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  1. NANCY

    What not to wear...

    That picture is adorable!
  2. NANCY

    Input needed....

    Your photos are truly inspirational. I can't wait for the tutorials. Will you please tell us when you have that part of your website up?
  3. NANCY

    A few shots from today

    Those owl shots are too wonderful for words. Good job.
  4. NANCY

    Help me pick one...

    I vote for the first one with different font. I'm guessing that your target market is families, and, if so, I think the romantic/fantasy/magical effect of the first one will grab people's attention. And, it is very classy at the same time.
  5. NANCY

    Playing with Peppers...

    Hi Connie, I love your pictures. I find them both creative and inspirational. Thanks for posting the info on the Lighthouse. Of course, it is now added to my list of 'have to have's.'
  6. NANCY

    Battery Removal

    Hi Vernon, I just noticed the quote at the bottom of your post: "A man is not old until his regrets take the place of his dreams." It is very timely for me. Thanks for sharing it. By the time this thread is over, I should have tons of D200's and be on my way to traveling around the...
  7. NANCY

    Battery Removal

    Since I am a novice and hang on every word you photo pundits say, I have concluded that now that I have my first D200, I need about five more D200's and then I'll never have a dust problem. Thanks everyone.:biggrin:
  8. NANCY

    Battery Removal

    Thanks, Baywing, Raul, and Herman. I asked him if he was sure they said to take the batteries out, and not just to turn off the camera, but he insisted they said to actually take the batteries out. It seemed strange to me but I wanted to check with you all just to make sure. So, thank you again.
  9. NANCY

    Battery Removal

    A friend of mine just took a workshop at our local Ritz Camera Shop and they told him to always remove the battery from his camera before he switches lenses as the battery attracks dust particles. Is there any validity to this?
  10. NANCY

    Do Americans Travel

    I love to travel. My husband and I went all over Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, Japan twice, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, besides most of the U.S. We did six bicycle trips through different parts of France, and have hiked all over Switzerland and the U.S. He died three years ago and the...
  11. NANCY

    Epson P-2000 & D200 NEF

    You can get all the shooting info from the RAW files on the Epson but I didn't find the histogram. I just got it so it might be there. I'm not sure. But the shooting info is accessible.
  12. NANCY

    Sunset at Dog Beach (7 pics)

    You did us Nancy's proud. Wonderful shots. I especially loved the looks on the dogs faces in different pictures. They really did look like they were posing for you. You caught them at just the right moment.
  13. NANCY

    Epson P-2000 & D200 NEF

    I have the Epson 4000 and I love it. I shoot only in RAW with the D200 and it opens the file up as thumbnails and then I can click on one and it becomes a full screen view. I can then go from one full screen view to the next picture, etc. It doesn't zoom in on the picture once it is full...
  14. NANCY

    FLORIDIANS & TEXANS Drive ME nutz !!!!!!

    Hi Keith, I loved your pictures. It reminded me of why, when we moved to Florida from Denver, we named the boat we bought "Snow No More." I remember waking up in the morning and having to go outside and scrape off the windshield so we could drive the car. Yuck!
  15. NANCY

    Anyone got word on the 105mmVR?

    I was at the Nikon School in Fort Lauderdale today and asked them about the 105VR lens. They said they were scheduled to be shipped from Nikon at the end of this week. Yippee!
  16. NANCY

    I'm Officially A Member Of The D200 Club

    Hi Nancy, Do you think because there are two of us, we should each have two D200's?
  17. NANCY


    Another Itunes user.
  18. NANCY

    D200 Color Balance Question

    Thanks, again, everyone. I am shooting in RAW and am going to get the Epson 2400 as I want to print my own pictures. From what I am reading, I think it makes sense for me to shoot in Adobe RBG and then change it in Photoshop if I send it to be processed on line or to a commercial printer...
  19. NANCY

    D200 Color Balance Question

    Thanks Baywing and Carlton. I think I'll start off with with Adobe RBG since I don't do many portraits. Jim, I loved that article. What is that site? Thanks for sharing it.
  20. NANCY

    D200 Color Balance Question

    Do I set it at sRGB or Adobe RBG? It came set at sRGB. I am guessing it should be set at Adobe RBG because in the little book that comes with it (Yes, I am one of those who reads the book cover to cover) it says to put it at Adobe RBG if you plan to do much processing of them. Which setting...
  21. NANCY

    Annoying aquaintance

    I guess one of the things you might want to think about is if it is worth risking your friendship with his brother to loan this guy your equipment. In other words, if he ruins something and doesn't make good on it, would that affect how you feel about your friend, his brother? If the answer is...
  22. NANCY

    Kidney Cancer....

    I'm so sorry about your Dad. I hope it helps you to know how many people here really care and are praying for you and parents. I am sending BIG HUGS.
  23. NANCY

    I'm Officially A Member Of The D200 Club

    Hi Rodney, Because I know have Sally, I so understand that you are getting your second D200 soon. The camera repair job called today to ask me some questions about my D70s that I sent to be cleaned and I was so tempted to just tell them to keep it and I'll get another D200. Good for you for...
  24. NANCY

    Hookin' up with Ken-L

    Love that strap around your neck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. NANCY

    I'm Officially A Member Of The D200 Club

    Sally and I want to thank all of you for your encouragement and support. Honestly, I am so excited, I can barely sit still. One of the things I have discovered that is sooooooo awesome is the self-timer button. I use it when I do macro photography and with my D70s, I had to reset it each time...
  26. NANCY

    I'm Officially A Member Of The D200 Club

    My beautiful D200 arrived this morning at a little after ten. I can't believe I really have one. It is sooooooo gorgeous. I named her Sally. She already feels like an old friend. I can see she is going to force me to become a better photographer because she has buttons on it that the...
  27. NANCY

    Joke's on me...Crystall's new Avatar

    Hi Crystal, I love your new avatar. It makes me smile and reminds me what a warm, fun person you are. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  28. NANCY

    Annoying aquaintance

    "I'd love to help you out but that's just not going to work for me" is my standard way of saying no when I don't want to do something. I have found that if I start trying to explain why I don't want to do something, it just opens the topic up for debate.
  29. NANCY

    Need Your Opinion On Camera Bag Colors - Poll

    I vote for green.
  30. NANCY

    First impressions & first shots

    Don, I LOVED your photos and found them very inspiring. My favorite kind of photography is upclose, highlighting form, lines and texture. You did a wonderful job. I am just starting and hope to be able to do what you did some day. I am getting my D200 on Monday. If only the camera...
  31. NANCY

    Viewfinder Puzzlement

    What is a Giotto Rocket blower and where can I get it?
  32. NANCY

    A Group Effort... Just Saying thanks...

    Doug, I am thrilled that you shared your pictures with us. They are all wonderful. In the second one, I loved the look of joy on her face and the fact that you were able to catch her in midair was awesome. The last picture was so creatvie and so artistic. It told a story and tugged at...
  33. NANCY

    Not A Good Day

    Jim, I think your willingness to talk about your feelings puts you way ahead of the game. You sound like a strong intelligent man and I am sure better things are waiting for you. Two weeks ago, NPR (national public radio) did an hour program on people who had lost their jobs and every one of...
  34. NANCY

    Where Can I Buy A D200 Right Now?

    Thanks again to everyone. It is coming Monday because I won't be home tomorrow; I'd already promised my granddaughter I would take her to her first ballet lesson. I'm hoping she sticks with ballet long enough for me to get pictures of her with my new camera. Meanwhile I am so excited. I've...
  35. NANCY

    Where Can I Buy A D200 Right Now?

    I have to sing John's praises to everyone. He found me a camera and I am sooooooooooo excited. I am so touched that with the people on this forum, who have taken the time to try to help me. And, to John, my new best friend, a great big THANK YOU. You are the best!!!!!!!!!!
  36. NANCY

    Viewfinder Puzzlement

    Connie, and Herman, Thanks to both of you and, of course, in the rational world, everything you say makes perfect sense. If only I were rational. OK. I will be. I'll start with the D200 for all the reasons you have said plus the cost factor. If I were perfectly honest .... oh what...
  37. NANCY

    Where Can I Buy A D200 Right Now?

    Hi Nadia, Thanks for the tip but I don't think I'd feel comfortable buying my camera from Ebay. I want a store behind it in case something goes wrong, or, in case, I have questions. I am too new to this hobby to wing it in on my own. All that being said, I still so appreciate your...
  38. NANCY

    Viewfinder Puzzlement

    Timur, I LOVE the idea of using the vaccuum cleaner to remove the dust. How clever of you to think of that. Thank you.
  39. NANCY

    Viewfinder Puzzlement

    First of all, thank you all for your help and suggestions. And, Herman, your list was spectacular and I am going to try to follow it from now on. Unfortunately for me, I seem to have to learn everything the hard way. I am so stupid some times. I didn't know I should have taken the little...
  40. NANCY

    Viewfinder Puzzlement

    Hi charlie, Yes, you are making perfect sense and you have made me want to learn more about the inner workings of my camera. Later today when I have more time, I'll search the net and see if I can find a place that describes in more detail, with pictures, how the camera works. Thanks...
  41. NANCY

    Viewfinder Puzzlement

    You are all geniuses (genui?). I just took the lens off of my camera and very nervously use a little blower brush to clean the mirror and some other part of the insides that is at right angle to the mirror (because I thought that was the mirror at first). At first, the little fern disappeared...
  42. NANCY

    Where Can I Buy A D200 Right Now?

    Thanks, Dave. I just went to their website and they are showing that they have them in stock. I tried to call but I guess they are closed. I am going to call again first thing in the morning. That will also give me a bit of a cooling off period.
  43. NANCY

    Calling (ALL) Great image Makers....(Input Needed)

    As an avid ballroom dancer whose soul sings every time she dances, I would encourage you to capture the look of pure joy that she must feel when she is actually dancing. Therefore, I would have her put on some music and take some actions shots, along with your posed shots. However, I also...
  44. NANCY

    Where Can I Buy A D200 Right Now?

    Does anyone know where I can buy a D200 immediately? I think I just got bitten by D200 fever............
  45. NANCY

    Viewfinder Puzzlement

    If I shouldn't use dust off, what should I use????? Thank all of you sooooooo much for helping me.
  46. NANCY

    Viewfinder Puzzlement

    All of a sudden, I have what looks like a little brown fern at the bottom of my pictures when I look through my viewfinder. However, it is not showing up on any of my pictures when I open them in photoshop. Why??????????
  47. NANCY

    How did this wonderful place get started?

    Gaye told me about the Cafe. I was/am new to digital photography and I am continually blown away by the expertise and generosity of the members here. I was on a ballroom dance forum for years but this is my first experience with a photography forum and from what I read here, I hit the jack pot...
  48. NANCY

    80-400vr On Tripod

    Thanks for the newspaper suggestion. I'll give it a try.
  49. NANCY

    I can't believe me

    Hi Kris, I know my grief is not the same as yours, and I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel, but when my husband died unexpectedly three years ago after 40 years of marriage, I felt like my whole world had suddenly exploded and all the joy had been sucked right out of me. What...
  50. NANCY

    80-400vr On Tripod

    Thank all of you for helping me to understand the VR system. Now I think I get it. The VR searches for motion and may get fooled if it doesn't find any (when used on a tripod). That makes sense - sort of. I am going to try it on and off a tripod and see if I can tell the difference. I think...
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