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  1. Tri-Elmar

    Ok guys just test drove my "Creme Machine"

    BTW, cute little girl she is, but I don't see why she's better than others in winning titles as a model. But then I don't know anything about modelling...
  2. Tri-Elmar

    Ok guys just test drove my "Creme Machine"

    Bryan, they do look good but they're too small to see details. Any larger versions?
  3. Tri-Elmar

    Nikkor 50/1.4 D..I think that is all I need!

    Yep! Too much stuff in my bag=less keepers in my CF.
  4. Tri-Elmar

    Will this work?

    ...and IMHO it is by far the best value for money in mid-range zooms!
  5. Tri-Elmar

    Show us your film cameras!

    My new toy... Just arrived this afternoon! A wonderful addition to my film cameras: The mighty F2 Titanium (yes, without the word "Titan" on it, thank you God!) 100% new and unused in its original box! I think I am in love :biggrin: ... I only wish digitals were never here... :rolleyes:
  6. Tri-Elmar

    Lack of interest in the 180mm?

    Lack of interest in the Nikon 180/2.8 ?!? You must be joking... :eek: Most of us adore this lens. I said before and I say again that this would be the LAST Nikon piece that I would ever sell. An absolutely fantastic lens!
  7. Tri-Elmar

    How does the 35MM F2 compare to....

    I agree... From what I read in this thread, one thing is clear to me (although I hate that it's true): Sample variation in Nikon lenses is here and -we like it or not- it is not very rare! Some times we have to accept that unfortunately our sample is not as good as it should be and send it...
  8. Tri-Elmar

    BLACK MONDAY - Greece is mourning its children

    Sorry Pano, I didn't notice your thread before I post mine yesterday. Anyway... No words can describe this tragedy. God help them all.
  9. Tri-Elmar

    Tears for Greece...

    Thank you all...
  10. Tri-Elmar

    Tears for Greece...

    Our little country is crying for the 64 human victims of the wildfires... for the thousands of people that lost everything they had... for the countless forests that are now only ashes... for the tens of villages that do not exist any more... Please pray with us... :frown:
  11. Tri-Elmar

    I cannot believe this really happened…

    Very sorry to hear this. I feel your pain. I hope everything gets fixed fast.
  12. Tri-Elmar

    Thinking of rearranging Lenses

    Sell the 180/2.8D ??? :eek: Are you sure? I would sell all my Nikon lenses and bodies before my 180/2.8D
  13. Tri-Elmar

    Is 35-70 2.8 wide enough indoors?

    Ditto. Great lens but not wide enough for indoors. That 18-55mm kit lens is not bad at all btw.
  14. Tri-Elmar

    my line-up is complete ...

    What?!? No 200-400mm f/4 VR ? :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  15. Tri-Elmar

    So long and farwell to a fine lens....

    28/1.4 was always way overpriced IMHO.
  16. Tri-Elmar

    Its Here! 85mm 1.4

    Ooohh... you DO love your new toy! :wink: Look at this face though... Isn't it a gorgeous picture?
  17. Tri-Elmar

    AF-S 14-24 f/2.8 and AS-S 24-70 f/2.8

    I think that most of us will lose many hours of calm sleep because of these two lenses... :biggrin:
  18. Tri-Elmar

    Who's getting a 14-24/2.8 and/or 24-70/2.8 then?

    (How much more BS will I write before I admit that I bloody want one?) :tongue:
  19. Tri-Elmar

    Who's getting a 14-24/2.8 and/or 24-70/2.8 then?

    Yeah, Phil, I don't disagree with you, goodies are always welcome and I would be happier with a wider dynamic range and a live histogram of course... But from my experience, most people's pictures (mine included) would be much more improved from better PP and printing instead, not to mention...
  20. Tri-Elmar

    Its Here! 85mm 1.4

    Actually, you are already doing quite well Stuart! That's very nice! I usually shoot at 2.8 to 4 when there are highlights in the background to avoid CA. It can be very wide and apparent and it usually is awkward to remove it.
  21. Tri-Elmar

    Who's getting a 14-24/2.8 and/or 24-70/2.8 then?

    I don't care about high ISO performance. At all. I don't do reportage or sports either. I need to spend $6800 -which will be much more in Europe- to replace my D2X+17-55mm combo with a D3+24-70mm one. Now, if i could find a decent reason why should I do this...:confused:
  22. Tri-Elmar

    24-70 against the old reliable 28-70

    Do you have any idea how much the IQ of the Beast and the other "older" lenses will decrease on the full frame sensor? I think that the new lenses will be a must for FF. Just remember the example of the wide primes' (14, 18, 24) IQ with the D2Xs... would you ever try them on the D3?
  23. Tri-Elmar

    Its Here! 85mm 1.4

    ooohh... you met it? isn't it cute? :wink: wait until you try to remove it...:biggrin:
  24. Tri-Elmar

    New Lenses coming..

    They're here! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  25. Tri-Elmar

    Nikon 70-300VR

    Multiple lines and shapes in the blur, emphasized edges, doughnut rings, all these are bad bokeh characteristics. Although I understand that some people actually like them some times. So, yeah, bokeh is subjective (to a limit).
  26. Tri-Elmar

    Nikon 70-300VR

    Well, I did actually. You really are happy with the bokeh in these pictures? :confused: (I still believe that this lens is a great value for money though)
  27. Tri-Elmar

    Nikon 70-300VR

    I really think that consumer Nikon zooms are quite good, very sharp and very affordable too! (although their bokeh is not good IMHO).
  28. Tri-Elmar

    Okay- JUST out of CURIOSITY...

    We will also find out that with a full frame D3* the IQ of many (full frame) Nikon AF lenses will not be that good, especially at the corners...
  29. Tri-Elmar

    Okay I must be nuts but... I am thinking of selling

    For me, any lens that weights more than 0.8 Kgr is just unacceptable... :667: But then, your needs may be different than mine :Whistle:
  30. Tri-Elmar

    My wife and me...

    Yep, we are famous for our Mothers in law :biggrin: Is yours Italian? Greek? Spanish?
  31. Tri-Elmar

    My wife and me...

    Upset? Oh, you mean every time she finds out that you bought another expensive lens? :wink: Is she Italian or English?
  32. Tri-Elmar

    85mm f/1.4D

    Very nice portrait Nute. Proper, shallow 1.4 DOF :biggrin: BTW, what data do you put in those file names? Aren't they just a bit... longish? :wink:
  33. Tri-Elmar

    My wife and me...

    Very nice Dino. We always enjoy your posts.
  34. Tri-Elmar

    Fair price for a used 85 1.4

    Yep! $850-900 for a mint copy with box.
  35. Tri-Elmar

    85mm f/1.4D

    I never owned the 85/1.8 but I do enjoy my 85/1.4 :smile: I bought the 1.4 mainly because I knew that for every 85/1.8 picture I would always wonder if the 85/1.4 would have done better! Silly eh? :eek: It works though.
  36. Tri-Elmar

    Sweeetie :)

    Great couple! :smile:
  37. Tri-Elmar

    D40 with 50mm 1.8

    It is not THAT hard of course, but it is more time cosuming than AF anyway. (Unless you are doing macro, landscape etc) It is like adding, multiplying, dividing etc. We all can do it, but show me one that would not prefer to use a calculator :biggrin:
  38. Tri-Elmar

    I bought a HUGE lens today...

    It is the 45P. Filter+Hood+Cap = as thick as the lens itself! :biggrin: Such a cutie... I love mine too.
  39. Tri-Elmar

    Hasselbald Lenses

    I have done it too, back in the late 80's for the first time, with a Hasselblad T* 80mm Planar. I was thinking the same thing: "If this lens is so good for the 6X6 slide, just think how good its sweet spot would be for the 135..." A couple friends of mine have done it too during the 90's...
  40. Tri-Elmar

    Lens...lust? Not so much this one.

    I can only see a question mark Linda...
  41. Tri-Elmar

    45mm f/2.8 P - what is it all about?

    What is it all about 45P ? Well, it is so... CUTE !!! ...and so small, and so well made... What else do you need from a lens anyway?!? :confused: "Boke-aji" Robert? :confused: Would you please explain the "aji" part?
  42. Tri-Elmar

    Show Me: 10.5mm f/2.8 Fisheye Shots

    I guess I am the only one here that is not thrilled from the Fisheye effect...
  43. Tri-Elmar

    A 20 dollar zoom lens

    Constant Diaphragm? I like the first one. That's the Nikon.
  44. Tri-Elmar

    Defocus Control, it's no gimmick

    Was it me? I am not sure, although I wouldn't call it a gimmick. My opinion was (and still is) that too many people use this feature only for tests and rarely to actually improve a picture. I used to own a 135 DC many years ago and I was mostly doing the same :wink: Thanks Doug for this...
  45. Tri-Elmar

    D2Xs meter consistently overexposing?

    This is a well known issue with D2X(s) and Matrix metering. It is just supposed to be like this. Most people (me too) dial -.7 or more and also prefer the center weight metering instead of Matrix (which btw is trying to do its best, but best is not the same for all of us in every situation...
  46. Tri-Elmar

    I would rather see the DX line of lenses expanded instead of FF

    Probably. But don't forget that half a century ago, all large/medium format users used to say the same for the 135 film: That it would be the format for the masses and the amateurs only :biggrin: Anyway, I don't care what it's gonna be Nikon, 1.5X 1.33X 1.10X or FF, just stick to one of them...
  47. Tri-Elmar

    I would rather see the DX line of lenses expanded instead of FF

    "Full frame sensor" is a comparison of apples to oranges in the first place. Why should a sensor have the same size with 135 film? Just because it is convenient for focal lengths and we are used to it? If the IQ is equal or better with the 135 film (another apples to oranges comparison though)...
  48. Tri-Elmar

    Need some advice

    You're looking for a 17-55mm/2.8 :biggrin:
  49. Tri-Elmar

    17-55/2.8 WOW - incredibly light... [pictures added]

    I understand your enthusiasm Dude... it's such a great lens! btw... don't tell anyone, but 17-55 is my most used lens too :redface: (although I still am a primes person :rolleyes: and although I will never stop hating its £@^&% huge hood :Devil: )
  50. Tri-Elmar

    Anyone here uses Macro-Nikkors?

    Why? I don't see any practical use today. Anyway... check here.
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