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  1. Drifter

    Marketplace Feedback Archive 5

    +1 for rddayton buyer: rddayton seller: Drifter 70-200 VR1 Good communication, fast payment. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks
  2. Drifter

    [EXPIRED] Nikon D700 /( PRICE DROP)

    Price Drop on Both the camera and the lens. The first price on the lens was actually to high, I adjusted it accordingly.
  3. Drifter

    [EXPIRED] Nikon D700 /( PRICE DROP)

    Nikon D700 in great condition. I purchased it new from B&H several years ago and has been well taken care of. The camera has 1311 shutter actuations. Buyer will get box, battery, charger, cables, and strap. $1500 $1400 which includes shipping to the CONUS. Also selling my AFS-VR 70-200 2.8...
  4. Drifter

    Electronic ciggarettes?

    I talked to one of my doctors this week about quitting. He wrote me 2 scripts, one for Chantix and one for Nicoderm patches and told me to check them out on the net and decide which I would prefer to use. I looked up Chantix on the net, and the reviews about this drug and the side effects are...
  5. Drifter

    WOW does my daughter make me proud

    Congrats Randy !! Hard work and the dedication to achieve her goals, she deserves it. Give that girl a big hug for us.
  6. Drifter

    Sensor cleaning; Pecpads or Quikstrips?

    I get mine from Copper Hill images
  7. Drifter

    Sensor cleaning; Pecpads or Quikstrips?

    Thanks for the replies. I still have the green swab, but I think I am going to order a 18mm swab that they are recommending for the D700. They have a kit with both the 14mm and the 18mm plus quikstrips or pads for each.
  8. Drifter

    Thoughts and prayers please

    Sorry Geoff. You and the families of those lost will be in our thoughts and prayers.
  9. Drifter

    Sensor cleaning; Pecpads or Quikstrips?

    Its time for me to refill my sensor cleaning supplies. I have always used the pecpads from copperhill before, but now I see they offer quikstrips. Has anyone used the quikstrips before? Looks like they may be eaiser to attach to the wand, but I'm not sure about the edges being open around the...
  10. Drifter

    ViewNX2 v2.2.3

    Thanks for posting about your issue. After installing the update, I lost the ability to delete and most of the other commands used when you right click on a file. Reinstalled 2.2.1 several times along with version 2.2.3 nothing helped. Installed the older version 2.1.2 and everything seems to...
  11. Drifter

    Tomorrow is a sad day..

    So Sorry to hear about your loss Charles .....very sad
  12. Drifter

    How to get Google to find my website?

    You need to give the search engines a few days for their web bots to crawl your site. Even then it will be a while before you start to show up in the upper end of the lists. Go to: and and sign up. Also the site will give you...
  13. Drifter

    Questions About Feeding Birds

    I had to quit feeding the birds about 8 weeks ago. I really felt bad about stopping but I had no choice. I didn't mind the squirrels hitting my feeders from time to problem was ducks. About a two years ago a few mallards started coming around, they would gather in a near by stream...
  14. Drifter

    Pretty amazing bird song

    Pretty neat. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Drifter

    The loss of a friend

    Charlie; So very sorry to hear this about your friend.
  16. Drifter

    I need a new flash bracket

    Randy, There are alot of brackets to choose from now, I wish I had the money to try them all. I had looked at the RRS wedding pro bracket and liked how portable it would be, but decided to go with kirks PB1 portrait bracket. I like the quick release clamp and the cushioned handle comes in...
  17. Drifter

    The Best Wedding Entrance Ever..

    Watched it several times, and LOVE IT. Thanks for sharing.
  18. Drifter

    Guess who hit eight pounds!

    Thanks for the update Jim. Emma is looking great !! take care
  19. Drifter

    Guess who went home today!!!

    Great News Jim.......Just in time for Mothers Day
  20. Drifter

    Laura Plays at a Wedding

    Laura, these are all very nice images. I really like the one with the girls leaning on the window sill....very creative. btw: Nothing wrong with being meek, heck I am a little meek myself :rolleyes: Get yourself an assistant who has a good set of lungs and let them do the setting up and...
  21. Drifter

    Darian lost his battle with cancer this morning

    My heart goes out to the family and to all of those that were a part of his life. Its a very hard thing to go through, especially for someone so young.
  22. Drifter

    Just some backyard birds

    Great shots Debbie ! Thanks for sharing
  23. Drifter

    Right-eye or Left-eye?

    I'm left handed and use my left eye, right eye is usually closed as its blocked by the camera anyway, just seems natural to me.
  24. Drifter

    Meet Pops!

    Cute pup !! I like the camera angle in the second shot.
  25. Drifter

    Family photos - Finally aquired for archive!

    I love going through old photos. When my mom died a year and half ago, my dad pulled out an old suitcase full of old photos that she had collected over the years (ones not put in the many albums she had) and we spent hours going through them. I thought about taking on the project of doing what...
  26. Drifter

    Spring? What spring?

    Charles it was like that here last week, snow for a couple of days and then warms back up. Hopefully that was the last of it for a while, it sure has been a long winter.
  27. Drifter

    My daughter Mindy in a Nike advertisement

    Congrats Mindy !! Nice series of photos, you looked great.
  28. Drifter

    Infinite Photograph

    Pretty cool....thanks for sharing the link.
  29. Drifter

    Oh my gosh!

    Happy Birthday Harry !!
  30. Drifter

    Gun Photos, and activity shots Vol 1 (closed)

    Mark....your stepfather has a very impressive collection and a nice storage area also.
  31. Drifter

    Gun Photos, and activity shots Vol 1 (closed)

    Great looking set of handguns Joe !!!
  32. Drifter

    Gun Photos, and activity shots Vol 1 (closed)

    I like the 9's. I used to shoot almost every weekend until I got back into photography, just to expensive to keep both hobbies going. I still have the collection, just don't shoot as much as I used to. Just a few from the collection... Sig 228, picked this one up for IDPA shooting to...
  33. Drifter

    Happy easter!

    Happy Easter Everyone !!
  34. Drifter

    Guess who hit five pounds tonight?

    Love the second shot Jim! Great news about the tube maybe coming out. Good Luck.
  35. Drifter

    Guess who hit five pounds tonight?

    Emma's looking really good Jim. Other than weight gain, are there any other medical problems that need to be addressed before they let Emma go home??
  36. Drifter

    Vote for Joanna to be Published in JPG

    another vote....good luck Laura
  37. Drifter

    Extreme Sheepherding!!!...

    Super kewl....thanks for sharing. One has to wonder how people come up with all these wild ideas.
  38. Drifter

    My new remote...

    Congrats on the remote Alicia....makes me wonder where mine is hiding
  39. Drifter

    Flash diffuser to use during wedding or reception

    Which size Flip-It do you use or prefer ? If you don't mind me asking... thanks
  40. Drifter

    My D700 Has Arrived! :-)

    Congrats on the D700....your gonna love it.
  41. Drifter

    Why do you like photography?

    Enjoyment...pure and simple. I like seeing the expressions of people as they look through a photo album, the sounds they make as they come accross a photo that pleases them. I was only 12 or 13 when I started, even then my main objective was pleasing people with what I could do. Now photo...
  42. Drifter

    Heart or reason about D700

    #2 for me also.
  43. Drifter

    My kitten was featured on The Daily Kitten blog

    Thanks Dianne She was about 17 to 19 days old in this photo: And this is what she looks like now:
  44. Drifter

    My kitten was featured on The Daily Kitten blog

    Even though Dinah is almost three years old now, the owner of The Daily Kitten blog found some of her kitten pics on my smugmug site and asked if they could feature her story and pics on the blog. The Daily Kitten blog:
  45. Drifter

    Kaylee has a big check up in the morning

    Good luck Kaylee !! Looks like you've got another Pro model in your family Nute !
  46. Drifter

    Mindy the Model

    Great News !! Congrats to Mindy....she's a beautiful young lady.
  47. Drifter

    You don't have to spend alot of money

    Great shots Randy.... The 70-300 is an amazing lens...a real bargain for the money.
  48. Drifter

    Go Emma go! Week 4 update...

    Emma's looking good Jim !! Glad to hear she if off the ventilator... Love the shot of you holding her, you've got that "grandpa grin" down pat ... We Will be keeping Emma in our thoughts and prayers.
  49. Drifter

    Happy Birthday Electromen !!

    Happy Birthday Greg !!!
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