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    D70 in for repair Nikon says impact damage???

    Hey Rexpangle. I have the same problem with Nikon Canada. Bought my D70s for service due to the ERR. I got my camera back with the service slip as said " impact damge/drop" ?????????? I have no i idea why because it works the previous day then next morning it happen.
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    D300 + 17-55 trouble focusing with new Firmware

    Did you update to 1.10? Coz I have the same problem with my 17-55 as well. Hunt in low light.
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    Video with VR lenses

    That was a great video Sergio
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    MB-D10 have a bug?

    I thought only mind does that. hmm i guess that everyone does have the same problem wondering can that be adjust by Nikon??
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    Can't open RAW files on Mac with D300

    OMG.. Thankyou Clix Pix,beaucamera and Denim and frills for help. you are are awsome.
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    Can't open RAW files on Mac with D300

    Just bought the D300 today and trying to upload some pictures into my mac but it said " Couldn't open the file. It may be corrupt or a file format that preview doesn't recognize." The only program that i can open is NX. not my iphoto and CS2 :( please help
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    Tamron 17-50 VS Nikon 16-85mm

    Thanks will look into that as well :)
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    Tamron 17-50 VS Nikon 16-85mm

    @Radiohead @Davidzvi Thanks guys. i guess i will have to think about my set up ~
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    Tamron 17-50 VS Nikon 16-85mm

    Hello Boys and Girls. I just sold my Sigma 24-70mm and going to get the Nikon 17-55m as a replacement however i just purchase a D300 so i have no $ for 17-55 i am choosing between the Tamron and the new nikon. what i do is mainly wedding photography "in and out" door plus...
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    Beijing shopping + prices

    Agree with Terry. specaily we mark a word "tourist" on our face~
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    Beijing shopping + prices

    As per Timk said. the price are very much the same in HKG. and shopping lens in Beijing wondering if they are fake or not. sorry Timk just joking~~ :)
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    Dragons love Lotus

    NICE PICTURES. love it
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    Trip to Italy...which lenses to take?

    I was in Rome this year of April. I bought my kit lens but found out not enought. i will say bring the 18-200mm VR for walk around lens. and 12-24mm for buildings. cuz you don't wanna miss every moment.
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    SB800 with studio softbox?

    you guys are very helpful. thanks
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    SB800 with studio softbox?

    thanks j_b_l for your information, i will do that
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    SB800 with studio softbox?

    Hi Gangs. I have a SB-800 and looking for a studio softbox to attach on. wondering what kind of adapter do i need to able to make it fit.. thanks
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    I know I"m pretty

    nice flower.. BTW. how do you like your Sigma 105? I was using a sigma150mm macro yesterday it was great on my D2H.
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    Three Orchids

    sorry i don't understand what is "In the light" the picture is awesome. can you tell use how you get the effect please?
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    Honda Grand Prix in St. Pete, FL

    nice pictures...
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    Airshow advice please

    wow. i missing shooting airshow. but everytime i come back i'll get sun burn..
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    First day as a golfer....

    the sec. picture is awsome
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    Initial Images from new S5 Pro

    awwwww,,very nicccceee. just a little PS?? sweet
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    Audi S3 photoshoot

    sweeet i like A3, too bad. in Vancouver we only have 4drs.A3
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    Oceanfront property

    that a nice place. and good ocean view
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    Rocky Valley

    very nice~ i love it
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    the longer I have this photo in my gallery, the more I like it

    That is a very nice picture.. its like from the calendar
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    First macros with a flash, c&c welcomed

    awwww.. very nice photos. sorry what was the setting of your flash again???
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    Triple Play

    how do you like your Sigma 105mm mrtac2man
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    messing with 70-210/4

    Sorry what is "it is a dog" mean to this lens
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    Post Your Bag!

    everyone have a nice bags. with NICE GEARSSSS
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    How can i get a better print with NX ??

    sorry forgot to mention.. actually i just bring it outside for the print :)
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    Iris timelapse in IR

    awww. i like the movie
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    How can i get a better print with NX ??

    Hi gangs.. sorry this is my first post and i am not too sure if this is the right section.I am currently using a D2H and want to have a better fine print out,wondering how and what kind of set up should i use on NX?? thanks for the help :redface:
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    D2H and ERR message, and meter replacement.

    i guess tha ERR is a commen problem for all the D2H user huh~~
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    Loving the 70-300 VR

    Thanks for your post watsonD50 ,cuz this is the lens i am looking for and still thinking should i sell my 70-210mm F4 to 70-300mm VR
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    Does D2H meter differently than D200?

    i found out i have to make it half or one stop + to get the correct exp. i dono either is my camera or all the D2H are like that
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    Nanaimo Marina

    i like the sec. photo,it is very nice
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    Auke Bay Harbor

    awww. Sweet photos
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