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  1. DoJC

    My Dachshund puppies

    Too cute! Thanks for sharing these. I've had a soft spot for dachshunds since I was a kid, and love spending time around the little rascals.
  2. DoJC

    Are Nikon Lens Prices making u think about switching ?

    Lower price and availability of the big lenses I needed were the two reasons I switched over to Canon. I got a 600mm lens with a 2x converter for about what I paid for my Nikon 200-400 zoom lens. Made the switch a no-brainer, and has dragged my dad, quoted above, into considering buying a big...
  3. DoJC

    Global Financial Crisis Has Little Impact on Betting Industry

    To some extent is will be resilient: when times are tough people want to believe they can win the lottery, or big at a casino. Las Vegas is getting hammered pretty hard right now with big drops in income, and it will likely stay that way for a while.
  4. DoJC

    Rotten spot at Apple; A step towards Big Brother?

    "We want you to be individuals, just as long as it is exactly like everyone else." How sad that someone took them at their word, and got fired. How horrible for this guy to replace the Apple sound and replace it with Lennon. Sinner!
  5. DoJC

    Upgraded to Lightroom 2.2.

    So far LR 2.1 and 2.2 have been major upgrades for me. Works faster and has less issues now. Loving the program even more now.
  6. DoJC

    Question for you "birders"

    To agree with Michael I'd also say diameter of the tubing isn't part of the equation. Total load of the heaviest rig you've got is what's most important, followed by how tall you are.
  7. DoJC

    Why does this cost almost 2 times as much?

    Three main reasons: 1 DDR3 1066 RAM is a bit more expensive than slow DDR2-667. 2. The screen is a higher resolution with a better backlight technology. 3. Going from integrated graphics to a graphics card with 512MB of RAM is a chunk of change.
  8. DoJC

    Calling all nature Dudes...500VR or 600VR?

    The real question is whether or not you desire to shoot handheld for much time, or want to carry around a tripod mounted lens most of the time. I cna handhold the 600mm on my 1D Mk III for about 15-30 minutes of intermittent shooting. After that it gets unstable holding and shooting with that...
  9. DoJC

    White Pelican with a BIG Fish!

    Got a few shots of this guy pigging out on a rather large fish he caught. All the other whites and browns around him tried to steal it from him, but he managed to get it down. Flying away after such a big fish was another matter entirely...
  10. DoJC

    Eastern Meadowlark...FINALLY

    Meadowlarks are indeed a bit skittish, so major props on getting a nice shot of one. You must have been crawling around pretty slowly to get that close.
  11. DoJC

    How fast is your PC...Really?

    :23 seconds as a 16-bit file. Sony VIAO AW190 laptop Vista Home Premium 64 T9400 CPU (2.53GHz) 8GB RAM
  12. DoJC

    Sigma 300-800

    The recent $1000 price increase helped steer me towards a big prime over the Sigmonster. I still have my eyes peeled for a used model, but the big prime with its fast focusing simply makes me not wantto go back to a slower focusing zoom. Losing shots due to slower focusing makes me a bit...
  13. DoJC

    Moon shots 420mm vs 600mm - which is which?

    Just a guess, but I'd say the first shot is with the 2x,and the second with a 1.4x.
  14. DoJC

    I'm Debbie's Daughter and I'm desperately looking for help for her!

    Thanks Greg. I'll keep praying for her and for wisdom in getting treatment for those headaches.
  15. DoJC

    CS4 64bit

    Try running the Adobe uninstall program and see if you can simply uncheck the 32-bit version(s) you would like to get rid of. Personally, unless you run out of drive space why not just keep it installed?
  16. DoJC

    The Gas Price Thread

    Just filled up the car in Huntington Beach. Paid $1.75 a gallon for super unleaded. A few months ago the same station sold that gas for $4.79. :eek:
  17. DoJC

    Snowy owl portrait

    Stunning capture as always Mao. Very simple portrait shot without any distractions in the shot. That little scrub brush in front of the owl even adds that something that helps make the shot. Outstanding!
  18. DoJC

    First Snowy Owl...

    Congrats on the first captures of a snowy owl. They all look great to me, and I could add nothing that would lend to a better shot. I especially loved the "yawn" shot.
  19. DoJC

    Dwelling Fire

    How sad! Take a look at the neighbor to the left's house. Looks like the heat made its way over there, and damaged it also. The house on the right looks relatively unscathed, most likely due to the three or so firemen stationed to protect it. Makes you appreciate these fine folks who...
  20. DoJC

    I'm Debbie's Daughter and I'm desperately looking for help for her!

    Any updates, changes, praise reports, etc.? Enquiring minds want to know...:biggrin:
  21. DoJC

    A Great Great Egret Chase Scene

    Almost forgot my PETA disclaimer: No animals were hurt during the filming of these sequences.
  22. DoJC

    A Great Great Egret Chase Scene

    The lllllooooonnnnnggggg, ssssslllllooooowwwww trip and fall This was a scene that played out often, yet I was only able to capture once. The bird that went into the water would often drag its feet in the water to slow down, making the skip last as long as possible, then would duck at the last...
  23. DoJC

    A Great Great Egret Chase Scene

    This second sequence focuses solely on how long the neck of a great egret truly can be. #1 Open Wide!!! #2 STRETCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHH..... #3 AAHHH, missed me again
  24. DoJC

    A Great Great Egret Chase Scene

    While out waiting for an osprey to show-up and dive for a fish I noticed a couple of great egrets chasing each other around. Thankfully I started shooting as a bizarre scene unfolded. One would fly about 20 feet over the other, swoop down and drive the lower one into the water, and make a pass...
  25. DoJC

    Question on Changing White Balance Temperature in a JPG file

    Also, as I'm sure you know, making changes/adjustments to a RAW image does NOT change the RAW image. LightRom and PhotoShop work something out that creates a file that interprets the RAW image according to the changes you made in the program, but doesn't actually change the RAW images. So...
  26. DoJC

    Question on Changing White Balance Temperature in a JPG file

    Dave, Simply disregard your jpgs you shot, load all your RAW files into LightRoom, adjust the color temp of a single image, select all of your images, click Sync and have it sync all the color temps. Then select all of your images and export them as jpgs to the size the photographer asked...
  27. DoJC

    Best configuration for a scratch disk

    Adobe generally recos: 1 hard drive for the program. 1 for the photos. 1 for the scratch disk. This is of course the IDEAL method, but YMMV.
  28. DoJC

    Adobe CS4

    I bought this about a week after it came out, and am totally in love with the changes. Some of them make you wonder why Adobe didn't do these things earlier. Mainly, I find the adjustments toolbar with how it automatically adds the adjustment as a layer one of the most helpful so far. The...
  29. DoJC

    his 'beep beep' ness

    True dat! While stationed in Arizona I would see them all over the base, and never grew tired of watching their antics. Great shot of a wonderful bird. Thanks for sharing.
  30. DoJC

    I'm Debbie's Daughter and I'm desperately looking for help for her!

    Debbie, First of all my wife and I will pray for your healing, and wisdom in finding the right doctor to help. Have you seen a chiropractor for the pain? The specific type of chiropractor that you want to look at practices the Gonstead technique. It is not the typical chiropractic...
  31. DoJC

    Stalking Technique

    Stalking most birds results in shots like that. It is usually best if you simply stand/sit and wait for them to come to you. If you have to cut upstream or downstream ahead of them to wait it's best to do that. I'm not sure if waiting on them helps them get more accustomed to your presence...
  32. DoJC

    Why CF

    Canon pro bodies utilize both an SD and CF card slot. The camera will actually transfer faster to the SD card slot, so it's a good idea to use it as your primary card and use the CF as a back-up when you run out of room on the SD.
  33. DoJC

    Dive! Dive! Dive!

    Great series of photos Alex! These are one of my favorite birds to shoot this time of year. They swarm in packs here, and some days you can have more than 100 flying and diving within just a few feet of you as you shoot. Hard to pick one to shoot, but exciting nonetheless.
  34. DoJC

    Who thought I would ever post in here....

    Linda, Looks like a Willet to me. As someone who's shot hundreds of willet shots I really like the motion blur of the panning shot you got. Very well done! Inspires me to think about trying more panning shots while out with the boids here.
  35. DoJC

    Viera is getting reved up for MI VI (many images!)

    Jessie, Now I'm starting to get REALLY excited about the upcoming meet. Outstanding shots. Love the ibis swallowing the frog with its legs above the bill. Fighting to the very end!
  36. DoJC

    How much time do you actually spend shooting?

    I make it out 4-6 times a week for me. Some days I make it out in the morning and afternoon. There are so many species that stop in to SoCal that it's never the same from one month to the next.
  37. DoJC

    Post Processing Survey

    LightRoom 2.1 90% Bridge/PhotoShop CS4 10%
  38. DoJC

    Believable Flicker?

    Looks good to me! Believable looking shot that doesn't look like an obvious fake.
  39. DoJC

    Vista 64 Experiences

    As someone who is about to go with a 64-bit laptop, I thank you for this information. I'm still a little hesitant, but am sure all will go well with the change.
  40. DoJC

    Who Has a Smugmug web site?

    Some nice shots on your site Chris. I loved the ones of the osprey. Well done!
  41. DoJC

    Who Has a Smugmug web site?

    Still in the process of building mine, but the first few galleries and rough work are nearly done. See sig:
  42. DoJC

    Ducks, egrets

    #4 is a snowy egret. Cattle egrets have yellow/orange colored legs, the snowy has black/yellow legs. Haven't seen any cattle egrets around SoCal yet, but I'm still holding out hope.
  43. DoJC

    New Lowepro Lens Trekker 600 MK II finally here.

    Thank you for taking the time to write about and link us to your summary. Sounds like the wait was worthwhile, and now it's time to order myself one of these bags.
  44. DoJC

    Lightroom 2 metadata question

    I haven't used NX enough to get familiar with how it works, and with PhotoShop and LR I don't want to learn a third program. In your case you're already using it, so you'd have to learn LR.
  45. DoJC

    Lightroom 2 metadata question

    Glenn, Your version of LR is a big step ahead of mine - mine can't get the WB correct. I manually set it to 5000 Kelvin, it LR brings up 4800 on the Canon. When setting the Nikon to 5250 it comes out at about 4900 Kelvin.
  46. DoJC

    San Antonio, a great place to live.

    I miss living in San Antonio! The wife and I really, really enjoyed living there. Once you get used to the heat it's a great place to live and work. Might move back some day if the opportunity arises.
  47. DoJC

    Lightroom 2 metadata question

    Glenn, I don't think LR2 adds metadata directly to the original RAW file. IIRC it adds it to the preview instead. Therefore, NX will not be able to find the info you added. Out of mere curiosity, why not use LR2 to edit the photos? I don't use NX at all, and wonder why you don't...
  48. DoJC

    CS4 - Tried to resist but failed

    I bought Web Premium CS3 about a year ago, and am looking at either the direct CS4 upgrade for it, or I might go with the Masters Collection to add DV editing back into the mix. I have Premiere Pro CS, along with the others in the video editing suite, so it would be nice to upgrade everything...
  49. DoJC

    Mi Vi

    Thanks for all your hard work and for opening your home and heart to all of us.
  50. DoJC

    Mi Vi

    Bob, Wow, thanks for such a long and well thought out post! It was really, really helpful. Hopefully we can get a good group rate to save some cash for the rental car and airfare. :biggrin: I look forward to meeting you, Nan and the rest of the gang.
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