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  1. Boris Badenov


    I have one too. Mine actually says Nikon!
  2. Boris Badenov

    Modular DSLR body?

    Kind of like medium format?
  3. Boris Badenov

    Damn, I must be a good photographer!

    nice shot indeed! i wonder if you forward this email from zazzle to bmw pr people and explain them the situation, what would they say...
  4. Boris Badenov

    Enherated a few Cameras

    ...good for decoration!
  5. Boris Badenov

    Now this is COOL!

    Thanks Isamu, this is awesome! worked in Firefox too. did not have street view but found the right building in Ukraine...
  6. Boris Badenov

    Putting pictures on the web - Flickr, SmugMug, or Zenfolio?

    ...I went the other way and never regretted the move. Bottom line - you cant go wrong with either of them. :biggrin::Love:
  7. Boris Badenov

    Shoulder bag question

    i use Kata 3n1 20 d700 + grip fits just rite with 24-27 or 70-300 mounted 70-200 fits only separately
  8. Boris Badenov

    question for the monopod users out there...

    that's what i do. used monopod head before but found that it creates more problems then it solves :smile:
  9. Boris Badenov

    Shoulder bag question

    for walking around all day sling bag is better. almost as easy to carry as backpack and easy to get into as any shoulder bag.
  10. Boris Badenov

    Looking for my dream P&S...

    good list. i would drop leica (IMO - way overpriced for what you get) and add canon s90
  11. Boris Badenov

    a nice storm

    That's the way to do it! Even though I prefer Lagavulin and Partagas combination…
  12. Boris Badenov

    8X12 print, I don't understand

    ...few more years and every one will be using digital frames anyway...
  13. Boris Badenov

    What this world has come too... **UPDATE on last page**

    i had my trunk brocken into... nothing was there, not even a spare (i wish i could comehow see theeves face when it poped open :tongue:) but still, cost over $100 to fix :mad:
  14. Boris Badenov

    What this world has come too... **UPDATE on last page**

    not a plesant experience but hardly a news...
  15. Boris Badenov

    Does anyone use Flash??

    i flush every time i go! (sorry, could not help it...)
  16. Boris Badenov

    Are Nikon "lying" in their advertising?

    who cares! it just a commercial... pretty cool though!
  17. Boris Badenov

    Help - Gift ideas for the wire

    both! (scan her diploma onto ipod) :Love:
  18. Boris Badenov

    What to do - photo to dark

    ISO - check BEER - hell, yes the rest of the settings will be set depending on a situation... f-stop - how deep do i need to go? shutter speed - hand held or tripod? is the subject moving? flash - do i have it? can i use it? will it butcher the shot? decisions, decisions... lets get...
  19. Boris Badenov

    New designer camera bags

    Gregory, my apology to you and Susie. (BTW you own her one too for posting that picture... )
  20. Boris Badenov

    New designer camera bags

    Long time ago in a land far, far away... friend of mine cleaned an outhouse at his vacation cabin and pumped everything into 3 metal barrels. He put all 3 barrels outside the gate planning to dispose of it the next day, just to find out first thing in a morning that it has been stolen...
  21. Boris Badenov

    New designer camera bags

    ...this is one ugly cat! :eek::eek::eek:
  22. Boris Badenov

    New designer camera bags

    ...or just buy domke insert and stick it into your LV!
  23. Boris Badenov

    Fred Herzog - Street Photographer

    wow! great work indeed.
  24. Boris Badenov

    I may not get rid of my view camera after all!!!!!

    Interesting... I have no use for it but still.
  25. Boris Badenov

    Car Enthusiasts? Top Gear.

    makes a great case study for the Law of diminishing returns...
  26. Boris Badenov

    Car Enthusiasts? Top Gear.

    Harrier is a slowpoke... :cool:
  27. Boris Badenov

    Hands up who relates to this...

    evolution or intelligent creation?.. dispute continues...
  28. Boris Badenov

    Americans, may I have your attention please!

    Great shot! we need treads like this ones in a while.
  29. Boris Badenov


    Technology is awesome!
  30. Boris Badenov

    Anyone going strapless?

    I am shooting strapless with flash bracket, otherwise i am using r-strap
  31. Boris Badenov

    A waterproof P&S with good IQ to take fly fishing?

    ...if you care about IQ - avoid Olympus. I've heard some good things about Panasonic but have not tried it myself yet.
  32. Boris Badenov

    Question On Books. is the best bang for a buck, good quality books too.
  33. Boris Badenov

    Some Film Questions

    well, its kind of like driving without GPS... you need to know what cha doing... i remember carrying a notebook and recording at what settings the shot was taken, this way i new not to do that again! ... and why are you doing this?
  34. Boris Badenov

    My Typical Set-Up...

    nice work! for the last shot i would have placed the camera a bit lower to the floor.
  35. Boris Badenov

    We are all witnesses just need something to yak about... (not enough people here interested in world cup I guess) :confused::confused::confused:
  36. Boris Badenov

    New television: LED or LCD? (Decision made!)

    I've spend lots of time trying to decide just that. At the end I found a good deal on sony z series (LCD) and went for it just based on bang-for-a-buck bases... and now i am happy like a pig in a mud! don't over analyze it.
  37. Boris Badenov

    GPS Recommendations?

    yes, it works great, but if you loose connection - you will loose map too. :eek:
  38. Boris Badenov

    GPS Recommendations?

    I'd say go with Garmin. some of them come with lifetime traffic update, pretty handy around here.
  39. Boris Badenov

    Don't always trust your GPS

    LOL! Been there... ended up on an ATV trail with SAAB 900... and was foolish enough to press on. lucky for me it did not rain for awhile ...
  40. Boris Badenov

    Portable DVR

    +1 Never used it myself but know lots of people who cant live without it.
  41. Boris Badenov

    Prayer request...(Updated)

    My thoughts and prayers are with your mom... get well!
  42. Boris Badenov

    Would I ever be happy with a compact, again?

    wow! with cdn almost on par with usd it is pricey...
  43. Boris Badenov

    Do you cover screen on iPhone style phone

    not anymore. For plastic resistive touch screens that require use of stylus - screen protector was a must, but not for devices with glass capacitive screen. (unless you are carrying it in the same packet with your keys)
  44. Boris Badenov

    'No EVIL Cameras From Nikon In The Near Future'

    yes! all this and make a waterproof version of it too :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  45. Boris Badenov

    Resisting the temptation of taking to much

    at the end 4 miles will feel like 16. just take 1 lens and get creative. sometimes less is more.
  46. Boris Badenov

    Camcorder Recommendation

    Canon Vixia HF M300 comes to mind, great peace of equipment, but if you dont need/want HD - there are less expansive options. what exactly is the hassle? just upload it to YouTube and embed to your site...
  47. Boris Badenov

    Would I ever be happy with a compact, again?

    around here you can get one for $350 or even less. pretty reasonable. :smile:
  48. Boris Badenov

    So I "test drove" a Leica S2 the other day...

    not to take anything from Leica - they do make great staff, but... ...if you take the same shot with s2 and d3x and print it, lets say, 16x20 using the same equipment, will there be a noticeable difference? I don't think so... of diminishing returns in action.
  49. Boris Badenov

    Would I ever be happy with a compact, again?

    I am not selling d700 just yet, :wink: but Canon s90 has delivered beyond my expectations. :Love:
  50. Boris Badenov

    Im an idiot (paypal)

    not like i have a say in it, but yes, i agree... :wink:
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