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    D7000 Manual Movie Setting Problem?

    I have not shot video at high ISO, but I'll be interested if you hear back from Nikon.
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    My newest family member ---

    My new member is stuck T a UPS warehouse :(
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    Still struggling with flat lighting

    For the reflector to work to increase contrase in your subject, make sure that the reflector is reflecting a light source that is bright and hopefully from outside of the open shade.
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    Still struggling with flat lighting

    Another solution is to attend a seminar such as this one:
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    I just bought myself a Glidecam HD-1000 from BHphoto for $329. I'm like the the results better than the DIY version. The Glidecam is also easier to make adjustmenst.
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    Opinion of this photo

    I like the second picture. It looks like there's the kicker (hair light) from the sun light.
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    I use a DIY steadicam with my GH1 and got very good results. My DIY costs ~$65 and was based on the Merlin Steadicam.
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    The "Cool Factor"

    way cool!
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    Showcase Sigma 10-20mm

    My contribution Crystal Cove State Park, Orange County, CA
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    I almost forgot why I liked the 70-300mm VR... oh yeah, now I remember - Image heavy

    Wow, great shots Robert. You remind me that I need to use my 70-300 VR more often. Thanks for sharing.
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    The Joy of Fill Flash

    Great pics Dennis. Your set up D70s + 200 f/2 VR really shows that the lens can affect IQ more than the camera. Obviously, the man behind the camera can affect IQ the most.
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    CLS Rocks!

    Well done! I always fear when I have to shoot in a poorly lit environment with out any close wall or ceiling to bounce the flash.
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    Pixel peepers alert! S90 high ISO samples

    are posted at your pixel peeping pleasure. There has been some indication that the S90 shares the same sensor as the powershot G11. Therefore, one may expect similar results with the G11. The wait continues for...
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    Glittering Sun

    Well Done. Much less distracting. I wonder if it would look more natural if the exposure for the background were increased by say 1/3 or 2/3 of a stop.
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    Emilie - today's garage shoot

    I like #3. nice choice of background and shirt color. Great lighting.
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    Panasonic GF1 anyone?

    Now that the Panasonic GF1 is announced: Check out the link for more details. But here's the very very condensed version: 1. Noise performance probably comparable to D40X, D60. 2. Focus performance similar to D60, D3000 (maybe a little worse...
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    Anyone getting the D3000?

    I'm on the fence between the D3000 and the new canon G11. I want the D3000 performance (ISO, focus, etc..) in a G11 body. I guess I will have to wait a loooooooong time.
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    Canon G11 high ISO samples

    Thanks for the correction David. Link is corrected.
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    Canon G11 high ISO samples

    For those looking high ISO samples, here's the link: When the user name and pass word screen appears, just enter "pavp" for user name and "33" for password. Click on the image for the full size pictures. I also...
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    Happy 6 Months to our Little Guy

    Happy 6th month! You keep to keep that shutter count going as he's growing up fast.... You remind me that I need to keep my shutter count going for my 14 months old as well.
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    another interesting picture. It certainly evokes the feeling of tasting something sour. Nice capture of the precious moment.
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    toddler+dog @ west hampton beach, dune road

    I like to composition. The track leads the viewer's eyes to the toddler. Definitely a keeper.
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    to D60 or not to D60?

    Thanks everyone. The decision has been made. a D60+18-55 vr combo is on the way. I would have gotten the D3000, except the D60 can be had for a song right now. I paid $416 for this refurbished combo vs. the D3000 combo at $599.
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    to D60 or not to D60?

    Thanks for the input Charlie. I currently have the D300 and 17-55 2.8. Due to the size and weight of this combo, it stays at home for the most part. I'm hoping that the D60+18-55 vr will be small and light enough to lug everywhere.
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    to D60 or not to D60?

    Thanks for the input. due to its size, do you find it a nuisance to carry it around?
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    to D60 or not to D60?

    I currently have a nice point n shoot (LX3) so that I can carry with me everywhere due to its small size. Having been spoiled by the image quality and performance of DSLR, I'm thinking about trading the LX3 for a D60 as a carry everywhere camera. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing the LX3...
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    Any non-pros out there with >$2500 in gear?

    It looks like all the hobbyists are doing their share to stimulate the economy. I'm happy to say that I'm doing my part: D300, sigma10-20, nikkor 17-55 2.8, 70-300vr, sigma 30 1.4, nikkor 8.5 1.8, sb900, sb600, sb 80dx, lightstands, umbrella, softboxes, etc... probably close to $5k. :eek:
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    Went out on a random photo excursion last night. v.Strobist

    Looks like you balanced the subject with the background very well. Did you also gel your flash to match the ambient?
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    What triggers to get?

    I have the cybersyncs and happy with them. I figured this was a good compromise between cost and performance (more reliable than poverty wizard and cheaper then pw). my 2 cents.
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    Panasonic GF1

    FYI: Is it just me or do other Nikon shooters wish Nikon would make a small body (similar to LX3 or GF1) with a crop sensor (as in D5000) either with fixed or interchangable lens? I'll be all over it, because I can use it with my...
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    It went by to fast...

    Very nice capture of the moment. The lighting is excellent. Would you care to share how you bounce the light in the first picture to get such gorgeous lighting? Thanks, Doug
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    Anyone Know of Speedlight Softboxes?

    currently $119: I have one and am happy with it. Doug
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    Scum "retailers" finally get nabbed...

    Let these guys be reminders to us that when something's too good to be true, think twice.
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    headin' home. 300mm F/4 AF-S

    Wow! is all I can say.
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    Summer break

    I have not visited this forum for awhile. Your kids have really grown. Your capture and lighting is great as always.
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    Short and Sweet

    Thank you all for the comments. If it were not for still pictures, her cuteness could not have been captured because she does not look like this normally. She's normally running around with messy hair and messy clothes. She apparently inherited some bad genes from the wife :frown:
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    Bounce flash is useful for taking kids' pictures

    Thank you all for the compliment on the series. I have not tried the "wife chasing kids with a reflector" yet. I might give it a try when the opportunity present itself.
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    Bounce flash is useful for taking kids' pictures

    Those trying to take pictures of 2-3 years old know that they have only a few minutes at best with the subject. This means that there's no time for setting up any off camera lighting. I've learned a bounce flash technique from that proved to be quick and gave effective...
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    Short and Sweet

    My little Demi was running a fever today. So we put her in a dress so she can cool off. She asked for some pictures when she has her dress on. Doug
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    Lighting boot camp II

    I started with lighting 101 when I first started. However, the meat of the useful information is in lighting 102. If you already have some familiarity with lighting, don't be intimidated to follow along with lighting boot camp II. If lighting boot camp II is anything like lighting 102, it...
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    Lighting boot camp II

    For those of you who are familiar with, Lighting boot camp II is starting tomorrow. This would be great for those looking to improve and / or looking for lighting excercise. For those who are not familiar and are interested in learning how to light (espcially using...
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    New Pocket Wizards Delayed to "Fall"...

    On the positive side, once the new Nikon PW are released they will have fewer bugs, :). Plus I have more time to save up.
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    The two little loves of my life.

    What a joy! I really like the first one.
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    Video you you them instead of flash?

    I ran across this blog at describing this pro photog who uses tungsten hot light. Have a read Doug
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    LX3 and nikon flash

    This is why the older pocket wizards work on canon, nikon, etc
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    LX3 and nikon flash

    "nikon flash's will not work on an lx3 in the hotshoe." is this true even with all the smart contacts insulated from the flash leaving only the triggering contact exposed? some one should try this and report back. radio trigger works based on the trigger contact signal being relayed from...
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    LX3 and nikon flash

    Henry, I noticed that the contacts from LX3 is definitely different from those of Nikon. Did you try to cover all contacts except for the center big contact? You would have to set power on your flash manually off course. The center contact basically allows for the flash to be trigger...
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    Feed back for Camera Land (

    Thanks for all the feedback. I'm glad I posted my questions here where the folks are so willing to help. I would buy from BH, where i've bought all my gears from, if they had an Panasonic Lumix LX3. But they don't and none of the other reputable stores have them either.
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    Feed back for Camera Land (

    I'm looking to buy a good point and shoot from Camera Land in NY ( I would appreciate your feedback / rating on this merchant if anyone has experience with them. Yes, I tried looking them up on but they only a few feedback. Thanks, Doug
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    The Christmas lights are up

    Thanks Kelly for the complement. For your question about strobe placement, I placed the strobe in my hands and ran from camera left to camera right while aiming and firing it off at the wall, the lawn, the flowers, and the palm tree. It was a hit and miss as I did it, but the process was fun...
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