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  1. keirin


    What a terrific series! The kittens in the branches are extraordinary.
  2. keirin

    American Crocodiles. Cape Sable.

    1 - An American crocodile basks on a mud bank along a backcountry creek in the East Cape Sable area of Everglades National Park. D500 with Nikon 70-200 f/4. 2 - The beaches of East Cape Sable are popular nest sites for area crocodiles. D500 with Nikon 500 f/4P manual. 3 - A master of...
  3. keirin

    Happy Croc

    Very nice. From the head/facial conformation, I expect this was a pretty substantial animal. May I ask where the photo was taken?
  4. keirin

    Red-bellied Woodpecker

    Terrific renderings of this appealing little bird.
  5. keirin

    Trumpeter Swans

    Their aerial gifts are well documented, but thanks much for also highlighting their skills as sprinters!
  6. keirin

    Brown bears at dusk

    Congrats on a really superlative series. I can't help but think that the bear in your photos looks like the one that just won the 'Fattest Bear' contest at Katmai Nat'l Park. See the story at (America's fattest bear has now been crowned).
  7. keirin

    Brown Bears Shaking in My Presence

    Wow. Their shake is so powerful, it seems to twist the backgrounds on some of these photos. Wonderful behavioral presentations.
  8. keirin

    The end of a harvest

    Turning the familiar into art. Just awesome. Congrats.
  9. keirin


    Striking creature, rendered with craft. Nice job.
  10. keirin

    Loons: Spending time with the family

    Beautiful creatures, with your treatment of them that matches. Really wonderful.
  11. keirin

    A real Loud Mouth

    Terrific reminder of how just a little bit of color can go a long way. Nice job.
  12. keirin

    Critique Puffins and Guillemots

    I see you've asked for a 'critique', so I will try my best: In my opinion, there is no such thing as a bad shot of a puffin. Thanks much for sharing these.
  13. keirin

    Wood ducks

    One of my favorite birds, presented here with real craft.
  14. keirin

    The King (in the wild)

    Odd to find a concoction of such appealing colors and yet come up with a creature that's not just a little creepy. Cool photo!
  15. keirin

    Watch out! They're Indigenous!

    I knew of course how scarce they'd become after having been ravaged by the plume hunters years ago, but was unaware that they had been generally regarded as a non-native species in Florida. As you say, they're as iconic as alligators in novelty shops across the state. The birds above are...
  16. keirin

    Watch out! They're Indigenous!

    Apparently recent research indicates that Caribbean/American flamingoes are likely native to Florida rather than migrant interlopers as had been previously widely reported. The news prompted me to review some pix of sub-adult birds I took a couple of years ago while camping at East Cape Sable in...
  17. keirin

    Family Reflections

    A chain of cuteness. Nicely done on the whole series.
  18. keirin

    Juvenile Burrowing Owl

    Yikes! Bird zombies are having babies! Thanks for this important alert.
  19. keirin


    That's terrific. May I ask where this photo was taken?
  20. keirin

    Grizzly Bears May YNP

    You must share your recipe for 'Bug 'N Bear' repellent with us!
  21. keirin

    Shake it Off(Bears)

    Mesmerizing photos. I'd like to think I'm a person who'd welcome a photo opportunity like either of these, but I have an immutable rule to stay out of the splash zone of large bears.
  22. keirin

    Grizzly Bears May YNP

    Thank you for sharing these wonderfully grisly photos! Did you have to hike far to get these pix or are these venues fairly close to a road?
  23. keirin

    Sea Otter in Near Perfect Water

    Endearing little buggers, beautifully rendered. I enjoyed these a lot.
  24. keirin

    A month in Ruaha & Serengeti Nat Parks- Tanzania. Pt 2

    No worries - absolutely worth the wait! Congrats on another spectacular series of photos. Sure, I've got some favorites among them, but each one is arresting in its own right.
  25. keirin

    Protection(brown mom/cub)

    I hope that I shall never see A brown bear give a glance at me. For Mom ’n cub in all their splendor Needs a bigger telextender. Terrific photos. #1 is awesome - couldn't be more appropriate for Mother's Day!
  26. keirin

    Sometimes you can just relax and forget your troubles

    That's terrific. I like this a lot.
  27. keirin

    Botswana Birds

    A full tutorial on bird photos. Thanks for posting this here.
  28. keirin

    Feisty Swallows

    Count me among them that marvel at your swallow pix, especially one head-on, in-flight and in-focus!
  29. keirin

    Late snowy owl

    Oh, thank goodness - I feared that the 'late' in the thread title meant 'deceased'. Happy to see that's not the case and very much enjoyed these terrific photos.
  30. keirin

    Burrowing Owls Between the Rain

    Seeing an owl with dark eyes still creeps me out a little, but your photos of them are terrific.
  31. keirin

    Sweet Dreams; Polar Bears

    Perfect in every aspect. Deserving of all the credit about to be heaped on you. Thanks much for sharing this here.
  32. keirin

    Blue Cheeked Bee-eater

    Looks like a time-lapse! I like your composition here.
  33. keirin

    Merritt Island gators

    "It was not, however, till the second evening that I managed to catch sight of his ugly snout above the surface. I waited around, and on the third day I saw him suddenly come out of the water and heave his whole length on to a sandbank in mid-stream and go to sleep in the sun. He was certainly a...
  34. keirin

    Bear Hug; PB mom and cub

    Arresting image. Thanks much for sharing it here.
  35. keirin

    You want me to move???

    A delicate beauty - nicely represented here.
  36. keirin

    Texas tortoise

    Panning pays. Cool shot from a nice low perspective.
  37. keirin

    Reptile time

    Terrific series. Are all the crocs Nile crocodiles?
  38. keirin

    Cape Coral Residents

    Dour as a puritan preacher - these expressions are great. Thanks for sharing them here.
  39. keirin


    Thank you. At this time of year the beaches of Cape Sable are primary nesting sites for American crocodiles in this part of south Florida. I'm struck with how well they're camouflaged with a wide variety of settings in which they're found. The croc in the last (#7) photo is kind of medium size...
  40. keirin

    My neighborhood birds

    They migrate? By foot? I don't think I've ever seen one fly farther than fifty feet.
  41. keirin

    My neighborhood birds

    I didn't know they came in two flavors regarding eye color - I only ever recall seeing them w yellow eyes. What a treat it must be to have such ready access to these engaging critters.
  42. keirin

    Morning Pronghorns

    The last one is exceptional! A really terrific photograph.
  43. keirin


    Truly spectacular. A wonderful photo.
  44. keirin


    Thank you. And I'll stay here where there's no danger of finding Grizzly Bears or Timber Wolves running about underfoot. Thanks much. I see you seem to have a pretty wide range of locales in Florida you go for pix - perhaps you might find a chance to extend it a bit to include Everglades Nat'l...
  45. keirin

    My neighborhood birds

    I used to see Burrowing Owls around the velodrome in Cooper City, but I haven't been there in ages. They have such wonderfully stern expressions! Nice job.
  46. keirin


    I think you're misinterpreting - seems to me that he's beckoning you nearer. You're only ever too close if you're inside the focus limit of your lens. Go ahead, advance a few steps - what's the worst that could happen? (insert winking smiley thing here). Nice capture.
  47. keirin


    Surfing Cape Sable: I paddled out to camp at Cape Sable again 4.6, 7, 8. On Saturday, a much-stronger-than-forecast wind out of the WSW produced rough seas and some American crocodiles frolicked in the beach break. 1 - Seascape with crocodile. Cape Sable, Everglades Nat'l Park. D500 w 500 f/4P...
  48. keirin

    Eye Level

    The effort to get low for this shot really pays off. Nice.
  49. keirin

    Mule Deer - spring family portrait

    How do you get 'em to pose like that? Nice job.
  50. keirin

    Oz parrots

    Quite a nice collection, but the lorikeet photo is especially wonderful.
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