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  1. jac0224

    [EXPIRED] Nikon 20 f/2.8D and 28-105 3.5-4.5

    Is your 28-105 available?
  2. jac0224

    'Downgrade' D300 to D90 or D60 (gasp!)

    Sorry, guys/gals, work this week kiiiiilllllled me and I haven't been able to get back here. Great suggestions all. I've tried the S90, but find the shutter lag is just enough that I get the kids as they 'walk' out of the frame! I have changed the strap to a Tamrac 'bungee' type that works...
  3. jac0224

    'Downgrade' D300 to D90 or D60 (gasp!)

    :confused:Absolutely love my D300 and will continue to use it for 'local' outings. Particularily the OOC jpegs are fantastic from base iso to arouind 1600 (I try to stay below 800). Travel is another story.... I find myself chasing my 2 little kids with a brick around my neck getting a little...
  4. jac0224

    If you weren't already invested would you

    Hopefully some Nikon folks will get wind of the consumer feelings towards the prices and lineup, but unfortunately, I don't think they will....
  5. jac0224

    24-120 AF-D (non-VR) / 28-200 AF-D vs. 28-105

    Does anyone else enjoy using these "older" lenses? I just picked them both up from a friend and really enjoy the feel of them on my D300. Something about the construction vs. the newer plastic counterparts. Also, the colors seem a little more "real." Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love my...
  6. jac0224

    Anybody prematurely considering the hypothetical upgraded 70-200?

    +1, good, honest and reputable....
  7. jac0224

    A couple with my Sig 120-300 and a 2XTC

    #2 is awesome!
  8. jac0224

    White mountains from The Rocks...

    Great pics. Have you been over to the Robert Frost museum in Franconia? Its worth the trip to visit along with the Sugar Hill Museum, Polly's Pancake Parlor and the Notch....
  9. jac0224

    New Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 waiting at my desk when I came to work!

    Congrats on getting a good one! I have had mine for about 6 months and use it for travel and casual pics of my kids. It is a great all around lens.
  10. jac0224

    Oly as a second system???

    Ok, I don't want to carry two systems, but the Oly EP-1 is very tempting for the wife while travelling. She is not into the dSLR stuff, but the little P&S she carries just isn't cutting it either. I will continue to use my Nikon gear, but she wants a small "system" now too. We tried a D40...
  11. jac0224

    Are you guys following the olympus EP-1 threads in dpr?

    Unfortunately, me too! I am just starting at looking at an Oly system, but don't know too much about their quality, etc.... Looking for a small setup for the wife while travelling (I'll keep my Nikon equipment, thank you very much). Does anyone know much about Oly quality, IQ, lenses, etc? I...
  12. jac0224

    Walkaround FX bag

    Mark, I hear you on the million bag but need one more thing! Well the one more I just got was a Think Tank Speed Freak. All I can say is WOW! Think Tank products are expensive, but you get what you pay for. The SF is a waist bag with a shoulder strap. I tuck the belt away behind a panel...
  13. jac0224

    Reverse of lens lust

    another sell the 80-200 vote
  14. jac0224

    Showcase Nikon 300mm f/2.8 AFS VR

    I bet that left a mark....
  15. jac0224

    Sigma 50-150mm F2.8 HSM II: The Official Thread (aka Little Sigma That Could)

    Just spent 3 days walking around Disneyland with the Sigma and a Nikon 18-35 on a D300. Will post some shots later, but find this combo excellent for walking around with the family. The Sigma took care of 90% of the shots and the Nikon was good for closeups with the characters. Next time...
  16. jac0224

    Sigma 120-400, Nikon 80-400 on D300/D700??

    Anyone with some thoughts? Can't find much info out there on the Sigma. Does anyone use it on a D300/D700? Used to have the Nikon 80-400VR and used it with a D200. Too slow, so it had to go. Have moved to the D300 and looking at the D700 and was wondering if the 80-400 would react that much...
  17. jac0224

    Thinking about a Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 EX DC HSM II

    I have found the 50-150 to be the perfect size/weight and all around package for travel w/ my family. I have the D300 and carry this lens, the Sigma 10-20 and Nikon 35 f2 as my "travel kit." I love my Nikon 70-200, but find the size/weight a little much for travelling. The Sigma just "feels"...
  18. jac0224

    Lusting after 85/1.4, 105/2 DC, 135/2 DC

    +1 on the 85 and 135 combo. Have it and love them both.....
  19. jac0224

    Think Tank ANTIDOTE vs. Acceleration

    Ted, That is great. Thank you for your time. The pics aren't bad either ;) Just want to confirm that this is the Accleration and the Addicted. Right? Also, your acceleration is V1.0, right? I'm thinking the acceleration will meet my needs (for now), so I just want to compare the...
  20. jac0224

    Think Tank ANTIDOTE vs. Acceleration

    Ted, You definately need the space under seat! I'm 6 even, and even I get way uncomfortable ;). The idea of the modulus system in the pack is pretty good, but unfortunately I can't take credit. The Think Tank website is a wealth of information and it was noted on there under the Antidote...
  21. jac0224

    Think Tank ANTIDOTE vs. Acceleration

    Ted, A side by side would be fantastic! Even if they are both just empty.... My biggest concern is that the Accleration wouldn't fit in regional overhead compartments. Granted, I don't travel on regional airlines that often, but if I do.... Have you used your Accleration under seat...
  22. jac0224

    Think Tank ANTIDOTE vs. Acceleration

    Hey, all, I was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to try one or both of these backpacks. I'm looking for a backpack for cross country trips, just to get my gear from A to B. I have a shoulder bag for after I get to my destination already. I have physically seen the Addicted and...
  23. jac0224

    D300 letdown :(

    Sorry to hear about this. I resolved to using Ebay for purchasing used CD's and that's about it. Now that the For Sale forum is back, you should be able to get an honest deal here. Good luck and don't beat yourself up too much....
  24. jac0224

    Most of my gear stolen; Need help deciding what to re-buy

    Sorry to hear about your loss. The same thing happened to me in November of 2007. Luckily noone hurt, but camera, lens and accessories gone. Either way, I had the replacement cost rider also. The good thing is that the insurance will give you a payout for the replacement cost and they don't...
  25. jac0224

    A Walk Down the Pier w/300 2.8...

    Love the last one. This lens is magical in the right hands.
  26. jac0224

    Sigma 150mm Macro, any opinions?

    I have the 150 and love, love, love it. Fast, sharp and easy to shoot.
  27. jac0224

    I have a new old lens!!!!

    Great find. Congrats!
  28. jac0224

    New lens for me

    Beautiful piece of glass.......oh, the beauty! Enjoy!!!
  29. jac0224

    Looking for a camera case on wheels

    I also have the 1510 and use it to transport gear in the car (think roadtrip or car vacation). I then use a shoulder bag to carry stuff during the day. The TT bags/rollers are second to none, but are expensive. Pelican is great, but in a different way - kind of industrial if you will.
  30. jac0224

    Think Tank Airport International V2 Review

    thanks for the review. TT products are definately top notch. I love my UD50 and have been toying with a roller...
  31. jac0224

    Breaking in the new 500VR

    Wade, Spectacular shots! Glad you got the 500 as now we'll see some of the handheld magic... BTW, thanks for taking time to speak with me a few wks ago about the 300 2.8. I decided to hold out for awhile, but will pull the trigger....eventually. Also, too bad about the Cards, but one heck...
  32. jac0224


    Randy, LOL is right! Great capture.
  33. jac0224

    Showcase Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8

    I have really enjoyed using this lens and have found the quality of pictures way above average. The size is incredible for travel.
  34. jac0224

    Well it's 2/2/09 Where's the Hike?

    Well, the "rumor" convinced me to move on a 135.......guess I needed a push, too!
  35. jac0224


    #1 is amazing!
  36. jac0224

    Broken Social Scene - Lots of images

    Great shots! Love the "floors" one. The live shots are damn good too!
  37. jac0224

    This is why I got the 300 2.8 VR

    Those cardinal shots are amazing (and I don't mean the football team)!
  38. jac0224

    Circuit City liquidation now at 20% off list

    By the time the prices become "good," most of the stuff we're looking for will be gone, unfortunately.
  39. jac0224

    Just pulled a $3500 trigger - HELP!

    Yep, it was. I always wondered how to spell Bwahahahahaha! Great!
  40. jac0224

    Bad economy: good cookies (105VR)

    mmmmmmmm.....cooooookies.... Both shots are great (the plain chocolate chip and the M&M cookies). A secretary would be nice, but a cookie would be less expensive in the long run....or so says the wife.
  41. jac0224

    85mm 1.8 Used lens?

    You paid the "right" price. Now the waiting begins!
  42. jac0224

    Nikon35-70 2.8, Tamron28-70 2.8 or 50mm 1.8?

    Too bad on the rotating front / no starter issue. I love my 35-70. It just feels right. The 85 1/8 may suite you right, though.
  43. jac0224

    Thinktank Streetwalker Harddrive

    I just checked this one out at a local store recently and am intrigued. I love TT products, but don't really "need" another backpack at this time. If I was in the market, this one and the SW Pro would be on the short list.
  44. jac0224

    What bag..two cameras..lenses? Thanks all!! Ordered the...

    Glad you made a decision! Definately report back when it arrives and you check it out a bit. I recently ordered the Tenba insert and I'm going to try that in my Mountainsmith DayPack. It is a great bag, will hold my 70-200 (or 300 f4) with D300 mounted straight up, and two other similar...
  45. jac0224

    What bag..two cameras..lenses? Thanks all!! Ordered the...

    I've checked both of these bags out recently and they will handle your equip. The UD line is great. I have the UD50 and really have to try NOT to use it. It is that comfortable and user friendly. You may pay a little more for Think Tank, but they are worth every penny.
  46. jac0224

    Long lens question

    +1, spot on. I had the 80-400, but sold it b/c the focus was just frustrating for me and my usage (kid shots). The IQ was great, but again, overcast day and you would just go crazy. The 70-300VR is my travel lens b/c of its size. I usually am on family vacations (not photo specific) and...
  47. jac0224

    Your favorite fast lens for small venues?

    20 2.8, 30 or 35, 50 1.4. Depends on how small the club is...
  48. jac0224

    Just pulled a $3500 trigger - HELP!

    Good choices. You're going to love the glass. Hopefully your wife will learn to love them as well!
  49. jac0224

    New D300 owner here

    Congrats on the D300. You are going to (unfortunately) forget about your D200 real soon.
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