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  1. RickC

    "Huge price drop" on D5 and D810

    Believe I’ll go with D850....same auto focus as D5, more pixels, just slower FPS....
  2. RickC

    Belly Dancer

    Very nice!
  3. RickC

    Beach Portrait

    Nice set. I particularly like #3 and #7. It appears that #7 has some flash work with it. If so, great job!
  4. RickC


    very nice collection! Great imagination.
  5. RickC

    7:03 am

    Very nice image. I like the contrast range.
  6. RickC

    My Great Grand Niece.

    The first image is my favorite. Great capture of your niece and of the hands holding her.
  7. RickC

    Florence’s Synagogue

    Rick - tilt-shift blur effect.
  8. RickC

    Florence’s Synagogue

    Thanks Dj and Gordon. Glad yu enjoyed this image. I did use the T/S in CS6, and sometimes it's very hit & miss, I believe with this shot it worked.
  9. RickC

    Roma Quick Shots

    Thank you Gordon. I always appreciate positive comments from you.
  10. RickC

    Roma Quick Shots

    Thank you Nick. This shot was taken walking down a little side street in Rome. Just caught my eye. I like looking at now in late December as well.
  11. RickC

    Roma Quick Shots

    Thank you DJ. Glad you enjoyed the shots. I thought the wedding couple were just fantastic...happy I could capture them when just walking by.
  12. RickC

    Roma Quick Shots

    Thanks for the positive comments Lyndee....
  13. RickC

    Florence’s Synagogue

    Thanks for saying so Samuel!
  14. RickC

    Florence’s Synagogue

    Thanks John. I thought this shot did lend itself to T/S processing.
  15. RickC

    Critique Castleton & Mam Tor, Peak District, UK

    What a nice collection of shots. Thanks for sharing!
  16. RickC

    Florence’s Synagogue

    The admins on this site sure are funny......;)
  17. RickC

    Arno River - Firenze, Italia

    Thanks Pa. Yes, that's taken from Ponte Vecchio at a little opening with a statue, between the shops. Sorry about my typing, I do know the difference between Ponte and Point.
  18. RickC

    Roma Quick Shots

    Here's a couple of walk about shots.
  19. RickC

    Florence’s Synagogue

    This is the city’s synagogue, built between 1874 and 1882.
  20. RickC

    Arno River - Firenze, Italia

    Looking from Point Vecchio.....
  21. RickC

    Arno River - Firenze, Italia

    Are the images showing now?
  22. RickC

    Arno River - Firenze, Italia

    Looking from Point Vecchio.....
  23. RickC

    Florence’s Synagogue

    This is the city’s synagogue, built between 1874 and 1882.
  24. RickC

    The Little One

    Excellent! Love everything about this shot. The B&W process is very cool....Thanks for sharing!
  25. RickC

    A colorful "witch"

    The second photo/crop is very cool.
  26. RickC

    Critique New To People Photography

    Are you using a 70-200 for most of your shots? Very nice overall. Good work!
  27. RickC

    Neighborhood Trunk or Treat

    Terri, your photos are always so nice! Hope you're looking to be a paid pro soon......
  28. RickC

    Happy Holloween

    Nice. Thanks!
  29. RickC


    Cool image. Thanks!
  30. RickC

    laid back

    Classic look. No nonsense, very cool.
  31. RickC


    Thanks for your kind comments. I took these in 1982 with my first slr a Pentax MX with a 50mm f2, probably on Tri-X.
  32. RickC

    Two Passions in B&W

    Thank you for you positive comments. Been playing the drum kit since 1969 and taking photos since 1980.
  33. RickC

    My Drummer Girl

    Well no so much for the drums, although she likes photography particularly when she is the subject!
  34. RickC


  35. RickC

    My Drummer Girl

  36. RickC

    Two Passions in B&W

  37. RickC

    My Drummer Girl

    Sorry, should be fine now. Thanks.
  38. RickC

    A few Flowers

  39. RickC


    I took these in the 1980's and recently scanned the negatives. Cali lily on table: Eggs in Bowl:
  40. RickC

    Two Passions in B&W

    A self portrait of me with my other passion.
  41. RickC

    Middelburg, Flanders

    I like your work. The style is very nice indeed.
  42. RickC

    My Drummer Girl

    Took this last week of my daughter Sarah having fun with one of my kits.
  43. RickC

    Hummer Delight!!!! one, two...even four!

    I was going to post my hummer pics.....but, not now. Excellent!
  44. RickC

    Turkey Vulture snacking

    Nice. Looks like he/she was looking at you.
  45. RickC

    The fantasic four

    Very nice. Smile on my face......
  46. RickC

    quick family photo

  47. RickC


    Ann looks excellent! Very nice shot.
  48. RickC

    A semi self Portrait .

    Agree, the Fuji x100s is a great little camera.
  49. RickC

    New Hope Cemetery

    Very nice technique.....
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