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  1. nipprdog

    Introducing the kon D 50 camera

    Thought it was funny that they butchered the name on the strap(D750) instead of switching it for a generic one.
  2. nipprdog

    Nikon TC-14E II

  3. nipprdog


    Try calling APS Nikon camera service and repair - Authorized Photo Service, Inc.
  4. nipprdog

    Nikon TC-14E II

  5. nipprdog

    Nikon TC-14E II

    Bump with final price drop.
  6. nipprdog

    Nikon TC-14E II

    Bump with price drop.
  7. nipprdog

    Am I missing something?

    Dianne, sounds like you had the same problem I had at my local track a few years ago. At many local tracks, 90-95% of the riders at any given race are the same ones. You shoot a few races, and get orders from those who want pics. And then you're done. Those that would have ordered, ordered. The...
  8. nipprdog

    Nikon 300/F4

    Bought this back in 2007 from a Café member. Shot sports with for a year before I got a 300 2.8. Only been used a few times in the last 8 years. Also have a Hoya Super HMC Pro1 uv filter for it. $500 shipped with filter. $450 without filter. I don't have paypal, so payment will have to be US...
  9. nipprdog

    Nikon TC-14E II

    I bought this new back in 2008. I used it maybe a dozen times for a couple years. Been sitting in safe for last 6 years. It has one minor nick right above the word "made". Other than that, it is spotless. Have box and manual also. $200 shipped. I don't have paypal, so payment will have to be US...
  10. nipprdog

    Nikon 85 1.8D SOLD

    Bought new around 2008. Shot some indoor basketball for a couple winters. Been sitting on safe since. Has a minor ding as seen in photo that doesn't affect performance. Comes with HN-23 lens hood. Also have box and manual. $275 shipped. I don't have paypal, so payment will have to be US postal...
  11. nipprdog

    The story of the Earthrise photo
  12. nipprdog

    Wedding photographer didn't back up!

    So they're going to find out in the news??? :sour:
  13. nipprdog

    OT: 2014 MotoGP Season

    Agreed. I go on Fridays. At some of the turns you can shoot through the slots cut in the fences that the press guys use, but they're not usng them on Friday.
  14. nipprdog

    OT: 2014 MotoGP Season

    Marquez proved that he is the real deal. From Indy last year; Also, how about Rossi's performance. Haven't seen that for a few years.
  15. nipprdog

    Changes to the NASCAR Chase

    And that's wrong. IMO. ;)
  16. nipprdog

    Fcc vote to end landlines !! Are they crazy?

    Can't read the article because it requires log in, but it sounds scary.
  17. nipprdog

    A true hero (y)
  18. nipprdog

    Nikon Repair Problems

    Nikon service used to be great. Those days are gone. APS is the way to go.
  19. nipprdog

    Post your best/favorite 2013 photos

    The one shot I wanted to get this year was of Marc Marquez dragging his elbows at the Indy MotoGP. I was very happy when I got these; :D
  20. nipprdog

    Funny video of a baby laughing in his sleep! :biggrin:
  21. nipprdog

    Pen for autographs on glossy photos?

    Be sure to get the acid free ones. :wink:
  22. nipprdog

    Change your copyright info in camera....

    Got it. Fixed it. Thank you. :biggrin:
  23. nipprdog

    Change your copyright info in camera....

    My copyright has my name, but no date??????? What am I missing??
  24. nipprdog

    Change your copyright info in camera....

    I just checked my D300S that I've owned for a few years, and have never changed any date settings, and it says 1/4/2013. :confused:
  25. nipprdog

    Black Bear Photographer

    Got something to support your claim?
  26. nipprdog

    Microstock possiblities...?

  27. nipprdog

    People rescue bear cubs with a ladder

    Cubs get trapped in a dumpster, and some people help them out...
  28. nipprdog

    Selling prints

    Good point. Sorry to be the nay sayer, but you can't create a web site, and expect sales, unless you're a National or World reknowned photographer. It doesn't happen. Its not going to happen. Changing your hosting site will not change that. I've sold over $35,000 in a few years on...
  29. nipprdog

    Katy Perry performs a duet with a girl with autism

    I saw this posted on another forum about it; Agreed.
  30. nipprdog

    Katy Perry performs a duet with a girl with autism :biggrin:
  31. nipprdog

    A Love Story In 22 Pictures
  32. nipprdog

    My 50mm is dying... how to go out with a bang?

    My flip phone died a few months ago, one month after the warranty expired. So, I took it to the rifle range; :biggrin:
  33. nipprdog

    Strategy for Event Shoot as Amateur

    Not a good idea if you're going to be mobile in a crowd. Monopod would be a better choice, if you need support.
  34. nipprdog

    Nikon Inc. in Melville has an "F" rating from the BBB

    They used to be good. Not anymore. I will never send anything to them ever again. I only use from now own.
  35. nipprdog

    OT: Red Dot Sight suggestions

    As posted earlier, I will get the PA micro dot when they become available, but in the meantime, I have a 30mm Truglo($40) that I sometimes put on on my 10/22, on my MKII pistol;
  36. nipprdog

    OT: Red Dot Sight suggestions

    Agreed. Take a look at this micro dot model from Primary Arms; A shooting buddy has one on his 22/45, and they make a nice combo. I recently had a scope rail put on my MKII MK678, with the intentions of puting...
  37. nipprdog

    I find it funny that....

    Or 2-stroke motorcycles sounding like 4-strokes, and vica versa.:wink:
  38. nipprdog

    How would you respond?

    Considering what Google is worth, if you're not being paid thousands of dollars for those ten images, ............................
  39. nipprdog

    2 of these found on the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

    How about ABC;
  40. nipprdog

    2 of these found on the bottom of the Baltic Sea.
  41. nipprdog

    Fotoshop for the masses

    Adobe'. :biggrin:
  42. nipprdog

    Post your single favorite photo of 2011

    Rossi and Stoner at Indy;
  43. nipprdog

    First Video of A SINGLE photon of light moving

    Not to mention, no lens hood. :biggrin: But seriously, cool stuff.
  44. nipprdog

    Smugmug "Stop Censorship"
  45. nipprdog

    Where would you sell equipment if you refuse to use ebay and paypal?

    Worth repeating. You take your USPS MO to the PO. Cash it. Ship package. No wait. No fee. It really is that simple. :wink:
  46. nipprdog

    RIP, Marco Simoncelli

    RIP, Marcos. From Indy, this year; Sadly, he was really getting up to speed this season.
  47. nipprdog

    Nikon Frustrations (Update)

    That no longer works with Nikon. They have sold out. You used to be able to talk with someone at Melville. Those days are gone. Your best bet is to send it to APS in Illinois.
  48. nipprdog

    US open women final

    Didn't affect me since I haven't had the time to follow it, but you might want to include a "spoiler alert' in the future. :biggrin: But then, if I had been following it, I wouldn't have clicked on this thread. :wink:
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