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  1. TheHundreds

    Nikon 28mm PC f/3.5 for D700?

    haha i got it for free so might as well right?
  2. TheHundreds

    Nikon 28mm PC f/3.5 for D700?

    Hi i'd just like to know if this is even compatible with my D700. Not really worried about it being manual controlled. Please help thanks!
  3. TheHundreds

    Sports Sequence Photo

    How do you create these sequences? I know how to shoot them but it's just the matter of creating them. I want to create one similar to that with borders and such, can anyone help?
  4. TheHundreds

    D3S LCD Protector

    i like the 2nd one because it's not attached by adhesive.
  5. TheHundreds

    D700 Pop Up Flash

    i forgot about commander mode, but i can just buy a pocket wizard or something. What i mean by it "poppin' it out because it's not electronically triggered" is that i accidentally press the button by accident or it usually is in my camera backpack and it always end up pressing the button. I...
  6. TheHundreds

    D700 Pop Up Flash

    Is it just me or is this pop up flash useless. It's always popping out by accident since it's not electronically triggered. I'm going to tape it down, anyone else feel the same? Discuss.
  7. TheHundreds

    Chase Jarvis, Digital Rev, and other youtube channels.

    I was wondering what are other photography channels on youtube i can subscribe to such as the one's listed in the title? I enjoy watching these channels because they always update with shoots, reviews, and etc.
  8. TheHundreds

    Tons of dust on my D700.

    LOL! my room is a piece of crap, my pops doesn't wanna fix the ceiling cause he's cheap. Can't wait for that whole piece of ceiling come crumbling down on me.
  9. TheHundreds

    Tons of dust on my D700.

    not at all i always leave it with a lens on it.
  10. TheHundreds

    Tons of dust on my D700.

    How the hell did this happen? Any way i can fix this i got the giottos rocket blower but doesn't help much.
  11. TheHundreds

    D700 without extra Battery ?

    I have a grip and always have it on because of sport shots, maybe i should have gotten a D3 :(?
  12. TheHundreds

    nikon 16mm fisheye USA edition?

    phewww thanks there is plenty of those here in NYC :).
  13. TheHundreds

    nikon 16mm fisheye USA edition?

    Nikon AF-D 16mm f/2.8: I just bought this lens from ebay and i am not sure if it's usa edition or not. It came with no box, serial number is 403XXX does not have "US" in front of it, does it mean its grey market? If so is it a myth that i can't get it fixed if it's damaged?
  14. TheHundreds

    Compact-body FX coming soon?

    lol exactly all those 35mm film cameras.
  15. TheHundreds

    You and your camera

    My friends D200.
  16. TheHundreds

    FX fisheye ?

    man i hate deciding :(. i don't know which one to get, should i help my wallet or empty it? ;P
  17. TheHundreds

    D700+70-300vr Just Great, Add Your Shots...

    is the 70-300 a decent lens? cause i've been looking into the sigma 70-200 Version I. I could go with this lens for a fraction of the cost.
  18. TheHundreds

    D700 just how weather sealed is it?

    it was raining this weekend and i forgot to cover my hotshoe no damage i hope.
  19. TheHundreds

    D4x Design Concept

    i saw it too, is it suppose to mimic current mamiya and hasselblad cameras? Is it going to be a rotating sensor camera?
  20. TheHundreds

    Ninja Strap for DSLRs

    lol that's easy i can sue them, it's not like i was carrying a bbgun. There are no laws that prohibit cameras. i never even heard of that, maybe a bbgun but a camera? you gotta be kidding me. Anyway any other recommendations guys other than black rapid?
  21. TheHundreds

    Ninja Strap for DSLRs

    Lol i'm not scared of cops.
  22. TheHundreds

    Ninja Strap for DSLRs

    man i wish someone would make this here in the US. That blackrapid thing is lame, it's still going to be swinging around if it's hanging down to my waist and i usually leave my grip on so it will even swing harder since it's heavy.
  23. TheHundreds

    Ninja Strap for DSLRs

    Hey guys this strap is from a japanese streetwear brand it's available only in japan. I just wanted to know if there was a strap similar to this here on the US. Can someone recommend me one, because my D700 strap is really aching my shoulders. Heres a video of the strap...
  24. TheHundreds

    Showcase Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 HSM II

    when is the OS actually coming out i see it on preorder on adorama, etc. price is $1,600. Should i just buy the first version or should i wait for the new one to drop :(?
  25. TheHundreds

    airsoft games(IMAGE HEAVY)

    cool thread, i hope airsoft gi will ship to my house i live in brooklyn, nyc. i just bought a new pistol :).
  26. TheHundreds

    Need help making a gif.

    I have 12 photos of someone skateboarding, i want to put it into one for example: i want to make a photo just like that, i have Adobe CS4 Masters collection which one can i use to make this? btw i am on a mac.
  27. TheHundreds

    SB600 + Sports Shooting

    i've considered alienbees light equipment but i am low on funds as of right now, but thanks for the tips.
  28. TheHundreds

    SB600 + Sports Shooting

    I am beginning to shoot skateboarding pictures in the dark and i have no room or money for strobes. I don't understand how to make the speedlight, flash faster i got the mb-d10 so im shooting at 8fps but my speedlight can't follow up with those speeds. I set my D700 to having repeating flash but...
  29. TheHundreds

    It's like Christmas is March!

    haha jay i saw your pickup post on iss.
  30. TheHundreds

    It's like Christmas is March!

    can we have some other threads then people posting that they got a D700. It's getting really annoying, i want to read something else other than this.
  31. TheHundreds

    OK - where did my red rectangle go?

    LOL! when i had that i thought i had to take it to the shop. Phew was i glad when i figured out about the lock.
  32. TheHundreds

    I went all in

    mmmm the beast.
  33. TheHundreds

    Mac Pro 'hexacore' Xeon Core i7-980x

    That's cool but really? who really needs a computer that fast? Even Dual Cores are good enough for this age. Although i do have a 27inch iMac:wink:
  34. TheHundreds

    Dilemma - nikon d300S or Nikon D700

    D700=nighttime camera, i shoot no lower than 1600iso and it's great :). D300s= never really tried it, never seen iso performance but supposedly better than d300.
  35. TheHundreds

    Judge Brown-Cheap Wedding Photography i promise you this is the funniest thing i ever seen, related to photography.
  36. TheHundreds

    Pushed the "Go" Button

    damn that must've been expensive with the package. how much did it run you $5000?
  37. TheHundreds

    Tammy 28-75 2.8 (warning: feline)

    i got one too and i never new there was a BIM and Non BIM how can you tell them apart?
  38. TheHundreds

    D700 & Sigma 24-70 HSM

    What's the difference with the new one and the old one? i want to look into one. I am too lazy to research so someone explain.
  39. TheHundreds

    'I Didn't Know Nikon Made White Lenses'

    like my avatar?
  40. TheHundreds

    D700 firmware upgrade 1.02

    ^^^ what focus point? I don't see any difference with the fix for AWB.
  41. TheHundreds

    67mm CPL Filters.

    damn from hong kong? but these are cheap free shipping? cool thanks other recommendations are welcomed.
  42. TheHundreds

    67mm CPL Filters.

    Can anyone recommend me a cpl filter for my tamron 28-75mm? Thanks in advance.
  43. TheHundreds

    Fisheye Family Portrait (D700 & 16mm)

    i need this 16mm, cool shot though.
  44. TheHundreds


    This was an amazing movie, i can't wait to see it again but this time in 3D. It's a movie for all ages, my girlfriend already saw it 3 times in the last 3 days lol.
  45. TheHundreds

    Memory Card Corrupted files?!

    i just need a new CF card reader all together.
  46. TheHundreds

    Memory Card Corrupted files?!

    So yesterday i took a lot of photos for xmas. When i woke up this morning i found out that it was strange i plugged in my card to this card reader and then it said my files were corrupted. I put it back into my camera (d700) and it also said the files were corrupted and not able to read. So my...
  47. TheHundreds

    16mm fisheye V Wide angle Zoom on DX

    yeah get the 10.5 no point of getting the 16mm on DX.
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