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    Active D-Lighting vs. Post-processing

    So is using both double d lighting:tongue:
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    For landscapes and portraits,

    I love my d300 for portraits. I use the 28-70 2.8 nikkor and the combo rocks. Just right for how I see best. I use a sb-800 for fill on a tripod and very fast and easy to get great stuff.
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    Showcase Nikon 80-400mm VR

    I used the desaturate tool to take out color in all but trains, It seems to work on this.
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    Showcase Nikon 80-400mm VR

    Two from some time ago. A great carry around lens very usable.
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    NEX-3/5/5N/7 Image Thread

    nex 5 with contax 90mm g lens adapter f11
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    D700 - Should I upgrade from my D300?

    The d300 d700 combo is great. Contols very close to the same and a extra lens set. I carry both bodies and 3 to 4 lenses and get some amazing coverage. A tele with the d300 is great for extra reach, and my 28-70 is a killer portait lens on the d300. Wide stuff is wonderful on the d700 as is high...
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    Leica M system

    Jelous me.....:smile:
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    Canon S90 is not too bad as a little travel camera

    Love mine. Great macro still very nice at 400 good B&W. :smile: I can really recomend this small jewel.
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    Southern Utah with the Canon S90

    The S90 club is pretty cool. I m loving mine. Nice stuff.
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    The best camera.....

    I have optical on my nikons and this fits in my shirt so I have it all the time. I have optical on the older casio 750 I have and seldom used it. They are often not too accurate on these cameras. Plus the screen is much improved.
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    The best camera.....

    S90 stuff, great camera, 800 is pretty good for 13*19 prints after that depends. Love the 28 end and good macro. BW is good I just shoot BW and tweak. These are all from jpg not raw so raw may be better.
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    The best camera.....

    I have been using a casio z-750 and liked it alot. I just picked up a canon s90 and so far it is a great camera. Will try to post a few pics. Loved the casio for BW mode and ease to get to that mode. Canon is not as good at that but better noise higher iso faster lens. The cnon seems to be the...
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    London, England Gallery

    Thanks for sharing. Some really great photographs there.
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    Moreton Corby Abbey

    Still I like the second one better.
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    Macro... which way to start

    Do not overlook used nikon 60mm lenses and 105 manuals or af they are all sharp and manual focus is very usable with macro. I have many macros and a 60mm af is my small travel kit lens. It must be of a size to fit your needs and a focal length you will use. sometimes a longer lens can do a...
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    Euro delivery of BMW

    Thanks for sharing. I have 3 bmws all purcahsed used so your pretty new one makes me jelous. Still like my old 528i forn 86 and my 94 530i is always great to dive. I have about 210k on the 530 and my low milage car is 158k the 1986. Daughter has a 92 525 with 205k. They are great cars and if...
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    FX and DX: Who shoots both and why?

    I have and shoot both. I tend to use the FF for wide and the DX for real long stuff. My standard travel kit is a 14-24 a 28-70 and a 80-200 afs all 2.8 and a macro usually a 150 sigma with a d300 and a d700. Like having a extra lens kit along. Sometimes the 80-200 stays a nd a 80-400 or a 300 f4...
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    Showcase Nikon 500mm f/4 G VR

    Makes me want one if only I could carry it and a suitable tripod.
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    Fell in love with my Sig 150 all over again yesterday.

    It is a very easy lens to love. Mine is carried on most outings.
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    New website up - lot of Nikon D3 (D2x, D2xs) images!

    WOW. Nice stuff. I am a BW fan and your stuff is very well done.
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    First JPG portrait

    If the exposure and color are good jpg is great with this camera. I shoot lots of stuff jpg only.
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    I'm not.

    Everyone is feeling this slowdown. It is always sad to have to struggle but I think we are all in for some tough times. I have worked hard to make my current bussiness a success and hope to survive but as always when self employed our customers are needed and at a profitable margin. When they...
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    Thom posts his views on the Nikon AFS and Sigma HSM 50mm

    I'll keep my old 1.4 nikon af and be happy there I hope.....
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    Roadtrip to New Mexico (Lots of photos)

    Nice work. Looks to be a great trip.
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    Paris on full frame

    Nice BW stuff. Makes one want to go there. Thanks for sharing.
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    Tanzania Safari (Long) - (Maps added 5/18)

    Looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing info and nice photos.
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    D1x worth buying still?

    We want to see some pictures when you get it.
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    D1x worth buying still?

    I would say around 400 if you can find one with the buffer upgrade they are faster by about double on the write speeds and can do sports if one is careful and light is good. Worst feature is bad battery life you need 2 GOOD batteries to shoot for most of a day. If you get one with borderline...
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    D1x worth buying still?

    I would say around 400 if you can find one with the buffer upgrade they are faster by about double on the write speeds and can do sports if one is careful and light is good. Worst feature is bad battery life you need 2 GOOD batteries to shoot for most of a day. If you get one with borderline...
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    D1x worth buying still?

    I have done great 16*20 prints from one. Very filmlike to my eye. Chimping is hard as the screen is bad and not as fast as some newer stuff but quality is very high. We sometime loose site and just count pixels. If you can find one a good shot with it will still be a good shot.
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    What’s in your zoom lens kit?

    14-24, 28-70, and 80-200 afs is my big kit light is 28-70 and a 80-400 vr
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    Butterfly Garden Oddities [5]

    Nice. thanks for sharing
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    English Pier and a Yellow Boat

    Really like the peir bw photo great...
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    Final Venice Carnival Thread

    super stuff thanks for sharing
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    Nikkor Lens - Macro

    If you do mostly macro the non vr will save some but if you do people shots the vr will work well.
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    bikes, what do you ride?

    canondale f4 again great
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    Tamron 28-75 2.8, is it good?

    Mine is the older screw version and works great with ad200 d300 d700 and d2x
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    Tamron 28-75 2.8, is it good?

    I have both. I had the tamron 2.8 first and really liked it. Then I got a great deal on the nikon 2.8. The nikon is sharper2.8 to 5.6 at f8 they are close at f11 the tamron is a bit sharper. This is my copies and there is always variation. If you get a tamron make sure it is somewhere with a...
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    Buzkashi D3X 200mm

    Looks like the old west. A amazing spectacle and a nice shot. Please keep sharing and keep us updated on your part of the world. I have loved to see the culture and read your comments sharing the culture. Thanks
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    Some Objectivity Please: How will IQ improve from D300 to D700?

    If you nail exposure close and print the size you state very little difference. If you have to tweak things in photoshop much it will help. I found lots of the harder to print stuff was just falling out to the printer with the d700. It was at least as much a gain in my eyes as the d200 to d300...
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    Question About ISO Performance of D300

    D300 is at least a stop better in my opinion. 1600 is nice to me. around 800 works great on the d80 for me. Just my opinion. 3200 with real good exposure etc is sometime good but 1600 is a no brainer with the d300
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    Low light D300 vs D700

    But his lens is so much longer with the 300 so if 1600 will work it may be a better choice. Long fast teles are very expensive. The 700 is better but if you need to get new lenses it is not always wiser.
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    Stop the High ISO madness, please

    I wonder if my D2x will still work at its base ISO and even make a image? Seems we sometimes loose track of the image and chase the new grail....
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    D700 JPEG: Am I crazy?

    I have done all jpg with mine so I guess we are crazy. Sure is fast though.......
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    US89 - Southern Utah Gallery

    Very nice work. Thanks for sharing.
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    180/2.8D or 300/4AF or 300/4AF-S

    300 afs is much better on full frame on a d80 the older 300 would be very close on results. I had both at once and this is from the copies I had. I kept the afs for corner sharpness as I do not need the afs speed which is faster. I have a 180 i hardly use as my 80-200 afs is my workhorse. All...
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    Wanted: Sigma 100-300 VS Nikon 300 AF-S f/4 IQ comparisons

    I shot a newspaper center and another corner and compared 300mm f4 nkon af 100-300mm sigma f4 at 300 and nikon 300mm f4 afs. Note results were for my copies. I had and loved the sigma nikon af was a bit better the afs nikon was noticably better. both nikons were far worse from 100-299mm...
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    For sale not working

    For sale is not working. I have used it for over a year and purchased several items. I have been posting for a year and a half or more. Why did it stop? I should have plenty of activity? Any help? Thanks cafe members.
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    How Many Pixels Are You Happy With?

    Around 6 is generally enough for me to do great 16*24 inch prints. I do not crop much.
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