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  1. Northwood

    Downy and Cormorant

    Actually its a Red-breasted Sapsucker. :)
  2. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Very creative! I love it. Cool how the building line up with the rocks.
  3. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Shipped The lens is now on its way to the East coast to spend some quality time with Mr. Graceful. It's been fun and I can't wait to see what Rich sees with the lens in New York. Tracking info: UPS Ground tracking number 1Z0E08540382611726 Take...
  4. Northwood

    Showcase Sigma 10-20mm

    F18 Hornet F18 Hornet Sigma 10-20mm@10 1/1250 F8:
  5. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Thank You Kidknapp6!
  6. Northwood

    Hawk - need help with ID

    I'll second the Sharp-shinned Hawk ID.. shorter squared with white tip.
  7. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    My time is up.. Looks like my time is up with the lens. I wanted to try and get out today for some waterfall shots but the rain has returned for the weekend. I had great fun with this classic and definitely learned allot but its time to pack it up and send it on to the next person on the list...
  8. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Thanks Rich, I also brought along my Sigma 10-20mm for a wider shot but I liked the FOV and detail the 35mm f2 produced better.... -Kent
  9. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Jose, I use CS3's Save for WEB feature which unfortunately strips the EXF info from the image. I wish it had an option to select to retain the info... anyway here's the EXF for the shot: D2Xs, 15s at F22, ISO 100, Auto WB, Aperture Priority, Spot metering Here are some tips for this type of...
  10. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Portland Oregon Skyline A couple shots from last night after work.. Dragon boat practice on the Willamette with the city in the background. Portland at night with the Hawthorne bridge to the right.
  11. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Thank you Chayelle! I've added a few more shots of the A10 to the post.
  12. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Glad you liked them Jose. In honor of our troops past and present admission was free for all active personnel and Veterans. To bad you didn't live closer :frown:
  13. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Thanks Steve! I thought the retro conversions fit. These older pilots sure have allot of character in their faces.. might be all the G-forces they've endured. :smile:
  14. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Thanks! I'm starting to get a better feel for the lens now. The focus is a bit loose near infinity and I find I need to move it in and out a few times to attain the focus I want.
  15. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Thanks Rich! I'm originally from Nevada so It took awhile to get use to the rain. I love the trees, mountains and waterfalls here and only being 45 min from the coast and 15 min from Portland makes it worth it....sort of :smile:
  16. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Air Show round 2 Processed more photos from the Hillsboro air show using the 35mm F2 .. Reflections and Flight deck of a Black Hawk helicopter Glider Ballet A10 Thunderbolt's 30mm Gatling gun Maverick Missile Hillsboro's very own Air guard F15 Robosauras takes out another...
  17. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Hillsboro Airshow Some shots from the Air show on Sunday with the 35mm F2 and D200... Cold war Fouga Magister and its Pilot - Hillsboro's Classic air museum in background. Super Sabre and Pilot The Mig17F was having mechanical problems but was repaired in time to perform...
  18. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Thanks Jose! I was hoping for a sunny day but just wasn't in the cards. Oh well, the overcast is more indicative of what one would see here anyway. I see you're on the list, I'm looking forward to seeing your posts from Carrollton Texas.
  19. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Main street Hillsboro A typical gray cloudy day in Oregon. I was up early Sunday to walk Main street to see what I could photograph. I'm having problems getting the focus sharp with this manual lens...old eyes yikes! The Venetian Theater recently restored. Main street has been getting a face...
  20. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    The Lens has safely arrived in Oregon. Thanks Rich! Can't wait to get out and start shooting. Starting with the obligatory shot right out of the box. Looks like I'll need to work on my manual focus skills... BTW - Whoever added the box, it was a great idea!
  21. Northwood

    The City View

    Beautiful shot!
  22. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Rich, great shots to end the series with. I really like the color and detail in your ball park shots. I look forward to my time with the lens and hope to capture images as good as yours. There's the International Air Show in Hillsboro this weekend which I have tickets to. Not sure how I'm going...
  23. Northwood

    "Seeing The World Through A Single Lens"

    Great shots Rich! I really like the last shot...wish my windows were that clean :redface:
  24. Northwood


    The battery is charged the same way a laptop battery is charged which is through the ac adapter when plugged in. The Netbook is really nothing more than a small laptop. I've added the following to my netbook: - USB wireless mouse - External USB hard drive- uses usb power so no ac adapter...
  25. Northwood

    Bird ID

    Looks like an Acorn Woodpecker.
  26. Northwood

    Question for the Dragon Shooters

    Nikon 300mm F4 AFS with 1.4tc........
  27. Northwood


    I really didn't need a laptop all I really needed was this little gem. I paid $330 for this Gateway netbook which is just a re-branded Acer Aspire. Runs with a dual core Adam processor, 1gig on board and a 160 gig hard drive. It does exactly what I want which is to upload my cards and display...
  28. Northwood

    Imponderable pondering - how did we survive....

    Hmmm.. - Air siren sounding from the fire house at noon everyday - Atomic detonations out at the Nevada test site - Duck and cover drills in the classroom - Going with dad to Safeway to test Vacuum tubes from our B&W Motorola console TV. Big hole in the side where dad would kick it. :)...
  29. Northwood

    D200 to a D2X?

    I have both the D200 and D2xs.. I upgraded to the D2xs from the D200 and enjoy the D2x's ergonomics, pro-build and fast crop shooting in my wildlife shots. The D2xs will give you a slight edge in image quality that I could never quiet get with the D200 but again it was a slight improvement. The...
  30. Northwood

    Jelly Fish!

    Beautiful images Nacho! Great work.
  31. Northwood

    Cocoa Belle

    Very nice shot and what a great pose. I have to agree about the slight yellow cast to the shot and the sign next to her arm is a bit distracting. Overall a great shot which I'm sure she would be happy to have.
  32. Northwood

    SF Bay Bridge

    Beautiful! So the reverse traffic in on another layer of the bridge?
  33. Northwood

    Showcase Nikon 80-400mm VR

    I couldn't agree more with that statement!
  34. Northwood

    Bird Identification

    Looks like a Yellow crowned Night Heron.
  35. Northwood

    55mm f/3.5 micro AI samples thread

    Thank you! I was surprised how the exposure came out considering it was handheld on an overcast day. I only applied a levels adjustment and bit of unsharp.
  36. Northwood

    55mm f/3.5 micro AI samples thread

    55mm f3.5 ai'd D200 with 55mm f3.5 - Wild Aster Wild Oxeye Daisy
  37. Northwood

    DAM - How do you do it?

    I always transfer them to an external harddrive then burn to DVD. A 4gig CF card fits nicely on a fresh DVD blank. The DVD now holds/archives all my unaltered negatives. I then work the images from my external drive. _kent
  38. Northwood

    Complete, in detail and in a square

    Excellent work. The lighting is spot on.
  39. Northwood

    Mariam's Well

    Awesome! love this shot. The framing and Sepia tone work so well. Beautiful work Mark. -Kent
  40. Northwood

    Pretty Sunset

    Beautiful Images! I can almost smell them. -Kent
  41. Northwood

    Sleepy Bird

    I watched one go into convulsions fall over and die in the seed bowl I put out for them. :frown: I got rid of the seed and washed the bowl out with bleach water. Keep those feeders clean..
  42. Northwood

    D80 battery door

    Did you check the grip.. they have a slot to store the original camera door in it... I forgot I had done this on my D200 and searched for a week for it. The one time I actually read the instructions :redface: If not then check here... -Kent
  43. Northwood

    What did I capture besides a basketball game?

    I'm thinking the same thing.. if you look at the angle of the shadow from the players legs cast against the black background of the stands it would suggest a separate flash went off. Looks like you took this shot vertical which puts your flash off to the side but that angle wouldn't be enough to...
  44. Northwood

    Post your helo shots here.........

    AH64 Apache...
  45. Northwood

    Airplane tails - post your tails

  46. Northwood

    A model from a meet-up on Saturday

    Great setting, love that DOF. -Kent
  47. Northwood

    Outdoor Photographer Mag Published

    I agree, that is a beautiful image. Love the sky. -Kent
  48. Northwood

    Vermilion Lakes Snowed In II

    One of my favorite landscapes. The reflection really makes this shot standout. Well done! -Kent
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