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  1. MikeMcA²

    Nikon Z6 - Image & Discussion Thread

    Picked up the Z 6 yesterday. So glad to be able to use Nikkor lenses with a mirrorless body. First two images shot with 70-200 f/2.8 and the moon with 400 f/2.8. So far, impressed with resolution and function. Still want to test AF tracking and acquisition.
  2. MikeMcA²

    My New Sonata

    Thanks. They've engineered a very low coefficient of drag into these cars. 274 HP car that gets 32MPG on the highway.
  3. MikeMcA²

    My New Sonata

    2013 Sonata SE 2.0T. Fun car.
  4. MikeMcA²

    Chicago Sun Times lays off entire photo staff

    The buying (clicking) public demands sensationalism. It's hard for a newspaper to compete for the buyers' attention with all those silly journalistic restrictions such as sourcing, validation, and trying to deal in fact rather than hyped-up opinion and insinuation. Crowd-sourced, narcissistic...
  5. MikeMcA²

    Brood II

    Thanks all. Was at an outdoor wedding today and one kid was running around with like 20 of the early-stage cicadas hanging from the front of his shirt. Girls didn't really dig him.
  6. MikeMcA²

    Scale RC from TopGun 2013

    Wow, that ME 262 is awesome. Great work!
  7. MikeMcA²

    NYC artist's secret photos raise privacy issues

    That is exceptionally creepy. People seem to think they are entitled to do to others what they would hate having done to them.
  8. MikeMcA²

    Brood II

    Swarmaggedon (or at least its scouts) has finally arrived. Shot with extension tubes, 70-200 VR-I, and D3, f8 @ 1/100th SS.
  9. MikeMcA²

    Read the Fine Print... (rant)

    I never expected this "read the fine print" to apply to family practice. Just had a physical three weeks ago, and during the physical the doctor asked "is there anything that bugs you? Anything we haven't discussed? How do you feel in general?" Seemed a normal question, so I said "yeah...
  10. MikeMcA²

    Top Gun 2013 RC Jets and Planes

    Very well done! Fabrication and photos are excellent!
  11. MikeMcA²

    WARNING !!!! Do not photograph a color run...heres why!!!

    We spend billions cleaning up pollution so people can do this to themselves on purpose? SMH
  12. MikeMcA²

    Copyright question for informal events

    This is what I've seen, as well. To be granted media credentials, the organization supplying credentials and thereby access to the event/venue require copies of all images which they can then use for future advertising and media releases. Copyright is retained by the photographer for other...
  13. MikeMcA²

    Occoquan National Wildlife Refuge in VA...Ospreys

    Very nice, Sal. May have to head up there one morning!.
  14. MikeMcA²


    Inspiring. Both through mastery of the technique and the endurance of spirit. Glad I came here to see this. Thanks.
  15. MikeMcA²

    Herons of the Rappahannock

    Don't do much bird photography, but got out today to shoot some of the probably dozen or more great blue heron that hang out by the Rt 1 bridge over the Rappahannock in Fredericksburg. Dingy and overcast, but a fun morning out. 1. 2. 3.
  16. MikeMcA²

    Motorcycle Riders Thread

    Thanks! Best time has been 10.14 @ 131 mph. Slow for a new age sport bike, but quick for a heavy ol' Softail. Motor is @ 121 Cu. In. putting out 157 HP.
  17. MikeMcA²

    Ashamed of the "Boston" News Media

    It was clearly "terrorism", whatever that means in this age. Used to be the application of violence to achieve a political goal, but in today's world of asynchronous threats, there may not be an actual "politic" associated. Oh well. Look at the older brother's Youtube site and other social...
  18. MikeMcA²

    Motorcycle Riders Thread

    Just some basic shots, but I ride 'em all 2003 FLHT 2011 FLTRU 2000 FLSTF dragbike
  19. MikeMcA²

    Interesting New Threat - Hacked Cameras

    Something to be aware of.
  20. MikeMcA²

    Something...Part IV

    TIBM is a seascape... California coastline somewhere near Big Sur. TIBM is waiting to exhale
  21. MikeMcA²

    Audi R8

    Very nice! Love the conversions and that you worked with what you had to get some unique, detailed photos of this awesome ride.
  22. MikeMcA²

    Wheel Hop

    Incredible machines and the men and a few women that ride them. Yes, vests and kevlar cylinder head restraints have kept many alive since their adoption. Those heads lift with enough force to crush a man's chest when that nitro blows a 850-900 HP V-Twin motor apart. The sanction I raced...
  23. MikeMcA²

    Wheel Hop

    Thanks for the comments! Specs for the photo are: Nikon D3 400mm f/2.8 AFS-II ISO 320 1/800th at f/7.1 Aperture Priroity Taken at Rockingham Drag Strip, NC
  24. MikeMcA²

    Wheel Hop

    Thanks everyone! Great racing sanction and good people. Fun to shoot.
  25. MikeMcA²

    Wheel Hop

    Thanks! Yes, on this run he was able to get out of the throttle and maintain control. He's a tough kid. He has crashed that same bike at over 206 MPH.
  26. MikeMcA²

    Wheel Hop

    A Pro Fuel Harley about to get seriously out of shape when the clutch fully engages:
  27. MikeMcA²

    New iMac 27", anybody have one yet?

    Enjoy, Glenn!
  28. MikeMcA²

    New iMac 27", anybody have one yet?

    I have the late 2012 27" iMac and it has the same mini-headphone jack in the same place as the late 2008 24" iMac.
  29. MikeMcA²

    Football's saddest man

    Sure seemed extreme to us at the time lol. We even had a specific destination to a Canadian citizen's estate (we weren't just joy-riding) but they just said no. I know many Americans who have been denied access to Canada because of previous drunk driving, drug convictions, or other misdemeanor...
  30. MikeMcA²

    Football's saddest man

    It's just reciprocal. I've had friends denied entry to Canada because of a 23 year old DUI conviction.
  31. MikeMcA²

    'Five Changes For The Worse In Photography'

    Just not sure that's the trend. Used to be, we all worked hard to understand exposure, composition, and the art/mechanics behind creating a detailed, sharp, powerfully-expressive image because those were the only things published. We were motivated to be as good as or better than our heroes in...
  32. MikeMcA²

    Helmet For Walking

    Perhaps check with the neurologist when she's ready. As a victim of severe head trauma and traumatic brain injury, I think it's probably good to remember that concussion occurs on the inside of the skull, as the brain slams into the interior of the skull upon sudden acceleration (like when the...
  33. MikeMcA²

    I love the snow but hate.....

    In Northern VA, snow turns what is always a horrible commute into a prolonged parking experience. The worst snow driving experience I've had was in Seattle, which is hilly like San Francisco, but with icy, untreated roads. People literally abandon their cars on the interstate and walk home...
  34. MikeMcA²

    Your thoughts re: household printer

    Stephen, I have an Epson 3800, and was using an Epson R1800 as a daily home printer. Was killin' me on black toner :smile:. Just picked up a Brother MFC J4510DW about a month ago, and so far I really like it. It's an "all-in-one" inkjet with a wireless aircard. I have it linked to my...
  35. MikeMcA²

    The Story of Manti Te'o

    This generation has erased the clear line between famous and infamous. "There is no such thing as bad press" has never been more true.
  36. MikeMcA²

    New iMac 27", anybody have one yet?

    Yeah, this was a bit of overkill for me. Had I ordered online I would have gone with the high-end i5 and the 675 graphics card. But this one is what they had and the additional cost, when amortized over the life of the unit was negligible. Plus, there's some vagueness to delivery times for...
  37. MikeMcA²

    New iMac 27", anybody have one yet?

    Just replaced my 2008 iMac 24 with this incredible 27". Needed more than the maxed out 4GB RAM to run VMWare Fusion with a Win 7 VM. Walked in to the Apple store at Tysons Corner and they said, "Man, we only have a high-end model of the new iMac left." Awww...exactly what I wanted...
  38. MikeMcA²

    Shay Locomotive

    Very nice. Great memories of riding the Shays at Cass Scenic Railroad in WV.
  39. MikeMcA²

    Cass Scenic Railroad

    Thanks all. It was well worth the trip. Friendly people, cool old machinery, and nice views.
  40. MikeMcA²

    SRT-8 392 Challenger

    Very nice. Love my 2010 SRT 8.
  41. MikeMcA²

    Cass Scenic Railroad

    Had a nice Columbus Day weekend trip to Cass, WV and road the Shay "Western Maryland #6", an old early 20th Century Shay direct-gear driven steam logging train. Cool place, nice folks, and a fun experience.
  42. MikeMcA²

    My New Daily Driver

    Thanks Brad and Michael. It's a little decadent, but a lot of fun. :biggrin:
  43. MikeMcA²

    My New Daily Driver

    Been in love with E Body Mopars since my 1970 440 Six-Pack 'Cuda. Finally able to afford a modern version. 2010 SRT8, 6.1L, 6-Speed manual. Fun car for this old dude. Hauled out the camera to get some shots.
  44. MikeMcA²

    Been a while . . Here goes . . !

    Still got it Jason. Good to see you out shooting. Hope all is well.
  45. MikeMcA²

    Advice: Shooting at a drag strip.

    Answered your post in the General section. Have fun. One thing I didn't add, is don't just do "panning" shots. They work, but for other effects you need a higher shutter speed. Explosions, heat waves from the exhaust, flying parts, etc. require faster shutter speed. Mix it up. Decide...
  46. MikeMcA²

    Advice: Shooting at a drag strip.

    I came in late to see the terms, but remember that the MIR ownership owns the property and has a right to set vendor fees for anyone conducting business on their property. Those hawking t-shirts, selling soda, or selling drag racing parts and tools pay a fee for setting up their vendor spaces...
  47. MikeMcA²

    Let's see a picture of your dog.

    Dante loved a good dinosaur show. He passed about a year ago.
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