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  1. jmacd27

    Nikon D820 Wishlist by Nasim Mansurov

    My D810 is safe from being upgraded for the time being. I love to see progress, but more pixels aren't of any interest to me right now.
  2. jmacd27

    Showcase Nikon 70-200mm VRII - Part II

    Nice, I've had mainly good results with the 70-200 TC20III combo.
  3. jmacd27

    Announcement for Nikon Cafe

    Really liking the new forum software, good job.
  4. jmacd27

    SB 800 No Longer Supported

    Love my SB 800, not looking forward to replacing it when the time comes.
  5. jmacd27

    Popular Photography, RIP

    I used to subscribe back in the late 80s early 90s, sorry to see it go but it is for the best i'm sure.
  6. jmacd27

    A little love for the D200....

    I still have and enjoy mine, don't think i'd ever sell it as there is very little resale value.
  7. jmacd27

    First Pictures of the Sigma 14mm 1.8, 135mm 1.8, 24-70mm 2.8 and 100-400mm C Lenses!

    I'm in the same boat, hoping this is a great night sky lens.
  8. jmacd27

    300/4 pf vs 300 f/2.8 VR1

    Lots of great info in this tread. I am looking for something to reach farther than my 70-200 VR2. I've always been interested on the 300PF for its size.
  9. jmacd27

    Unlimited FREE pass to all of Canada's National Parks for 2017

    Got my free park pass a while ago, I'm still waiting for the free Trent/Severn locks and mooring season pass to become available.
  10. jmacd27

    Kodak might bring back Kodachrome

    I think beside the shrinking demand for Kodachrome, the other big issue is the environmental issues with the chemicals used to process the film. I'm not sure if they now have more environmentally friends chemicals to use.
  11. jmacd27

    My 25,000th Post!!!

    Wow, that's a lot of posting. Good job contributing to the site. I can't say the same, I've been a member 2 years longer than you and I have just over 100 posts lol.
  12. jmacd27

    Squirrel with D500/200-500

    Great capture. I would love this setup, maybe next year.
  13. jmacd27

    D810 with Black Rapid Strap?

    Glad you like your strap, looks good.
  14. jmacd27

    Critique Pull - Part 2

    Very nice set
  15. jmacd27

    Clearwater Beach FL sunset

    I like it with the boat.
  16. jmacd27

    Nikon D200 and 16GB CF cards

    Even though OP no longer needs to know, just for the record I just tested a Lexar 1066X 32GB card successfully in my D200.
  17. jmacd27

    Dutch train eagles to hunt drones

    The drones with carbon fibre blades will almost sever a finger.
  18. jmacd27

    Add 2GB to your Google Drive

    Did this a couple days ago, can always use the space.
  19. jmacd27

    F22 in flight

    Very cool, thanks for sharing.
  20. jmacd27

    Anyone Using Photocrowd?

    I don't really like their terms. by posting your content to the website you agree to grant to a non-exclusive, transferrable, fully paid, worldwide licence (with the right to sub-licence) to use, distribute, reproduce and publicly display such content in...
  21. jmacd27

    D800 focus point exposure bias

    If you haven't already, try and disable the matrix metering facial recognition in the menu (setting B5 on my D810). The metering will try and expose for faces when it detects them, I noticed this can cause exposure variance from shot to shot so I have it disabled, for example going from full...
  22. jmacd27

    D810 with Black Rapid Strap?

    I use a custom slr glide strap with my D810, I often carry a 70-200 2.8 vrii hiking with no problems at all. I went with the glide strap instead of the black rapid because I like the lower profile of the connector and the neoprene material that has a little bounce making things feel lighter...
  23. jmacd27

    Your experiences with DxO Optics Pro?

    I've been using it since I bought a D810 last spring. I really like it and I don't miss Capture NX. I do wish they would add some more editing tools to allow selective edits. Rumour is that they are looking to add more tools, maybe that why it is on sale now, they are due for a version update soon.
  24. jmacd27

    Your experiences with DxO Optics Pro?

    DXO is having a 50% off sale right now.
  25. jmacd27

    Finally! Hockey is back

    Awesome set, some of the best hockey photos I have seen.
  26. jmacd27

    Critique Dramatic fall a drizzling rain :(

    I like the muted colours, very well done.
  27. jmacd27

    Fall in Toronto

    Thanks everyone for your kind comments.
  28. jmacd27

    D810 images and impressions, add 'em here!

    This thread is too quiet....:sleep: DSC_9141_DxO by John MacDonald, on Flickr
  29. jmacd27

    Fall in Toronto

    All of the following photos were taken in Toronto during the last couple of weeks at a few different places. The Rouge Valley, Don Valley and Edwards Gardens. I am lucky to live in a place that has so much natural beautiful green space to enjoy without having to leave the city. Rouge Valley...
  30. jmacd27

    What is best lithium or alkaline rechargeable batteries for SB-910 flash?

    I bought 16 of these Amazon Basics 2400mAh batteries and they work awesome and are cheap as well. I use them in my SB-800 and camera grips.
  31. jmacd27

    CS #458 - Head in the Clouds

    My submission keeping with the planes and cloud theme we seem to have going. :) DSC_8507_DxO-1 by John MacDonald, on Flickr
  32. jmacd27

    Pan Am Games in Toronto

    Thank you, it was a fun event to attend.
  33. jmacd27

    Pan Am Games in Toronto

    The Pan Am games just finished here in Toronto Canada. I had a chance to get out to a couple of places and enjoy the sights. This first set is at Nathan Phillips Square in front of our city hall. Every night there were music acts on the two stages and a "cirque du soleil" type of show performed...
  34. jmacd27

    How to tell if a charger is dead....

    Nikon chargers blink while charging, the blinking stops and the led light will stay on when charging is done. If the charger led doesn't ever stop blinking and stay on, then the batteries are probably bad. Batteries can take several hours to fully charge, try charging them overnight.
  35. jmacd27

    D400 is coming for sure, Thom suggests

    I love my D810, but miss the loss of reach from my D200. I would love a high quality crop body 24mp+ to use for more reach. DX mode on the D810 is nice, but having a dedicated pro DX body would be a nice option.
  36. jmacd27

    Can a lens induce Moire‘?

    Agreed, unless there was any focus accuracy difference (the tree trunk behind looks sharper on first image) or VR use on one and not the other.
  37. jmacd27

    Upgrade to 70-200 f4 or f2.8 - seeking opinions

    The 2.8 versions will be almost the same in quality, with the VRII being a bit better in the corners in regards to sharpness and light fall off. Both of the 2.8 lenses will have the advantage of blurring out the background more than the 4.0 version when shot at 2.8. Your shooting needs will...
  38. jmacd27

    Considering Wide Angle

    I was in the same situation as you a few months ago. I ended up selecting the 16-35 VR. I wanted the 14-24 2.8 as it would be ideal for astrophotography, but I knew the size/weight would be an issue when not using it for astrophotography. I will someday pick up a Rokinon/Samyang 14mm 2.8...
  39. jmacd27

    Anyone had their D810 freeze up?

    I've noticed that when using the MB-D12 the camera will act funny when the batteries are just about dead in the grip. The camera seems to lock up, but really I think the batteries in the grip die before the camera can switch to the battery in the grip. I noticed this when I first got my camera...
  40. jmacd27

    Flower Landia

    Nice set, love the shades of green.
  41. jmacd27

    Babies are Flying! - Thursday Night Burrowing Owls

    Very nice set, great light.
  42. jmacd27

    A British Airways Concorde

    Always loved those planes, only seen them at out local air show though.
  43. jmacd27

    Blue Mesa (Colorfull Colorado)

    Digging the colours in number 3.
  44. jmacd27

    D810 images and impressions, add 'em here!

    My son Ryan. DSC_4000.dxo_DxO by jmacd27, on Flickr
  45. jmacd27

    D810 images and impressions, add 'em here!

    Wow, this one is awesome.
  46. jmacd27

    Severn River at sunset

    Thank you all for the compliments. It only lasted about a minute before the colours disappeared, but I'm glad to have captured it. Having a tripod would have allowed me to stop down some more, but the VR helped save the day.
  47. jmacd27

    D3S, D750 or D4?

    If you haven't already, try and disable the matrix metering facial recognition in the menu (setting B5 on my D810). The metering will try and expose for faces when it detects them, I noticed this can cause exposure variance from shot to shot so I have it disabled, for example going from full...
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