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  1. jbailey930

    Critique Foggy scenes in color

    I agree with Mitch, love fences and the leading lines. This is a great way to deal with VA humidity!
  2. jbailey930

    Critique "The Cathedral of the Confederacy"...Richmond

    Really superb images, Glenn. Beautifully rendered from edge to edge. Could you remind us what kind of post you do to balance the lighting and white balance? I'd love to attempt a similar process. Bracketing helps for sure, but your light balance and sharpness are incomparable.
  3. jbailey930

    Monarch Butterfly nursery

    Nice, my wife has helped 20+ or so come along in the last 2 years. Make sure you have more milkweed in your nursery. That is their food source. Look for the chrysalis to appear and then about 10 days later hatching. Once they hatch give them a couple of hours to get their wings. Good luck!
  4. jbailey930

    Critique Cathedral of St. Patrick (Harrisburg)

    Outstanding! I've been through Harrisburg many time to visit family. Will need to stop some time.
  5. jbailey930

    Nikon D850 + Nikon 500 PF

    wow, stunning! must get a 500pf!
  6. jbailey930

    Hummingbird sequence

    While enjoying our butterflies (see other thread) a hummingbird checked out this volunteer in midst of our milkweed garden 2
  7. jbailey930

    Butterflies on Button Bush

    This is more of a tree than a bush that my wife planted in our garden several years ago next to a butterfly shrub. Her master gardener colleagues said it would attract butterflies. Seems like a home run this year. We counted over 9 at one time! D7200 w/300pf and 1.7 TC 2 3
  8. jbailey930

    The Wright Brothers Memorial

    Nice set. Hope you had a great time in OBX. I am sure you will enjoy the dunes and lighthouses!
  9. jbailey930


    Great shots. I know how hard it is to get good sharp shots of hummingbirds. The colors are great. You have similar environment to our garden, lots of bee balm and colors hummers prefer. Good backgrounds too.
  10. jbailey930

    Lotus Flower...

    Beautiful, Sal! Well done!
  11. jbailey930

    Valley Forge National Historical Park Sunset

    That is very cool! I am tempted to pull up the shadows in the building tho.
  12. jbailey930

    WIX as a site

    I use it for my LLC, not photo related. Very easy to setup, edit and maintain. Been stable for me 5 years now. They can handle domain mgt, email mgt, reporting and analytics.
  13. jbailey930

    COMPLETED For Sale or Trade: Free HP B9180 Pinter - N. VA & DC Area | Location: USA | Ships:

    What type of listing is this? For Sale or Trade What are you trying to sell/buy/trade? Free HP B9180 Pinter - N. VA & DC Area What are your prices? $0 Where are you located? USA Where are you willing to to ship? Description Free / Free /Free to any local Cafer -- Well used...
  14. jbailey930

    Glen Onoko Falls in the Lehigh Valley Gorge

    Damn, that is sad! What ever happened to common sense?! My mom grew up on other side of Broad Mt in Weatherly. I’ve been on the trail many years ago in my teens and 20s. We used to ride the fire trails too. It’s beautiful country. You did well making it up and capturing the scenery.
  15. jbailey930

    Do you collect any older camera gear?

    I still have the FE2 my dad bought for us in 1978 with its 50m 1.4. Since then I added an F3HP and 35 1.4 , 50 1.2 and venerable 105 2.5 I plan on keeping those for occasional film but mainly nostalgia. The lenses get attached to the D810 once in awhile.
  16. jbailey930

    Wisteria and Ice Plant blossoms

    Wisteria is my favorite aroma. We had a large vine in the home I grew up in Va. I am jealous.
  17. jbailey930

    I'm searching for a couple of miscellaneous items...waterproof boots and kneeling pad

    Yoga mat, HD knee pads tilers use, boots depend on how deep you need. Have fun
  18. jbailey930

    Walk through Meadowlark Gardens Park - N. Va

    Early warm spring day in DC metro area. Lots of folks headed to the Tidal Basin to see the cherry blossoms. My wife and I headed to this local gem. D810 and mostly 105 2.8 macro 1 2 3 4
  19. jbailey930

    iMac keyboard replacement.

    If you don't need wireless/BT, the USB keyboard works well.
  20. jbailey930

    More Spring ephemerals

    very pretty flower pictures, Jim. It was a beautiful Saturday here in N. Va. Today is a another story after the cold front came through. Hope to see more of these soon.
  21. jbailey930

    Super Sebring - Endurance Racing in Florida

    wow, just wow!. One of the best sets of racing photos I have seen! (i am 50+ and my user name is based on my 911 turbo i used to track)
  22. jbailey930

    Hogan's 35/1.8s and 50/1.8s Z-lens reviews

    Agree and have to add 300 PF to your list.
  23. jbailey930

    Mourning Dove ..

    Beauties! We have some coming back for spring time in N. Va. Haunting coo's always a memory of childhood. Well shot. Looks like another good reason to get on the list for the 500 pf
  24. jbailey930

    Cedar Waxwing Invasion

    Great colors and crisp shots. Really like the action with the berries. Try out the 300 f/4 PF! Its strong and handles TC's well. Super light weight and sharp
  25. jbailey930

    Blue Bird on a Wire

    Spring is close, especially after mid 70s in mid Atlantic. D7200 w/ 300 pf and 1.7 tc
  26. jbailey930

    My Nemesis - Squirrel

    Back to doing more photography. Shooting from a back window the birds that come to one of the feeders. Unfortunately, I have these pesty squirrels gorging themselves....but what can you do! Comparing the 80-400 vs new 300 PF. I don't think the zoom is that sharp or renders colors as well...
  27. jbailey930

    squirrel hamming it up

    That is a skinny one. Good get!
  28. jbailey930

    Suggestions ??

    Lovely image!
  29. jbailey930

    Critique Great Falls Park, Potomac, MD

    Very nice image. I think I know the spot on MD side, the concrete bridge over the channel. Great job framing that at 19mm. I like the feel. Thanks
  30. jbailey930

    New 300 pf Blue Jay --- Whoa!

    Thanks! It is so 'dainty' with my 7200. I can't get over it! The lighting wasn't so great but these colors do pop more than the AFS. I shot that lens just prior to trading in. The dealer asked me if mine squeaked, so i shot 100 pix or so before I sold it. :) I had the AFD too and really...
  31. jbailey930

    New 300 pf Blue Jay --- Whoa!

    I traded in a 300 AFS yesterday (and some other unused stuff) for this little thing. Shooting through my back window to our feeder, and I can say is Wow! Sharp, fast and vibrant! Can't wait to get to better weather. The lens takes the 1.7 TC pretty well. I didn't get the bird in fully.
  32. jbailey930

    Critique World's Best Hamburger Revisited

    Mike, where is this place? Have you tried Melt in Leesburg? Very good, highly rated burgers.
  33. jbailey930

    Please recommend a backpack

    too many bags here, but never the right one! Signing up for TSA pre or even Global entry is a must. Saves so much time and effort. Some CC”s offer credit toward the fees.
  34. jbailey930

    Recommendation please for audio cassette tape player

    Wow, Mike this is truly a full labor of love. I think you may get better advice from the forums at there a sub topics for tape and DIY - which you may need to help resolve that issue. Good luck hopefully comes your way!
  35. jbailey930

    Recommendation please for audio cassette tape player

    You may want to cross post on Audiokarma in the tape section: Tape
  36. jbailey930

    Recommendation please for audio cassette tape player

    damn, I was going to say all is well that ends well until I just checked back in......tut tut. Did you unplug the deck and look for how the mechanical part of the door works? Generally, there are 4 to 6 screws holding the cover. Since its your friend's, you may want to wait to get it back...
  37. jbailey930

    Recommendation please for audio cassette tape player

    That is about 50% higher output voltage. FWIW, we have my wife's old Technics M231x around. You are welcome to try this out before you buy. It works but I have never tried to record off a tape player. I am out Rt 7 just past Loudoun Cty line.
  38. jbailey930

    Recommendation please for audio cassette tape player

    I don't think there is an amp in any cassette deck. The relevant #s are Output Impedance Line Out: 22 kΩ Output Sensitivity Line Out: 420 mV Cd players typically have 2v output. Try to stop by Brett at HIFI Heaven. Perhaps you can chat with him or at least try another deck or buy one of...
  39. jbailey930

    Off-Roading at Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area

    'Those are very cool shots! Looks like fun and hope most of the damage is easily repairable. My mom's side of the family is from outside Hazleton. Lots of fire roads and areas like this for off-roading.
  40. jbailey930

    Recommendation please for audio cassette tape player

    Mike - in terms of the loudness of the CD player vs the cassette, it could be output voltage is higher on the CD player. In some cases there are attenuators on CD players. There may also be an impedance mismatch. Good luck!
  41. jbailey930

    Canyonlands National Park, UT

    I do like the drama in the sky in spite of the lighting. Been to that point. Lots to take in and contemplate there.
  42. jbailey930

    Recommendation please for audio cassette tape player

    Good luck with the project Mike. I suggest Brett at HIFI heaven if you need a backup. He has a couple of nice Nak decks available. You could buy it for the project and resell.
  43. jbailey930

    Thom Hogan, "So, no, the DSLR is not dead"

    And per Jacques points, I've own(ed) several M4/3rds since 2010. Different horses for different courses. I did an upgrade from XT1 to 2 after the 3 was launched. I have an OMD-EM5 with a decent set of lenses I need to move they Oly set at some point....
  44. jbailey930

    Thom Hogan, "So, no, the DSLR is not dead"

    I bought the 7200 as an upgrade to the 300. Perhaps the issue is that Nikon exceeded expectations with that model?! I also stopped reading Thom’s blog around the same time.......
  45. jbailey930

    Critique Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine, FL

    Very nice, Glenn. Been in that church and shot a few images. It is very dark and you did a fantastic job capturing the details as usual.
  46. jbailey930

    Mumbai Candids

    Were you there for Diwali? I bet that would have been something to see and photograph. Nice selection of shots, John. This looks to be down near the Gateway of India? I am sure you have a great many more to post
  47. jbailey930

    Critique Canandaigua Boathouses

    That is a very nice set, Mike. My parents lived in Canandaguia well before my birth when my father was a surveyor for the USGS. I recall them saying this was their favorite place on their journey of 36 locations in a span of 8 years while he was mapping.
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