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  1. SLRShooter

    Fall Turn in the Hudson Valley

    Kristin and Mike, Not going to be able to make it. Have several other tentative plans in the works. So much to little time.
  2. SLRShooter

    Annual Spring Shoot on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

    Think there will be any snow this year???? I am so sick of the white stuff and I never thought I'd say that. Even being retired and not really needing to get out I tired of it.
  3. SLRShooter

    [EXPIRED] SOLD: Nikon 52mm drop in polarizing filter

    Since I've sold my 300mm f2.8 lens, I have no need of this filter. Not that I did anyway because I never used it. It comes in the original box and all packing material. New in box in a non-smoking home. B&H sells this for $275.00. I will let it go for, which includes PayPal fees and...
  4. SLRShooter

    October (Fall Turn) on the Hudson River

    Don't think I'm going to make it again.
  5. SLRShooter

    ot: Le Tour de France 2013

    I've lost interest in it after the Lance Armstrong debacle.
  6. SLRShooter

    [EXPIRED] SOLD: Nikon 300mm f/2.8 VR I

    Monday bump. getting closer to June 25.
  7. SLRShooter

    [EXPIRED] SOLD: Nikon 300mm f/2.8 VR I

    OK, I will cover PayPal costs if sold by June 25. Remember, this also includes the drop in polarizing filter and the Aquatech lens cover. All for $4200.
  8. SLRShooter

    [EXPIRED] SOLD: Nikon 300mm f/2.8 VR I

    Added Nikon C-PL-1L 52mm drop in circular polarizing filter at no extra cost.
  9. SLRShooter

    [EXPIRED] SOLD: Nikon 300mm f/2.8 VR I

    Giving up on one of my favorite lens. I'm getting older and this is a heavy lens. But, it is sharp as a tack, focuses fast, and in near perfect condition (can't say perfect since it is not new). I do take care of my equipment and am not a professional, so this has had an easy life. It was...
  10. SLRShooter

    No more boxed Adobe apps/licenses

    OK, he sure makes CC sound like the best thing since sliced bread. let's remember that he makes a living intertwined with Adobe products. He isn't about to speak poorly and cut the hand that feeds him. Here are some things I don't like. 1. Paying $10 month for the first year for current...
  11. SLRShooter

    No more boxed Adobe apps/licenses

    I guess LR4 and Photoshop CS6 will be my last purchase of Adobe products. I am a user and not a pro, nor do I sell photos. Bye Bye Adobe.
  12. SLRShooter

    Camera Strap

    The camera will hang wrong for quick shot grabbing if it hangs from both camera strap holders. With the Black Rapid the camera is basically upside down. You grab the side and as you bring it up to your eye it will be right side up. No need to twist your wrist all around trying to grab it when...
  13. SLRShooter

    This Weekends work - RAF Stenigot

    Mike, I teach a little course on photography at my local senior center in Maryland and one of the things I explain is scale. I would be honored if I could use two of your photos as examples. These will not be sold and I would give you credit. Norm
  14. SLRShooter

    This Weekends work - RAF Stenigot

    Good thing you put those two people in for scale. Had no idea they ere that large until then.
  15. SLRShooter

    Aston Martin DB9

    I'd settle for just sitting on that leather. What a great job on the interior.
  16. SLRShooter

    Corvette Sting Ray

    My favorite car of all time. Nice shot!
  17. SLRShooter

    Annual Spring Shoot on the Virginia Eastern Shore

    I too am coming but still looking for a place to stay. No one wanted to co-rent a house or maybe they went ahead on their own.
  18. SLRShooter

    New Nikon 80-400mm tested with Reikan Focal

    That doesn't bode well for this lens. Hope to see some other results before I plunk my money down.
  19. SLRShooter

    Nikon 12-24mm f/4 on FX cameras

    That's because almost all of the child is on the same flat plane. If something was much closer to the lens it would look huge.
  20. SLRShooter

    West Virginia Weekend - May 3-5, 2013

    Guys, Not going to be able to make the WV weekend. Hope you all enjoy it. Norm
  21. SLRShooter

    Nikon "Beast lens "

    Because it was released many years before the 24-70. That is called Beast 2.
  22. SLRShooter

    West Virginia Weekend - May 3-5, 2013

    OK, I am totally lost. What is the weekend date proposed/set? Mike suggested the second weekend. Second, I checked the Blackwater Falls State Park Cabins and they are sold out the 2nd weekend (9th-13th).
  23. SLRShooter

    Annual Spring Shoot on the Virginia Eastern Shore

    Has anyone considered renting a house? I would like to join in if you have. And, if dogs were allowed I would love to bring mine - a Cavalier King Charles. It is a small dog, about 20 pounds, and just loves people. If no dog allowed I will leave her at home - no big deal.
  24. SLRShooter

    Annual Spring Shoot on the Virginia Eastern Shore

    Me 2 I definitely want to go to CC this year. Basically my most enjoyable trip because of the friends I have made and who attend every year.
  25. SLRShooter

    West Virginia Weekend - May 3-5, 2013

    I'm in, barring sickness, death, etc... :-) Hopefully I'll be over this flu before then. I would prefer a small cabin - two beds if possible as I might be bringing a friend. Can you give us an idea about the cost?
  26. SLRShooter

    Airplane tails - post your tails

    I booked a ride on this B-17 from the Collins Foundation a couple of years ago. Loved flying in that old timer. Turns out the pilot has more hours flying B-17s than any person in history.
  27. SLRShooter

    Help! Can my computer support a D800 raw file?

    If you plan on doing any HDR shots with 5-7 files, you should have at least 16GB RAM. I upgraded to 32GB, along with a completely new computer. My old one just ran so slow I was able to walk away, grab a cup of coffee, and return to watch it finish.
  28. SLRShooter

    iPhone 5 8 megapixel camera, 1080p video

    I'm thinking my next phone will be the Samsung Galaxy III and not the iPhone 5, which is what I was waiting for. Just nothing special.
  29. SLRShooter

    D800/E owners, will you get a D600?

    That's a no for me. Have a D800 and really want a DX body - the D400. The frame rate of the D800 and D600 is not as fast as I would like because I shoot air shows. I love the D300 and am spoiled by it.
  30. SLRShooter

    Trying to help a friend

    The problem is that you lose detail if it is either overexposed or underexposed. Not just dark or light. What are you going to expose for? Take two readings and split the difference?
  31. SLRShooter

    Trying to help a friend

    I would try several shots of different exposures and then do an HDR. That range of light is very, very difficult to get right on one shot. Might also try changing the white balance. Might try an off-camera light directed only at him.
  32. SLRShooter

    1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible - Fully Restored

    I want that car so bad but I would have to sell everything I own to afford it. That is a 427 cubic inch engine and depending on the carbs, could have as many as 435 listed HP. I say listed because it made well over that HP. Will probably go into six figures, depending on condition.
  33. SLRShooter

    Transcend SD card issues

    Kingston has the same trouble with my Nikon D800. Bought a 32GB and first time I put it in the camera I got the ERR message. Worked fine in my card reader and with my D300.
  34. SLRShooter

    rumored kit zoom for the D600

    What I like, as a D800 owner, is that the D800 came out #1. Beating out even the medium format and the D4.
  35. SLRShooter

    A Dad's Loss of Interest

    I am an elder statesman (70) for photography and will even be teaching a class to other elder statespersons next month. Here is what I think. First, he is not computer literate, nor does he have any digital camera exposure (bad pun, I know). But, the advantages to digital photography are...
  36. SLRShooter

    What to do when you're retired

    I retired late 2008 and had just bought a dog - Cavalier King Charles. I now spend a lot of time walking her - 3 to 4 times a day. In 2010 my wife was diagnosed with lung cancer and I am so glad I had the time to take care of her. Now I have the time to go on photo jaunts and air shows. In...
  37. SLRShooter

    17-35 vs 16-35 vs 14-24

    I also have the 17-35mm, which I had to have repaired -- dropped it. They replaced the AFS motor and fixed a couple of other things, to the tune of over $300. I recently bought a 24-120 and have a Tokina 11-16m. I kind of am loath to sell my 17-35mm as I bought it new many years ago and...
  38. SLRShooter

    Problems with D800 & Kingston CF cards

    I purchased a 32GB 600x Kingston CF card to use in my D800. It immediately started giving me a CARD ERR message on the top screen. OK, I took it out, put it in my card reader and everything worked - copied files to it and erased them. Formatted it using my computer. Put it in my D300 and it...
  39. SLRShooter

    Why won't my 32GB card work in a D800

    Thanks guys. I will just use it in my D300 backup body. Works fine there.
  40. SLRShooter

    Why won't my 32GB card work in a D800

    I recently purchased a Kingston 32GB 600x card that absolutely won't work in my D800. Every time I insert it I get the flashing CARD ERR message. Yet it works fine in my D300 and I can read and write to it using a card reader. I have formatted it using the card reader and tried to format it...
  41. SLRShooter

    D800 MB-D12 Grip

    I bought it because I have many AA rechargeable batteries and the En-El15 is not available anywhere. Would have bought it even if the EL15 was available. I have heard that the new battery design requires a completely new grip. Probably won't ever use the EL15 in the grip anyway.
  42. SLRShooter

    D800 on its way!!!! Yipeeee

    Got an email from the camera store and my D800 is being shipped out on Monday. Should have it be Wednesday or Thursday. Even getting that expensive grip. Now if only the D400 would be announced I would have my dream kit complete.
  43. SLRShooter

    CF cards for the D800

    But the CF card is on 60 mb/s while the SD is 95 mb/s - a full 1/3 faster.
  44. SLRShooter

    Post your wife's photo

    Thanks so much. Coincidentally, I was just looking at a printed copy of that photo yesterday and it just made me so sad. What would I be thinking about if it was me and I knew I had a terminal disease? I am still missing her terribly.
  45. SLRShooter

    Post your wife's photo

    OMG Greg, what a beautiful woman. How does she stay so slim?
  46. SLRShooter

    Best Rechargeable AA batteries for flash units?

    Another vote for Powerex and a Maha charger. Have used them for years plus the Maha charger can charge 8 batteries at a time.
  47. SLRShooter

    Your first camera?

    My first was a Kodak box camera. Used either 120 or 620 film. The first camera I bought for myself was the brick - the Argus C-3. My first SLR was a Nikon Photomic F.
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