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    New lenses: 500, 600mm, 16-80mm

    It's always just a few $ more!
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    New lenses: 500, 600mm, 16-80mm

    It's true. You never seem to have quite enough reach. I do miss my 600mm.
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    New lenses: 500, 600mm, 16-80mm

    Funny how that works.
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    Best Messenger Bag

    And how do you like that 28-300?
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    Best Messenger Bag

    Thanks Doug. Does it keep it's rectangular shape when loaded? I'll be flying with this and I saw you don't use it traveling. Cheers, Bob
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    Best Messenger Bag

    Thanks Simon. What I have is essentially a larger version of that. Weighted with a pro body and 2-3 lenses the top tens to come together, if that makes sense. Does yours do that? Thanks, Bob
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    New lenses: 500, 600mm, 16-80mm

    So, a 600mm that's only a pound heavier than my 200-400... oh, wait, there's the price....
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    Scotland again

    Nice shots. I was there last year in the highlands. Like a giant green lawn sprinkled with sheep.
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    Train ride from Bergen to Oslo

    Great shots. I was lucky enough to be there one year in late November for the first snow in the Jotunheimen. It was incredibly beautiful.
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    Great shots. I managed to kill an 8008 and 35-135 in Alaska.
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    Best Messenger Bag

    Hi all, I'm looking for suggestions for a messenger style bag. I switched from a backpack to a LowePro Steath Reporter for a recent trip to Budapest for the F1 race, and the bag worked great except that the top of the bag collapses together when loaded making it difficult to pull the camera...
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    D100 Ir

    Thanks Chris. I suspect there likely isn't a generic "fix" as different lenses will be off by slightly different amounts, but I thought I'd see if there was a base level adjustment I should do. I'll do a search for past threads. Best, Bob
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    D100 Ir

    I haven't touched my D100 in over a year, so I gave it a new life tonight by converting it to IR. Does anyone have experience with adjusting the focusing mirrors to correct for the difference with infrared? Thanks, Bob
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    My lens collection

    By lens weight, too... heh heh
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    My lens collection

    Geez. You guys have a lot of lenses. Taking Bjoern out of the equation, Phil seems to win by quantity. By weight, I think I have him.... Bob
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    What is your favorite lens?

    AF-S Nikkor 600mm f/4D ED-IF with optional espresso maker. After years of frustration with lens length, I purchased the MF version of this lens. With my F5 and the occassional TC, it was a great combination. When I got married several years ago, a good buddy "traded" me the AF-S for the MF as...
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    Mini Tripod that's not garbage?

    Hi Mike, It's a matter of physics. The D2x is no featherweight, so you won't be able to support it with toothpics. You want something small; is weight important? Do you have a special purpose for this tripod? Have you considered a monopod? Bob
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    Customer brackets

    I think you are looking for something like the Really Right Stuff Flash Brackets with Orbiting Tilt Flash Head. It allows the flash to stay stationary while rotating the body. Honestly, I can't see a use for this. I want my flash to stay oriented with my body if it's going to be that close...
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    Possible to have to much glass?

    Wow. That's a lot of glass. If we are going by the pound, however: 12-24 20 f/2.8 28 3.5 PC 35 f/1.4 50 1/4 AIS 50 1/4 50 f/2 55 f/2.8 micro 60 f/2.8 micro 85 f/2 85 PC micro 24-120 75-300 (for sale) 28-70 70-200 600 f/4 TC-14E TC-20E
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    I just realized there isn't a F5 forum here. I noticed a F5 for sale on, in excellent condition for only $500. I thought the were low at $700... I love my D2x, but my F5AE owns my heart. There is just nothing else like it. So, are we a digital community here? Anyone still...
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    Gossen Sixticolor WB Kelvin meter ???

    I have one of these. Same vintage, I would guess. Still works. I checked it against known light sources and it seems pretty accurate. Note that it is likely giving you an average reading, as light is a normally a spectrum of wavelengths, so it's looking at the distribution under the curve...
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    Ballhead comparison

    Does anyone have experience with both the RRS ballheads and the Markin? I'd be interested in a subjective comparison. I love the RRS stuff, and I've played with the big head as the medium head isn't shipping yet, but I've yet to get my hands on the Markin. Thanks, Bob
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    Ballhead Leveller (Pt2??)

    I have the Gitzo equivilent, but I played with the Manfrotto at a workshop. If you put a RRS clamp on it it's great. Just move the lever, level, and release. It's a must if you want to do panoramas. Bob
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    Nikon 80-400mm Lens, Comments?

    The 80-400 give a great range of magnification, but it is way too slow for fast moving sports. I shoot ski racing, and it just wouldn't track quickly enough to produce an acceptable yield of sharp images. Switching to the 70-200 solved the problem. I never had an unusable image due to the...
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    Macro Maniac!

    Amazing M.E. This first image was truly laughable. I'm thinking "What does this old codger think he's doing?" Then I went to his site. This guy is brilliant. The last image on page 10 is truly stunning. And with the optional ports he built in, it can function in the future as a...
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    SB-28 keep it?

    Sell it. It won't work as a wireless slave like the SB-600 or SB-800. I see a new lens in your future. Bob
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    Best scanner for hundreds of slides?

    The Nikon Coolscan 9000 will handle 35/120/200. If you want to do 4X5, I suspect that, unless you have lots of 4X5 to do, you are better off having someone else do them with a drum scanner. Bob
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    Best scanner for hundreds of slides?

    We looked at scanners for a MASSIVE art library project. Over 100,000 slides. The Nikon 4000 came out on top, although I had to modify the SF-200 (the credit card fix) to make it feed reliably. I'm about to buy an 5000 for personal use, with the improved SF-210 feeder. Honestly, the...
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    anyone else having problems with the rubber expanding?

    I wipe down my gear with a slightly damp cotton cloth after shooting around salt water, or if I've been sweating a lot. It seems to make a difference after the years. Bob
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    70-200VR for flowers

    I sold my 80-200 f/2.8 to get the 70-200VR as soon as it came out. I've never regretted it. It's at least as sharp as the legendary 80-200, and it was perfect for my intended purpose, ski racing. While the VR needs to be turned off on a tripod, it works well with the monopod I use. Bob
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    GPS? what? how? recommendations

    Odd that Nikon continues to suppose the serial dinosaur, but as there is an adapter, and the amount of data to transfer is inconsequential, there won't be a performance issue. Bob
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    Nikon Cafe Merchandise For Sale! (link)

    No bumper sticker? :) Bob
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    A letter to Nikon

    I agree with one of the previous posters that the encryption is an annoyance. As one who is in the IT business, it doesn't concern me much at all. Nikon encrypted WB. It has already been reverse engineered and thus can be easily unencrypted. Whatever Nikon's reasons for encryption were, I...
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    Strange question....

    Mine usually is set in Aperature Priority mode, as that is the way my simple mind works. Bob
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    How many CF cards do you own?

    I was at a George Lepp seminar last week and got to play with the P2000. I was told it handles D2x RAW files. Bob
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    How many CF cards do you own?

    1 Lexar 80X 4GB 1 Sandisk Extreme III 4GB on order 2 Lexar Pro 40X 2GB 3 Lexar 32X 1GB, sitting, gathering dust, longing to become one with a camera. Bob
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    panorama tools questions...

    I use Panorama Maker 3. Inexpensive, it's a stand-alone product rather than a plug in. Bob
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    Nikon 12-24

    Great lens! I did a multi-image panorama with it of an old train station and stiched them together with Panorama Maker 3. The resulting single image would have been nearly impossible to make without the extra wide 12-24 due to location restrictions. Bob
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    Nikkor 28mm f/3.5 PC

    Crystall, Are you having problems with the 85, or the 28? Best, Bob
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    I don't know what lens to choose

    Check the reviews. You may want to consider a used Nikon 200 f/4 micro. Great lens. Bob
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    60 mm f/2.8

    How about a MF 55 while you wait? Do you think you'll really need AF that much for macro work? I find I turn off AF on my 200micro quite frequently. Bob
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    Bags to carry my gear

    I'll add that I use a LowePro Topload Zoom when skiing (I coach) and it fit's the D2x and 70-200VR perfectly. I've also got a Lowepro OmniPro that fits perfectly inside a Pelican 1520 hard case for extremely hostile enviroments. Bob
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    Bags to carry my gear

    I used to use the LowePro Phototrekker, but have learned to pare down equipment to fit in the MiniTrekker AW. I've made several trips to Europe with this pack, most recently carrying a D2x, 12-24, 28-70, 70-200VR, SB-800, portable HD and supplies. I find that if I use the waistbelt to offload...
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    Air Show with my "new" 70-200VR

    Nice, sharp shots! Bob
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    So...what's on YOUR Lust List?

    Hmm... at the top of my list would be the 200-400VR for those times where the 600 f/4 AF-S and tripod/Wimberley is just too much to haul. The 10.5 fish would be nice, too. I'm looking to find a 28 f/3.5 PC at the moment. Bob
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    Wonderful backlight. I especially like the second image. Bob
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    A classic case of D2X backfocus (of interest to men only ;c)

    That's a well trained camera. Bob
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    Please comment/critique these portraits

    I like the first image also. Darken the door hardware a bit in PS and the eye won't draw to them. Fun stuff. Bob
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    First bout with the F5!

    Nice shots! It's nice to see someone excited about the venerable F5. I still have my beloved F5AE. I can't bear to part with it, even after going digital. Bob
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    Decided not to chuck the 24-120VR...

    I'm interested in the references to the low serial number lenses. I sold my old style 24-120 when the VR lens was announced and got the first 24-120VR shipped to the local dealer. Have subsequent lenses been problematic? Bob
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