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  1. Pesto126

    Standalone DAM applications

    You can run Imatch using Parallels... I used to do it all the time before I switched back to PC. It runs pretty well actually though a native MAC application would run a bit better. Photo Supreme is a good option for MAC and is cross platform.
  2. Pesto126

    First 15 Minutes With the 200-500 VR

    Mainly using the Nikon now for synchronized skating photos.. but I'm up in the stands - no rink side.. so the reach is important but the size is important too. Thinking of keeping the 80-400 and upgrading my D7100 to a D500... that should help with the lower light issues and the 80-400 gives...
  3. Pesto126

    First 15 Minutes With the 200-500 VR

    Ughh... was afraid you were going to say that... :grumpy:
  4. Pesto126

    Nikon -> m43 -> Nikon ? Or m43 ?

    Thanks to you both for your replies... I think I do need to bite the bullet and get a D500 (which would just replace my D7100).. and get some longer glass to match. I think the D500 + 70-200VR might suit me fine for most occasions... might be a bit heavier and bigger.. but should lead to more...
  5. Pesto126

    First 15 Minutes With the 200-500 VR

    curious.. how does it compare with the 80-400vr I purchased a few years ago... loved that lens... but disappointed Nikon came out with this lens for so much less money.... first Nikon lens I've purchased that doesn't have great resale value. Is it worth getting the longer length?
  6. Pesto126

    Nikon -> m43 -> Nikon ? Or m43 ?

    What would you say to someone that is in a similar situation to the OP.. but wants to get really good shots of ice skating from the stands... need the reach and low light to get the shots - but can't bring a huge rig into the arenas... right now, I'm using 40-150pro or 12-40pro plus em5-II - my...
  7. Pesto126

    Group Photo Tips

    Thx Shaun.. sounds like good advice. This was a very low key group photo.. nothing professional or being used for more than a company internal webpage... bounced light off the building windows worked really well to capture the afternoon sunshine and open up shadows in the foreground.
  8. Pesto126

    Group Photo Tips

    Well.. I did some advance planning to ensure it would give me the best shot at success... tripod (of course), marks on the grass to control the distance and separation between groups, and I knew the weather would be the same both days.. so I took the shots at the same time. Also, this wasn't a...
  9. Pesto126

    Group Photo Tips

    Thanks everyone for the advice... was able to take some great group photos this weekend. D7100 + 17-55.. Apriority... f8... all good. Three separate groups (cover required only part of the group available at a time) all combined in Photoshop to create a cohesive shot. Thanks goodness for...
  10. Pesto126

    Group Photo Tips

    Hi - I need to take a group photo (about 40 adults) for work next week. Hoping to get some thoughts on the best setup to ensure this comes out good. Equip available: D7100 + Sigma 10-20 or Nikon 17-55 f2.8 Oly Em5-II + 12-40f2.8 Obviously, I know to put the camera on the tripod. Weather...
  11. Pesto126

    4 by 6 scanner

    The biggest thing with scanning images (especially in albums) is time... do you need to take out each image to scan or is it ok to scan through plastic sleeves or straight out of the album? I just finished a family archive project of 2500 oldish images (1910's through 1970's)... a mix of...
  12. Pesto126

    What to do with C1 raw conversions?

    Hi Walter - to be honest - I rarely go back to my original RAW files once they are processed (to busy making new photos) so do not need to locate these digital negatives via metadata very often. If I do need to find a file, I can easily do a search on my processed images in IMatch, and since my...
  13. Pesto126

    Question regarding the image...

    LOL.. yeah.. I see her too!
  14. Pesto126

    What to do with C1 raw conversions?

    I use C1 as my main RAW converter and then use IMatch as my DAM. I import RAW files into my computer using BreezeDownloader PRO... images get renamed according to the camera body (I use 5 different brands!) and put into my main RAW drive by date (Year/MM-Year). C1 is then fired up and my...
  15. Pesto126

    C1 workflow question

    I have gotten into the habit of using an import develop preset that reduces the highlights and boosts clarity a bit. I then go into each image and use the histogram arrows to adjust white and black points before opening up the shadows. Then, I will play with color, etc. I typically don't...
  16. Pesto126

    Back up software! EaseUS

    Good luck Mike... even with a backup running - your system shouldn't slow down much unless it is a very old system. For what it is worth, I use Novabackup which allows me to schedule 6 backups across multiple drives all set to run in the middle of the night... I occasionally also run them in...
  17. Pesto126

    Affinity Photo Beta (free for Macs) - Anyone try this?

    I use it here and there still find myself reaching for Photoshop since I am so used to it and it does such a great job... it is darn good though and a great alternative if you don't have/want PS.
  18. Pesto126

    Is the Nikon 1 system dead?

    with an 840mm reach in a tiny package... I'll also reach for my V2+70-300cx combo when I want the reach but don't want the weight.... sure - its no D500.. but unless you need to submit to nat'l geo... it will do you just fine in the right conditions.
  19. Pesto126

    I've decided I want a Mac Pro Tower, but under $1000? What to get?

    I have been using a Hackintosh for 3+ years... and I have a love/hate relationship with it. On the one hand - so long as you get the right hardware, it was pretty straightforward to setup and get running. However, performance can be spotty and I often can't tell if there is a problem with some...
  20. Pesto126

    Travel Back in Time With the Master of Photo Colorization

    Interesting.. I used to use ADBlock+ but found uBlock works a bit smoother with less memory use and web pages load faster...
  21. Pesto126

    Travel Back in Time With the Master of Photo Colorization

    Which ad blocker are you using? I use uBlock and I can view the site...
  22. Pesto126

    Nikon 300mm f4E PF ED VR or Nikkor AF-S 80-400mm VRII

    Glad you were able to come to a decision... I have the 80-400 and really think it is a great lens... get some great photos from it that I would have missed with a shorter lens and the IQ is just fine for me!
  23. Pesto126

    Nikon mirrorless? Who needs it?

    Have to admit... I use my M4/3 and mirrorless systems much more than my D7100... but it depends on the destination. Em5-MkII with 40-150 pro is the BEST combo I've come across so far... add in the original 15-45 lens and its really a super combination. I find the photos I get from it are...
  24. Pesto126

    HELP with El Capitan SNAFU

    Plugging in even occasionally means allowing thousands of connections to many of the programs on your Mac Pro.. I recommend programs like Little Snitch which allow you to control which programs can connect to the internet and which cannot... you can even shut it all off with one click ...
  25. Pesto126

    Help with color picker in Photoshop

    Haven't ever had that problem.. but, I can recommend a ton of freeware color pickers have lots of functionality above and beyond PS if you can't get it to work...
  26. Pesto126

    Wildlife photo hides of Spain

    Welcome... Spain has quickly become my favorite place to visit... fantastic culture, warm and friendly people, stunning beauty.... oh.. and some cool birds! Thx for the info Jose.... Oh.. and I love that ChickaBlueFinch!
  27. Pesto126

    ID Help please...

    ^^ Lol.. yeah thx everyone... cowbird makes sense. Photo was taken at Trustom Pond NWR in Kingston, RI... had one of my top 10 birding days there this past month... highly recommended!
  28. Pesto126

    ID Help please...

    Probably totally obvious ... but I'm not seeing it! Female I suppose? TIA!
  29. Pesto126

    The TrekPod is here

    Nice idea Ken... like the ingenuity!
  30. Pesto126

    How does One Recycle Old Ink Cartridges???

    Just a thought.... you mike try Jose Rodriguez from Youtube/Dpreview... he is a printing guru/maven with tons of printers and might welcome the addition of some carts for his printer. Great guy too...
  31. Pesto126

    Still running Yosemite 10.10.5

    I wouldn't pull the plug yet on Yosemite... most software will still run on it and that's my queue to upgrade.. I'm still running mavericks on one MAC and there are now lots of updates that will not run on it.. so.. time to update!
  32. Pesto126

    Thinking of leaving Micro Four-Thirds!

    Yes.. they really do. Case in point - just went to an ice skating event today and took my Em5 II + 40-150 Pro... was able to get into the event without a problem, the system is lightweight and I was able to get some amazing photos.... very happy with this system. Though my D7100 + a 70-200 VR...
  33. Pesto126

    Thinking of leaving Micro Four-Thirds!

    I have too many systems but enjoy each for different reasons. My Em5-II + 40-150Pro is simply an amazing combo.. best lens I think I've used. However, I also carry my a6000 with sigma 30 because it focuses fast, is lightweight and the ergonomics are perfect for my hand. For long shooting -...
  34. Pesto126

    Considering dropping LR from my workflow, convince me why I shouldn't

    Yes.. Imatch fully supports hierarchical keywording, XMP embedding, custom schemas, etc.. You have the ability to choose via a preference if you would like the metadata stored inside the NEF or in a sidecar. I typically store my metadata in a sidecar for a number of reasons: a) it ensures the...
  35. Pesto126

    Considering dropping LR from my workflow, convince me why I shouldn't

    Perhaps I should say that it does some things that LR can't and the things that LR can do - it seems to do them a lot better. For example, important things for my workflow.. workspaces. The ability to setup workspaces and include or not include the panels I wish to see. Movable panels that...
  36. Pesto126

    Considering dropping LR from my workflow, convince me why I shouldn't

    Still use LR for now as mainly my image editor.. don't use its really weak DAM functions at this time but instead export all developed images to JPG and import them into IMatch for use as a DAM. IMatch does things that LR can't dream of doing, is really fast and is updated constantly. Highly...
  37. Pesto126

    [EXPIRED] Feisol CM-1401 Rapid Carbon Fiber Four-Section Monopod

    Hi Bobby - I am interested in purchasing this if still available. Please let me know.. Many thx - Andy.
  38. Pesto126

    Zoner Photo Shop 18

    Yes... it supports most - though not all - .8bf plugins... here is some info: I love Zoner and use it on quite a few of my "non-workflow" production machines where Photoshop/Indesign...
  39. Pesto126

    Can Lightroom PRINT a 4x6?

    Yes.. the link from Bill should help but you can create any custom paper sizes you would like and then save those as presets for future use. Just need to be sure the paper size matches your printer settings so the 4x6 as setup in LR prints to the correct 4x6 paper as defined in your print...
  40. Pesto126

    The Birds And The Snow

    Some very pretty Cardinals.... hope their football counterparts can come through today! ;)
  41. Pesto126

    Panasonic GH4 vs Olympus Em-5

    My opinion... yes on the OLY for street photography. the D5500 might be on the small side - but it is still a DSLR and looks like one. Nothing quite like a M4/3 with small pancake for just tooling around town.. no one gives you a second thought... really though - you can't go wrong on either...
  42. Pesto126

    Showcase Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6 E ED AF-S VR

    Agree with you Randy... I'm really disappointed to see the resale values plummet on these - I know zooms don't hold value like the fixed lenses do.. but I was still surprised to see what these were selling for now. I still love the image quality and flexibility too!
  43. Pesto126

    Looking for insight into the Mirrorless realm...

    Its a tough road to travel still.. but sounds like you don't need huge reach so that helps quite a bit. I have a number of mirrorless systems and I think each has their own unique pluses. My Nikon v2+70-300cx provide me with 189-810 range in a very light package. Couple that with a 10-30 and...
  44. Pesto126

    Nikon 70-200 VRII

    Hi.. curious if this is still available.. says sold.... but then.. still available.. :-)
  45. Pesto126

    Aurora HDR software

    I recommend watching the great software demo by Serge Ramelli on Youtube... his method for combining multiple HDR layers and using the mask brush to mix the tone maps on a single image really shows the power of the software. I'm a big MacPhun fan already... so this is just another tool in the...
  46. Pesto126

    Looking for app to track archive documents and videos

    I second or 3rd FileLocator Pro.. been using it for years!!
  47. Pesto126

    Way OT: Flatbed Scanner Recommendation?

    I just purchased the Canoscan 9000f (which is basically a slightly beefed up Canoscan Lide 220) and love it... if you don't need the extra fast startup speed and negative scanning ability - the LIDE 220 will be super for the price.. I owned the older LIDE 110 for many years until it finally gave...
  48. Pesto126

    Resizing images

    Best program I've tried yet for this: - free trial on MAC and PC so give it a try for yourself and see how it works. Nice batch mode too... enjoy!
  49. Pesto126

    Fast Load DNG

    One other large advantage is that LR can write the updated preview file into the DNG so it will be available for viewing in any DAM or viewer outside of LR.... this allows you to forego a JPG file to see any processed images outside of LR.
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