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  1. Equis25

    Photoshop Elements 14 to be replaced?

  2. Equis25

    Photoshop Elements 14 to be replaced?

    Last week, when I was in the Netherlands, we tried to buy Elements 14 for a Macbook Pro, but both online and in stores it appears to be discontinued. Is Adobe releasing Elements 15 or is something else going on?
  3. Equis25

    replacing a D300

    When I wanted to know many years ago what additional lenses I should get, that's exactly what I did. The D300 is an excellent camera and it is the quality of the lens that may be in the way....
  4. Equis25

    replacing a D300

    There are free programs available that show you a chart of focal lengths used most frequently, by scanning the metadata of images saved on your hd. When I wanted to know many years ago what additional lenses I should get, that's exactly what I did.
  5. Equis25

    Mercedes with 500,000 tours world - Photos included!

    Mercedes still manufactures the G type [Gelande Wagen] This morning I read in a Dutch Newspaper that the AMG version costs 210.000 Euro incl. taxes [in the Netherlands]. The G type are also available here in the US, I think.
  6. Equis25

    Nervous Exhibitor

    Leren we geen Frans meer op school? Good luck with your exhibit!
  7. Equis25

    no more farm pictures??

    JGM Farming seems to have a history of suing everybody under the sun and has not limited themselves to aviation. They appear to have deep pockets. The farm is advertised as producing olives or olive products, but is also some type of "exclusive" resort. On the 3 aviation forums I regularly...
  8. Equis25

    Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod?

    I use the 3021BN now named 055X with my D300 or D2X and various long lenses. It is stable. The legs can be securely positioned at various angles. It is usually combined with a 322RC2 pistol grip or a 804RC2 head. For my Canon XL2 camcorder [10+ lb], I just received a 28B [$231.42 plus tax...
  9. Equis25

    Are a social or anti-social photographer?

    While I probably can be classified as extroverted, there has never been an overriding interest on my part to photograph people. I do not need photography as a means to interact with people. Sometimes I go shooting with members of the camera club that I am a member of. More often than not...
  10. Equis25

    Anyone have a Pistol Grip Ball Head?

    322RC2 pistol grip ball head with a 3021BN tripod is what I use. It works fine with D2X /D300/F6 and various large lenses, like 80-400, 70-200, Tamron 200-500.
  11. Equis25

    Canon XL2 & Canon DV-PC software

    Last week I picked up a refurbished XL2 camcorder as I wish to get back into video after more than a decade. The camcorder will allow me to use some of my Nikon glass. I noticed that there are several members here who are familiar with this camcorder. In checking out the Canon website in...
  12. Equis25

    Any body into Radio Control?

    Joined AMA and a local RC club in 2006. I still find it not easy to control small rc aircraft, as it is totally visual and there is no physical feedback as to the plane's behavior. I have crashed a fair number of rc planes in the past couple of years. However, currently, I am a "student"...
  13. Equis25

    What lens is on your camera right now?

    D2X / Tamron 200-500, D300 /17-55 f2.8
  14. Equis25

    Dropped D300, only the AF single Point is visible in viewfinder

    Thank you all for your comments. This has been very helpful!
  15. Equis25

    Dropped D300, only the AF single Point is visible in viewfinder

    Rob, I just set the 51pt 3D Auto AF. When I half press the shutter button, AF acquisition will happen, but the AF points are not visible in the viewfinder. I think I'll sent Nikon an e-mail that describes the problem and see what their recommendation is. Your observation regarding the AF...
  16. Equis25

    Dropped D300, only the AF single Point is visible in viewfinder

    Troy, It probably is, as the AF appears to work in all 3 settings. I may be confused with my D2X. I'll have to read the manual one more time... Thanks!
  17. Equis25

    Dropped D300, only the AF single Point is visible in viewfinder

    A few weeks ago the strap on my D300 broke when I took it off a tripod. The camera landed on the hood of the 17-55m/f28 and broke the hood only, lens itself is OK. The D300 AF was set to single AF point and that was visible both in the viewfinder and top LCD and works fine. Thought all was well...
  18. Equis25

    Your biggest photographic mistake

    The most annoying mistake that pops up in my mind dates back to 1972. That year I attended the Hanover Airshow. The new British Harrier demonstration was one of the highlights of the show. [That and stunt pilot Bob Hoover with his Rockwell Commander]. I managed to have the film in my...
  19. Equis25

    Were you always a Nikon shooter?

    Started with an Agfa box camera in 1953 followed by a Voigtlander Vito B in '59, then Asahi SV & S1a in '64 , which lasted more than 40 years [still being used] The first Nikon was a D70 in early 2005, followed by D2X and D300.
  20. Equis25

    Blackberry/Iphone users???

    I very recently changed from a ATT Palm Treo 680 to a Verizon BB Tour. Have not yet been able to transfer the address book, memos etc to the BB Tour. Despite the fact that the BB desktop manager list this as a possibility. I have only managed to transfer some name/ph#s. Also, BB does not...
  21. Equis25

    How to copy huge photographs??

    If you do not have a copy stand, many tripods provide a means to mount a ball head at the bottom of the center pole.
  22. Equis25

    What do you drive?

    2002 SAAB 95 Wagon & enclosed utility trailer for my rc planes and 2003 MB CLK430 Cabrio
  23. Equis25

    Nikon DEMO Body questions?

    Two years ago I bought an F6 demo from Cameta. The thing was in pristine condition. No clue what use it had seen, if any.
  24. Equis25

    Everybody please wish Chris101 a great birthday

    Happy birthday, Chris!
  25. Equis25

    Words that sound funny when you say them

    I worked for a company by that name [ Fokker Aircraft]. It happened a few times that when in the UK, visiting with RR, a receptionist would say : "Oh you are with the company with the funny name..."
  26. Equis25

    22" (final) of snow in No VA - Annandale

    Snow in Northern Va has always been a challenge. Even small amounts would snarl traffic beyond believe. In the 1980s, I lived in Manassas and Clifton and worked in what became the USAToday building in Arlington. Many were the times that we would leave the office at 3 pm and not arrive home...
  27. Equis25

    I think this is funny

    Last year, around this time of the year, a local hardware store had an advertising campaign, where they used a mannequin, dressed as an employee, positioned on the catwalk in front of the very large and high outdoor billboard. It caused all kinds of commotion and traffic problems, since it...
  28. Equis25

    Camera ever stopped working in the cold?

    F4s - too cold, like below 5 F or so. After replacing the cold alkaline batteries things were fine. [When I venture outside with such cold temperatures, I always keep extra batteries on my body].
  29. Equis25

    Confession Thread

    Canon i9900 printer and A70 p/s [keep it in the car]. A few weeks ago thought the p/s finally gave the ghost, but it was merely a dead battery. So another excuse evaporated to get a G series p/s.
  30. Equis25

    I hate flying! Massive TSA Security Breach As Agency Gives Away Its Secrets! This speaks for itself...
  31. Equis25

    D70 and Aperture Priority

    I vaguely remember that it is possible to reverse the command and sub command dial, hence my comment about how one might have programmed them. [I did that with my D70 when I first got it]. I hasten to say that my D70, D2X and D300 currently all have the dial configuration like you indicated above.
  32. Equis25

    D70 and Aperture Priority

    When the camera is set to "A", one of the command wheels [either front or rear, depending how you programmed them] will allow you to change aperture [and exposure time will adjust to available light]. When set to "S", the same applies and exposure time will be changed and aperture will adjust to...
  33. Equis25

    OT: Smart phones

    Recently I changed from an ATT Palm Treo to a Verizon Blackberry 9630 Tour. The rationale for the change was that after enduring 3 years of having less than stellar coverage in the area where I live, I finally had enough as I could not call at a critical moment. I am on call 24/7, so coverage is...
  34. Equis25

    Are You a Dog or a Cat Person?

    My current life style makes it difficult to have a dog [living in the city], but most of my life there were dogs around. Now I make do with several parrots.
  35. Equis25

    Anyone here traveled to Cuba?

    If you want to go there [being a US Citizen] , you better be aware what the travel restrictions are. I am sure that a well travelled person like Steve is well aware of the restrictions but many of my fellow citizens are not. Canadians on the other hand are obviously not subject to the embargo...
  36. Equis25

    Anyone here traveled to Cuba?
  37. Equis25

    What was your first car?

    Volvo P544 1959 - Given to me by my parents in 1964. It was an easy car to work on. I took it apart and put it back together again without the benefit of a workshop manual - took me about 6 months... I have not worked on cars in many years and I certainly do not dare to touch my Saab 95 or MB...
  38. Equis25


    It's a very nice overview of Nikon's slrs over the years! Would somebody think it is excessive? Probably, but that's pure envy or ignorance! So you are off the hook as far as certifiable goes in my book.
  39. Equis25

    What the heck?!

    What are the sizes of these identical pictures? You may have e.g. thumbnail size & Large Fine jpg or RAW or another combination. Suggest you check the settings in your camera.
  40. Equis25

    How Well Do You See Colour?

    * Your score: 16 * Gender: Male * Age range: 60-69 * Best score for your gender and age range: 0 * Highest score for your gender and age range: 1305 In view of my age and the age of the LCD display I was pleasantly surprised...
  41. Equis25

    Weather Balloon Story

    Since authorities can not take the chance that the boy was not a passenger in that home built balloon, they had no choice but to be in hot pursuit. Not knowing the details, we only speculate. My speculation is that this was a set up based on it being mentioned that the family seems to have been...
  42. Equis25

    Need opinions from the Cafe.. What should I bring?

    If I were having to make a decision in the scenario as sketched, my choice would be the 28-70. Versatility offered by this lens outweighs the good qualities of the other lenses mentioned as a possible choice.
  43. Equis25

    The virtues and folly of copycat photography

    I see nothing wrong with trying to see if you can figure out the technique used to capture that image that you like, so that you have added the technique to your bag of tricks.
  44. Equis25

    Wedding photographer's attire?

    At a rather formal wedding that I attended as a guest last year, the photographers [3ea] were dressed in black. Black pants, black shirts, black shoes and they had at least $40+K worth of black Canon equipment...
  45. Equis25

    Canon i9900 sees "blue"

    In the past I have had that nasty blue and magenta problem , which was then solved by placing the printer head on a paper towel that was soaked in rubbing alcohol. Alcohol would be forced upwards to where the cartridges would be in contact. That cleaned out the "offending" ink channel that...
  46. Equis25

    Canon i9900 sees "blue"

    Yesterday, when I needed to print 2 ea @ 13x19 format, I used the i9900 after an interval of at least two months. The output was absolutely dismal, a blue tint overshadowed everything. I did a deep cleaning, but that just "improved" on the blue tint. Nothing had changed from my previous printer...
  47. Equis25

    C'mon people, where's the hood!?

    For over 50 years, I have used a hood on my lenses that would take one, unless I was specifically looking to get a special optical effect or as with the D70 it would get in the way of the on board flash. However, I do not get nervous when I see people without one... As they say: "whatever...
  48. Equis25

    I can't access Nikon history site - anyone else? via FireFox 3.5, Windows XP and Verizon DSL
  49. Equis25

    Taking photo gear abroad

    Better be safe than sorry. Last year, I was traveling with my D2x, D300 and a complement of lenses and some electronics stuff. Luckily I had the all equipment listed on the requisite signed form and sure enough, customs at Newark, NJ asked for it.
  50. Equis25

    D300 "Discontinued" ???

    The D3 is also missing in action at the B&H site...?
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