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  1. yatesd

    Epson 1900 - good - great printer???

    I don't think it is that cut and dry: - For low volume the R1900 has the best quality for color and glossy photos. Colors produce better skin tones and the widest color gamut. - For low volume B&W the R2880 is the best - For heavier usage the R3800 is a terrific value and has the lowest...
  2. yatesd

    Your Printer Recommendation $600-$1200

    The Epson R3800 is well regarded if you need the larger size or you print higher volumes. I just bought the Epson R1900 a few months ago and it is more budget friendly for those that will use it for occasional printing...
  3. yatesd

    My printer is just not cost effective

    I bought the Epson R1900 for $299 (after rebates) about 3 months ago. I really like the idea of being able to print up to 13" x 19" prints at home on a wide variety of media. As others have said, having a photo printer at home for a hobbyist is not about saving money on prints. It is mainly...
  4. yatesd

    Don't see these often, prairie chicken.

    Nice picture....I can't say that I have ever seen one of these in the wild. Up in PA ringneck pheasants are very rare even though I saw them regularly when I was young. Here is what it would look like if I could find any...
  5. yatesd

    Lamborghini Gallardo

    I'm not gay, but can you send me more pictures of your boyfriend's cars? I might try to date him.... :Love:
  6. yatesd

    Can I just say; I miss it

    Maybe I missed something...are we no longer supposed to list gear in our signature?
  7. yatesd

    The 70-300 VR does ducks

    Nice photos, I really enjoy my 70-300VR.
  8. yatesd

    smugmug vs flickr accounts

    I didn't really see it addressed from this perspective so I'll add some additional thoughts. There are plenty of free photo sites, but if it is free they really have no legal obligation to you. I also like to understand how any company I deal with makes money, because if they aren't making...
  9. yatesd

    CS3 Book Recomendations?

    BTW, I buy almost all my books from The combination of low prices, free shipping, and access to reviews makes it my first choice.
  10. yatesd

    CS3 Book Recomendations?

    Scott Kelby is one of the best authors for making things easy to understand while Martin Evening offers some of the most detailed and thorough books on the market (just finished reading his CS4 book). One other thing to consider: offers great training for only $25. All the...
  11. yatesd

    Elements question

    I don't disagree. IMHO if you shoot RAW and want to stick with Adobe, you really need Lightroom. However, the $299 entry point can be a little steep for some (compared to Elements at less then $100). That being said, I would still encourage people to seriously consider the switch...this is...
  12. yatesd

    Look up! In the sky!

    Thanks, very unique looking bird.
  13. yatesd

    Look up! In the sky!

    Nice pictures! We don't have birds like that in Pennsylvania. What kind of bird is the pink one?
  14. yatesd

    What is an .xmp file!!!

    This is one of the main reasons I convert to DNG on import in Lightroom. It will compress the file slightly with lossless compression and creates one self contained file (no xmp sidecar files). I discard my NEF's. What is DNG? That being said, the only...
  15. yatesd

    Circular Polarizers?

    I also own the 18-135 and the 70-300VR and ended up buying the Hoya Pro1D filter from The 67mm will work in both of these lenses. A few points, 2filter was the cheapest authorized dealer for Hoya...
  16. yatesd

    B&H vs. Ebay for Filters?

    I don't pay twice as much (unless what you are buying truly is fake). I certainly am not going to pay a premium for Nikon glass and then degrade image quality by using an unknown filter. On the other hand, if you have your "special" filters tested by an independent third party lab please...
  17. yatesd

    B&H vs. Ebay for Filters?

    This would be my concern. I suspect the easiest things to counterfeit are things like filters, batteries, and memory cards. Popular Photography even did an article on this topic a few years ago and proved some memory cards performed significantly slower. I prefer to stick with authorized...
  18. yatesd

    Elements question

    I owned many previous versions of PSE (I think 3,4,& 5) and the problem with these versions is not that it can't process RAW, but that it can't do so in a efficient way. Just my opinion: - If you stay with PSE, then shoot primarily JPEG - If you really want to standardize on RAW and make...
  19. yatesd

    Different sharpness Laptop & Desktop monitors

    I think the bottom line is that calibration tools can only do so much and they can't change the physical characteristics of your displays. If matching is still an issue, then you should consider using displays made by the same manufacturer, same type, and same year. As an example, I...
  20. yatesd

    Photoshop CS3 vs CS4

    The main improvements in CS4 is making the interface easier to use with the adjustments panel. That being said, I would tend to invest my additional software budget into something like Adobe Lightroom. IMHO this represents a bigger portion of a photographers workflow than Photoshop. I am...
  21. yatesd

    Now What????

    Scott Kelby is a great place to start. I would also recommend something from Martin Evening (very thorough). Here is an option I highly $25 and all the videos you can watch in 30 days. IMHO this is a great way to compliment learning through a book.
  22. yatesd

    Lightroom question

    I personally change my NEF files to DNG on import. This reduces my file size slightly and helps me avoid any hassles with sidecar files. As much as I like Nikon, I think it will be more likely that Adobe or some other software company will support the open DNG standard (digital negative)...
  23. yatesd

    Upgrading to Photoshop CS4...

    Yes, I highly recommend you add LR first. It is really my primary tool for managing photos. CS4 is only used to go beyond LR when it is needed (rarely). Although CS4 offers some enhancements that make it easier to use, it really doesn't offer too much over CS3 so you might as well skip a...
  24. yatesd

    Output device - internet, help wanted

    FYI- I actually use my Godaddy domain with Smugmug and pay $59 a year. Personally, I think you would be hard pressed to find a place that offers unlimited storage, security, customization, and all the other services for much less.
  25. yatesd

    Output device - internet, help wanted

    Just remember free = no obligation to you. If you don't pay for anything then a photo site really has no responsibility to protect your files. You also need to figure out the long-term intention of any business that isn't making money off of you today. That's why I think the best turnkey...
  26. yatesd

    R1900 color problems

    Joe, Are you still having problems? If so, I will be getting my Epson R1900 this week and will be able to compare notes (also using LR 2.2 & Vista).
  27. yatesd

    What photo printer are you using?

    I just bought the Epson R1900 @ for $299 after a $150 rebate. I hope to recieve it Monday. I also picked up some paper @ 50% off. Code: 9YFASE Discount: Buy one/get one on all home & home office paper. Valid through 2/23/09
  28. yatesd

    Elements vs Lightroom

    Lightroom is much easier I have owned PSE 3,4, & 5 and never felt like I mastered the application. Lightroom is much easier to use. That being said, LR is more powerful than it first seems. I still highly recommend buying a book and watching every free online tutorial you can find. In...
  29. yatesd

    Just be aware of fakes

    I found this article interesting. Although I have posted elsewhere, I thought it was worth reading. Just be careful when buying something that is too good to be true...
  30. yatesd

    What Tripod Brand Do You Use and What Do You Shoot?

    Probably the Gitzo 2540 & Markins M10
  31. yatesd

    LR: Best LightRoom Books

    I have read Scott Kelby's book (and update) and also Martin Evening's 1.1 update. Both were certainly worth reading. Martin Evening's update was more thorough. I also watched just about every tutorial I could find.
  32. yatesd

    CP 67mm for landscapes

    This is what I had also learned from my research. However, I believe only the B&W "Kaesemann" series are actually sealed using a special process. Ironically, the most detailed information I could find anywhere was in B&H Photo's 2007 Digital Camera Sourcebook.
  33. yatesd

    CP 67mm for landscapes

    The price for the Hoya Digital Pro1 earlier is certainly good, as long as others are confident it is the real deal. If someone prefers to buy from a US dealer who is authorized to sell Hoya, then I recommend you check out I paid about $82 for the 67mm CP Digital Pro1 and it...
  34. yatesd

    Advise on Markins

    It's not that big of a deal, but if you want to order from one place Nikonians sells both the Markins and the Kirk stuff. I personally own the Markins Q3 and believe all the models are equally smooth. What you primarily gain is a larger "sweet spot" using the friction control on heavier...
  35. yatesd


    I own the Induro A114 tripod with the Markins Q3 head and a Kirk plate. So far I am very pleased with this setup. Rather than repeat info from a previous post, please refer to this link:
  36. yatesd

    Lightroom 1.1 Questions

    I am not using a computer with LR installed so I'll only attempt to answer this question. What I believe you are seeing initially is the JPEG preview. It takes a few seconds for LR to render the actual RAW data. Since it is a RAW file the image will probably need some additional...
  37. yatesd

    Lightroom 1.1 Questions

    DNG advantages Since DNG is Adobe's version of a digital negative, it is non-camera manufacturer specific: Advantages: - develop settings stay with file - lossless compression applied generally reduce file size - All RAW files can be converted into this one file format (providing...
  38. yatesd

    Lightroom 1.1 Questions

    I haven't really done too many prints since switching to LR, but since I use a Smugmug account I convert to sRGB on export. I figure the color should work for posting on the web and ordering prints. Originally, I was uploading at 100%, but the file sizes were huge. I since changed back to the...
  39. yatesd

    Backpack recommendations, please

    I don't think there is one perfect bag I don't think there is one perfect bag, everything in life is a compromise. I was looking very closely at the Slingshot because of its compactness. However, it doesn't have a tripod holder. I ultimately bought the Lowepro Mini-trekker AW and have been...
  40. yatesd

    Tripod Head upgrade...

    Markins M10 I have the Markins Q3, but the M10 might be a decent option for you. Check out the bottom video:
  41. yatesd

    Light monopod or tripod for upgrading a cheap tripod?

    Check out the Induro A114 The Induro A114 is basically a 1 series Gitzo clone and can be purchased for about $119. It is made of aluminum alloy and is less than 19" collapsed. It includes a bag and...
  42. yatesd

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Questions Here..

    I definitely like the processed photo better. Lightroom does make it easy to develop photos quickly. One of my favorite features are the sync, auto sync, and copy & paste develop capabilities. BTW, here is another develop tutorial...
  43. yatesd

    Need Advice: Benro And Induro Tripods & Ballheads

    I own the Induro A114 I bought the Induro A114 and paired it with a Markins Q3. So far, I am very happy with it as a lightweight setup. My heaviest equipment is the D80,SB-600, and the 70-300VR. I actually purchased the tripod locally, in Baltimore,MD at I initially...
  44. yatesd

    Is RRS Ballhead worth it? VERY MUCH SO!! (pic added)

    I have the Markins Q3 and like it very much, so I won't go into the benefits of the BH-55 specifically. The pro quality ballheads offer these primary advantages: - Panning base + panorama - Tension control (allows you to move ballhead without releasing pressure) + faster + less...
  45. yatesd

    Lightroom slower than Bridge?

    This is just because LR doesn't automatically render previews so it can import faster. If you want it to be completely ready in loupe view you can render 1:1 images or at least standard size previews.
  46. yatesd

    Have you tried Induro?

    Induro stock seems to have a large inventory of the product. The dealer where I bought mine in Baltimore,MD had a full display with every model available (right next to the full Gitzo and Bogen display). Below is a link to confirm authorized dealers. The...
  47. yatesd

    Have you tried Induro?

    Benro 228 is old model Just be aware that the Benro 228 is the old model (no anti-rotation legs, dust seals, retractable tripod hook, set screws for the head, etc.). I have never seen this model in person, but there has been enough discussion on other forums for me to believe this is the case...
  48. yatesd

    Have you tried Induro?

    So far, so good... I went to visit my closest Gitzo dealer ( ) with the intent to confirm my need for a 1530. I was also trying to figure out how I was going to justify the purchase to my wife (after the camera, flash, lens, bag, etc.). Anyway, in person the Induro...
  49. yatesd

    Lightroom v. Nikon NX... which one?

    I took a similar path. I have owned the last 3 versions of PS Elements and just bought a book with the intent to finally learn it inside and out. What I discovered is that it was simply too cumbersome to use for a RAW workflow. I have since purchased LR and have been very pleased. I still...
  50. yatesd

    Ae/af - ?

    I've never used the button for its intended purpose, but it can be customized. Here is a link that explains how you can set it to lock in the flash value and avoid people blinking in your photos:
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