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    Sell my D7000 and pick up a D600?

    I moved from a D7000 to D600--very easy transition. They pretty much share the same controls and I love the U1 and U2 user settings. Getting the better ISO performance is worth it. I also feel like there is a bit more dynamic range and I'm more easily able to rescue my photos in Lightroom. The...
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    70-200 F2.8 VR II & TC 20E III combo is great

    Those are amazing shots!
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    upgrading from a D80 to a D7000. Questions

    I upgraded from a D80 -> D7000... SUPER HAPPY. The improved ISO performance makes all the difference for me. I also like the intervalometer, saved user settings, fast AF, and video mode.
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    Domke F-3X?

    I like the F3-X. It's durable and looks great. The strap is probably one of the only downsides but that can be somewhat remedied by the bulky strap pad. I usually fit a d7000, 70-200, 17-50, SB-600/SB-800 and a prime.
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    Tamron 24-70mm VC - $1300???

    I find it to be super useful when shooting low light stills. I would also want to buy one to help minimize camera shake when doing DSLR video.
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    Tripod and head for travel

    I think the Benro Travel Angel series is worth looking at.
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    K20 Acura Integra

    Nice... but is the hood supposed to be slightly open or does it just not fit well?
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    Anyone tried the stereo shotgun video mic on ebay?

    That's what I also ended up purchasing. It's pretty good (light, big upgrade from the on camera mic, and somewhat directional).
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    Anyone tried the stereo shotgun video mic on ebay?

    Looks pretty much like any other DSLR stereo microphone. I like that this comes with an off-camera bracket. I bought one of these: "Azden High-performance(SMX-10) Stereo Condenser Microphone" and am quite happy with it.
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    My HKS IS300

    super nice!
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    new macbook air in june or july

    Just saw the Engadget Digitimes posts. Looking forward to these since the macbook air is in need of a power bump. -jeff
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    Bmw z4

    Super nice shot. My dad has one and it's gorgeous. what focal distance?
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    Lens hood for 70-200 vr I use the "generic 3 in 1". Works great.
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    My Subaru Legacy again

    Very nice shot and car. Any kind of aggressive post processing?
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    Best choice of lens for Nikon D7000

    My Tamron 17-50 f2.8 is still my most versatile and frequently used lens. Unfortunately, it has a lot of trouble autofocusing in the dark. I never had this issue on my D80.
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    new d7000!!!

    Just got mine too. The High ISO capabilities of this thing are amazing. Huge step up from my trusty D80.
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    Please help decide, D7000 with 16-35mm or 16-86mm

    I agree with boykee, third party walk-around lenses are pretty good. My first choice would be the Tamron 17-50 f/2.8 (maybe VC) and the second would be the Sigma HSM f2.8 OSM. I think 16-35 isn't a wide enough range for a walk-around. But that's just the way I shoot.
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    D7000 Out of Stock now has the body-only listed as in stock! They are a great bet for having things in stock.
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    D7000 Out of Stock

    My D7000 body only shipped today from J&R. Ordered and processed a few days ago. When I asked over the phone this morning, they told me they were getting another shipment by the end of the week.
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    D7000 Out of Stock

    I ordered mine yesterday from J&R. Claims it was in stock for half a day yesterday. I used to keep an eye out.
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    Not another "D7000's all sold out" thread

    i use right now it says that has the d7000 body! Shipping does, however, cost ~$8-10 :) Seller rating for is high.
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    D7000 Out of Stock

    Best Buy has plenty of the kits. Too bad I wasn't able to use the expired 10% off coupon.
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    Tamron 17-50 BIM or not?

    The more I read into it, the more I like the Sigma 17-50 HSM OS. Focus speed and accuracy is surely better than the Tamron VC and Tamron BIM.
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    Tamron 17-50 BIM or not?

    I've owned both and kept the NON BIM version. It's faster focusing. If I were in the market today, however, I'd look at the BIM with VC. Dunno if the newer models with the VC focus faster than the first generation BIMs.
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    Some high iso images with D3100 and D7000...

    I too am impressed. My D80 is great, but this is a game changer for me.
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    Historic Motorsports Reunion At Laguna Seca

    Sweet! I was there as well:
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    'Holy Smokes! - D3100 @ ISO 3200!!'

    definitely. Can't wait for the D7000 release in Sept.
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    Laguna Seca Rolex Motorsports Reunion

    I went to the Rolex Motorsports Reunion on last Friday and had a great time checking out the vintage race cars. I've never shot moving cars before so it took me a while to figure out the settings to use for panning. Those old F1 cars are really hard to keep up with. Old 70-200VR did a pretty...
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    Few test shots of friends E30

    awesome! looks super fun.
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    LS swapped 350z

    haha. so true.
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    Sooooo....i took some pics of some old school jdm-ness....

    I like them, but I think the red CB in your watermark is a little obtrusive.
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    Tamron jumps in the "AF-S"/"USM" bandwagon?

    This is exciting. It's about time! I also trust that Tamron will release affordable FX lenses.
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    Photographing Photographers - Part I

    I just got that Domke camera strap. FANTASTIC!
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    Still another dilemma 1.8 vs 2.8

    Tamron 17-50 and Nikon 35 f1.8 are my night lenses. I like how light the lenses are. I'd pick up a gorillapod SLR. If I had the 17-50VC, I might not even need the gorillapod. That lens is realllyyyy tempting me. I can't, however, give up the 17mm. Though it's a little slower, which is fine in...
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    Mustang and VW GLI

    I like the burnout shot! The other shots are clean... but just not dramatic enough for me.
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    Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 VC.

    Excellent. I will definitely want to upgrade to this if my next body is DX.
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    My new Domke camera bag

    Question to people with this bag or similar: do you wear it over the shoulder or across the chest and why? Across the chest with this bag seems so uncomfortable. Thanks.
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    My new Domke camera bag

    The 70-200 is my favorite lens by far (sharpness, bokeh, cool factor, etc..). Unfortunately, I rarely bring it with me if I'll be walking around because it's quite heavy. On top of that.. I think the Domke is really uncomfortable to carry around compared to bags such as the Tamrac Velocity 7X. I...
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    My new Domke camera bag

    I just took this picture to show the bulge. Sorry I can't show the bag with my D80 in it (I only have one camera). I traveled with the D80, 70-200, Tamron 17-50 and SB-600. Everything was pretty quick to access and wasn't too heavy (I use the post-office style shoulder pad). Anyhoo, It's a...
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    D300s & low light

    These things are always hard to quantify via forum responses. Check out the reviews/previews on They have a bunch of samples. The D300s is a worthy upgrade. Correct, the commander will trigger your SB-600 off camera.
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    What's up? Nothing. What's up with you?

    I also liked that your brightened up the photo in version 2. Nice shot.
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    Just bought Tamron 17-50 F2.8 for $300.00 from Beachcamera on Ebay Refurb.

    Congrats. I love the lens. Cheap, light and good 2.8s like the 17-50 make me very happy with the DX format.
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    My new Domke camera bag

    It's a VERY tight squeeze. I had to stretch out my lens pockets a little bit to get it to fit. The lens is really long and protrudes a few inches. The flap will "cover" it but there will be a huge and obvious bulge. It's really never a problem but because it's such a tight squeeze, it takes me a...
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    What should I expect to pay for a used D700?

    I'm looking for one as well. I wouldn't pay more than 2K for one (even with <5K shutter counts). Check craigslist too..
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    Cars on the Street - Post your Pictures

    !!! any shots of the front of that car? Thing is crazy.
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    Ski trip to MT Fuji

    Why not bring the D700? too big? A polarizer would be a good idea.
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    My new Domke camera bag

    Great bag. I have the same bag in sand as well. Mine is really dirty, though. It's also a little blue from rubbing up against my jeans. Anyone have some advice on how to clean it? I threw it into the washing machine with mild detergent but it didn't help much. I have the post office looking...
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    Colorado Night Shoot

    Do you have photoshop or some kind of layering software? I'd recommend trying some post-processing techniques. You could try to take multiple exposures and use the different layers to selectively light your car. anyhoo, i like the pictures anyways. Black cars are esp. difficult to photograph...
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    Loreto, BCS, Mexico.

    I like the set a lot. Relaxing and pleasing to look at.
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