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    Documenting My Father - Fuji X-Pro2

    I understand. I feel exhausted after visiting my mother. But, she seems reasonably happy much of the time as opposed to being very confused and angry, and that is a blessing in my book. She seems to "float" along the time continuum of her life (my expression for it) and seems to be...
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    Documenting My Father - Fuji X-Pro2

    A wonderful tribute, and I am so glad that you also included a photo of him in his prime. My mother just turned 92 and has been suffering from dementia for a number of years. She, too, is in a facility where she gets excellent care. Some days are quite hard, but there is still a spark of her...
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    Question about APS repairs

    Thank you for the kind words. Things are stable, but we are still not certain of what is going on. And thanks for the explanation about your D500. I saw your before/after plots in another thread and found them interesting. I am hoping to have some time this weekend to shoot some test shots...
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    AF Calibration (no longer needed?)

    Interesting. I do wish I could mate up my D500 with my E-M1 and get the best of both worlds. And I would be interested in seeing how my D500 plots now that it has been adjusted. I just do not know anybody local who can do it. --Ken
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    Question about APS repairs

    I will be curious to hear your results. I had planned to test mine this weekend, but my plans suddenly changed and I spent the weekend at the hospital with a family member, with almost 24 hours of it at the ER sitting on the world's most uncomfortable plastic chair. :( What kind of problems...
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    Question about APS repairs

    I had an email exchange with APS yesterday that I would not exactly call satisfying. I initially asked what firmware they were using to update D500 bodies. The initial response I received was 1.2. I then wrote to mention that my body came back with 1.15, and that all of my settings were still...
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    Question about APS repairs

    I received my D500 back this evening, 12 days after shipping it off to APS. I am impressed with their turnaround and packing of the camera for shipping, but they did not provide any other explanation about the repairs other than what they provided in their estimate. I have to assume that all...
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    Blue Angels Head On Pass

    Glad you enjoyed the show and the nice weather! I was going to bring my 200-500 to work on Thursday to see if I could snag some shots during practice from my office (which is near the top of a tower). I knew they were not closing the I-90 bridge, so folks kept saying that their practice would...
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    Question about APS repairs

    I agree. But when they sent me the estimate, it was pretty generic so I called to find out if there was more information with the assumption that they identified the problem before sending me an estimate. I am hoping that I do get a bit more detail once the repairs are complete. --Ken
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    Question about APS repairs

    I am hoping the final repair ticket has more information, but was asking because they did not provide much information over the phone when I approved the authorization. --Ken
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    Question about APS repairs

    Mostly autofocus. They mentioned that they would be adjusting the alignment, but I am not sure if that is done to all camera bodies as part of their service package, or if that was an issue that needed attention. The gentleman I spoke with on the phone was a bit softspoken and it sounded like...
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    Question about APS repairs

    I would concur with your impressions, and have authorized them to do the work. But, what I was hoping to learn was what they determined in their analysis (i.e. issues and severity). Are they, using an automobile analogy, just topping off all of the air and fluids to bring the vehicle back to...
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    Question about APS repairs

    I just received my estimate from APS for a body that I sent in. I have no issue with their fees, but the estimate, often like Nikon's, is very basic and only line items services to be provided. I called to ask if they could elaborate on what they found, but was not really given any specific...
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    Critique Backlite Preening Egret

    Quite stunning! Care to talk a bit about your lighting and background? --Ken
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    D500 AF Question

    Since I also shoot with a D750 (formerly a D610) and an E-M1, I would have to agree. The E-M1 does have a few mishaps every now and then, but they are usually easier to catch before I shoot. The D500 has given me fits since I bought it, and if only for peace of mind I will send it off to APS...
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    D500 AF Question

    Good to hear. While the last Nikon factory repair to a used 200-500 via Glazers went well (and quickly), the camera is out of warranty and I like that you can actually talk to somebody at APS, and that their turnaround is generally fast. --Ken
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    D500 AF Question

    I know a number of folks at Glazers well, but I am inclined to send the camera to APS for a full checkup of the AF system and sensor. I realize that moving to a new body often has growing pains, but I have had more issues than any other Nikon body with my D500, and I would like to rule out any...
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    Great Blue Heron

    Nice composition and lighting. --Ken
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    D500 AF Question

    Was thinking about this again as I was reviewing some recent images and had a follow-up question. If one is using a single point AF and the focus system is not reading as one would expect (i.e. in the center of the square), are there remedies beyond just knowing that this is a possible issue...
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    D500 AF Question

    Thanks. I am surprised that I do not remember reading about this on either of their sites. It was not an issue on previous bodies (D300/D610/D750) and my Oly E-M1 seems a bit more tuned in (plus it is set up to magnify on AF+MF so I can easily confirm if necessary) as it is very easy to see...
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    D500 AF Question

    I recently got back from a trip where I brought my D500 and 70-300 AF-P as a compact set-up for some casual birding. While using the D500 in single point AF-S and AF-C modes during the trip, I noticed that the the focus point seemed like it was a bit just under the square as opposed to being in...
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    Loon in battle

    Really like that second shot! --Ken
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    Question Packing Lowepro Backback

    I think this is what I am going to do for this trip. I played around with the lenses, body and bag and I do not believe that I can easily get the 200-500 in the bag without a lot of adjusting and loss of space for other things. I picked up the 70-300 for this trip and have been happy with the...
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    Question Packing Lowepro Backback

    I am mostly a Domke shoulder bag guy when carrying my Nikon gear locally, but I have a trip coming up where a backpack would be a better choice and have picked up a Lowepro Flipside 300 AW II (since my Lowepro BP Hatchback 250 AW II for my Olympus gear is too small for a DSLR with any telephoto...
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    It Had To Happen Eventually

    In this case, my understanding is that it it a 32-bit compatibility issue. My understanding is that some parts of LR6 still run 32-bit code and that is not compatible with Catalina. It is fine to not like Adobe or subscription software, but it is important to be clear about why products are no...
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    It Had To Happen Eventually

    You can use the DNG converter to convert files, but LR6 will not be able to offer you camera profiles that later versions do. This matters to some and not others, but it does need to be pointed out for those considering this approach. --Ken
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    Need some input on the D750 please

    Unless you are wanting a Z6 or another mirrorless body, or a D850, I see no reason not to consider a new or used D750. It is well vetted and well loved by many. I swapped my D610 for a gently used D750 to go along with my D500. Yes, I wanted a Z6, but I was not quite ready for that level of...
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    D750 Overexposing?

    I would do a hard reset on the body in case a setting got changed by accident. Then test it again in both Matrix and center-weighted and see what you get. Good luck, --Ken
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    Camera Recommendations Kilamanjaro/Safari

    Unless they are willing to haul camera gear, and want to be able to print large, I would stick to a 1" sensor sized camera. I know that if I was limited, I would not be that interested in carrying the cameras listed above. I have a GX85 and it is not light for its size. The Sony RX100 series...
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    Shhhh I'm hiding

    Nice catch! I like the composition. --Ken
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    "Do you want to go to a place – or show people you’ve been to the place?”

    This is true. My wife and I were in Spain for two weeks and we bought timed tickets for many of the major sites. I am glad we did as there were places that we wanted to visit, and I do have to say that many of the major cities in Spain were quite crowded with visitors. There were more folks...
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    "Do you want to go to a place – or show people you’ve been to the place?”

    Perhaps people need to heed the wisdom of Yogi Berra - "Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded!" :rolleyes: It is an interesting article and it hits on a lot of issues. I do agree with a lot of what they have called out and many of their suggestions, but I also am starting to believe that...
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    116 Of The Oldest Color Photos Showing What The World Looked Like 100 Years Ago

    Thanks. I find it interesting to look at the poses and composition then and now. Some things change, others not so much. --Ken
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    Backyard Terrorist

    Nice shot. I think they are part of a syndicate. One of his buddies hangs out in our back yard as well dining on the food we put out for the birds. Its a good thing they are so entertaining and innocent looking. --Ken
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    No more what ??

    A real KISS approach if you only do light editing is Canon's Irista. The free account provides 20GB of storage. Something to consider. --Ken
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    Oystercatcher chick

    Nice shot. Only a mother could love! --Ken
  37. Replytoken

    Eagles do the flip too(image heavy)

    Rally enjoyed the series. Nice shooting. --Ken
  38. Replytoken

    B&W - Something different

    Nice captures and great use of reflections and B/W. --Ken
  39. Replytoken

    Chobe River, Botswana: "Up close and personal"

    Great shooting! --Ken
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    Wildlife Photographer of the Year Disqualified Due to Image Manipulation

    I would agree it is not easy, but what I read was far from clear. In my day job, I administer funding Requests for Proposals (RFP). The TL;DR - if you want to avoid trouble at the end of a process, be clear as clear as possible up front what you expect. The more vague or silent you are, the...
  41. Replytoken

    Wildlife Photographer of the Year Disqualified Due to Image Manipulation

    After having read the posted rules and the comments form the organization (through the links in the OP), I have to say that both the written rules and their interpretation were vague at best. This does not excuse the disqualified photographer, but the committee seems to have brought this on...
  42. Replytoken

    Wildlife Photographer of the Year Disqualified Due to Image Manipulation

    I believe there was a runner up image of that. Oh wait, you meant the photographer. :rolleyes: --Ken
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    Polaroid Originals SX-70 Land Camera

    Thanks! --Ken
  44. Replytoken

    Polaroid Originals SX-70 Land Camera

    Fun shots. I have one tucked away with my old photo gear. Where are you finding film for it? --Ken
  45. Replytoken

    Wildlife Photographer of the Year Disqualified Due to Image Manipulation

    Accidental? Accidental is when you move a slider a different amount than you desired and did not notice the difference. Accidental is when an unwanted adjustment happened or a deliberate one was undone without knowledge of the photographer. I am finding it hard to believe that the changes the...
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    British Columbia in July

    We have a few more down here, can we send them your way? ;) --Ken
  47. Replytoken

    BlueJay morning approach and takeoff

    Great series! --Ken
  48. Replytoken

    MY 1,000th image published!

    That's quite an accomplishment! Congratulations, --Ken
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    Chihuly Glass and Garden

    The garden is nice, but my preference is to go to the Tacoma Museum of Glass (MOG) hot shop. The photography can be quite interesting as they have a catwalk around the hot shop floor that allows for interesting shooting. And the exhibits are often quite amazing if you like glass. --Ken
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