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  1. kja6

    how many actuations does your Nikon(s) have?

    15,xxx on my D2X. I need to get out more.
  2. kja6

    D3 Problem... PLEASE HELP!!

    I'm going to go with the bracketing, too. You haven't ruled that out as a possibility yet.
  3. kja6

    Adolf Hitler VS Nikon D3X

    I recently found this on another forum and found it rather amusing, even though he (as in Hitler, not Bruno Ganz) is so despicable. It's a clip from the movie "Der Untergang (Downfall)". Clever subtitles...
  4. kja6

    D3X now up on site; $8000

    It's no surprise that it's $8,000. The Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III is already $7000+ (and we all know Nikon is better so it HAS to cost more). Anyway, new D3X wallpaper!
  5. kja6

    Favorite setting for Fn button?

    For me, it's devoted to spot metering.
  6. kja6

    Camera Sensor Ratings

    It's cool how the D3 is only $50 USD more than the D2Xs, while it's $2300 USD more than the D2X.
  7. kja6

    Helping Out A Friend

    I was helping out a friend by giving her a photoshoot to add to her portfolio in support of her application to a fashion design school in NYC. These photos don't really show off the "fashion" part of the shoot... just a few candids, more or less, for my own file. Never has my camera gear...
  8. kja6

    D2X Question...

    Try this link for a better idea of shutter life expectancy for a D2X:
  9. kja6

    Limited Edition D3... Yea or Nay??

    Oh, that white D3 is hideous! haha!!!!
  10. kja6

    Why does the D2X suck in the shade?

    For the original poster's purpose, how does a D2H(s) help over a D2X(s) with the problem? I'm curious to know.
  11. kja6

    17-35mm out of date?

    I'm more than happy with my 17-55mm DX, but will definitely be switching over to the 17-35mm when I enter the FX realm. Great, breath-taking images!
  12. kja6

    Just rented the 17-55 for a wedding tomorrow... Focus died and another issue...

    Sorry to poop on this thread... have a quick question, since we're on the topic of "issues" with the 17-55mm f/2.8 lens. At what focal length is the front element MOST tucked into the lens? I'm finding that it's at about 40mm. I could've sworn it was most tucked in at 35mm at one point in the...
  13. kja6

    Showcase Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8G ED AF DX Fisheye

    Great photos, everyone. I don't own a 10.5 (I've only borrowed my friend's a couple of times), because I thought there was very limited use for it - nevermind that!!!
  14. kja6

    nikon 50 f/1.8 is it good

    Sharpness schmarpness... you all need to learn how to jack up the sharpness in your Unsharp Mask tool in Adobe Photoshop to 500% - that'll give you sharpness beyond your wildest dreams, regardless of what aperture setting you're at with either lens! 50mm f/1.4 if you want to spend a lot more...
  15. kja6

    Significance of DX Lenses?

    Thanks for all the responses, everyone! They were very helpful. Yes, I was referring to the crop factor of the lenses when you put either one of them on a D2X. I know they're both 17mm focal length.
  16. kja6

    Significance of DX Lenses?

    Thanks, Steinar. I'm aware of the two lens' optical (in)capabilities, but was wondering if there was anything else aside from that, as in any downsides because a lens is a non-DX instead of a DX, on a DX body... more immediate flaws. Thanks for the suggestions, but Nikkor only for me :)
  17. kja6

    Significance of DX Lenses?

    Hmm.. thanks for the info, cotdt.
  18. kja6

    Significance of DX Lenses?

    Assumption (to make answering my question easier): Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 DX and Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8 non-DX lenses are exactly the same in quality, optics, etc. - disregard the loss of 20mm of zoom, as I only care about shooting at the wider end of the zoom. Are there any huge advantages to...
  19. kja6

    Doing some math d700 vs D3

    Does anyone know why Nikon decided to choose 700 as the name of the camera? Was there a reason for this?
  20. kja6

    D700 - Official Anouncement from Nikon Europe and Russia

    Wow! So rumour no more?
  21. kja6

    Food For Thought

    Cool. thanks David and David.
  22. kja6

    Food For Thought

    Thanks for the input, Michael.
  23. kja6

    Can you Remember the first photo you ever posted at the Cafe ??

    I think this was the first I posted, in February 2008:
  24. kja6

    Food For Thought

    When it comes to the minimalist effect, food on a white plate, white plate on white background, do you think the side of the plate in the lower left of the photo looks okay to be blown like that? I've seen many food photos online and it seems to be "acceptable". I'd like to know what you think...
  25. kja6

    Radio slave system to remotely trigger sb-600 and sb-800s

    If you want cheap, many use the ebay Cactus V2 radio triggers. They will run you about $30 for a transmitter and receiver, and I believe additional receivers are about $15.
  26. kja6

    Have we seen the end of pro DX cameras?

    Check your mailbox, Retief.
  27. kja6

    Have we seen the end of pro DX cameras?

    Sorry for having gone way off topic in your thread, Paul. I would have left the whole thing if Bill Dewey would have left out the Canadian diss in his first sentence. But, I agree with Paul L.: Nikon D2Xs will be the last flagship DX camera, I think. The D300 is already such a great camera...
  28. kja6

    Have we seen the end of pro DX cameras?

    Why did you bring in discussion about the magnitude of (dis)advantages between D2X and D200, and D3 and D300? Having fewer differences, between the two bodies you're comparing, still doesn't make them equally as good as bodies now, does it? Can you still call one body better than the other? If...
  29. kja6

    Showcase Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8 G ED DX

    Those are EXCELLENT shots, Larry.
  30. kja6

    My wife says....

    Haha!!! Yes, I would try to somehow highlight the stems more. Great shot!
  31. kja6

    Oh NO, I bought a D80!!!

    Congrats on the D80 purchase! Let us know what lenses you pick up.
  32. kja6

    Who uses a Sekonic L-358?

    I owned and used one for a while, but sold it. My lighting setups are pretty much the same now, more or less, and the settings are pretty much memorized. If I have to make changes to the strobe settings, I'll adjust ISO or aperture to compensate for it - nothing wrong with a guess or two :)...
  33. kja6

    Have we seen the end of pro DX cameras? Firstly, check out what Nikon Canada has labeled the cameras. Secondly, you are all being inconsistent when comparing the D300 to the D2X about whether or not one should or should not be pro - don't do a cross-generational, dynamic comparison. If you do...
  34. kja6

    Strobist style off-camera flash photography

    Thanks, Frank. Glad I was able to contribute.
  35. kja6

    Strobist style off-camera flash photography

    I'll add one, to keep this thread alive. D2X, ISO 200, f/11, 1/250 shutter Two Vivitar 285s, left and right behind model, roughly 30 degrees, both triggered by PovertyWizard Plus II tranceivers. SB-800 to camera right in front of model, shot through umbrella, set on SU-4 mode, triggered...
  36. kja6

    Strobist Kit Question

    I agree. If you've browsed through the Strobist site and the work of some of the photographers that follow the Strobist Way religiously, you'll notice that SB-800s or other Speedlights of the like will do more than you expect (that is, unless you're expecting Profoto output). There are many...
  37. kja6

    A very small flock of birds + greenery

    Despite the nasty-looking weather, a friend and I went out to snap a few photos today (post-exam stress relief). Luckily, we avoided the pouring rain and thunder. I don't own a 600mm f/4 yet, so the birds may lack a bit of detail :tongue:
  38. kja6

    It's time to see YOU one more time

    I'll archive my photo too. Me Photoshopped into a default D2X viewfinder... the result of play > studying.
  39. kja6

    Model Mayhem or something

    TFP might be "Time For Print" - as in their time modeling for you, for your prints. I could totally be wrong about this one.
  40. kja6

    New Nikon Camera Strap - Only in Japan

    I wanted to buy a regular Nikon strap (the ones that come with D80, D70(s), etc.) and write D4 on it to slap it on my D2X, if that's what you mean by being silly :)
  41. kja6

    2 new Nikons due to be announced June 08

    D90 for sure. D3 with higher resolution, just to compete in the size-war with Canon's 1D Mark III.
  42. kja6

    Thoughts on a possible D3X

    I hope it flies. How "official" and realistic are these rumours that a D3H or D3X is coming out? Very likely?
  43. kja6

    D2X's Lack of Value

    Jack's right. You've got a few people willing to sell it for less and that's enough to drive down the price in your city. In Vancouver's local buy/sell forums, I saw the D2X level out at approximately C$1700 and since then, there have been a few people who desperately wanted to sell their...
  44. kja6

    Nikon body upgrading questions That should give you a better idea of what to expect from your D50.
  45. kja6

    KEH - Number of clicks ??

    Try this program: it's free and VERY easy to use. It even reads NEF files. Take a photo, transfer it to your computer, and open it with the program under the "Shutter Count" menu at the top. EDIT: After viewing that site again, I'm not 100%...
  46. kja6

    D2X Sharpness?

    I don't see how going from a D70(s) to a D2X would be a bad idea. I did exactly that and didn't have any complaints. The D2X is sharper than the D70s and the colours appear truer, due to more in-camera processing (on default settings).
  47. kja6

    The Photographer's Reflection: please show us yours

    I like this thread! Much of the shots are like "Where's Waldo?" :)
  48. kja6

    EVO HDR Photos @ Work

    There is a massive halo around the car, which could've been due to your sharpening (wrong mix of sharpness + threshold?). I'd try correcting that. The saturation is blown. This is really apparent, as you can see in the second shot that the floor underneath the car is also blue. I would...
  49. kja6

    Offered to trade D40+18-55 for D50+18-70. Opinions?

    The 18-70mm f/3.5~4.5 would be better than the 18-55mm for sure. If you do have the option of getting ga D70 or D70s, I'd opt for that. I never thought I'd find myself using the wireless commander function off the D70s, but since "subscribing" to Strobist that has all changed. It's nice to have...
  50. kja6

    best Nikon for $700-1000

    The D200 and D2H are both excellent bodies. If the body build is a factor: get the D2H - solid feel of a pro body. If the 4.1MP isn't a limitation for you, then the 8fps can benefit you when you need it :) I'd opt for a lightly used D2H. But be careful on eBay, as users have already mentioned...
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