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  1. Globetrotter

    Old Iron

    That Vincent is probably better than new! Very cool bike, and very nice shots. Where was this?
  2. Globetrotter

    Isle of Man TT Races as it unfolds!

    Great thread, Tony. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait for the updates. I visited the IOM last year during for a work function (I work for a motorcycle magazine in the US) and got to ride around at normal speed and it was amazing. I'd love to enter the race one day, but the logistical...
  3. Globetrotter

    Costco D700s.

    I used the cashback reward when I bought my D300 and got a smokin' deal. I had to wait 90 days or so for the money, but it was definitely worth it. My Canon friend just bought a 5D MkII with the offer and apparently the money is immediately sent to you via paypal. Can't beat...
  4. Globetrotter

    Brooklyn NYC School Bus Crash

    You think that driver will be bumped down to "Junior Varsity?"
  5. Globetrotter

    Her Darkness

    I pee'd my pants a little after looking at this pic, so mission accomplished! :biggrin: "Boring" and "tame" are the last words that come to my mind when I see your work. I love how powerful and moving they are.
  6. Globetrotter

    World Super Bikes, (Raceday)

    Awesome shots as always. I LOVE the shot of Cal! I just did two days at my local track on the CBR1000 and I definitely find what he's doing on that bike completely amazing. The fact that it was raining the entire time just makes it that much greater. Wow.
  7. Globetrotter

    Tips for shooting in broad daylight

    Don't know if this belongs in the lighting forum or not (my apologies if it's in the wrong place), but here's my deal: I'm going to an outdoor festival tomorrow and want to snap away. Obviously the lighting won't be optimum (to put it mildly) as the sun will be right overhead. What are some...
  8. Globetrotter

    D300 Price

    I bought my D300 with the offer (thanks Lanthier!). They make you wait 90 days before they cut you a check just to make sure you don't return the item. Instead of buying from a store with the deal, another option is to search the classifieds and if you see something you...
  9. Globetrotter

    N A S C A R

    I chuckled. :smile:
  10. Globetrotter

    N A S C A R

    Great shots. Shame it was NASCRAP. Sorry, I've been a motorsports fan all my life, both in four wheels and two wheels, but I never caught on to the NASCAR scene. Oh well.
  11. Globetrotter

    Anyone still Skype?

    I'll just add to the already positive reviews. I use skype as well to talk with my best friend who's currently living in S. Korea. Part of the reason he's been buggin me to get a Mac is for the video conferencing and I'm glad I did. No lag, video ain't bad, and it's free from computer to...
  12. Globetrotter

    *rolls eyes*

    I hate people. This is just one example why...*shakes head*
  13. Globetrotter

    Cadwell Park (Superbikes) Updated (New pics added)

    Awesome pics! Got any more of the brolly girls and some from the mountain? :biggrin:
  14. Globetrotter

    Summer Olympics Withdrawal: Will YOU Have It?

    I'll miss it. I've played sports all my life and consider myself a competitive person who loves the thrill of going out there and "doing battle." To see those athletes perform at a level that I could only dream about...and all in one mindboggling to me. Sure there's always going to be...
  15. Globetrotter

    Olympic photographers in Hong Kong(lots of photos)

    I think the girl in the second pic could easily take me in a bar fight...yeesh.
  16. Globetrotter


    Or the video of me: (I'm behind the camera bike following. The forward camera wasn't working :mad:) Awesome pics. The Nurburgring Nordschleife is truly an amazing place. The Dorint hotel adjacent to the Grand Prix track has so much 'Ring...
  17. Globetrotter

    Redondo Beach storm with 17-55

    What the? I live down the road in Torrance and had no idea about the storm. Then again, I was probably fast asleep anyway so it wouldn't have made any difference. lol
  18. Globetrotter

    AMA Superbike Series @ Mid-Ohio

    Great shots, Tim. Do you have any shots of the carnage from that weekend?
  19. Globetrotter

    My Son Jumped off a Bridge

    Kudos to your son to have the cojones to do that. I sure as hell don't. Nor do I have them to skydive, either. Do I want to? Sure. Am I going to? Probably not. I've tried indoor skydiving and that was great. The real thing scares the begeezus outta me. I guess that parental instinct never...
  20. Globetrotter

    All Of My Gear.... Stolen

    Grrr...I hate thieving bastids! :mad: I hope everything gets resolved with your ins. company. If all else fails, I think some street justice might be called for!
  21. Globetrotter


    Yep, dog meat. Anywho, for a vacation destination you can't go wrong with Europe. Italy, specifically. I know everyone says it, but it's for good reason. It's just gorgeous there. Every time I go (I've only been twice) I fall in love with it more and more. Not to mention all the photographic...
  22. Globetrotter


    Yea, China is even cleaning up the place to appeal to westerners. They've "relocated" lower class citizens away from Beijing so as to not offend foreigners and--get this--even mandated that local restaurants temporarily stop serving dog meat as it might offend western tastes! Go China!
  23. Globetrotter

    Anyone going to Olympics in Hong Kong??

    My best friend, who is currently living in Seoul, was going to go, but he's currently blacklisted from entering China (long story) so now I can't live vicariously through him.
  24. Globetrotter

    Advice Needed for New Camera Purchase

    You asked for it... I saw the photographer standing in that turn, so naturally I had to ham it up for him. I've drug elbow before, and I was determined to do it this day, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking "Don't wad up a $40k bike!!!" So this was the only time I got my elbow...
  25. Globetrotter

    Your Best Motorcycle Shots

    It's not officially my bike, but it's what I'm racing right now...
  26. Globetrotter

    Advice Needed for New Camera Purchase

    Whoa...I had no idea my stuff was online. Thanks for the link! lol Yep, that's me (I have a better picture from that event where I'm draggin elbow, but it's just a little out of focus). Do you subscribe to the mag? It seems like any two-stroke racer (or former racer) I meet all have a soft...
  27. Globetrotter

    It's time to see YOU one more time

    That's Infineon (formerly Sears Point) Raceway, up in Sonoma, CA. It doesn't get the acclaim that Laguna Seca gets (which is just an hour's drive away), but I'd say it's just as fun as Laguna, if not more...
  28. Globetrotter

    Advice Needed for New Camera Purchase

    Welcome Rob. I'm pretty new around here myself and I like what I see from the Cafe so far. Seems like everyone here pretty much got you started. I just bought a D300 myself (thanks Lanthier!) and can't wait to try it out. Where did you race your TZ? As you can see in my avatar, I'm a bit of a...
  29. Globetrotter

    It's time to see YOU one more time

    Here's me, taken by professional motorcycle photographer Tom Riles (AND he shoots Nikon!), so it's totally appropriate for the Cafe. :biggrin:
  30. Globetrotter

    VW R32 Parkway Sunset : )

    I like the B/W pic myself. And I think the HDR pics came out great. They look really natural without being overdone.
  31. Globetrotter

    Portraits of people that you've asked

    I love it when I ask people to pose for me and they actually compliment the mood I'm trying to create...
  32. Globetrotter

    What other hobby do you like to do than photography?

    Motorcycles are my first love, though I don't know if I can call it a hobby anymore since I get paid to ride them (hence, my avatar). Other than bikes, photography and the gym I'm pretty much a bum and lay around the house most the time. :tongue:
  33. Globetrotter

    Universal Graffiti Artists

    What he said! Way cool. I think I'm going to go to Venice sometime this weekend.
  34. Globetrotter

    Madrona Marsh! ~ Torrance California 90505

    I have no idea what the Madrona Marsh is, but I live in Torrance 90504 so I must be close. I'll have to check it out soon. I'd like to give my 200 macro some action. Nice shots!
  35. Globetrotter

    What image are you using as your DESKTOP WALLPAPER at this moment?

    Oh, you read the magazine? Awesome! Hopefully my addition to the team hasn't tarnished the magazine too much. :tongue: I love the GSX-R750. One of my favorite bikes of all time. I'm currently tootling around on a 1000, just because I've been riding small bikes for awhile. I needed to feel...
  36. Globetrotter

    The Louvre

    That was amazing. Thanks for sharing those with us. I've only been to France once and didn't have a very pleasant experience. Your pictures are seriously making me consider giving that country another try.
  37. Globetrotter

    What image are you using as your DESKTOP WALLPAPER at this moment?

    Ha, I've never ridden a bike so slow and yet had so much fun. Usually when i'm riding bigger bikes on the track I'm just focusing on staying alive, but with this thing I have the throttle to the stop and I have time to think about what the bike is doing, what things I can change, how to setup...
  38. Globetrotter

    The life you lead and the life you thought you'd lead

    Hmm...I'll give this one a shot. I'm 23 as well and ten years ago I thought I was going to be in the NBA one day (I loved basketball as a kid). The older I got the more I realized that A) I wasn't tall enough. B) I didn't have the right skin color and C) I was good, but I wasn't that good. So...
  39. Globetrotter

    What image are you using as your DESKTOP WALLPAPER at this moment?

    I just changed it to this yesterday. It's "my" 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250 racebike that I took for it's first race this past weekend. I say "my" because it actually belongs to Kawasaki, they're just letting me race it for a story i'm doing (I work for Sport Rider Magazine). So before I took it out...
  40. Globetrotter

    Sigma 30 1.4 Pics

    I just bought a Siggy 30 1.4 the other day. I've been anxiously waiting it's arrival at my doorstep, but after seeing this thread now I REALLY can't wait to get it. :biggrin:
  41. Globetrotter

    Pelicans are brave little guys...'s all good. I like your shots better than mine anyway. :biggrin: Thanks for the tip. I wasn't thinking when I shot the boat and thought I had the bird in focus. Snapped away without even checking. Oh well.
  42. Globetrotter

    She has learned well.... (The little Rat!)

    Another congrats to add to the many others. That's a really powerful picture. I know my photography when i was 17 was nowhere near that good...hell, it's STILL nowhere near that good. I'd really like to see (with her permission, of course) her latest project with the spider and the web drawn...
  43. Globetrotter

    NYC: More Perspectives

    Once again, awesome shots Dez. Next time I'm in NY (which is soon, hopefully) you gotta tow me around.
  44. Globetrotter

    Post your fireworks '08!

    Those are great shots Vinh! Actually, these are all great shots. There was so much street lighting where I was at that I couldn't get a true black sky. :frown:
  45. Globetrotter

    Pelicans are brave little guys...

    So there I was down at the beach before the 4th of July fireworks were about to go off. I see a little boat on the dock and thought it'd make for a cool pic. As I'm walking down the dock this little bugger comes out of nowhere. He just happens to frame himself in a neat spot for my shot so I...
  46. Globetrotter

    Post your fireworks '08!

    My turn. Figured it's only once a year I get to shoot fireworks so I got my lazy butt out of the house. For being my first attempt at shooting fireworks I'm satisfied with the results... Any input would be great.
  47. Globetrotter

    wired or wireless shutter release

    Thanks to this thread I just purchased one a Phottix for myself. :smile:
  48. Globetrotter

    AMA Superbikes @ Road America

    ^^^Awesome, thanks!
  49. Globetrotter

    '08 Isle of Man TT selection

    Awesome shots. One of my friends made the trek to the North West 200 this year and had a great time. One day I want to make the trek to the Island. You have any shots with the riders in the air?
  50. Globetrotter

    AMA Superbikes @ Road America

    Awesome shots. I'd love to see more shots in the rain if you have them, especially ones where you can see their eyes through the clear visors.
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