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  1. jhorton

    Northern Gannet

    Excellent images!
  2. jhorton

    Hairy woodpecker

    Beautiful image. Very nice detail.
  3. jhorton

    Coming to the Nest

    Very nice series.
  4. jhorton

    Four From the Fort

    Excellent series. #4 is really special.
  5. jhorton

    Cafe Etiquette

    I view it as High-jacking the thread and shouldn't be done.
  6. jhorton

    spending time with Red

    Awesome series!
  7. jhorton

    Bluebirds and Berries

    Beautiful images. #4 is tops for me.
  8. jhorton

    Osprey in the Rain.

    Excellent detail and beautiful background.
  9. jhorton

    Barn owl in the dark

    Beautiful image!
  10. jhorton

    Swallow-tailed kites

    Thank you and Thank you for the response Dan. Next time out I'm going to try to put the bottom of the focus group points on the head ... and I'm setup to use single point too (only recently been using group AF). The aoutomatic is great when they are clear of the water and especially when they...
  11. jhorton

    Swallow-tailed kites

    Thank you. They are amazing birds that are a joy to watch in flight.
  12. jhorton

    Swallow-tailed kites

    Much appreciated.
  13. jhorton

    Swallow-tailed kites

    Thank you Louis.
  14. jhorton

    Swallow-tailed kites

    Much appreciated John.
  15. jhorton

    Swallow-tailed kites

    Thank you Rick!
  16. jhorton

    Swallow-tailed kites

    Thanks Allan.
  17. jhorton

    Swallow-tailed kites

    Recent encounter with hundreds of Swallow-tailed kites. 1. Old Bald Cypress trees serve as the roost. 2. The are snoozing or preening at the start of the morning ... and preening looks like feels good. 3. Some will leave the roost to take on some water. They also will clean their...
  18. jhorton

    Nikon D850 + Nikon 500 PF

  19. jhorton

    All eyes are on you....Ospreys

    Great shot, very well done!
  20. jhorton

    Variety Pack, with 500pf & MagMod fill flash

    Wow! Nicely done! They don't look flashed.
  21. jhorton

    Four From the Tern Colony

    Great set!
  22. jhorton

    Flaps Up Flaps down

    Nice series. No. 1 is awesome!
  23. jhorton

    Great Egret

    Well done, nice series.
  24. jhorton

    A few more night herons - with catch

    Nice series.
  25. jhorton

    Learning to Fly

    Exceptional capture.
  26. jhorton

    The Landscape

    Gorgeous photo.
  27. jhorton

    thanks Mom

    Very nice!
  28. jhorton

    Reddish Egret Finishes in the Money

    Stunning image. Congratulations!
  29. jhorton

    Yes, you can have too much lens

    Great image in many ways.
  30. jhorton

    Red-winged Blackbirds

    Awesome series, very well done.
  31. jhorton

    Puffin (K-Bay Alaska)

    Beautiful capture.
  32. jhorton

    American Oystercatchers

    Excellent captures.
  33. jhorton


    Very nice.
  34. jhorton

    Mom and youngster Pileated Woodpeckers

    Excellent series and thank you for your observations.
  35. jhorton

    Piliated, my first outing with the 500pf

    Nice detail.
  36. jhorton

    Black Skimmers

    Very nice series.
  37. jhorton

    BlueJay morning approach and takeoff

    Beautiful series, well done!
  38. jhorton

    Mallard Duck BIF

    Beautiful captures ... excellent detail.
  39. jhorton


    Very nice series.
  40. jhorton

    MY 1,000th image published!

    Nice work and congratulations!
  41. jhorton

    Young brown bear at the falls

    Nice series and story line.
  42. jhorton

    Just some photoshop fun

    Awesome work ... just awesome.
  43. jhorton

    Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks

    Very nice set.
  44. jhorton


    Stunning capture.
  45. jhorton

    Great White Egret

    Very nice capture.
  46. jhorton

    Three From the Colony

    All very well done. No. 2 is special.
  47. jhorton

    Bryce Canyon-Feb 2019

    Never been. Beautiful shots.
  48. jhorton

    A Northern Cardinal

    Beautiful detail.
  49. jhorton

    Rock of Cashel and Slane Abbey, Ireland

    Very well done. I especially like no. 3
  50. jhorton

    R.I.P. Niki Lauda

    A true legend.
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