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  1. little big man

    Share Life during the 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic

    Everyone is an online parishioner for the time being. Sean
  2. little big man

    D7000 video/mic question

    Which mic and how is it powered? Sean
  3. little big man

    Planning winter trip to Yellowstone

    It can happen either way - any time you have marked contrasts in temperature and humidity, condensation exchange can occur so keeping the gear at approximately the same temp/humidity as the shooting environment means you don't have to worry about condensation creeping in, especially with zoom...
  4. little big man

    How hot and cold does it get in your neck of the woods?

    In the 20 years we've lived here, the extremes have ranged from -43° F in winter to a miserable 106° F in summer. I really appreciate the lack of humidity that living at higher elevation affords. Sean
  5. little big man

    A penny for your storage thoughts.

    Like Don, I've owned and used a number of Synology appliances - they provide a lot of utility beyond just being a form of storage. There's an entire ecosystem of applications that run on Synology boxes that allow you to stream music, videos and access files remotely. They're not complicated or...
  6. little big man

    Planning winter trip to Yellowstone

    You'll find that glass fogs up when going from warm to cold; I leave the gear in the pickup overnight so it stays relatively cold compared to room temps. Not sure what body you're shooting with, but sometimes I'll use an Atomos power station with the D800 to get better cold weather battery life...
  7. little big man

    Umm, wow.

    Interesting crops on those photos - they really downplay the fact that a tugboat pulled it "to avoid any bumps along the way"! Sean
  8. little big man

    Selling on eBay nightmare story

    I guess I'll go buy a car on eBay and drive it for 5 months before I return it to the owner for a full refund! Sean
  9. little big man


    I appreciate his patience in crafting a witty and sarcastic response; mine would have been two words in length! Sean
  10. little big man

    Headed to 99

    Yikes, that's too warm. I just returned from a work trip to India where it was hot and humid and I am THRILLED to be home with snow on the ground. Sean
  11. little big man

    Doing video at a wedding.

    I've included video on two weddings - both times I set up a camera behind the altar (hidden by the flowers, mostly) with an Atomos recorder and power station so I could let them run for a long time without any attention during the ceremony. One of the most underappreciated parts of video is the...
  12. little big man

    Printer communication problem

    Most HP printers will show a config page if you try to hit the local subnet IP address that is assigned to them. When I can't hit that page in the browser, I power off/on the printer and perhaps even reboot the router to get new IP addresses issued to everything that it *thinks* is on the...
  13. little big man

    Finally, a $10,260 tripod and head combo

    Most of that cost is the fluid head for video/film equipment and them ain't cheap. Moving 50 lbs of camera as smoothly as butter in order to get quality footage is going to cost you. I have a Cartoni fluid head that cost over $1K and it was used, not new, and I think it's limited to 28 lbs or...
  14. little big man

    I think I have a radioactive lens!

    If you point it at yourself, can you take a chest x-ray? :) Sean
  15. little big man

    Has anyone replaced the center column hook with an eye-hook on a Gitzo?

    Hi Jack - I did on a G1327; I ordered a Markins tripod base and then I think I found a different Gitzo eye hook that threaded into the bottom.....? It's been awhile so I'd have to double check my memory against what B&H says I bought. Sean
  16. little big man

    The perfect Apple product

    "Today, the ghost of Steve Jobs came to the defense of his company's product with a bold statement: 'You're storing it wrong!'"
  17. little big man

    Print protective spray

    Hi Howard, It looks like Premier Art still makes the PrintShield spray: Sean
  18. little big man

    R.I.P. Peter Fonda

    He had a house over the pass in Paradise Valley; many years ago, he visited the museum where I worked and left his wallet on the floor of the planetarium with a LOT of money in it. The security staff were in an uncomfortable position; they didn't want to call the police since it was clearly his...
  19. little big man

    Question for audiophiles -- mathematics to the rescue??

    Hi BIll - I had luck using software to tackle a similar project; I found a box of reel-to-reel tapes from the late 60s that were my grandparents sending messages back and forth to my uncles while they were serving in Vietnam. I didn't know what type of reel-to-reel machine was used to record...
  20. little big man

    What to bring to Carslbad Caverns?

    I'd bring some flashlights for light-painting. The lighting they have down there along with a speedlight wasn't as forgiving as a person would like it to be, but some long exposures with some light-painting allowed more precision in what should be accentuated in the frame. Sean
  21. little big man

    Java and OsX 10.13.6

    A google search seems to indicate that there are multiple DICOM readers for Mac - perhaps there's one that is not dependent on Java to run? Sean
  22. little big man


    I don't think you can pursue a copyright infringement case in a state court - that's reserved for the federal courts: The district courts shall have original jurisdiction of any civil action arising under any Act of Congress relating to patents, plant variety protection, copyrights and...
  23. little big man

    Excel 2019 problems

    I thought perhaps you had checked already and it didn't have that option available. I have a Thinkpad that has a 4K display and it has more issues with hardware graphics acceleration and scaling than I care to deal with. It's back with Lenovo now because it crashes hard when docking/undocking...
  24. little big man

    Excel 2019 problems

    Boom! :cigar:
  25. little big man


    It is free - here's a good breakdown of what it does vs. a paid app like Premiere Pro: DaVinci Resolve 15 is a free, Hollywood-grade video editor
  26. little big man


    The D800 would be a great set up for that - you don't need to worry about the AF shortcomings and you can get a nice cinematic look with Nikon glass. As a bonus, the D800 gives clean, uncompressed HDMI output so you can record for hours to an external recorder, like the ones Atomos makes. For...
  27. little big man

    New Mac Pro

    So the XDR monitor is $5K and they're charging $999 for the monitor stand? I don't know what's worse: that they charge that much or that some people will actually pay it. Sean
  28. little big man

    Excel 2019 problems

    Hi Terri, What is the screen resolution on your Win 10 machine - is it a 4K display by chance? Also,does Excel 2019 have an option to disable hardware graphics acceleration? Sean
  29. little big man

    Why No SONAR AF On DSLRs and Mirrorless?

    Sound waves will bounce against glass but IR waves will pass through it. I guess the ultimate AF system would have SONAR, IR and LIDAR built in and all 3 would be comparing notes with each other using a fast processor. Sean
  30. little big man

    Homer/Seward AK

    We took a boat tour out of Seward to see the glaciers around Kenai Fjords National Park and Resurrection Bay - lots of birds, the occasional whale sighting. The Alaska Sealife Center that's in town is really well done and will let you get a close look at all the species that are rehabbing...
  31. little big man

    Shooting Date Question

    That date is related to the "unix epoch". Early programmers had to choose how to encode time in the operating system and they made 1/1/70 the beginning point for time calculations. It manifests itself in situations like this where you can't select a date before that. Unix time - Wikipedia Sean
  32. little big man


    Hey Randy - glad to see you posting. Hope you're comfy and on your way to a speedy and complete recovery! Sean
  33. little big man

    Drone photography epidemic?

    The point here is that by demonstrating that they can reach beyond the park boundaries to cite an individual who broke the law, it will serve as a deterrent for the next person who thinks they're going to snag some killer drone footage from YNP for their next youtube video. Also keep in mind...
  34. little big man

    Drone photography epidemic?

    A crashed drone could destroy Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring
  35. little big man


    I think what you're seeing is Captcha, not 2-step verification. You should be able to unlock the Captcha here: Sign in - Google Accounts Sean
  36. little big man

    Drone photography epidemic?

    Aerial photography was not available to the average person for decades so it always got the viewer's attention as it implied that it was a 'big budget' project; now that's it's ubiquitous, it will take a decade or two before it loses its impact in most cases. Our local tv station had a segment...
  37. little big man

    I'm going to miss my Costa Rica trip

    That does sound like a hard bit of news for you, Randy. We'll be praying for you and your faithful beagle, your family and for the skill and discernment of the medical staff as they give you treatment! Hang in there. Sean
  38. little big man

    Do you collect any older camera gear?

    Mine too. I tried to shoot yearbook and sports with it in H.S. but it didn't have great shutter speeds or flash sync but the lousy quality of yearbook printing in those days saved me! Sean
  39. little big man

    Notre Dame in Paris is burning.

    The Reuters news agency is quoting an official with the French firefighting team as saying: "We can now say that the structure of Notre Dame has been saved from total destruction" - here's hoping. Also reported that one firefighter has been seriously injured.
  40. little big man

    Notre Dame in Paris is burning.

    It sounds like this may be the most extensive threat to the historical portions of it that remained along with the core; it's been repaired/restored to varying degrees over the centuries with reproduction works made along the way but this may be a really thorough catastrophe from a historical...
  41. little big man

    May will bring to Win10 update.

    Here's something I read last week: Microsoft’s Windows 10 May 2019 Update puts you back in control of updates Excited to be able to pause updates for 35 days if needed. Sean
  42. little big man

    Need advice on visiting Yosemite

    Terri - we visited right at Halloween and the leaves in the valley were starting to change but most everything else was still green. We stayed in the canvas tents at Curry Camp for a few nights as well as the Ahwahnee Hotel to get the full range of experience and had a blast in both. The hotel...
  43. little big man

    Telephoto lens choice for Yellowstone NP

    They just remodeled the Canyon Village in the middle of the park and introduced a lot of new food options there. Drop the family off there to eat and pop over to Hayden/Lamar valleys to shoot wildlife at dusk! I'd recommend staying at Canyon Village if you can - you cannot believe the...
  44. little big man

    Need advice on visiting Yosemite

    The first time we went to Yosemite, we stayed outside the park in Oakhurst and I regretted it. The drive in and out each day was maddening - it's just like the awful Yellowstone traffic in the summer. The next time we stayed in Yosemite Valley and it was so much more productive, both from an...
  45. little big man

    Solar Powered Fan For Parked SUV

    The problem is the fan manufacturers are not interested in constructing an ideal machine that efficiently uses the available power to move the correct volume of air to correct the temp problem; they are mainly interested in a product that costs little to make using whatever sourcing is available...
  46. little big man

    Solar Powered Fan For Parked SUV

    I'm not a warm weather person and I've tried a number of the solar fans that fit onto the top of the window; the paradox is they all need lots of sunlight to work well but that only makes the heat in the vehicle rise faster. Even at full blast, they just don't move enough air to combat the...
  47. little big man

    ‘Unbearable’: California Town Closes Access to Super Bloom Due to Massive Crowds

    NPS says they're considering a permit system for Angel's Landing.
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