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  1. pinhead

    Purchased a Printer

    backsides are typically not coated to receive ink. some two-sided papers are available but I am not aware of glossy two-sided papers.
  2. pinhead

    different in between RRS and Kirk

    defiantly get the L-Bracket versions to make the cameras easier to handle on a tripod. the links you have are to single sided plates which makes vertical composition an awkward mess. RRS tend to differ in where they put the spare tripod socket. one of them does it inline to the original and the...
  3. pinhead

    RAW Conversion

    generally, the raw file is the only one image file that is un-interpolated. once it gets demosaiced into something else, there is a loss of information. the goal is to get all of your tonal and color adjustments into the interpolation algorithm, then use photoshop or a similar program to touch...
  4. pinhead

    What's a good, light, inexpensive telephoto?

    certainly the 180 2.8, a bit slow on AF and no MF override but for its excellent optics, I deal with it. I wouldn't say its too long for street shots since I have used a 300 F/4 for street shooting as well.
  5. pinhead

    Purchased a Printer

    print media is extremely personal. for me, using any media I want to is on of the few reasons to justify the expensive and complicated endeavor of home printing at the level of a high end lab. what kind of paper do you want to print on? you own the printer now, your the boss, print on whatever...
  6. pinhead

    Monitor Calibration

    I can adjust all sorts of stuff on my Samsung while connected via DVI I would Prioritize DVI connection over getting this adjustments before calibration My best guess, for the results either way is that if you do not get the max brightness down before calibration, your calibration will either...
  7. pinhead

    A closer look at the D3s, 6 images

    the weight of flash and mic on that huge bracket at the same time?
  8. pinhead

    Some 70-200 VR 1 & VR 2 Comparison shots here

    any side by side flare comparisons and also high contrast edges in the center and corners to look for CA? I am so over with sharpness testing.
  9. pinhead


    the fact that the focal length reduces as the lens is focused closer is no surprise to be but the idea of returning it just because it does this and was advertised at 200mm is a surprise to me. If you try shooting it and you repeatedly run out of zoom at close distances but do not on the old...
  10. pinhead

    Post all job losses in your state here...

    BAE systems in Greenlawn NY laid off just over 30 back in the summer then just under 100 3 months ago which included myself. got a job a week later somewhere else and quit that about 2 weeks ago after getting a better job offer. went on 2 more interviews and turned away a few more requests for...
  11. pinhead

    B+H is now taking orders for the Nikon 70-200 VRII

    what do you mean by get it right the first time. engineers can improve a design till the end of time. reality has to kick in at some point and say "ship it". otherwise we will never have anything.
  12. pinhead

    Your Best Ever Shot ..... With Your Cheapest Ever Lens

    Aluminum foil pinhole mounted to a body cap using tape. Cheap enough? Next is the Russian fish-eye for $100 (used)
  13. pinhead

    B+H is now taking orders for the Nikon 70-200 VRII

    I tried the VRII at photo-expo and was more than impressed with it. its flare resistance for a tele zoom is phenomena. focus is very good and I do like the bokeh as well. for 2400, I'll take my time to think about it, no rushing to the store yet.
  14. pinhead

    Image Stabilization for old Nikkors

    non-CPU lenses would not be good for set and forget users because you have to set the aperture to the smallest opening and then control it from the camera, if it gets bumped out of place, they will get the weird looking error message and be confused for a while. the primary users of these...
  15. pinhead

    Image Stabilization for old Nikkors

    still is obviously not what the camera is intended to do. the entry level cameras don't even support autofocus for older lenses still in production. These cameras are designed for entry level users who will mostly use the kit lens or a maybe one other zoom lens. I don't believe in deliberately...
  16. pinhead

    Image Stabilization for old Nikkors

    all my lenses can be stabilized better than any optical VR or IS system simply by deploying my Gitzo. I woulndn't be confused about nikon not offering non-cpu lens intergration on entry level cameras, maybe a little annoyed if anything. Its just not part of the usage profile of the product and...
  17. pinhead

    Alienbees with pocketwizards...question

    I buy the plugs and wire separately and solder my own to custom length.
  18. pinhead

    Raw color question

    they had to test for all that to evaluate how well they hit their engineering targets. and probably tested for it again using a different set of targets to develop their process algorithm. someone else's testing procedure might actually gather data that is more applicable to most photographer's...
  19. pinhead

    Thx 4 nothing HP - B9180 driver incompatible with Win 7 RC!

    try sending email describing your woes to put 'c/o ANDY' at the beginning of the title, and include return contact information. this is a tech support manager of some kind who was the only person I talked to there with half a brain. In my case, he was...
  20. pinhead

    File size for printing

    thats huge for a jpeg the customer is supposed to decide how good the file needs to be, not the printer.
  21. pinhead

    Metallic paper

    just because it comes on rolls doesn't mean that it will work with your printer. this paper does not have a coating on it designed to receive the ink from your printer. it is a photographic paper with an emulsion on it much like film. if your printer does put ink on it and by some miracle it...
  22. pinhead

    Raw color question

    I find that PhaseOne's interpretation on NEF data and user inputs is better than Nikon's for my usage. there really is nothing to reverse engineer, they just need to hack the digits out of there. anyone making a raw processor would be starting with the same material, Nikon doesn't have any more...
  23. pinhead

    Used D3

    for people who compose carefully, a 100% VF is actually important. for me, moving from a D200 to a D3 irradiated random slivers of adjacent paraphernalia from my land/city-scapes. not having to worry about battery life and having double the on board memory also reduced how much was on my mind...
  24. pinhead

    Thx 4 nothing HP - B9180 driver incompatible with Win 7 RC!

    I will gladly sell you the leftover ink for it
  25. pinhead

    Thx 4 nothing HP - B9180 driver incompatible with Win 7 RC!

    you can choose to accept a miserable product if you like. after reading many reviews later on, I discovered that some of the problems I encountered where not very common, and there where some other ones that where very common but I did not encounter. reports on my current printer are very...
  26. pinhead

    Thx 4 nothing HP - B9180 driver incompatible with Win 7 RC!

    I was shipped two and between them there where more than 4 different hardware problems or manufacturing defects. additionally, both left nasty tracking marks in glossy prints which I discovered is a very common issue. tech support was terrible, run by people who have no idea how a printer works...
  27. pinhead

    Thx 4 nothing HP - B9180 driver incompatible with Win 7 RC!

    first of all, I would get rid of that printer regardless. second, the retail W7 is available now.
  28. pinhead

    D3s Interesting Features

    didn't the D3 have gapless microlenses?
  29. pinhead

    Types of Bokeh...your favorite?

    I think getting bokeh at F/22 is neat and maybe photos with nothing but bokeh I also have some smearing bokeh
  30. pinhead

    Which color...?

    black you dont want technicolor reflections of your strobe bodies in pictures of shiny things
  31. pinhead

    Great aluminum lens case at B&H, $9.95

    nope, no lens, no case
  32. pinhead

    D3s Interesting Features

    thats what I was thinking. it is actually quiet mode, not silent. in past cameras, this has meant that the resetting of the shutter/mirror is withheld until the shutter button is actually released. I am not sure what exactly the D3s will do in Q mode yet.
  33. pinhead

    Great aluminum lens case at B&H, $9.95

    do you wear the hood as a hat when you carry your lens around with it?
  34. pinhead

    Underground waterfall retouching Photoshop expert advice needed please!

    those spots have already blotted out the detail behind them. the image is a lost cause at this point. the solution is to re-shoot more intelligently.
  35. pinhead

    Wide Angle Thread - *PICS*

    I love shooting wide angle
  36. pinhead

    Spouse wants computer.

    isn't macintrash a fixed price company?
  37. pinhead

    Matching prints to what I see on monitor.

    I have resorted to run my own.
  38. pinhead

    Monitor Calibrator - which one is best ?

    wow, there are a lot of eye-one fans here. I use the Spyder 3 and have no problem recommending it. as far as the best, there are other higher end devices available but i remember them being priced along the $1000 and up region. So I guess what we are recommending are actually just toys.
  39. pinhead


    the bike now has a front brake, and I was going to start riding it 3.5 mi to work this week but oh the irony, I cut my thumb working on my car and now have 4 stitches on my hand. I at least got in a relatively fast 45 mi ride on my road bike over the weekend before the blooper.
  40. pinhead

    Matching prints to what I see on monitor.

    and what do you expect from a company that only takes sRGB jpeg files and won't print your entire file without cropping unless you give them a file at the same aspect ratio as their standard cut sheets and put the border in yourself? MPIX is not for people who care about their images and you...
  41. pinhead

    Don't ask Mpix for a monitor calibration kit ($3)

    just have them print a target and make a profile with the print as if it was your own printer.
  42. pinhead

    Are most monitors that bad?

    most monitors without calibration are craptastic.
  43. pinhead


    late night photo shoot with a new bike. shot info here
  44. pinhead

    Color Management - monitor/printer calibration

    for the price of colormunki, get a spyder3 studio kit. the colormunki does prints but it does so in a retarded way. the reviews I have seen for the huey did not seem encouraging. spyder3 and i1 seem to be much better choices for monitor calibration. do you do your own printing?
  45. pinhead

    Do most labs print "warm"?

    very few labs have any care in the world how your prints look. they just read the instructions for the machine and press go. if you care how they look and your lab does not tell you exactly how to prepare the file for them, move on. They should be telling what color profile and maybe some other...
  46. pinhead

    Beautiful Taiwan 2009 (warning: 6 pictures)

    some of your pictures are not even in focus. learning how to operate your gear needs to be all buttoned down first. then establish what the subject of the photo is and what its context will be before composing the shot.
  47. pinhead

    Final filter questions (maybe)

    LEE filter holders are configurable so you can set it up with just one slot.
  48. pinhead

    Final filter questions (maybe)

    1, get a screw in CPL, these should be available in better AR coatings. if you want to use them together, just screw the adapter ring of the filter holder into the Pol. 2, if you are shooting with a square filter in a flare prone situation, get ready for trouble. because they are not coated...
  49. pinhead

    ND Filter for slow shutter speeds

    hoya MC 9-stop ND filter F/16, 8 sec
  50. pinhead

    ND Filter for slow shutter speeds

    I recommend the Hoya ND400, its available with hoya HMC coating. a Pol is a sandwich of 3 layers or 4 index breaks, a vari-ND is 2 pol filters or 8 index breaks. thats adding a lot of index breaks which I try to keep minimal.
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