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  1. Joe Photo

    Pinup - Before and After 2 - Zombie Girl **Caution** Contains Gore **Caution**

    **Caution** Contains Gore! **Caution** I apologize in advance for those who may be offended by gore, I assure you it's only simulated. :cool: Ok, let me preface this one a little bit. I like doing zombie photo manipulations... they're fun! I've done them quite a bit in the past, just to...
  2. Joe Photo

    Which editing software?

    Russell, Many people here are fans of Capture NX2, and rightfully so, the images from it are squeezing the most out of the RAW file and make use of all of the in-camera settings. Personally I find that while the image quality is top notch, the workflow is pretty inefficient when the catalog of...
  3. Joe Photo

    The bridesmaid

    Ray first and foremost, you are an artist. I'm glad to see you mention that this type of work is relaxing. Too often I see people get to a certain level of talent and then try to market and sell it. If you do, then more power to you. However, if you are doing this for your own therapy then I...
  4. Joe Photo

    Pin-Up - Before & After

    Thanks for the comments and compliments! I have a somewhat darker one I finished last week - I'll share it later tonight.
  5. Joe Photo

    Picture Controls & Post Editing

    I shoot 100% RAW and don't use NX2, so for someone like me, the in-camera picture controls don't do anything (that data is tossed). I prefer a neutral in-camera processing and utilize Adobe's new profiles in ACR and Lightroom 3 for my D700's and D80IR. I think if I were to use NX2 or shoot...
  6. Joe Photo

    Computer to Online photo problems. Need help asap

    Good point Growltiger... so then the answer would most definitely be sRGB.
  7. Joe Photo

    'Dumb Question'

    Speaking as a photographer as well - I maintain the correct answer is that both have their place and a user would greatly benefit from knowing both. :tongue:
  8. Joe Photo

    Computer to Online photo problems. Need help asap

    Besides using the sRGB color space, I think you should try Firefox as it is a color managed browser. (Install the Ad Block Plus plugin as well, you'll thank me later!) Here's how you can set Firefox to read the embedded color profiles in images. Fickr may also be stripping the embedded image...
  9. Joe Photo

    Portrait Professional - before and after

    Jim, How does it work on non-headshots?
  10. Joe Photo

    Cherry Coke, Shakes And Fries ....

    Beautiful work Bob, I love the painterly treatment.
  11. Joe Photo

    'Dumb Question'

    Not by a long shot! Control point technology is great and has many practical applications in many different work flows, but the truth is that there are many, many reasons to use layers that simply are beyond the realm of possibility with control points. Layers aren't just used to make simple...
  12. Joe Photo

    'Dumb Question'

    may I suggest:
  13. Joe Photo

    Pin-Up - Before & After

    Oops - I forgot the paint! This was actually pretty easy and fun. It's 3 layers of color with various sizes of color blobs over one another. Each layer has a bevel and emboss fx layer applied. Then flatten them onto a single layer and use the smudge tool to make the paint look messed...
  14. Joe Photo

    'Dumb Question'

    I think it really depends on your niche of the industry, but I'll second what Gordon said: it's a necessity in most parts of the industry. Whether or not you can do it yourself is up to you, but you'll need at least a solid understanding of post processing even if you hire someone as it'll help...
  15. Joe Photo

    Pin-Up - Before & After

    Thanks for the comments everyone. I usually don't generate this many replies so quickly - ;) I appreciate everyone's critical eye. I do usually generously apply the liquify tool, in this case her dress (front and back) and bust. I struggled with the bust because I was trying for a...
  16. Joe Photo

    Pin-Up - Before & After

    I thought I'd share a simple before and after of a pin-up image I recently finished working on. A lot of individual techniques go into various aspects of the way I do pin-ups. I'll attempt to detail certain aspects for those interested as soon as I can. In the meantime, I welcome your...
  17. Joe Photo

    PS CS5: Matching Colors from Image to Image?

    Another approach is to create individual swatches of colors you like. You can create a custom swatch with just blues that you sampled from skies with the eyedropper tool, then use the methods above to apply them to your photos. A search on Youtube will get you up and running with swatches if...
  18. Joe Photo

    Something to crow about....

    This is the best one yet Virginia. I love the brushwork you have going on in the feathers and on the branch. This painting also seems solid in the background to foreground element transition. It looks like you worked it background to foreground, am I right? I find that like real paintings...
  19. Joe Photo


    Very nice Ray!
  20. Joe Photo

    Fast editing with Photoshop keyboard shortcuts

    If you're into keyboard shortcuts and want to accelerate your Photoshop, I highly recommend you check out XKeys Pro - it's a programmable keypad. I've been using it for years now and it dramatically speeds up one's work in PS. Keyboard shortcuts that need multiple key presses like...
  21. Joe Photo

    CS5 Digital Painting

    Thanks for looking! I wish I could help you with the smudge, Marlene but I'm not very adept with them.
  22. Joe Photo

    Roadside Medalion

    Nice brush work!
  23. Joe Photo

    CS5 Digital Painting

    I think you'll grow to love the Intuous tablets - I've used them for years and I can't live without them! I'm currently using an Intuous4 Medium myself and also just picked up a Cintiq 12WX which is simply amazing. Definitely consider the Intuous 4 Art Pen as it adds another dimension of...
  24. Joe Photo

    Night Photography 101

    Great read - Lots of little common sense things that can be easily overlooked. Very inspiring even for a non-landscape guy like myself to go and try.
  25. Joe Photo

    Help With WHCC Photo Album

    Here's a tutorial I did on my old blog about this very subject. Give it a read and drop me a PM or email if you have any questions. Hope it helps.
  26. Joe Photo

    CS5 Digital Painting

    Nice work, Virginia. I see a lot of potential there. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't done any serious work with the mixer brush yet as I've been using the tilt/rotate painter brushes pretty much exclusively for my past few paintings. But I'll have to give it a go. Thanks for sharing.
  27. Joe Photo

    Anastasiy Magic Picker Color Wheel for PS

    Not sure how many illustrators we have here on the board, but this may be useful for retouchers as well. I stumbled upon an old post on John Nack's blog about color picker extensions for PS. One of the extensions showcased was the Anastasiy Magic Picker Color Wheel which brings the Corel...
  28. Joe Photo

    Have LR3 and Photoshop CS3 ~ should I forego CS5?

    There are a lot of things work upgrading for in CS5 - HRD Pro is a step up from prior Photoshop HDR as well as the ability to do HDR effects (like tone mapping) to non HDR images is very cool. Another new feature often going unmentioned is Puppet Warp. If you do any design, this is a very...
  29. Joe Photo

    Josephine, Image Heavy (possibly nsfw)

    #6 and #8 have such a wonderful impact on the viewer. I've always enjoyed your work - thanks for sharing.
  30. Joe Photo

    CS5 Book Recermendations

    Also try video lessons at and They have more focused training like portrait retouching for example that is really independent of a specific version of PS - so no matter which version you're using, you'll get something out of it. Also scour youtube, there are some...
  31. Joe Photo

    OnOne PhotoTools Impressions?

    I wasn't impressed with OnOne's stuff from a workflow perspective. Granted I only tried the demo but I have Color Efex 3 and do use a few of their filters as blending mode layers in my own actions. It's pretty speedy that way, but that's important to me for how I work. YMMV but I just didn't...
  32. Joe Photo

    I need help asap please

    I guess it goes without saying that if you were unfamiliar with digital, starting out with a wedding and other important events is not the ideal way to introduce yourself to it and the workflow involved. First - before you work on any files - back them up immediately after downloading. Having...
  33. Joe Photo

    Wanted : Photoshop focus point layer .

    Why not overlay an image of the AF screen? There are many floating around on the net.
  34. Joe Photo

    Photoshop Curves Tutorials

    Although the principals are solid, those YouTube vids are a little out of date. Let me add my thoughts to this discussion. 1) IMO the best way to use curves in CS3 and CS4 is as an adjustment layer. This way it's non destructive to the pixels in the image, saves you from making several layer...
  35. Joe Photo

    This I want

    Nice work Ray, I'll pass on the scissor doors too... I don't enjoy frequently hitting my head when exiting the vehicle... that's why I stopped buying Lambos. Well, that and I couldn't afford them. ;)
  36. Joe Photo

    Video: Beauty – So that’s how they do it! Good camera work and photoshop either way
  37. Joe Photo

    Image Re-sizer??

    Photoshop will obviously do the trick in at least 10 different ways. Unless what you're using as an output for web feature that can sharpen, I don't know of anything other than a full editing program (Photoshop CS4, PS Elements, Corel Photo Paint, etc.)
  38. Joe Photo

    E-session pix

    Damn you Floridians and your awesome palm tree bokeh! Nice series Brad.
  39. Joe Photo

    boudoir outside

    Thanks for looking and commenting everyone. Brad you crack me up as usual. Thank you for the kind words and the continued pressure to perform, sir!
  40. Joe Photo

    with new Sigma 24-70 and backdrop

    Tim, Nice work. You may want to simplify your lighting as you get started with portraits. start with one light. Master it by working around it's limitations, then add a second light, then a third, etc. Also try your bare flash dialed up rather than down. It may not be the look you're...
  41. Joe Photo

    boudoir outside

    At the end of a boudoir session, I talked this bride to be into running around outside in her skivvies. Great fun. Her escort held the reflector with the sun at the subject's back. D700 with 70-200VR. Comments are always appreciated.
  42. Joe Photo

    First Engagement Shoot: Jeremy & Erin (9 Images)

    very good use of light and thoughtful comps. I like your style. If this was your first engagement session, wow!
  43. Joe Photo

    Portrait :: Alison

    Beautiful girl, gorgeous natural light & stunning skin. I do agree with the comment about her lips. They look a little rough and dry. I'd like to see them softened so they don't detract from her eyes.
  44. Joe Photo

    Questions about portraits outdoors in harsh light

    It really all depends on your style. You can always turn their back to the harsh light and spot meter off the face. This is NOT going to give you a technically perfect histogram (if there is such a thing) in that you'll loose highlight detail in areas like the top of the head, but it will give...
  45. Joe Photo

    Freckle question...

    The healing brush or the patch tool would be your friend here. Take your source from a similarly focused freckly area and you can replace the acne with freckles.
  46. Joe Photo

    Painting plug in/action?

    That looks great. You may also want to try Alien Skin Snap Art 2 - it's got a lot of very natural looking effects and one of the best I've seen outside of doing it by hand in Corel Painter.
  47. Joe Photo

    Need help finding a process to make the eyes pop and smooth facial imperfections...

    Imagenomic portraiture is one of the best plugin applications for skin treatment. However, you can use the healing brush and do some selective dodging and burning and get very good skin results. As for eyes, check out my tutorial on basic eye touchup.
  48. Joe Photo

    New Canon EOS 7D.

    True that - Nikon really needs to get over this 720p 30fps thing and make their video more usable. However, they have no where near the video resources to draw upon that Canon does.
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