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    Personal Financial software?

    I've used for quite a while now. It really starts to shine once it has a year or more of data to show you trends. One helping aspect is that I very rarely use cash or checks, so few items require manual entry. I am not greatly concerned by the security aspect. As long as you use...
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    Updated D600 rumors & specs

    This sounds like the camera for me. Hopefully the body is large enough to handle comfortably.
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    Fly with a pistol

    The regulations prevent anything from being attached to the bag that identify it as one holding a firearm. The baggage throwers have no idea there is a firearm in the bags and no way to find out. Unless of course it's a big rifle case, then it is fairly obvious. I always pack the Pelican case...
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    Share Gun Photos, gun action shots Vol 2

    Fundraiser zombie themed multi-gun match! ENPS Zombie Match 2010 01 by AJ Booker, on Flickr ENPS Zombie Match 2010 10 by AJ Booker, on Flickr
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    College Degrees That Don't Pay

    Another happy engineer doing what he loves here :smile:
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    Gun Photos, and activity shots Vol 1 (closed)

    Aimpoint Comp M4S mounted, and the Trijicon TR24 1-4x not mounted. I really like the Trijicon scope so far. In both hobbies nice glass really comes through :biggrin:
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    Gun Photos, and activity shots Vol 1 (closed)

    Ya know, if I didn't pick up this hobby as well I would have a lot more camera gear. My cheap remote trigger for my second flash ran out of juice, so I had to settle with the light falling off on the left.
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    How are you backing up your data?

    One backup hard drive in the computer that automatically backs up all my important stuff from my Raid 0 system drives. Just purchased a 1tb external drive on sale that I'm planning on shipping off to my parents for more peace of mind. Chances are that it will sit over there on a shelf for 1-2...
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    Ouch, the Pre is dropping in price already!

    I've had no problem with the Sprint coverage in Omaha where I live, as well as when I went to New Orleans for work just a while ago.
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    POLL - What Nikon(s) do you have?

    D200 for me. And a D40x until my brother decided to 'forget' he had it in his car when he left from visiting. At least I have his fall jacket for collateral.
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    Ouch, the Pre is dropping in price already!

    I've been happy with my Pre so far, although sad I didn't wait a month to knock a large chunk of change off of the price. I really like how all of my contacts come together. Like mentioned above, I went with the Pre mainly due to price. The cost on Sprint vs. AT&T with the iphone was the...
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    Will Nikon Pinch Lens Caps Fit Non-Nikon Lenses?

    Same thing on my Sigma 10-20, replaced both of them.
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    Gun Photos, and activity shots Vol 1 (closed)

    Just picked up a Springfield XDm 9mm not a week ago. Still waiting on my ammunition order to get in, couldn't find anything on the shelves here so I'm waiting for the time being... This is looking like it could rival my NAS.
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    So, why isn't there a licensure requirement for photographers?

    It's all about liability. As an engineer I have to get licensed, and believe me when I say it's not a fun, quick or cheap process. If you want it to be credible it's going to cost a significant amount of money. Can't see many photographers going for that.
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    Resolution setting on your monitor

    I know in programs like Firefox for web browsing you can increase/decrease text size by hitting ctrl and + or ctrl and - as well. I have to do that on occasion for some sites. Running 1680x1050 on my lcd panel here.
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    Whats your Flickr / Photobucket account?

    It's down there in the signature! I use the explore 7 days interestingness as my browser homepage. I always hit refresh just as I see a photo I want to look at bigger and then spend the next two hours refreshing the explore page to find it again. I hope I'm not the only one.
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    Cool Life Expectancy Calculator

    Virtual age of 9.1 years. I was doing well until the risk-taking question... Does this mean I have an excuse not to do laundry tonight? 9 year olds can't be trusted with that!
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    Why use a card reader?

    I once had my GPS unit plugged in direct with the USB cable, got up out of the chair for something, snagged the USB cable and sent my GPS unit flying across the room. It was fine being a rather rugged unit, but I realized I put my camera in the exact same spot, so instead of risking sending a...
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    POLL: Which card reader?

    I've got a Sandisk reader. Plenty fast enough for me.
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    A lightbox adventure

    Hmm, I might have to do that. I'm probably going to have to make a new one anyway as I doubt this one will survive the move I'm about to make.
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    A lightbox adventure

    Thanks everyone for the kind words! I almost made this one too small. The camp stove is nearly too wide and the 70-200 is about as tall of anything that I can shoot in it. Anything taller and the light has a hard time evenly lighting the object from top to bottom since the box is somewhat...
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    The good news thread.

    I got a job offer today, so I'd call that good news. Beer was on sale too. That's a win-win.
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    Sound triggered flash

    I'm working on it. I'm trying to locate a source of things to smash that would be free :wink: No tutorial, just reading on various flickr groups and the internet. The site that I ordered the kit from has some stuff. The key in it all is the flash. The shutter was open for 2 or 3 seconds...
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    Snopes a Fraud?

    Reminded me of one of my favorite comics online, XKCD
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    Sound triggered flash

    So a little while ago I ordered some flash trigger kits from Hiviz. Specifically I ordered the photogate+delay as well as the parts for a sound trigger. I managed to piece it all together after getting a larger breadboard from the local radioshack so I could fit everything on one. Now it...
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    Need advice on a new monitor

    I actually have the same monitor you have (226BW) that I use alongside a slightly older viewsonic 19". I use the Samsung to edit all of my photos. I've never touched the controls, instead I bought a Spyder 2 Express monitor calibrator. It did make a big difference and I can see it change every...
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    A lightbox adventure

    If I'm not using flash and just the ambient light in the room it gets all wonky and there are weird harsh shadows everywhere. I also have to use a tripod because the room isn't that bright unless there is enough sun coming through the windows in the daytime. Thanks for the links about doing...
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    A lightbox adventure

    Another product of no school and no job, I present the lightbox! As the weather was cold (but not snowing :mad:) I was looking for more things to do with my camera inside where it's warm and I can drink beer at the same time. Now being the environmentally responsible engineer, along with...
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    Have to have a test subject for the new lightbox.
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    Pirongia trip , New Zealand .

    Great photos and scenery as always! That old converted silo, at least that's what I think it is, reminds me of a hotel in Ohio that I stayed at once with my last university. I'm always fascinated by renovation projects where they completely change the use of an existing structure. It was a...
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    A snow shoe weekend (6 imgs)

    I do enjoy snowshoeing, and it seems you two had a good bit of fun doing it as well!
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    My new invention - the droptester ! They sell their kits rather cheaply (not sure on international shipping though) when compared to other ones online which can generally run 100USD+. I bought the kits for a photogate trigger and sound trigger, but there are diagrams for making them yourself if you can...
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    My new invention - the droptester !

    Another interesting contraption from you Desmond, thanks for sharing the process! I've been toying with ordering a kit for high speed triggering online since they can be found relatively cheap, and I think you may have convinced me to give it a try.
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    What 2350 shutter actuations gets! HDR Timelapse

    Thanks for the comments everyone! It's appreciated! I've been wanting to go out and do some more but the weather has just been so boring. No nice clouds or anything.
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    What is your PRIMARY rig?

    D200 with a 70-200/VR attached here. Occasionally it will have the 50/1.8 on.
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    What 2350 shutter actuations gets! HDR Timelapse

    Disclaimer: I don't want to show you a photo, but 470 photos all really fast! So back in October I set my D200 out on my back deck with my sigma 10-20 attacked a bit before sunset in Pullman Washington. This was the time when I was in the middle of writing a thesis:Smart:, so I got plenty of...
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    The Shameless Self-Portrait Thread!

    Here we go! Although here is one a bit closer!
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    Mountain Biking

    I picked up a mountain bike when I moved out here since there is a really nice place to go nearby. The only problem is there is snow and according to the latest Snotel data, 52 inches of it on the mountain where I go.
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    Dark Dog Photo Ideas and References, HELP PLEASE

    Echoing what has already been said, +EV to get the exposure right on the dog. That's the trickiest part I've always had, getting the exposure. Just take lots and lots of photos in the puppy stage! Of course, it takes a bit of trickery to not get butt shots when playing fetch all the time...
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    Posting Larger pictures

    I started using the Allsizes script mentioned above and really like it. It beats translating it by hand as I used to do it in a similar manner as to how Chris mentioned.
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    Karamu walkway , New Zealand .

    Desmond, great photos as always. I'm tempted to put together my own photo van or go to New Zealand and see yours. Great photos as always, I've enjoyed reading through all of your adventures with your van.
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    I'm thinking spring!! Canoe/kayak thoughts???

    Yeah I built it myself a few summers ago, it got pretty badly damaged on a recent car trip so for the moment it's sitting in storage.
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    I'm thinking spring!! Canoe/kayak thoughts???

    I would shove a top loading camera bag (Crumpler 4 million I think?) into a dry bag with the cover reversed on itself so it was out of the way. The camera bag was then open inside of the dry bag. That way all I had to do was open the dry bag and pull the camera or whatever lens I wanted out of...
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    Big Huge Labs, security and linking to Flickr?

    What you're doing is giving the big huge labs programs permission to access your photos through the flickr API. Different programs/websites you can give access to at varying levels depending on their need. I use the flickr uploadr which has write access to my account, and services such as qoop...
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    Nikon AF-S DX VR Zoom-NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G IF-ED Lens

    I bought this lens with my d40x when I got started. The bang for your buck on this lens is just phenomenal. It's lightweight, cheap(er than the alternatives), and small so you can fit it in most small camera bags.
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    Post images easily from Flickr

    Brilliant! Thanks for the find!
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    There is a way you can set newly uploaded photos on flickr to show up on your facebook site, but I am at a loss as to where it is at the moment. Also, I highly suggest setting your language on facebook to pirate.
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    After WSU Graduation

    Thanks for the kind words everyone!
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    Officially alumni staus

    Congrats! I just did the same thing a bit ago. That's the route I took. Now to find a job...
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    Aye, we've had a fair amount of snow. Nothing a beer and a shovel haven't fixed already :biggrin:
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