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  1. halenger

    Photography Library Thread

    Great thread! Plenty of positive reviews of "The Photoshop CS2 book for digital photographers", just to note for anyone coming to this thread now there is a new version: "The Photoshop CS3 book for digital photographers", obviously updated to take CS3 into account. The CS2 version seems to...
  2. halenger

    Beginning portraiture

    I'm taking a short (5 week) studio / portraiture class. The focus is more on the studio aspect than portraiture (well, less on framing and directions to the model - possibly out of the scope of the class). The first 3 are from the class, all fairly basic. The models are other people in the...
  3. halenger

    model shoot

    First and third for me. I love the first in general (though, is her face a bit too palely made-up? Seems more pale than the rest of her skin) and the eyes on the third model are fantastic!
  4. halenger

    Potential new lenses

    Well the main big reason here (seems to be) for the D40 / D40X / D60 people. Also, are they (the AF-S motors) really that un-reliable or is that the expected lifetime from a hard hitting pro? Nikon extension tubes don't do AF at all, from what I can remember. So it's hardly a big loss...
  5. halenger

    Potential new lenses

    I had been hoping that the rumoured '3 new lenses' would be 3 *new* lenses with possible other updates. Not that I particularly need new stuff, but I like to see new stuff out there. The 60mm seems to quash that idea. However, of the 3, I find it most interesting and am giving it...
  6. halenger

    "Caught in the Act" (mildly NSFW)

    Great, thanks! I'm sure I won't forget again but it might help for someone else who is in the same frame of mind as I was (2 + 2 = 6 / 7 or there abouts).
  7. halenger

    "Caught in the Act" (mildly NSFW)

    Apologies. It's quite a while since I read the glamour rule and I didn't even for a moment think that this was glamour (hence I didn't re-read the rule). Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Thanks for the comments and intercession Gordon.
  8. halenger

    "Caught in the Act" (mildly NSFW) Per my Flickr comments: Taken for the #photographers "Caught in the Act" challenge. Tripod at its lowest, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AI lens focussed with difficulty from stairs. Using two flashes (SB-25 and SB-800) off-camera, connected by...
  9. halenger

    Anybody buying a low mileage D2X/D2Xs

    I was thinking of getting a D300 sometime this year if I was over in the US, instead I picked up a D2X on here. I'm quite happy with my choice.
  10. halenger

    Rose bud and thorn

    First time I got to put a lot of gear together. D2X + tripod + ballhead + (cheap but very functional e-bay) remote + 55mm. Details mostly in EXIF (at least in the original on flickr). Lens was Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 with PK-13 extension ring at F/16 for 0.667 (2/3s) of a second. The crop...
  11. halenger

    Microtek Artixscan M1 / F1 now shipping

    The useful part of the review is out now: It seems that the F1 is the same scanner, just outside of North America (I believe?). However it *does* have Digital ICE, according to the above article!
  12. halenger

    Microtek Artixscan M1 / F1 now shipping

    We talked about this back in 2006 here: It's finally out, after many delays. I have been keeping an eye on it (i.e. checking in on it every few months). No Digital ICE but a lot of other plusses. I have not found a review yet...
  13. halenger

    Ballhead and Light meter recommendations

    Bought a second hand Acratech Ultimate ballhead a few days ago - won't have it for a while yet. Been wanting to get it for quite a while. As for meters, I have a Minolta IV F. It's nice. Does the trick for me just fine. That said, I haven't used it extensively.
  14. halenger

    Medical Student Photo Project + Cancer Project

    Lots of very very nice stuff there. Hard to single out stuff. Great wealth of photos you've amassed there. Edit: I hadn't spotted the second page either! (I have long threads configured, so it is 'only' two pages for me)
  15. halenger

    Fuji S2. Use AIS-AI MF lenses???

    The S2 only supports those lenses in manual mode. It won't meter them etc.
  16. halenger

    Which manual camera would you recommend?

    F2(A) is a beautiful piece of work. I really enjoyed mine and will again when I sort my poor DP-11 finder out.
  17. halenger

    f100 vs. f5

    I went with an F5 because I got one for a good price that really was not all that beaten up. I also like the D1H feel and the F5 is very similar. The 8AAs is a bit disappointing but I will be using high powered rechargables so that doesn't bother me. Weight does not bother much too much either.
  18. halenger

    D3 - ISO 5000 at OSAKA GAMES

    They have 'fixed' this linking thing again. Copy and paste the links into a new window. This will open them directly without being linked. For certainty (and because I am weird) I generally delete and retype the last character before going to the link.
  19. halenger

    A small dragon

    That is quite cool, nicely done.
  20. halenger

    Craving for good, serious photography.

    Seems very Dali-esque. I quite like Dali's work, I find it very interesting to see similar ideas in the realm of photography. I really must look through this when I have more time. Thanks!
  21. halenger

    D50 owners restricted to 2G SD cards

    Exactly. However, the D50 cannot format cards over 4GB - so if you do use a 4GB SD (*not* SDHC) then format on your computer.
  22. halenger

    40,000,000 Nikkor SLR lenses

    Now time for some new ones... :smile:
  23. halenger

    Is the D1H the best noise performer from Nikon?

    Just on the latter point, I use a 2GB CF in my D1H, no issues whatsoever. It lists 'FL' instead of the number of frames remaining. I've decided it stands for F'in Loads. :wink:
  24. halenger

    Quantum Turbo 2x2 and MKZ3

    The Turbo cables manual does not list the SB-800 so I don't know the story at all. It is full of warnings about using your own cable etc etc. The Nikon flashes it does list do need the AAs (this is flash specific, not quantum specific per se). The manual says that they only power the computer...
  25. halenger

    8GB Card for 50.00 AR

    It was a pricing error, apparently. Adorama decided to keep the customers happy though and give them the card at the price. They ran out of stock but did keep taking orders for a while. All orders are supposed to be shipped, no new orders though of course.
  26. halenger

    AdobeRGB vs RGB??

    Well from my understanding... Browsers can only read/show as sRGB. Thus why posting Adobe RGB for general web users is pointless. However, Adobe RGB has a wider/larger gamut (range of colours, for want of a better explanation). So this is probably better to use for processing (over sRGB at...
  27. halenger

    8GB Card for 50.00 AR

    Will an older body like the D1H be able to handle a card this big? ... I believe they all use FAT so my guess is 'yes' with potential problems if doing an in-camera format.
  28. halenger

    Im so Glad I bought a Super wide

    I like the shots here and I like some of the shots I have taken personally with my 10-20mm but I am just not sold on the super-wide concept. I fear I may part with mine very shortly - I have been thinking about it for a long time. At the same time, enjoy yours and keep taking great shots like...
  29. halenger

    D1 vs. D1H

    Sorry Woody, it looks like a hell of a great body alright. I am looking forward to it and hope I can put it to some good use!
  30. halenger

    How do the D1H noise levels compare?

    How does the D1H noise compare to other devices? I saw the measured noise listed on dpreview in their review and it seems *spectacular*. Unfortunately the more recent reviews (D50 for example) use a slightly different method. But if they are similar then the D1H really outshines pretty much...
  31. halenger

    Need info on D50 Battery Grip

    There is a grip being sold on e-bay that has a vertical shutter release. It is an interesting design. It basically uses the infra-red (no surprises there) but it does not use a wire. It has a little piece that sticks out (not sure if it is retractable) and shoots a signal at the infra-red...
  32. halenger

    a used D1

    I almost pounced on Valorin's D1, just because it seemed like a new toy (4.5fps and metering old lenses were definitely of interest). One thing I did read about was the banding. There was an interesting article on Rob Galbraith's site about a 'silent upgrade'...
  33. halenger

    F2A and Nikkor-PC 105mm Have Arrived - Photos Added

    Thanks, I appreciate the input. :smile:
  34. halenger

    F2A and Nikkor-PC 105mm Have Arrived - Photos Added

    Sorry if I am dragging this thread off a bit but can you tell me a little more about the CLAing? I didn't think Nikon would still be servicing the F2A. I would love to hear about the rates too (PM perhaps?). To be honest, I don't know where to even look for CLAing on the Nikon website, is it...
  35. halenger

    F2A and Nikkor-PC 105mm Have Arrived - Photos Added

    How much will the CLA cost you? What will it involve? Who exactly are you sending it to? I am very strongly considering sending my DP-11 to be serviced by Sover Wong, as he seems to be the 'F2 guy' from what I've read. The reason for the service is that the metering is completely messed up...
  36. halenger

    Engagement party photos

    Just a few photos from my Engagement Party back in October... I've only just gotten around to developing then and finally scanning them (received the scanner last week). Ilford Delta 3200, EI 3200 developed in Microphen for whatever time digital truth recommends. I made a mess of the washing...
  37. halenger

    ZEISS and AGFA 2 1/4 Folders.......

    If these are coming to Europe ever I would be interested. I've been looking at these lately and considering spending money I don't have but it would be great to try these at some time. So put me down as a curious European. :wink:
  38. halenger

    70-210 f4

    Well good job on the Tamron. I would've been happier if the 70-210 f/4 actually somehow was that good and better than the Tamron but such is life. I'll pick up a macro eventually. :smile:
  39. halenger

    70-210 f4

    Since we're playing, I'll say the first is the Nikon (which I actually own). If the first *is* the Nikon then I've got to say I'm very impressed. I'm only really going with the Nikon because Tamron are often known to have a colour cast and because Don said the Tamron (someone has to disagree...
  40. halenger

    50 1.8 fans..Sexy Waitress does f1.8

    Judging by flickr you were using a D50, well known for it's good handling of noise. It does seem to be handled well but it seems to irk me for some reason. I'm not entirely sure what it is or why... The models look good, the photos etc look good also but the noise (of course it exists, as grain...
  41. halenger

    Why is Nikon glass better?

    It's easier to modify Nikon lenses for Canon bodies as far as I remember reading. In fact the opposite may in fact be impossible. It's to do with the distance of the lens and the sensor (proper terminology lacking I'm afraid). The Nikon ones leave more room so they can be modified down to fit...
  42. halenger

    Best Film/Camera Choice for High Dynamic Range?

    I thought I had read that digital cameras now overshadowed film in terms of dynamic range? I remember looking it up at one point and the websites generally said that. I'm not talking about the Fuji DSLRs either, just DSLRs in general.
  43. halenger

    just picked up a nikkor- o 55mm f1.2

    o_O Wow. Now _that_ I could/would spend.
  44. halenger

    just picked up a nikkor- o 55mm f1.2

    Check your serial number against the 55mm f/1.2 ones here: Maybe it'll be there.
  45. halenger

    just picked up a nikkor- o 55mm f1.2

    What constitutes a 'reasonable price' on this lens? :smile: Congrats by the way. I'm sure it will be good fun.
  46. halenger

    Adox 20 CMS: Superb!

    After reading a little on reciprocity...I'm left a little confused. When you say no effect do you mean you meter as for ISO 6 (in your case)? i.e. you meter for the ISO you want (as opposed to there being some differential)?
  47. halenger

    Adox 20 CMS: Superb!

    Ditto, I might grab a roll when I'm ordering developer stuff. Just because I'm so very curious. Would this do well for something like astrophotography? I know the exposure times could well be rather insane but I'm thinking the detail could be rather interesting.
  48. halenger

    I had the D40 in my hands

    I haven't been fully following in this so this might be a stupid question. Does the HSM on the Sigma work sufficiently like AF-S so that the D40 will auto focus or is it manual focus?
  49. halenger

    Simple flower (Honolulu Zoo)

    I'm not sure what this flower is, I don't think it was labelled. I love the colours though. I took this with my 70-210 f/4 and Nikon CPL-II on a very hot/bright etc day, as I lagged behind my fiancée, in Honolulu Zoo on our recent trip there. Enjoy, I hope. The link to the photo is...
  50. halenger

    Ultimate macro lens?

    Actually... I think I'm being a bit stupid. This is macro after all and all the macro I've done so far has been manually metered and manually focussed with a cheap set of extension tubes. I'm not sure why that hadn't crossed my mind. As I'm sure you've noticed, I've started getting some older...
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