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    Scratch repair

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    Nikon 105 Micro 2.8 AiS

    I love my 105 2.8 AIS... It's only 1:2, but tubes can take care of that. D300/105mm 2.8 AIS
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    How fast is your PC...Really?

    It's DDR2 ram. You need to double that freq. It would be 880mhz. That's a 10% overclock like you stated in an earlier post.
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    24-70mm is a great walkaround lens

    I love the first shot. The baby Burrowing Owl seems to think he's found his mother.
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    3G iPhone on our horizon.....

    What are the other differences between the original iPhone and the 3G model? I have an original 8gb version? 3G would do me no good since I don't think it would function on my prepaid service. Are there any reason to upgrade other than more capacity for me?
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    got my voigtlander 58mm f/1.4 today

    Pretty amazing piece of glass you got there. I have had the 40 f/2 in my cart several times and never went through with the sale. I like it for the size/performance for the FM2n.
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    How fast is your PC...Really?

    Yup. The stock speed is 2.4ghz. I was able to get the CPU up to 3.5ghz, but with a "more than comfortable" bump in voltage, which produced a lot of heat. I didn't want to mess with water cooling and such. It does 3.2ghz with a minimal bump in Vcore, and runs cool on air. The ram is also...
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    F100 Film Rewind Forks

    Problem solved! As long as you don't miss the extra $1k.
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    Contax G2. Opinions on the camera?

    It's the Contax G1. Great little camera, stellar lenses. But functionally it seems more like a P&S than rangefinder.
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    Which brand p/s?

    Canon still seems to be the way to go for P&S IMO. I would love to have a G9. I currently have an A630. I'm very happy with the performance. I just don't use it quite enough to justify an upgrade.
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    D300 - 10k shots and going strong

    I got mine in November and have 7000 clicks on it. I have been putting the D2H to some use during the same period though. If the D300 was my only body, I would have racked up some miles by now.
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    The 35/2 may well be one of Nikon's most underrated lenses. I have a user condition, non "D" copy. Still, the color, contrast, sharpness leaves me scratching my head sometimes.
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    Nikon Release D300 Firmware 1.3

    I've updated mine. It's quick and painless, but I didn't really notice that I gained anything. Anyone experiencing DBS able to confirm a fix with the FW?
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    EN-EL4A Calibration

    This is on the D2H also. But it's not required often. I have had to calibrate the battery in my D2H only once, shortly after buying it. It hasn't been required again in a year and a half. The battery for my D300 is pretty new and has never needed calibration.
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    D200 or not D200?

    I'm sure my settings weren't opimized for OOC viewing. It's wasn't really a complaint, but more like advice to not be discouraged if shots seem a little flat. The detail is there. The files really come to life with NX.
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    Better viewfinder???

    I don't have a D50. But, if it's like the D70, then the D200 is a big step up. The D300 is a noticable improvement over that. I only wish I had a D3 to compare.
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    Next-Up -> Consumer grade FX

    I think we're still several years away from sub $1k FX bodies. But I agree with the progression. If within the next 9 months or so, Nikon dropped a plastic body, 3fps, 12mp FX body at say... $1499, there wouldn't be a problem finding buyers.
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    tamron 17-50mm 2.8

    I recently bought one from B&H. Optically the lens is great. But the one I got had the new internal focus motor(D40/60 friendly). Focusing is painfully slow. I requested an RMA the same day it recieved. 1-2sec to lock focus on a D300 or D2h is ridiculous. Every other lens, AFS or not...
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    Which monitor calibration?

    For $100 or less, which monitor cal package is recommeded?
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    How fast is your PC...Really?

    Wow! Someone started a similar test thread with different image on the Mac forum. The best Mac by a long shot was 7sec. My lowly PC chimed in at 3.2sec! I figured posting my time on the Mac thread wouldn't be apprecieated. It was nice to see at least a crude comparison.
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    How fast is your PC...Really?

    Q6600 @ 3.2ghz 2GB DDR2-800 @ 890mhz 500gb Seagate 8800GT Vista 32 9.8sec Not the fastest kid on the block, but I built this system in October last year. 9.8sec would've been pretty quick then.
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    VelociRaptor HD

    That's great to hear. In a gaming system I built a few years ago, I had a pair of 74gb 10K Raptors in a Raid0 array. It was(and still is) blazing fast, but definitely not silent. I had forgotten how loud it actually was until I built my current PC last fall. The 500gb Seagate I have is...
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    Iso 3600

    Are you sure that is 3600 with two 0's? Great shot.
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    D200 or not D200?

    Congrats on the purchase. If all is fine with the camera, you got a smoking deal. The D200 was my crossover model from Canon. I was instantly thrilled with it. Only complaints were mediocre battery life. I turned of the LCD review, and the shot count per charge shot up dramatically. I just...
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    Contax G2. Opinions on the camera?

    If you want a cheap way to try rangefinders, look into some of the fixed lens models. I have a Contax G1. The lenses for the G models are just spectacular. But to be honest the camera doesn't have a true rangefinder feel to it. I have a couple older fixed lens cameras that are a blast to...
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    F100 Film Rewind Forks

    One of my previous F100 bodies had the early fork. To be honest, the issue is overblown unless you are a busy professional that will putting your F100 to very heavy use. If you're like me, primarily a digital shooter and want the F100 to shoot an occasional roll of slides, don't let this be a...
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    Will you upgrade?

    I would love to have the D700. Maybe I will down the road. I already have 4 bodies D300, D70, D1H, D2H, and reasons I don't want to part with each. I'm a hobbiest, and don't make a nickel off of photography. Dropping nearly $2000 after tax on the D300 on release day was hard(ok, impossible)...
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    Whew! I'm blazin' along!

    3073 / 309... :( I feel a little inadequate now.
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    What's the MOST USELESS photography-related item you've ever purchased?

    MB-D200 grip. Thank you Nikon for listening to the gripes I and others had about this wobbly piece of plastic. I love my MB-D10. It is worth it's higher price even if it didn't give a framerate boost.
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    First 17-55 2.8 pics

    I miss this lens. A few months back, I bought one with $ I didn't have and had to quickly sell it. I'm hoping to catch a good deal on one in the next couple months when some start jumping the DX ship.
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    Ratty lens

    Any samples with your ratgear?
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    Any one using 18-200 VRII?

    I've been really impressed with my 18-200VR. It's very sharp on the wide end. The VR function is outstanding. Very few missed shots with this lens mounted. All in a rather small, lightweight package. Cons, yes a few... It softens a bit on the long end. Contrast, especially at long FL is a...
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    Best Point and Shoot (for wife)???

    I agree here. I picked up an A630 for my wife and find myself carrying it when I don't want to lug around the D200. I appreciate the manual controls, Canon's great jpg quality and was quite suprised by the Macro performance. The 4xAA batteries last what seems forever between charges. Coming...
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