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  1. PeteZ28

    [EXPIRED] NikonSOLD D200 body with MB-D200 Grip 37,000 shots $300 SOLD

    I am selling a nice condition, low use Nikon D200 with a genuine Nikon MB-D200 vertical grip. I just don't find myself using this camera since I got my D3. I was keeping it as a backup but right now I could use the money. The camera only has about 37,000 clicks on it and overall is in very nice...
  2. PeteZ28

    look what came in the mail.

    Warning: Not for the superstitious!!! :biggrin:
  3. PeteZ28

    Rant: Nikon, Video, and why, why why????

    That's definitely a sweet machine. Unfortunately there is no arbitrary adjustment of budget and I since these are for a business product promotion I really can't wait to save up. Gotta get what fits in my budget now and get the work out the door. I really only have little more to spend than what...
  4. PeteZ28

    Rant: Nikon, Video, and why, why why????

    Control depth of field.
  5. PeteZ28

    Rant: Nikon, Video, and why, why why????

    I understand that the D5100 is a lower end model. So is the Canon Rebel line, but they all have (and always had) manual video controls. And, not coincidentally, Canon is kicking Nikon's tush on the HD video market. Canon (and many of the other manufacturers) have made video a parallel feature on...
  6. PeteZ28

    Rant: Nikon, Video, and why, why why????

    I did. It's just that I have some video projects lined up and the shipping/return/replacement delays are rather inconvenient.
  7. PeteZ28

    Rant: Nikon, Video, and why, why why????

    Again, I never bothered to check because I never expected Nikon to leave such an obvious feature out. Back to my buying a car and expecting it to come with tires analogy. I mean, it's an SLR! You're supposed to be able to manually control everything. That's the point!!!
  8. PeteZ28

    Rant: Nikon, Video, and why, why why????

    Because having manual exposure controls for video is like a new car coming with tires. There is just no reason for it NOT to be there. Thus the whole point of my rant.
  9. PeteZ28

    Incredible miniature railroad in Hamburg

    That's pretty amazing!
  10. PeteZ28

    Rant: Nikon, Video, and why, why why????

    Well, I had a pretty good camcorder. Not a "pro" model but pretty high up int he consumer class, possibly prosumer. And it did shoot great HD video, but I'm not looking to do "camcorder" style video, I want shallow DOF, manual follow focus, interchangeable lenses; basically everything a DSLR...
  11. PeteZ28

    Heart surgery

    Best of luck to you Alan! Keep us updated on your progress. I'm going in Monday to discuss options to repair an increasingly obstructive left ventricle (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and there is a good chance I'll be facing a similar level of surgery. Hoping it can be repaired through a...
  12. PeteZ28

    Rant: Nikon, Video, and why, why why????

    I've been doing some promotional video projects recently and finally decided it was time to let the HD camcorder go and move to a DSLR for video. I was tired of fighting with the lack of manual controls and such. So I purchased a Nikon D5100 for the specific purpose of shooting HD video. Big...
  13. PeteZ28

    Forensics & Photoshop :biggrin:
  14. PeteZ28

    Makes you wonder who decides this

    There are better ways of determining if someone is truly a "professional", in the commercial sense of the word, photographer. For example, the one thing that every professional photographer should have anyway, and the one thing that would actually offer the park some protection: commercial...
  15. PeteZ28

    Yosemite Range of Light

    WOW! I'm speechless. Absolutely amazing work.
  16. PeteZ28

    Craigslist and texting

    I've had more than one person lately respond (email) to an ad I have up on Craigslist, provide me with a phone number, and ask me to text them. Is this just a sign of the times? Personally I text often but prefer to use it for stupid things with people I know like "hi", "how are you", "when...
  17. PeteZ28

    Ritz Closing

    I think they were really nothing more than photofinishers posing as a "camera store". They sold cheap cameras to get people to come in and get their printing done there. They did offer nice military discounts online, but even at that, B&H and others were still often cheaper.
  18. PeteZ28

    Ritz Closing

    Ritz store in my town has been vacant for weeks.
  19. PeteZ28

    I'll stick with a DSLR .

    Sadly no, not the way film is dropping off the market. Just in the last few months we lost all Kodak slide film, Fuji Velvia 50 in sheet film, and Efke IR 820 :frown:
  20. PeteZ28

    I'll stick with a DSLR .

    I'm still waiting for this whole "digital" craze to die off so we can get back to shooting some film! :biggrin:
  21. PeteZ28

    Do you have enough memory for your camera?

    Actually, it's a 400x card wich is 60MB/s. Class 10 is a video rating, showing that the card will work in a device rated for C10 cards. I don't believe there is a standard above C10 right now for video with SDHC.
  22. PeteZ28

    I'll stick with a DSLR .

    .... except for a medium format viewfinder! :Love:
  23. PeteZ28

    NASA using Photoshop?

    Probably just a bug in their photo merging software.
  24. PeteZ28

    Hubble 500 hour exposure

    We're very, very small.
  25. PeteZ28

    Does the NikonStore....

    Yes, if that is where they either a) locate their business office and/or b) operate a warehouse. They are required to charge state sales tax on all sales that have shipping destinations within the same state.
  26. PeteZ28

    Lensrentals Repair/Reliability Stats 2012 - not looking good for Nikon

    Nikon is on borrowed time with me I believe. The first time I need a part and Nikon won't sell it to me is when I believe they will be getting kicked to the curb. Which is a shame as I really like their products. I've replaced, for example, the worn lens mount on my 500 f/4 "P" lens. Cost of...
  27. PeteZ28

    Efke film Discontinued

    F************* I was really getting to like Aura 820IR! The Ilford stuff just isn't even close! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  28. PeteZ28

    Just curious, why aren't we mad?

    I'm far, far more angry at Nikon for not allowing me to buy replacement parts for my own camera than I am at having to pay $50 more for a $2,000 camera.
  29. PeteZ28

    Those Kate pic.

    I am not a lawyer but... I would say it is very reasonable to call a camera a mechanical aid.
  30. PeteZ28

    Those Kate pic.

    Wrong. Both the photographer and the subject have to be in a public place, or more accurately, the subject has to be in a location where they have no "reasonable expectation of privacy". (this is for the US). So for example: Photographer on public street / subject on public beach = legal...
  31. PeteZ28

    Ebay rant #139,356,974

    That's exactly my problem with them. They'll admit they made a mistake but still expect you to deal with the consequences of their mistake.
  32. PeteZ28

    Ebay rant #139,356,974

    I believe Ebay requires you to accept PayPal now, regardless if you accept other payment terms. I'm really amazed there has not been an antitrust lawsuit yet because of that.
  33. PeteZ28

    Ebay rant #139,356,974

    It wouldn't be so bad if it were still like it was a few years ago where you had the opportunity to rebute your negatives, but now, once a buyer leaves a seller a negative, you can neither leave them feedback or comment on your own. Ebay is all about the buyers now and screw the sellers...
  34. PeteZ28

    Ebay rant #139,356,974

    I do have plenty of good feedback. The thing that hurts is the very top item in my feedback now is a negative on selling camera equipment. That's going to make it tough as I have three cameras I am trying to sell now; one of them for a friend that is grey market (Australia) and would be ideal to...
  35. PeteZ28

    Ebay rant #139,356,974

    Too many things didn't add up and I didn't want to get caught up in something. Say a stolen credit card and/or a fake shipping drop point. Who knows what PP will do if the credit card company reverses the charges. I've been beat out of money before because someone reversed a CC charge and PayPal...
  36. PeteZ28

    D600 - officially announced!
  37. PeteZ28

    Ebay rant #139,356,974

    I listed my D200 and D300 on Ebay a few days ago. Within literally minutes of listing the item, someone hit the BIN and sent me a PayPal payment. I found this a little odd, so I dove into the feedback a little. I found that the account, despite being only 2 months old, had about 150 purchases of...
  38. PeteZ28

    Ritz Closing

    I stop in a Ritz about once a year, look around for 30 seconds, remember why I never go there, and leave. Last time I stopped in the local store I was looking for a flash sync cable. Nothing fancy, just a standard cable. Nobody in the entire store knew what a sync cable was. I was not surprised...
  39. PeteZ28

    Curious: How many of you actually visit camera stores anymore?

    All the time. Once a week perhaps, if not more. Just in the last month I have bought film, had E6 film processed (in house!), picked up a sensor cleaning kit, had a photo printed, replaced a dark slide for my 645 AFD, um... I'm sure there were others.
  40. PeteZ28

    Does anyone have a D3 repair manual?

    Like the subject says, does anyone have a D3 repair manual? Thanks!
  41. PeteZ28

    Would you rather...

    I have terrible handwriting. $13,000 sure would buy me a nice Hasselblad though!
  42. PeteZ28

    America 1870-1920 images

    Am I the only one that sees a rather large format camera mounted to the front of this boat?
  43. PeteZ28

    America 1870-1920 images

    Obligatory link :wink:
  44. PeteZ28

    Change of heart

    I'm confused; if you're going to use software to simulate IR and B&W, what is the purpose of having a dedicated camera that is, well, no different than another one? If you're serious about IR, check out for conversions. They offer a conversion that puts a totally clear...
  45. PeteZ28


    ... and every one in a "gun free zone" (or gun free city). There is a lot to be said for concealed weapon laws as a deterrent. Nothing weird is going on at all. Just watch an hour of MTV. The morality of Americas youth is in the toilet, both figuratively and literally. When people start...
  46. PeteZ28

    '$10 USD For This Brand New Leica!!!'

    Finally a Leica I can afford!!!
  47. PeteZ28

    We've all done it...

    Any time I read comments on a Youtube video, I begin to doubt the future of society. Or, perhaps; "n e tme i read coments on a youtube vid i douts the fucher of sosyity."
  48. PeteZ28

    Camera drool at Olympics

    I think they meant lenses ranging from 16mm through 400mm, not a single 16-400mm lens.
  49. PeteZ28

    Decent sales/lead software?

    I recently started a machinery sales/service/supplies company and am using Quickbooks 2012 Premier. While it works OK for basic accounting like sales, expenses, inventory, invoicing, etc, it is very lacking in any usable customer data. What I'm looking for is software that lets me record and...
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