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  1. jcdoss

    Questions: ISO AUTO on a D200

    Today was not very photogenic outside, so instead of looking for photos were there were none, I turned to learning some new functions on my year-old D200. I know the basics of ISO-AUTO, but I nevertheless have a couple of questions based on my experiences today. 1. Is it possible to extend...
  2. jcdoss

    Laptop needs a RAM upgrade

    I've owned an ASUS S96J laptop for almost two years now, and it's been a fabulous computer. It has only 1G of ram and needs more in order to run NX at something better than a snail's pace. Notably, it runs every other piece of software extremely well, so this upgrade is pretty much only for...
  3. jcdoss

    NX, D200, Picture Controls

    I have a D200 and have been playing around with NX and the Picture Control Utility hoping to get used to the system for when I finally do upgrade to a D300. (Someone please buy my house!) I'm interested to know how you other D200 users are using Picture Control, if you are. One thing I've...
  4. jcdoss

    Third party ink recommendations

    I'm having a hard time sorting through the discussion forums here and everywhere else with regard to non-OEM inkjet replacement cartridges for my Canon S9000 printer. I've found a few sites such as and that sell low-cost cartridge replacements, but not enough...
  5. jcdoss

    Upgrade from D200 to D300... keep or sell?

    I'm inclined to keep mine, by the way, but I appreciate hearing what everyone else is planning to do as well. Thanks for your input, and please keep it coming!
  6. jcdoss

    Upgrade from D200 to D300... keep or sell?

    Just out of curiousity, how many of you are upgrading to a D300 and have and intend to keep your D200?
  7. jcdoss

    D300 Overxposure - an anomaly

    Does the D300 still have the fine tuning settings like the D200 did? I recall my D200 needed to be adjusted -2/3 or so before matrix would be within what I would call acceptable limits.
  8. jcdoss

    Showcase Sigma 10-20mm

    Absolutely stunning photos everyone!! This lens is next on my list, but my god these are awesome! I hope I can do half as well.
  9. jcdoss

    Bad Light, Cool Colors, Swans and Snow Geese

    #2 and the last one are very strong images. Thanks for sharing!
  10. jcdoss

    MY D300 Eagles in the Snow

    I really like #3, but #4 is by far the best of the series. #1 is OK too, but less interesting I think... not "stink-o-reen-o" by any means, just less interesting.
  11. jcdoss

    GBH & Snow Geese in the Snow

    #2 is certainly the best of the lot. #1 is interesting in that it offers a unique perspective of a GBH in the snow. However, #1 is OOF and #3 to the end all look fairly blown out.
  12. jcdoss

    Don't you love the drama

    Why is it not possible to state differing viewpoints without adopting this kind of holier-than-thou attitude?
  13. jcdoss

    Nikon D300, D200, D40 and Canon 5D High ISO Comparison

    Actually, there is some truth in what Steve is saying. I recall, when I was using Canon equipment and following the gear forums that there was always a certain amount of outrage over Michael Reichmann's reviews because he tested the equipment "the way he shoots them." That said, I'm less...
  14. jcdoss

    Nikon D300, D200, D40 and Canon 5D High ISO Comparison

    There are too many variables in these out-of-the-camera jpg comparisons to make any sense out of them. I would rather see a NEF vs NEF comparison with the same post work done preferrably in NX.
  15. jcdoss

    AF fine tuning...should I be concerned?

    Indeed this is a fantastic idea! The only thing I would have wanted in addition to this was a hot pixel mapper outer. Then, the only reason to bother Nikon service is if the camera was actually broken. :wink:
  16. jcdoss

    Guinness record for AF fine tuning adjustment

    No D300 yet here (not till spring), but I'm curious to know how wide the scale is. Is +20 the max?
  17. jcdoss

    Test of D300 AF Fine Tune Focus (examples now)

    Very cool indeed!
  18. jcdoss

    Okay, I'll play... D300 1st Impression...

    Congrats Rich. Nice lookin cat. :Wink:
  19. jcdoss

    D300 is here....

    Condolences on the grandmother... Congratulations on the D300!!!
  20. jcdoss

    D300 Af

    Wow... that D300 made even an ugly dog look purty! I's got to get me one of them.
  21. jcdoss

    New D300 High-ISO samples

    I'd still like to see them. Sorry you were harrassed about posting them.
  22. jcdoss

    Print multiple images from NX

    I have two or three different settings files, but the versions are not necessarily derived from those settings files. In other words, I have a settings file set up for 4x6 at 300dpi with 25% USM and +10 saturation. Sometimes I apply curves or increase the USM before saving that version. A...
  23. jcdoss

    Print multiple images from NX

    I shoot only NEF and create and save different versions and save them within the NEF file. I save some resized for the web, different crops, different processing routines, etc. I would like to make a batch of 4x6s by selecting a set of photos (NEFs) within NX and printing directly. My...
  24. jcdoss

    Something...Part I

    Sorry, but I have to thank tomtodeath for that hilarious photo!!
  25. jcdoss

    Something...Part I

    Behind this wall are some of the finest alcoholic beverages I've tasted in quite a while. This fine establishment is just outside of Reno, Nevada. And no, the bicycle is not part of the decor... someone actually rode it to the pub. The photo below is of one of your finest achievements!
  26. jcdoss

    About this forum...

    Why isn't this forum in the "Cameras and gear" subforum like the rest of the gear-related forums? It seems like it would be a great fit there.
  27. jcdoss

    Camera Case Belt Thingies? Where to find?

    Lowepro Street & Field system is what I have. Two holsters, a belt, a shoulder bag, and several lens cases that all fit together in pretty much any combination imaginable. I'm quite happy with it. There are more expensive options, but none of this gear has failed me and I've owned much of...
  28. jcdoss

    Something...Part I

    How about a CATERPILLAR? Below is something that you've had for a very long time.
  29. jcdoss

    D300 at Hunt's in Melrose, MA

    So, different AF points light up and go off as the subject moves around in the viewfinder? Awesome (if I understand correctly)!
  30. jcdoss

    Something...Part I

    Finally got one in! Below is something good to eat!
  31. jcdoss

    D300 vs D200 AF

    There are reasons I don't spend much time at the DPR forums anymore. Frankly, I'm getting somewhat disappointed at all the recaps and transplanted threads from DPR showing up over here. Sure, I'm anxious to see what the D300 really is, but there isn't anyone on the DPR forums who knows any...
  32. jcdoss

    Some YouTubes

    I love the evil hooded Canon guys!
  33. jcdoss

    CS # 54 - Human / nature

    It's been a while since I participated in the CS here, but now that I think we're all settled in, I will try and post more often. There are no humans IN the photo, but there are humans and signs of them all around. We recently moved to Little Rock, and this is the sunset off our deck...
  34. jcdoss

    New HIGH-ISO D300 and D3 samples

    There are some folks in this forum that can be described as such. :eek: Thanks for posting the links, Sandro, but I think you would agree that these are probably best taken as "teasers," and not as a means to judge either camera.
  35. jcdoss

    D200 & Flash sync of 1/500

    When exactly are you reducing power? FP and faster than 1/250 or FP and faster than 1/500, or something else?
  36. jcdoss

    D300 jpegs vs RAW at HIGH ISO

    This thread prompted me to review some of my RAW vs JPG shots, since I've shot a few lately in RAW+JPG mode. Although I don't like waiting on NX to work on my conversions, I do think the RAW files are notably superior to JPGs even at lower ISOs. Sounds like opinions are all over the map on...
  37. jcdoss

    D200 needs first cleaning...

    I wouldn't send it in unless you're having problems with it. Unless you want to do like some and have it inspected/cleaned just before your warranty runs out.
  38. jcdoss

    D200 needs first cleaning...

    I just got my D200 back from Nikon for some "warranty's almost up" servicing. They cleaned my viewfinder and sensor and mapped out some hot pixels fairly rapidly. The turnaround time including shipping was about two weeks. I will say that I read somewhere Nikon will ship the camera back to...
  39. jcdoss

    Pelargonium Seed

    Great sharpness and detail in the seed! I like the red background and wish more of the BG were red. Good work!
  40. jcdoss

    Challenge #42 Voting Thread

    First: Tribute in Light - Together Again Second: Liquid Oscar Third: Dining in the Dark
  41. jcdoss

    Questions for the Spiderman (and others)

    Those are great macros, Dave! With the noteable exception of brown recluses, all other spiders I find in my house are peacefully escorted out the back door. If you saw the huge mosquito bloom we had just last week, you'd wish for a million spiders at your house!
  42. jcdoss

    D300 ISO 6400 Night Shot on FM

    I think you're being conservative, Sandro... I think it looks way better than ISO 1600 on the D200!
  43. jcdoss

    Nikon Cafe and/or Nikonians?

    Was it unanimous? :Clown: Mostly being ignored. I think the Collective shoots are fun, and I hope to participate in some of the challenges a bit more regularly. I don't have problems with those. I don't want to exaggerate too much. I think there are people who elicit reactions based...
  44. jcdoss

    Nikon Cafe and/or Nikonians?

    Comparing Nikonians vs Cafe: One guy's opinion. 1) Layout: Cafe 9/10, Nikonians 3/10. I can navigate, post, find information, post attachments and photos, and ask questions and get good answers in this forum, and I was able to do it easily on my first day. Nikonians has some kind of...
  45. jcdoss

    D300 availability

    What was the price differential between what you paid at Best Buy versus what you would have paid at a reputable dealer like B/H?
  46. jcdoss

    D300 availability

    Thanks for the info, Terry. Now I know I will have time to finish collecting glass before going for the D300.
  47. jcdoss

    Download View NX

    It seems to work fine, but is a bit quirky and I'm not sure it's better than Breezebrowser.
  48. jcdoss

    D3 / D300 "focus Adjustment"

    Thanks for the advice... I think that's what I'm going to do. Also, I'm not sure if the camera drifted or not. I hardly ever shoot wide open with any lens, but I have been forced to lately with the volleyball. My keeper rate is abyssmally low, largely due to circumstances and my own lack of...
  49. jcdoss

    D3 / D300 "focus Adjustment"

    If that's the case, then it should be just as easy to go back in and fix it! Not being one to measurebate, I've largely ignored all the backfocus and frontfocus threads. Now, after three attempts at shooting indoor volleyball, I've discovered that my D200/Sigma 50-150 combo seems to have at...
  50. jcdoss

    D300 preview up on DPreview

    Custom Function f10 will be a great addition. I still wish they'd move auto-ISO accessibility to the front dial (press ISO, spin front dial to toggle, spin rear dial to change manually). Looking forward to more info!