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  1. eric d.

    I may be small, but I have claws

    nice pictures and a funny story, good work
  2. eric d.

    Critique Red Fox

    thank you all.. and thank you for your hints/tips i was very near about 10feet/max 20feet from 3m to 6m switching to sony i am not sure.. the most important reason (no the only one) would be the 20b/s with no blackout on the screen and the really very good autofocus. BUT the menue is...
  3. eric d.

    Showcase Nikon 500 mm f/5,6 E PF ED AF-S VR

    I`ve sold mine last week ;):woot: Reason: the 200-500 plus 400/2.8 is enough, and i am thinking about an A9 :snaphappy::woot:
  4. eric d.

    Strong Women Science

    never seen something like this... amazing and funny!
  5. eric d.

    Critique Red Fox

    Last month i was at the netherlands north sea coast near Amsterdam, there i had the chance to get some pictures from red fox, still in the "winter coat" here 2 results: and finally a close up with light and shadows all pictures were taken in the evening sunlight and don`t kill me, this...
  6. eric d.

    Great egret wing

    nice details in very good light conditions
  7. eric d.

    Snowy Owl at Sunrise

    i`m in love with this beauty.. you`ve made dream pictures in my eyes PS: only the great logo in the middle is a little bit disturbing :cool:
  8. eric d.

    Snowy Owl Flying Low

    this owl and a motive like this flying low over the ground is one of my dreams, that i hopefully will (at first see) get sometimes. you `ve made a great job. i wish i could be there.
  9. eric d.

    A selection of birds

    variuos birds i have never senn in real before, thamk you for that.
  10. eric d.

    Bald Eagle; No Honor Among Thieves

    For me it is a great image, the pose of the eagle with the head angle is different, but in a very good way. it looks great here. but yes the "shadow"line in the face is a little step back and i can see some halos around the beak .. but i think the picture is it more than worth to make another try.
  11. eric d.

    Classic "Canopy Feeding", Reddish Egret in Florida

    stunning, a really pig picture
  12. eric d.

    Week Old Sandhill Crane

    i ve never seen sandhill cranes in real world wildlife... but this young chick looks so cute and sweet, excellent work !!
  13. eric d.

    Colors of a Florida Spring...

    the first one is wonderful !!!! the spoonbill looks a little bit too smooth for me / extreme cropping ??
  14. eric d.

    Critique Egret in Third position

    great, i like this b/w style very much here
  15. eric d.

    Eurasian Pygmyn Owl

    EDIT: Ups, sorry can somebody switch this thread in the right place, i`ve made a mistake :( Last weekend i was visiting a friend in bavaria (south germany) and we were loooking for the smallest owl in europe. with a little help from my friend i was lucky to find two of them: in the habitat...
  16. eric d.

    Getting ready for Florida

    Great pics... i wish you a pleasant and lucky trip. Florida is for me as an european a birders paradise... and we are planning the sunshine state for early 2020, vero beach or the other side Ft. Myers beach and cape corral. And don`t feed the crocodiles :LOL:
  17. eric d.

    My first eagle shots ever!

    for me eagles are never old or odd or so... they are always wonderfull to see and photograph. ;)
  18. eric d.

    Sell My 200-500 for Sigma 60-600 Sport ...?

    of course it is the dude the sigma is sharper , ok : then congratulations to an excellent 60-600 and sorry for the (yours) not so good 200-500VR, you have ;)
  19. eric d.

    Sell My 200-500 for Sigma 60-600 Sport ...?

    i would nevver change my 200-500VR against an sigma 60-600 sports.. it is not really faster, it is heavier, it is longer, yes it has 100mm more range, but with 6.3 and also 500 is at 6.3. most tests i have seen says at 600mm it is not so crispy ... so the main aspect: the IQ is NOT better.. so...
  20. eric d.

    Monopod Head For Sports Shooting?

    Yes you are right, but for every solution is one thing necessary: praktice praktice, practice ;) i don`t like ball heads in anyway, so i would prefer on a monopod: a. nothing (direct on the monopod) or a one way solution, like the kirk MPA-2 or the Sirui L-10 or when you are plannning to do...
  21. eric d.


    hello, barbados, a great place to stay with your wife for this anniversary. i hope you have (had) a wonderfull time and i like to see much more from this place... please don`t stop now :)
  22. eric d.

    Monopod Head For Sports Shooting?

    i have a monostat monopad with a flexible foot, so thats the one thing. the other thing i am using sometimes is a small and light gimbal head on the monopod, like a wimberley but the Weight is only 770 gramm (12lb) and it works fine for me (birds in flight and sometimes horse jumping) it is...
  23. eric d.

    200-500 meets the D5

    No, not my two glasses, when i compare my pics i can see no remarkable difference, both are simply sharp in the middle, it could be a little advantage in the edges where the primes is better, but that is also not so much. and you`ve said exactly the same at the beginning: perhaps we have...
  24. eric d.

    This shack has seen better days

    ups not a five star combo :) nice catch, too much light ? no, but it is on the edge
  25. eric d.

    200-500 meets the D5

    Yes of course because of f:4 and 5:6 , but the 500/5.6PF in comparison is not better, it is faster and lighter, but not really better in IQ. And in my personal comparison between the 200-500, the 500/5.6PF and the 500/4 VR, there were no great differences in IQ, if you will do a technical...
  26. eric d.

    200-500 meets the D5

    great job, i will also never sell my 200-500VR mine is nearby an 500/4VR and so flexible, too. if i had to choose between an 500/5.6PF VR and the 200-500VR i would choose the zoom, because of its price and its flexibility. and because of even the same image quality. just my 2cents...
  27. eric d.

    Critique Burrowing Owl

    Hello, and thank you for sharing this great portrait. Stunning details and good light for me here. i`m looking forward for 2020, to see this beautifull owl again, nearby Cape Corral.... ;)
  28. eric d.

    Here are a few more from Costa Rica

    Well done and thank you for sharing it with us
  29. eric d.

    Deadly Eyes - GosHawk

    Deadly Eyes for every prey from the goshawk, and it was a breathtaking moment for me. D500 with 200-500VR
  30. eric d.

    Bald Eagle

    what would i give, if i could be there also.. stunning
  31. eric d.

    Young sandhill cranes from 2017

    lovely pictures from this yopung chick. you`ve done a great job !
  32. eric d.

    Backyard Cooper's

    Very good indeed !! great image
  33. eric d.

    200-500 or 200-400 VR I?

    I have made bad experiences with an used 200-400 VR1, really soft at f:4 (soft , no it was simply terrible) until i stepped down to F:8, so that was no option for me. my 200-500 VR ist sharp at F:5.6, even at 500mm . yes it is slower, no question. i would test the 200-400 before, 1 stop more...
  34. eric d.

    Golden Eagle

    You have donne a good Job, Thumbs Up
  35. eric d.

    200-500 meets the D5

    that is the right way, your combo seems to work perfect
  36. eric d.

    Snowy Owl from afar

    i love this owls, never seen them wildlife.. so i like your photo very much
  37. eric d.

    Snowy Owl Air Battle

    hello, great catch of this situation, i have never seen these wondefull owls, except of in the zoo, no comparison to such a great wildlife situation. i was also a little suprised about the colours...
  38. eric d.

    Eastern Screech Owl

    well done also for me.. it`s not easy to find them overall
  39. eric d.

    Mr Costa Rica

    Hello, a great capture of this frog, i like the moving position and the light that is only on the frog, good work
  40. eric d.

    First shootout with a new lens - woodpecker

    thank you, yes the 400/2.8E is a perfect lens, not hendheld, but for stationnary use from a tripod f.e. the last weeks, we had only bad weather, dark clouds and often rainy days, nearly no sunny day, so i hope that i can perhaps shoot this weekend a few more pics with this combo last one, this...
  41. eric d.

    Critique Anhinga with brunch....

    nice catch (fish and anhinga) ;) 600mm : i wish you very very pleasent moments and perfect situations with this "monster" (i`ve switched myself shortly from an 500/4VR to an 400/2.8EFL and i am still very pleased)
  42. eric d.

    Amiable Anhinga

    I like the poses very much.. tells a story ;)
  43. eric d.


    Hello, a you have catched a great moment from a fantastic bird of prey. very good work !!
  44. eric d.

    Third Bald Eagle This Morning

    3rd bald eagle ?? You see me jealous...
  45. eric d.

    More Merritt

    that is the main reason for the d500 as best crop ever.. great AF Features, speed and "nearly NO BUFFER". a really nice wing position here
  46. eric d.

    Is This Side Ok

    critics welcome ?? if yes.. i mean no, not ok. it is "overexposed" in my eyes... its too much
  47. eric d.

    My Laguna Del Largarto Lodge pics

    Great !!!! all of them
  48. eric d.

    My Resplendent Quetzal pics from Costa Rica

    let me see more from this great part of the world.. very good starting
  49. eric d.

    Possible Upgrade from D700 to D850 or D5

    Merry Christmas too.. and yes both the D5 and the D850 are better in all things.. especially for sports and fast subjects but 45MP needs more pc power and the D5 is fat and loud. :sneaky: both have a really stunning af system, what much better than the D700, don`t let me be misunderstood, the...
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