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  1. Cabin

    Get Sales Tax Refund from B&H....

    Agree Totally agree Cabin
  2. Cabin

    Handling backups, and editing older pictures from backups

    I backup to Lacie drives. 16tb each. That way I don't need to delete any photos. Unless they're crap of course. Cabin
  3. Cabin

    Island Park, Idaho

    Are those cabins available for rent? Are they open over the winter? Cabin
  4. Cabin

    Plowing Snow in the San Juan Mountains

    Nice Must really be tough going. Having to plow snow that is.
  5. Cabin

    Super Sebring - Endurance Racing in Florida

    Who is the guy with the hat? Cabin
  6. Cabin

    Museum of the American Railroad

    That GG1 sure looks out of place Cabin
  7. Cabin

    Bluebird with D5 and 600mm FL

    Well done indeed!!!
  8. Cabin

    There is Another Planet

    WOW I like it We need to know more Cabin
  9. Cabin

    Plowing snow on the Durango & Silverton narrow gauge

    Awesome indeed Love the colors Cabin
  10. Cabin

    Trains in the snow

    Thanks for the kind words everyone ! Cabin
  11. Cabin

    Steilacoom Station

    I like it I like the look and feel Cabin
  12. Cabin

    Need help with a MacBook Air

    Melissa What happens if you right click the Air? Or maybe you don't have that option? If you don't have a right click option do this: Click Apple icon. Upper left off screen Click System Preference Click Trackpad Click Point and Click and Click the Secondary click This will enable you to right...
  13. Cabin

    Florals at 500mm

    Both are just wonderful Well done!!! Cabin
  14. Cabin

    Early morning ships

    Love your avatar Cabin
  15. Cabin

    Mono Morning

    Well done indeed I agree with the rest Wonderful Cabin
  16. Cabin

    Steam Train on a Cold Morning

    Well done!!! Cabin
  17. Cabin

    Using two monitors with LR

    I use two monitors and would never go back to one. I can put the develop module on one and see the changes on the other. 27" iMac with a second 27" monitor. Cabin
  18. Cabin

    Critique Shells

    Glenn These are some awesome photos! Well done! Cabin
  19. Cabin

    Photo Shoot with model Alina! - Vancouver, Canada

    Love her shoes....... Cabin
  20. Cabin

    Yes, I have The Lensball...

    Very nice and well done indeed !!! Very pretty lady too..... Cabin
  21. Cabin


    Awesome..... Love the BW technique Cabin
  22. Cabin

    Lightpainting with fair rides

    Awesome Really love #4 and #5 Cabin
  23. Cabin

    Got The Cover Of Air & Space Magazine!

    Well played my friend !!!!!! Cabin
  24. Cabin

    D500 Images, post them here, a companion to ....

    Wonderful photos Glenn !!!!! Cabin
  25. Cabin

    New Z6 and Z7 announced with in body stablization.

    I'm with Phil on this one.
  26. Cabin

    Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

    Glenn Once again... Wonderful photos!!! Love #4 Cabin
  27. Cabin

    Cincinnati Favorites...A Dozen

    WOW What great photos No favs here Love them all Cabin
  28. Cabin

    Locomotives on the Watercress Line

    It's nice to see steam engines still in use Cabin
  29. Cabin

    My latest painting of

    Once again... Well done ray..... Cabin
  30. Cabin

    Coast Starlight & BNSF freight

    Long train for Amtrak Nice photos by the way Cabin
  31. Cabin

    Wicked Campers

    I found them rather funny!!!! Cabin
  32. Cabin

    Want to Buy: WTB: 28-70mm f/2.8 AF-S | Location: USA | Ships: USA

    Here ya go FS: Nikon US 28-70 f2.8 AF-S Lens (Light Grey) Cabin
  33. Cabin

    Anyone else have this problem with their laptop

    Wonderful image!!! Cabin
  34. Cabin

    Sweet Dreams; Polar Bears

    Perfect Just Perfect Cabin
  35. Cabin

    Moon Time-lapse

    Totally awesome!!! Cabin
  36. Cabin

    Perlan ("the Pearl") Museum, Reykjavik

    Well done Glenn You sure do have the eye Cabin
  37. Cabin

    AARP. Any members here?

    We took a trip to the Mid West and used an AARP car rental discount. Drove over 1600 miles and were only charged $65.00. Will definitely use AARP again. Cabin
  38. Cabin

    SpaceX launch from Vandenberg

    Awesome photo! Cabin
  39. Cabin

    Snow Geese - Grey Day at Middle Creek

    I agree Cabin
  40. Cabin

    Picture of a Single Atom Wins Science Photo Contest

    That's too funny!!! Cabin
  41. Cabin


    Awesome!!! Cabin
  42. Cabin

    Weird, Wonderful Photos From the Archives

    Rick The Michelin Hour kinda reminds me of a Devo concert The Yakima Firing Center reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode These bring back wonderful memories as I was growing up Thanks for these!!! Cabin
  43. Cabin

    Critique Wine: 2014 Red Diamond Merlot

    Really awesome photo Love the way the red stripe stands out in the first photo Cabin
  44. Cabin

    The Flying Scotsman - Flying.

    Awesome!!! Cabin
  45. Cabin

    Model photowalk #1

    Photo #1 is awesome! Cabin
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