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    Battery Grip question

    On the battery grip for the d300, does the original battery go in the camera, then the additional batteey go in the grip? If this is the case, you'd have to take the grip off each time to access the camera battery to charge it, correct?
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    Help with a film scanner

    Cheers from KC! I have been thinking about getting a film scanner to finally get my 35mm negatives to digital. I am looking for input from those who have one and have done this before me. Any input would be appreciated.
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    Finally got the SB-800!!!

    Got it Chris....Thanx!
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    Finally got the SB-800!!!

    Hmmm: reply Pm no reply Sorry to hikack your thread guys.....HEY CHRIS (aka phatnev) can you email me a tracking number for the lenses that are somewhere with UPS..... please.... pretty please.... I'm really trying to be nice.... Thanx, and sorry for...
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    Finally got the SB-800!!!

    Chris, you have a pm.....
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    Which lens is "The Beast?

    A quick sidenote: This photography thing with the wife is going kinda like a few years back when I took her Bass fishing on Toledo Bend for the first time....2 weeks later we had a Bass Boat :lol:
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    Which lens is "The Beast?

    Actually Rich, my experience with my wife and photography has been a very good one. She shot my D70 with both the 28-70 and the 70-200 while on vacation in Yellowstone and the Tetons last month and fell in love with both. Neither lens intimidated her. She got very comfortable with the monopod...
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    Do you clean your sensor?

    All this talk about gettin' your sensor cleaned and dustbunnies, heck, I thought you were gonna talk about skidmarks!
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    Which lens is "The Beast?

    +1 for the 28-70 as "The Beast" And it was UF that got most of us heading that as far as the 70-200, well I have that one also, and my wife named it.....she immediately looked at it and said"well, I guess size DOES matter!"
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    Electric Guitar Product Shots - Need Ideas

    Mark, the guys at do a great job of product shots for selling. He takes the shot of the guitar with a black background, I beleive a simple black blanket, then photoshops it completely when doing the pp so the guitar "jumps" out at you. This is especially cool if the body...
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    Back from the Tetons

    Well, we are back from Yellowstone and the Tetons and I have to say a big thanks to Terri French for some pointers and support for the trip This is one fabulous place! We shot 700+ images in a week, but haven't done any PP yet because we are installing a new pc and waiting on PS CS2 to arrive...
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    Thanx sent back atcha
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    OK Andy, here I have added the .jpg right before the [/img]
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    OK, first time trying to post a pic, can someone help get me fixed! LOL Thanx
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    Taken this past month at Grand Teton NP. This is the jpeg straight out of the camera. I shot raw+jpeg, but am installing a new pc and waiting to install PS CS2, so I haven't PP any pix yet. We wanted to get this shot at sunrise, but the 2 days we showed up for it the clouds wouldn't...
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    More from the Teton Valley

    Terri, Diana and I just got back from our week staying in Teton Village. We had a SUPER time for our first (of many more) times out there from KC. We actually did make the "trek" thru Teton Pass headed your way one evening to see the sunset from the other side of the range. It was fabulous. We...
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    Nikon TC-17

    Ya know, Gale, I bought mine US version, but if I had it to do over again I would probably buy the imported and save the money.....maybe that's a solution.
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    Nikon TC-17

    Bob, I just got back from a week at Yellowstone and the Tetons with that combo. I used it about 30% of the time, the rest was with "the Beast" 28-70. I have not gotten into PP yet as we are hooking up a new PC right now, but the images that I saw on my Epson P2000 looked pretty good, and it was...
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    Photoshop CS2 Purchase question

    Thanx guys. The commercial part will not partain to me anyway. I just started shooting RAW, and have done minimal PP on a " pirated" version of PS7, and really want to get into this in a big way, so I thought it was time to pony up some $$$ and get a legitamte version, but when I heard of the...
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    Photoshop CS2 Purchase question

    Ok, tonight I am looking to buy Photoshop CS2, and my oldest son comes by and tells me to go to a certain website where he purchases books and software. He is in his final year of Pharmacy School and gets a "student discount". I look at the site, find the software, a there is a very steep...
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    Am I bringing too much???

    Jeff, I think you will love the Epson P2000. I just returned from a week at Yellowstone and the Tetons and fell in love with it.
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    I go birding too! Chick shots (D70, 70-200 VR images)

    Jonathon.....nothing else I can say.........Yea, I'm in Missouri.... Now, for Uncle Frank....I don't think suspenders will work going "Commando" :twisted:
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    So...what's on YOUR Lust List?

    Man, I don't quite know how to start this, but here goes..... This is kinda like the time I took my wife Bass Fishing at Toledo Bend....after 3 days SHE was ready to buy a Bass Boat!..... Well, we just got back from 6 days at Yellowstone and the Tetons, so now she wants to be Ansel...
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    Harriman State Park - Idaho

    Hi Terri, I'm coming your way! We leave KC Friday morning for 10 days in Yellowstone and the Tetons, lenses in tow!
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    If you could photograph a special event, what would it be?

    Eric Clapton in concert.....again
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    A White Balance Question

    Ken, could you give me a basic "Expo Disc for Dummies"? I have seen this posted but have yet to use one...
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    D2x in the studio (image)

    Oh, I see...if you look at it long enough, a swimsuit does appear......LOL! Nice pic..
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    Epson P2000

    For anyone looking for this elusive product, shows that they are in stock.
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    # of shots on CF card

    Sorry, yes I will be shooting a D70
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    # of shots on CF card

    Just curious, and it's probably been talked about here before, but I couldn't find it in a many raw + jpeg files will a 1gb sandisk card hold?
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    28-70mm 2.8 on its way...

    Must have had my finger in "Burst" mode instead of single fire......
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    28-70mm 2.8 on its way...

    WOW! I feel like I'm on Star Trek or something...what happened with my reply?
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    28-70mm 2.8 on its way...

    Crystall, here is a link to the one that I found at the FM site. Funny, though....I could not find it doing a search, instead had to go back thru the posts to find it. Hope this helps. I am loving mine.
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    28-70mm 2.8 on its way...

    Daryl, where did you end up finding one? I looked for used for a couple of weeks, then bought a new one, then 2 days later 2 showed up used again....go figure
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    Some studies in light: Yosemite

    Outstanding....Man, stuff like this takes my breath away! I hope do get to Yosemite next year, We are headed to Yellowstone and Grand Teton in 2 weeks.
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    Canon 500D.....

    I have a question about close up filters. The one I have seen the most info about is the Canon 500D. I am interested in using one with my 70-200 2.8, which has the 77mm thread. My question is this: Can someone explain the differences in X factor with the 500D vs a set of filters with +1, +2...
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    OTG Storage...Nikon CoolWalker

    Thanx Ken. That was the thread that I was speaking of. I see that you and a few others have received yours, so I'll keep up with your results. Mainly here my question was if anyone actually had used the CoolWalker because my lovely Wife specifically wants one....go figure.
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    I think I'm done

    NO! (Sell your Wife, but keep the guitar) .....
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    OTG Storage...Nikon CoolWalker

    In another thread there was some discussion of On The Go storage devices. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with the Nikon CoolWalker?
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    Circular Polorizer for 70-200

    Cheers from KC.... I was just thinking about ordering a CP for my 70-200 2.8VR and was wondering what those of you that have this lens use?
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    Nikon Cafe Merchandise For Sale! (link)

    I was just wonderin' come the mouse pads cost more than the ain't just ain't
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    A drive over Teton Pass

    Terri, you are REALLY making my day! When I saw this post I had to look. We are coming your way June 11th, actually gonna stay in the JH area. It will be our first time at either Teton or Yellowstone, so we are really looking forward to it. By the way,, NICE PIX! See Ya....
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    Why did the alligator cross the road

    Jeff, nice stuff! I have the 70-200, and have loved it. I just took delivery of my 28-70 2.8 "Beast", as UF says, and just ordered the 17. I did RMNP in Colorado last fall, my first shoot with the 70-200, and wish now that I had the TC then. By the way, Those are my old stomping grounds...
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    Nikon Cafe Merchandise For Sale! (link)

    Hats, I don't see the Hats.....
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    Grand Teton and Yellowstone in June

    Wow! First I get a 28-70 2.8 to go with my D70 and 70-200 2.8, now we are goung to Grand Teton and Yellowstome National Parks for 10 days starting June 11th. Never been there, so could someone let me know what I am in for? cheers from KC
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    A Filter Question....Hey Uncle Frank!

    Dude, I'm gettin' a .....28-70 2.8! Now I have a question for you, or anyone else that would chime in, about filters. I at least want to put on a filter for protection, correct, maybe a UV, etc? Or, is there another "all purpose" filter that I should be looking at? Thanx in...
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    Roll Call!

    I know that it says under our avatr where we live, but I thought this thread might give some "personality" to some of the newer faces around, like myself. Some of the people here I'm sure have known each other for a while, but this forum has turned into a wealth of info and knowledge for me so I...
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    Lazy hour with my newest Toy

    Dude, is that little red M & M guy flippin' us off? LOL cheers from KC
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    Image Size question where is that key...... Hey tex, yea, it's NR's home town. Super cool guy. When I was growing up he was our paperboy. Then he grew up, found girls, and married a good friend of mine's sister, Ruth. Just a normal guy to hang with, likes all the normal things we...
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    Wow, OU, North Texas, Cotton THERE'S a football mess 'a brewin'.....
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