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  1. D200SLR

    Dead Vlei, Namib-Nauklauft National Park, Namibia

    Amazing place. 6 and 7 are my faves!
  2. D200SLR

    Wide Open Thread

    Huck: Those Wall E shots put a smile on my face :smile:
  3. D200SLR

    Any camera or lens purchase regrets?

    35-70 2.8. Not happy with the push-pull design, and the lens felt old compared to my D3. Very sharp though, and i even sold it with a small profit :o)
  4. D200SLR

    Lens Pictures

    Oh yes.. But since this was bought the day before christmas, i just had to put it under the tree :smile:
  5. D200SLR

    35mm vs 50mm comparison.

    Not sure if linking is allowed, but this is helpful too:
  6. D200SLR

    Showcase Nikon 18-35mm FX AFD

    With a shot like this, YOU put a smile on our faces! :smile:
  7. D200SLR

    105 f/2 DC and 135 f/2 DC - Part I

    Nice! Think i would have opted for a 1005mm :wink: You've must have been pretty close!
  8. D200SLR

    End of Summer

    Beautiful shots and beautiful scenery! Takes me back to my 2006 visit - thank you! :smile:
  9. D200SLR

    The GIANTS were in Berlin!

    In addition to your nice series:
  10. D200SLR

    Nikon + Leica

    Great Audi shot, Mike!
  11. D200SLR

    600VR - Rut of the Stags - 6 Images

    Second shot for me! Great stuff!
  12. D200SLR

    Showcase Nikon 24mm f/2.8

    Nikon D3 with 24mm f/2.8 AF-D
  13. D200SLR

    Orlando, Florida

    Another vote for number 1. Fairytaleish!
  14. D200SLR

    D200 to a D2X?

    I did excactly that! This made me happy: More true and natural colors Highly superior battery capacity (Plus very rapid charging with MH-21) Better balance with heavy glass Ergonomics Pro body quality
  15. D200SLR

    Nikon 10-24mm vs Nikon 12-24mm

    Sunset from the deck - what an awesome shot!
  16. D200SLR

    3 days in Prague (40 photos - around 5MB)

    Prauge is beautiful. And now - who can be in doubt? Great shots! 20 and last are my favourites :smile:
  17. D200SLR

    Showcase Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR

    From Danish AutoX event
  18. D200SLR

    Seattle Skyline and Space Needle

    1st. and uncentered are great! What setup did you use?
  19. D200SLR


    Congratulations! And thanks for sharing.
  20. D200SLR

    Nikon 6mm F2,8 Fisheye-Nikkor - US $37,799.00

    I must be crazy - i actually think it's beautiful! :biggrin:
  21. D200SLR

    D200 - A four-year old technology

    Great Pier shot! Personally i do not regret selling my D200, but reason for selling surely wasen't image quality!
  22. D200SLR

    Cars and Trucks ......

    Soo clean! 1 is my fav.
  23. D200SLR

    VW woody

    Unque - but pretty? :rolleyes:
  24. D200SLR

    David Caradine passed away

    Sad indeed! Maybe not the best of actors, but his face had real caracter!
  25. D200SLR

    Can´t make up my mind... Help please !

    Ok! There's a 17-35 for sale at a danish site. It's around 1000 converted form our currancy. Perhaps i should look closer.. Were the 17-35 also troubled by the squeak of death?
  26. D200SLR

    Under a bridge (Singapore)

    What's not to like? Great stuff!
  27. D200SLR

    Some random work from the new guy

    Really good stuff!
  28. D200SLR

    Dance !

    Amazing pictures! My biggest problem with dance is AF, not so much exposure.
  29. D200SLR

    January Madness '08 - Mr. Graceful - Prime Player - AF 20mm f/2.8 D

    Really nice. What is the name of that dinghy?? :eek:
  30. D200SLR

    Out shooting shooters

    I can easily imagine how i look myself.. :redface:
  31. D200SLR

    RC Dirt Car Racing

    But these are great! :biggrin: How do you set up AF Focus tracking on/off?
  32. D200SLR

    Can´t make up my mind... Help please !

    How is that? This is one of the lenses i consider myself, and getting one used surely would be a cheap alternative to the 14-24.
  33. D200SLR

    My Friend's Turbo R32

    Cool stuff! Did some hotlaps as a passenger in a R32 once, impressive performance from chassis and sixpot!
  34. D200SLR

    Taking a stroll in Potsdam [long]

    Great pictures of Potsdam. Visited the city in 2000, it was a real mix of east and west at that time. Very interesting indeed!
  35. D200SLR

    Mrs. New York 2009

    What a sweet ol' lady! :wink::smile:
  36. D200SLR


    Very nice! What did you do in PP?
  37. D200SLR

    Modern Ferrari

    Wow! That second engine shot!
  38. D200SLR

    Amalfi Coast, Italy

    Fantastic place and great photos!
  39. D200SLR

    Geneva University with the 14-24 !

    Nice! Two chunks of glass i'd like to add to my sig.
  40. D200SLR

    Which is the best state in the US

    CA. They have a small piece of Denmark within! :biggrin:
  41. D200SLR

    which nikon 80-200

    From what i've heard, optical performance should be equal. The two-ring tripod collar is on the weak side, though!
  42. D200SLR

    A couple of Audi's

    Red for me too! Nice shots - but could easily do without the watermark.
  43. D200SLR

    Prime lens for baby pics

    I went down the 50mm f/1.4 road myself. Worked great with my D200. The narrow DOF was a great quality, IMO. There's been some discussion concerning flash and newly born children. If i were to use any flash, surely it would be reflecting.
  44. D200SLR

    Showcase Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VR

    But getting somewhere for sure :wink: Great shots! :smile:
  45. D200SLR

    So, where did all those old D2X/s go?

    Sold mine yesterday. Waiting for a good deal on D3. Hope i will not regret this.. :frown: The D2 was a wonderful cam, i'm just an idiot.. :redface::smile:
  46. D200SLR

    Rome, Italy - HDR

    Not a big HDR fan, but you've sure caught some great angles of Rome.
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