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  1. Maestrodawg1

    What makes a (professional) photographer? (long rant)

    Part of being a professional is acting like a professional. Something it seems he is not.
  2. Maestrodawg1

    O.T. Knife lovers...

    You could start looking here: Or better yet join a forum! http:/ To the first. I'm sorry. To the second, this is a photography forum yes? I'd love to seem...
  3. Maestrodawg1

    A cheeky shot

    The vast majority of responses I'm reading look quite a bit negative or sarcastic. No one is commenting on the actual photo but just the content only. Nothing on framing, B&W rendition, lighting etc, etc, etc. There's photos around here that are far more revealing and risky than this and they...
  4. Maestrodawg1

    LR5 to G+ Finally I get to answer an adobe question
  5. Maestrodawg1

    George Steinmetz arrested while shooting for Nat Geo in....

    Re-read angry farmer. Never, ever, ever, mess with a farmer. I'm on your side.... Farmers were the people who started the War of Independence, defended the Country during the same War, and generally built the foundation of this Country. (Re-read all my posts) I'm not at all surprised the...
  6. Maestrodawg1

    Review Tamron SP 70-300 VC USD - First Impressions (lots of images)

    I missed this post somehow. It's gotta be Christmas somewhere in the world right? The photos from this thread are generally impressive for the lens type.
  7. Maestrodawg1

    A cheeky shot

    John, some photos hit a puritanical streak in some of us Americans. The photo comes across to some as voyeuristic and you're getting responses based on that certain perception. Your photo's going to provoke a strong response from some people. Hence the model release question. A bit of dry...
  8. Maestrodawg1

    S & J - Engagement

    I don't know them at all. But I can clearly tell from these photos that they belong together. Good for them. Great job to you.
  9. Maestrodawg1

    George Steinmetz arrested while shooting for Nat Geo in....

    Never, ever, ever, ever mess with a farmer. More dangerous and stupid than robbing a bank with a platoon of armed Marines present.
  10. Maestrodawg1

    First Wedding Tomorrow and im nervous...

    Yeah not following coordinator/or ceremony venue bosses (priest rabbi judge etc) I a quick way to kill your business because you'll be asked to leave and never come back. One of the reasons I'm so big on 1.4 lenses.
  11. Maestrodawg1

    O.T. Knife lovers...

    When you get in an order it's like waiting for B&H to deliver the D800 when it first came out only times 10. That's how well liked he is. He's invited several people to his business when they're in Hawaii.
  12. Maestrodawg1

    George Steinmetz arrested while shooting for Nat Geo in....

    I know only Florida and Michigan laws. But in both of those States the title of the Statue (paraphrasing) trespass after warning. Which would include a sign or verbal statement from a property owner or law enforcement acting on the owner's behalf. Weird thing is most police will give that...
  13. Maestrodawg1

    George Steinmetz arrested while shooting for Nat Geo in....

    Long cultural memory, historical legal rights, one of the issues that started the War of Independence. Property ownership was so important it was incorporated into the Bill of Rights in the 5th amendment.
  14. Maestrodawg1

    First glimmer of 2013 D400?

    We thank you.
  15. Maestrodawg1

    O.T. Knife lovers...

    Hmmmm, lefty you say? Put in an order to Tom Mayo. He makes them lefties well. Takes a llllloooooonnnnngggg time to get one but it's well worth it.
  16. Maestrodawg1

    A cheeky shot

    And hasn't these points been discussed ad naseum in these forums? It looks like it was photographed in Britain where cultural norms are a bit different. The world isn't full of Americans and American cultural norms...:rolleyes: In so far as the picture is concerned I like it. The B&W is an...
  17. Maestrodawg1

    Another Texas Summer Wedding with a Dance Party Finish

    My first criticism of your stuff. On 13 the middle one I think should be proceed differently. It creates an imbalance by making it color, same color, B&W. Question on the reception photos. Did you use rear or front curtain flash and how was the flash set up? Enquiring minds want to know.
  18. Maestrodawg1

    First glimmer of 2013 D400?

    Yep. I've wanted a 300mm f/4 for hiking for a long long time. I've avoided getting the current version because I've been hoping for an updated version.
  19. Maestrodawg1

    Hours of work

    That's a painting from a blank palette? That's not great, tat's amazing. Is she a real person though?
  20. Maestrodawg1

    The All-Inclusive Mirrorless Picture Thread - Part II

    I'm not all that into art filters, but these qualify as just totally cool.
  21. Maestrodawg1

    George Steinmetz arrested while shooting for Nat Geo in....

    Legit concern. See Chicago tylenol murder case. Safety of the food chain and water supply is one of the highest concerns. There is no easier way to attack an entire population than thru food and water. The CDC would be the primary response team for civilian bio-terrorism events (IIRC they...
  22. Maestrodawg1

    O.T. Knife lovers...

    Grand Praire Knives is a very well respected business. PiterM is another knife expert here. Personally speaking if you are buying it for collector item, you won't get you money back. But if you're considering it as a carry piece then absolutely. I used to love buying and selling custom...
  23. Maestrodawg1

    George Steinmetz arrested while shooting for Nat Geo in....

    Well they trespassed when they drove onto someone else's property. So the case is a no brainer. They did something he shouldn't have done. Nat Geo photographer or not. Plea to a non criminal offense, pay the fine and move on. Now if he launched from a place where he was entitled to be that...
  24. Maestrodawg1

    I have no musical talents of any kind ...

    Prodigies come along ever so often. That's amazing. I used to be a competitive piano player as a kid, and I don't think I could have even attempted to play that until age 11 or so. Most kinds at that age are working on keeping the PB&J in their mouth than on their clothes and faces.
  25. Maestrodawg1

    First glimmer of 2013 D400?

    I swear that website is nothing more than part of Nikon marketing. If you go back and look at previous announcements this is exactly how they start. Although he's been wrong on some minor details.
  26. Maestrodawg1

    same-sex destination wedding..

    Oh yeah that's right. I forgot too. Still stand by my statement though.
  27. Maestrodawg1

    Question about Exposure Compensation

    But here's the debate in this thread. Is it better to meter for the highlights keeping those details and recover the shadows or the other way around. Personally speaking between the DR of the D800 and Lightroom, the setup is better at recovering shadow detail than trying to recover detail in...
  28. Maestrodawg1

    same-sex destination wedding..

    I like the picture as a picture because I love women's eyes. is a little out of context. These days wedding expectations are supposed to tell a story. Generally wedding photography has long done away with set piece portraits (although still generally necessary to the package) and...
  29. Maestrodawg1

    Best Prank EVER!

    Or maybe his girlfriend has a great sense of humor and it will be legend into a long life together. Geez you some of you guys are hard. This would totally be something I would do to my wife.
  30. Maestrodawg1

    Nikon 35mm f2

    Great lens. Used it for years until I got the newer 1.4 version. Solid performer. As stated check for oil on the blades but I did a quick google fu and found out that it's an easy fix if you're handy with a small screw driver set.
  31. Maestrodawg1

    Seeking suggestions on which body/lens I should use at a wedding...

    Welcome to the world of wedding photography where plans must be made for no flash at the wedding ceremony. Any of your f/4 lenses should be plenty fast enough because for most shots the people generally don't move all that fast. Now the recessional is a different story. The maids and bride...
  32. Maestrodawg1

    Wide angle dilemma

    The 14-24 has a lot more utility than some seem to think. It can be used in a wider variety of subject material than just landscapes. I've even seen a lot of sports photographs lug it around for the wide angle close up perspective.
  33. Maestrodawg1

    Wide angle dilemma

    Zeiss 18, 21, and 25 are other options, 15mm is unrealistically expensive. I really like the 14-24 as well except for that hug he bulge, but the results are always amazing.
  34. Maestrodawg1

    Updated: A new friend emerges Now with pics.

    You're better than me. It took me two solid years to bring our fur friend family back up to 3 after Maestro died.
  35. Maestrodawg1

    Water Drop Refractions - second attempt

    I sure do like them. It seems like you have to work real hard and be real precise to make sure there aren't any extraneous elements (including the camera) in the water drop.
  36. Maestrodawg1

    Cades Cove Picture Bust

    Shoot in jpeg, precisely set WB for ambient tungsten lighting, and then use a flash. OOPS! Last time I shot a wedding jpeg only.
  37. Maestrodawg1

    Question about Exposure Compensation

    No sorry I ment the OP got confused
  38. Maestrodawg1

    One Leica or a lot of other cameras? Infographic.

    And here I was under some sort of delusion that Leica was going to come up with some type of true Mini M. You know something scaled down from their flagship model. Something to combat the encroachment of Fuji, NEX, and u4/3 crowd. Still scratching my head. It's not an M.
  39. Maestrodawg1

    Question about Exposure Compensation

    Scratching my head. Set it to manual and keep auto ISO on. Exposure compensation does effect what ISO is set. Am I missing something? And a lot more than just that. Without being a smart a$$, can I recommend a book? Bryan Peterson "Understanding Exposure."
  40. Maestrodawg1

    Seeking suggestions on which body/lens I should use at a wedding...

    If you insist, it really depends on the venue where you're getting married. In a standard church take your D700 with the 70-300 as long as it isn't super dark. And then also take your Fuji for aisle pictures. If it's a more close, or intimate setting use the 24-120. I've known several pro...
  41. Maestrodawg1

    Lexus IS F

    I love the lines of the car. My friend bought one and it's so deceptively fast. Trying using a circular polarizer to cut down on the high polish reflections.
  42. Maestrodawg1

    Man and Dog

    Funny and tragic all at the same time. Funny cause the dog is all dressed up. Tragic because the dog is all dressed up. What's the old adage about a dog and it's owner can resemble each other? That's awesome.
  43. Maestrodawg1

    Zeiss Lenses, Who's Used Them?

    Built like a tank too.
  44. Maestrodawg1

    Burning a hole in my pocket

    Fuji's have focus peaking now. Sweet feature. Ibis I think is needed the smaller the sensor goes. Moving LCD? For me that's just a part waiting for me to break. I've been watching the smaller form factor systems since Panasonic came out with the first system. I've always wanted one but...
  45. Maestrodawg1

    Cades Cove Picture Bust

    Nah these are great. Just post them in the abstract section and pretend you ment to do it on purpose! But seriously this is the number one reason that I keep my camera in program mode and auto ISO as it's primary "resting" state. Just in case I run across something rapid fire just like this...
  46. Maestrodawg1

    Question about Exposure Compensation

    Maybe, but it's a good discussion anyway don't you think?
  47. Maestrodawg1

    Fred Miranda

    Email them. It's up and running for me just fine.
  48. Maestrodawg1

    Question about Exposure Compensation

    Yes. Very, very true. I was though answering the initial question which didn't include auto ISO. I use this technique regularly myself, especially with photographing musicals. Isn't this what I said? Everything is a compromise with exposure? He's simply talking about exposing to the...
  49. Maestrodawg1

    Shooting fireworks with the 800?

    Excellant work! I viewed fireworks from a rocking boat last night so I didn't get anything as great as these. Faster shutter speeds make for boring firework photos.
  50. Maestrodawg1

    Question about Exposure Compensation

    Um, your comments a bit crude when I asked a question seeking information. When you shoot RAW, as you should if your being paid anything but a pittance at a wedding, everything needs "fixing" in post processing. And your D300 may be unforgiving of underexposure but your D300 is useless when...
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