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  1. TweedleDum

    Nikons on top in Consumer Reports and Consumer Digest

    Generally speaking, CR does a good job on their reviews IMO. On the other hand, their camera reviews appear to be done by folks who don't use cameras. More often than not, I use their reviews to determine what NOT to buy.
  2. TweedleDum

    Mouse opinion

    +1 Muy perfecto
  3. TweedleDum

    effect of (inexpensive) filter on image quality

    Bandwidth Conservation Suggestion: just do what works Lo those many years ago, with spanking new D100 in hand, I decided to look into the endless filter debate for myself. So I bought a heliopan UV, screwed it on a 28-70 f2.8 Nikkor got out the tripod, and shot a whole lot of images, with and...
  4. TweedleDum

    My BlackRapid CR-2 has finally arrived!

    They certainly deserve credit for handling the situation well from a business perspective (refreshing these days). I would hesitate, however, to use the word "magnanimous". Defending one lawsuit by a customer in a state of fury over the loss of, say, $6 or $7 thousand dollars worth of camera...
  5. TweedleDum

    My BlackRapid CR-2 has finally arrived!

    The FastenR-2 displayed on BR's website (apparently a prototype) shows the D-ring part fastened to the "hoop" piece with a center-punched hex bolt. This fastening method should be quite secure, provided good quality steel parts are used and the bolt head is punched properly. Unfortunately, it...
  6. TweedleDum

    Bummed about GGS screen protector

    Aha, dental floss. Now why didn't I think of that? :m23: Think I'll skip the hair dryer . . . with my skills, I'd probably smoke the lcd. :rolleyes:
  7. TweedleDum

    Bummed about GGS screen protector

    Tip: Clean the GGS glass b4 you mount it. I discovered the inside surface was covered with some kind of hazy residue AFTER I mounted it. :eek: Not particularly noticeable when the LCD is lit, but annoying nevertheless. P.S.: anyone had experience removing them?
  8. TweedleDum

    Tasteful (UNCONFIRMED) rumors

    Yes, yes, yes, absolutely. Make it an ED-IF AFS model and you've got a killer general purpose lens for D700/D3. Pricey? Yup, but those specs would trash my "no more lenses" vow in a heartbeat. :eek:
  9. TweedleDum

    Mozilla Question

    Click through Tools>Options>Main, select "Save files to" in the Downloads box, then browse for a folder of your choice.
  10. TweedleDum

    walk around lens

    My ideal general purpose is a 24-105mm f4.0 (fixed) ED-IF AFS w/ FX image circle. VR nice but not required. The idea is a lens equivalent in quaility to the 24-70 f2.8 Nikkor, only with extended focal length and f4.0 as a weight concession. Unfortunately, there is no such animal. :frown:
  11. TweedleDum

    I really like this forum, but ...

    I think the FS forum rules are wonderful . . . excellent dirtbag defense mechanism IMO.
  12. TweedleDum

    BlackRapid - My opinion

    I've sent them three emails since last October asking for an expected ship date for the ConnectR. The answer is always the same (it's the suppliers fault). Methinks there is a rat in the works somewhere . . . why not just find a different supplier? This is hardly sole-source missile technology...
  13. TweedleDum

    Nikon 105mm owners assist please. Rattling Noise

    The lens/body operation you describe sounds normal to me. Mine makes what I would describe as a quiet clicking noise when I shake it (never noticed this until I read your post). A "rattle" doesn't sound normal, but that's nothing more than my opinion. I would suggest discussing your observations...
  14. TweedleDum

    A question for those who have the 200-400VR

    Filters (52mm) can be screwed into the drop-in carrier assembly near the back of the lens behind the rear element. I don't think you would want to pay for a filter big enough to fit the front element of this bazooka. :eek: :biggrin:
  15. TweedleDum

    A sincere apology

    Enough already . . . All this wimp vs. King Kong stuff is fun, but entirely overlooks the problem. A D3 w/ battery and a 28-70 f2.8 Nikkor weighs less than 5 pounds . . . hardly a strength or endurance issue! You folks talking straps are right on. For shoulder carry, get an UpStrap so you...
  16. TweedleDum

    How do I get and FTP thingy on a Mac ??

    My favorite for FireFox FireFTP
  17. TweedleDum

    Price hikes April 1?

    As fortune would have it, the only lens I need (OK, want) is not manufactured by Nikon or anyone else. Sooo, they can stuff their price hikes where the light don't shine. :tongue: :smile:
  18. TweedleDum

    Amazon drops the ball...twice

    I've also noticed a decline in packing quality with Amazon lately. A LaCie 1Tb drive I received a couple weeks ago was rattling around in a box about 6 times too big for the item. There was one (yes, 1) crumpled up piece of packing paper thrown in the box. Fortunately, the drive itself was well...
  19. TweedleDum

    Any Home Cures for an Ailing 28-70 f2.8?

    LOL Thanks all for the explanation . . . makes sense for the fault I described.
  20. TweedleDum

    Any Home Cures for an Ailing 28-70 f2.8?

    Beast repair episode conclusion . . . My translation of Nikon's somewhat cryptic repair invoice: Repair SC 201117 included exposure and infinity focus checks, AF operation adjust, main FPC adjust, general bench test and cleaning, plus replacement of something called a DC/DC convertor. Total...
  21. TweedleDum

    Lost a good friend

    Love it! :866: :866:
  22. TweedleDum

    Move to 64 bit?

    1. Yes, especially if you need lots of RAM. 2. AFAIK, a 64-bit OS will not run on a 32-bit machine. 3. As a general statement, yes. But . . . there are some exceptions. You will also need to download 64-bit drivers for your peripherals . . . which is where the rub comes in. Driver availability...
  23. TweedleDum

    Top Ten Annoying Things That Photographers Say to Each Other

    LOL, I love this one. The tone usually implies that shooting in .jpg mode (even when it makes perfect sense) will give the photog some sort of horrible disease. :eek:
  24. TweedleDum

    Old CS3 trial version stuck on my computer.

    It does seem a bit odd that CS3 would ask for a code to deactivate a trial copy . . . but then we are talking about Adobe here. Since you deleted the program folders, the file the Vista uninstaller (Control Panel>Programs and Features) needs is bye-bye. If you have a copy of the CS3 trial, it...
  25. TweedleDum

    Any Home Cures for an Ailing 28-70 f2.8?

    Nikon El Segundo advises B2 Service. Total cost $340 bucks. No diagnosis, just service level. More later.
  26. TweedleDum

    Programs NOT running in a 64-bits system ?

    So far, my old scanner (HP) is the only software/hardware going to Valhalla. Too old for HP to bother with an x64 driver. Ah well, it's been a good soldier. :smile:
  27. TweedleDum

    Signature info, motivation?

    I come here for knowledge and ideas. Since gear lists provide no useful information (for me), my brain automatically blocks them out. Cool how our heads work. :wink:
  28. TweedleDum

    Holy Cow price increases

    40% huh? That's certainly a creative way to announce a "going out of business" sale. :rolleyes:
  29. TweedleDum

    Any Home Cures for an Ailing 28-70 f2.8?

    My pleasure Steve. The lens is off to El Segundo in the morning - I'll post the verdict when I hear it.
  30. TweedleDum

    Any Home Cures for an Ailing 28-70 f2.8?

    I will be tickled if I get off that easy. I'll see what Nikon has to say about it today. Thanks for the encouragement Marton. :smile:
  31. TweedleDum

    Any Home Cures for an Ailing 28-70 f2.8?

    Good suggestion Roger. I tried that first, then tried 4 other lenses to make sure it wasn't my D3. Then put the 28-70 on my trusty old D100, which produced exactly the same symptoms. I suppose it's possible something has failed or worn out of tolerance in the lens. Another thought that comes...
  32. TweedleDum

    Any Home Cures for an Ailing 28-70 f2.8?

    The AF on my beloved but aging 28-70 Nikkor has suddenly become erratic. The AF had been perfect until after a recent 3 month period of disuse. Now it autofocuses when the camera is first turned on but will not re-focus at a different target distance (I get flickering "arrowheads", but no dot)...
  33. TweedleDum

    Has BlackRapid gone belly-up?

    Unfortunately, this message has been posted for months. Why it would take this long to come up with a simple part like the ConnectR baffles me. I like their strap, but am not terribly impressed with the way they do business.
  34. TweedleDum

    Has BlackRapid gone belly-up?

    I sent them an email asking when they expected to ship the ConnectR upgrade I ordered for my RS-2 back in October, 2008. No response, zip, nada. I paid for this part long ago and would think a response is not asking too much.
  35. TweedleDum

    Can you turn off your phone?

    Consumer Reports published an article a couple months ago concerning the correlation between cell phone use and brain tumors. Seems that more recent studies covering longer periods of time are not very comforting for heavy cell phone users. I wouldn't call the results conclusive at this point...
  36. TweedleDum

    How fast is your PC...Really?

    Somewhere between 7 & 8 seconds. Intel i7 (2.93 Ghz)/6Gb DDR3 Intel X58 chipset 300 Gb Velociraptor 10K rpm boot drive ATI Radeon HD4800 video card Vista x64 OS
  37. TweedleDum

    Update: Firefox preventing Vista from closing...

    Virginia, You might want to fish around on This site to see what info is available. I recently used the Mozilla user forum to solve a weird problem with Thunderbird on Vista x64. Some very knowledgeable folks frequent this forum. Dennis
  38. TweedleDum

    Any Vipre anti-virus/spyware users here?

    OK, so I downloaded the trial, which installed without a hiccup. It is easy on system resources as advertised. I got one scan with current signatures from Trend Micro before it refused to download new ones - 27 minutes to scan 2 hard disks. Vipre did the same job in 13 minutes, so it does appear...
  39. TweedleDum

    Any Vipre anti-virus/spyware users here?

    McAffee Norton BitDefender Been there, done that, got the scars & trashed hard disk to prove it. Just bought a new machine with Vista x64 that came pre-loaded with Trend Micro. Can't tell how it performs since, after fiddling with tech support all week, it still won't allow me to activate the...
  40. TweedleDum

    Best e-mail client?

    Mozilla Thunderbird. After years of having my hide sandpapered with Outlook, I switched to T-bird/Lightning. It's like a miracle cure for hemorrhoids. :biggrin:
  41. TweedleDum

    Slide Show with Music Software

    Yes, Producer does. Getting comfortable with key framing was a bit of a slog with version 3.2 but, as I understand it, the interface has been much improved on v4.0. I'm seriously thinking about upgrading.
  42. TweedleDum

    Any PC based programs for backing up a hard drive?

    Try it, you'll like it.
  43. TweedleDum

    Is everyone a pro?

    That pretty much says it all. :rolleyes:
  44. TweedleDum

    A christmas before and after

    I would be obnoxiously proud of myself if I had 10% of your talent. Thanks for sharing your amazing work Ray. :smile:
  45. TweedleDum

    Are you done collecting lenses ?

    Yes and no. I've got what I need except for the 24-105 f4 AFS VR ED-IF walkabout lens I want for my D3. I expect this to be available sometime before the sun turns red giant. :rolleyes:
  46. TweedleDum

    Topaz Adjust V.6 Update

    Gary, The zip files have the same name, but the embedded installer is labeled topazadjust26c_setup on the file they gave me via e-mail. Dunno, this may be some version they were experimenting with to fix the problem being experienced by myself, et. al. In any case, it fixed the glitch and...
  47. TweedleDum

    Canon is Rediculous

    Now that's a serious telephoto! LOL.
  48. TweedleDum

    Topaz Adjust V.6 Update

    Try this Gary. I don't think this is a general release version, but it did solve my problem.
  49. TweedleDum

    Topaz Adjust V.6 Update

    Adjust v2.6c solved my CS3 crashing problem. For whatever reason, it also bumped up the image processing speed by an order of magnitude. :eek:
  50. TweedleDum

    Topaz Adjust V.6 Update

    I'm less than pleased v2.5 worked perfectly, but 2.6 immediately pops up an XP cmd.exe window in CS3 complaining about not being able to start some catalog dll file. Killing the cmd.exe process immediately crashes CS3 followed by a memory write error from the OS. I'm trying to get some help...
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