. Have fun at the cantata this weekend. Thanks again! 🙂
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