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    The best carry everywhere camera ?

    Not to be a Nikon heretic or anything.... but I'm interested to hear about more Panasonic GF-2 user input. I've been looking at the GF-2 with the pancake 14mm F2.5 lens for $525. Seems to be a nice totable combination.
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    Deciphering "Beast" Repair

    Hate to bump an old thread but here's an update. Sent lens and body (this time) to Nikon at the beginning of March. Got estimates back saying lens will be fixed under warranty, but body requires B2 service = $250. Their CSR aren't connected to the shop, so other than "body needs some...
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    Deciphering "Beast" Repair

    Didn't have time to send the lens out or rent another, getting kids + wife out of town for 10 days was a zoo. Quick update - been using the beast and getting about 65% keepers. The metering is just off - pictures are severely underexposed. Oftentimes for no reason which makes taking pictures...
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    Deciphering "Beast" Repair

    Thanks for the kind tip. Unfortunately we'll be on Kauai and not the big island. I know it's kind of off topic, but if you have any suggestions for things to do there please let me know, it'll be our first trip there! Sam
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    Deciphering "Beast" Repair

    Well quick update - guess my problem may lay with the body. It took a few sample pictures just fine when I first got the lens back. Today, when I tried to take some pictures indoors, with the flash engaged, it refused to focus. I thought maybe I'm too close, nope, not it. It hunts and then...
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    Deciphering "Beast" Repair

    First, those are awesome shots! Second, I really don't like obfuscated charges, especially when I got charged (after tax + shipping) 2X what you did Frank :confused:
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    Deciphering "Beast" Repair

    Well considering it was no lens to shoot 2 kids, and now it's 1 lens to shoot 1 kid, I figure it saved me half the work! :smile:
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    Deciphering "Beast" Repair

    Finally got my 28-70 2.8 from Nikon. Sent it in for auto-focus issues, was out a total of three weeks. Just wondering if someone could help decipher the following - I'm assuing RPL means replaced CKD means checked and RPR means repaired, but unsure what some of these components are. RPL...
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    D300 not focusing?

    @williadw - It's not an issue with being too close, once it happens it won't focus at any range. It's also not an issue with having a light background with nothing to focus on either. Basically camera just "locks up".
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    D300 not focusing?

    Good point I will try cleaning the contacts. Albeit the lens has not been off the camera nearly since I got the D300 new (first 2 weeks of release). It is an oldie "beast" 28-70 2.8.
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    D3s: AF during video capture.

    Do you see a lot of in/out of focus blurry moments when the AF works?
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    D400 launch?

    I can't wait for a D400 - this next 6 months is going to be tough. Any idea what sort of video capabilities the D400 might have? 1080p/60?
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    D300 not focusing?

    Before I send the body off to Nikon, was hoping to see if anyone here had some ideas. Problem - Randomly, my D300 stops focusing. I'll try the "half-push" and there's no AF, and when I push the shutter release button all the way down, a picture will not take. There are no apparent error...
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    My "beast" is falling apart, repair options?

    Thanks for all the replies guys. For those of you that tried double sided tape, did the rubber ring sit flush after the "fix" with the lens barrel? I'm going to call Nikon regardless and see how much they'll charge for a clean/calibration. Sam
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    My "beast" is falling apart, repair options?

    My trusty Nikkor 28-70 is finally showing signs of wear. The glue that keeps the rubber zoom ring attached to the lens body is failing. The zoom ring is still intact, but occasionally it slides a bit when I'm trying to zoom quickly. I bought this lens used several years ago and therefore it...
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    Weight of the Nikkor 28-70

    The 28-70 is pretty heavy. I usually don't like straps, so end up just carrying the body/lens around. I use a D300/28-70 combo. Today, I carried it around and shot with it for about 3 hours during my daughter's dance recital. This is after doing the same for about 2 hours during the...
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    70-200VR on D3 - any concerns?

    Sorry I'm late to the party... but this is definately a good example of why the reach of a DX-style body is better than a paltry D3 :wink: Also... that's what PM's are for... hint hint! :biggrin: Sam
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    Flash For D80/d300?????

    I'm not sure if this helps, but are you trying to burst shots or take shots rapidly? Have you checked your batteries? What kind are you using? I've noticed that when my wife uses my camera/SB800 and is a little antzy and goes click crazy before the flash refreshes, we get underexposures like...
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    A deal on the D300!

    JD - No issues here the first time I tried to purchase one. The best buy manager noted the exception but I also pointed to the top of the coupon where it said digital cameras $279 and up. After pointing out that the D300 was being sold at full retail, that's when he agreed to the discount...
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    A deal on the D300!

    The D40 kit is one of their cyber monday specials? I remember seeing it marked down some either way. Don't think the coupon works with specials like that. Could try a pricematch to Best Buy and use the 10% off coupon I have linked in the thread though. Sam
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    D300 LCD Tempered Glass

    Why would you even try!!!! :eek: Sam
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    A deal on the D300!

    An update to this thread for us bargain hunters. From the tone of some of the responses, please note that I'm not suggesting that you bypass your local camera dealers - they are starting to become a rare breed. My issue is availability where I live, in a smaller town most camera shops are like...
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    Nikon D300 | «preview» with a panorama plus pictures in High-ISO

    Woah this is really cool stuff. Was curious on the software used? Sam
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    A deal on the D300!

    Just a few quick updates - Reseller ratings are indeed horrid. From what I saw, mostly complaints about customer service; which perhaps is not uncommon. However, for reference, both Best Buy, and Sears have even worse ratings than Circuit City on that site. A restocking fee is pretty much...
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    A deal on the D300!

    I've been late getting on purchasing a D300 since I was selling my D70/D200 (wife mandated) first. So thus, I've been checking a few options mainly in town camera stores and the "big box" stores (circuity city, best buy, frys, sears, compusa, etc). Last night, circuit city was the first one...
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    Two D300 "SNAPS" Posted on DPR

    The donuts at ISO 3200 are impressive, given the 100% crop.... mmmm am hungry for cameras and donuts. Sam
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    D70 value?

    Greetings, Let me prefix this with I have looked through all 19 pages of the for sale forum from the last month, and the first 10 pages of search results from "d70 worth"..... so I have tried to search! :smile: I was unpacking boxes in my closet this week and found my trusty ole D70...
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    Saturday morning soccer

    Great snaps, I really like the second one. Don't forget to tell her to lower her shoulder just a tad for the incoming player next time :smile: Extra space for manuvering never hurts! How far approximately away were you from the action, and with what lens? Thanks! Sam
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    My daughter has gone to the dogs.

    Beautiful picture. I can't ever get lighting like that indoors. Could you explain your setup a bit more perchance? Thanks! Sam
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    My daughter and the beast!

    No, I haven't done an arranged marriage for $$$; she's too young.... yet! 13 months old, when she's 13 years old I'll have to start breaking out the baseball bat buah hahahaha. I finally bit the bullet and got a previously loved 28-70 2.8 off ebay, and have been playing with it. It's quite...
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    Nikon Nikkor AF-S 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED-IF VR Zoom ?

    Woah!!!! My 24-120 shots don't look like that!?!?!? :smile: Sam
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    Autumn is arriving

    I'm late to the races as usual, but thanks for posting these wonderful shots! Sam
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    24-120 VR question

    There are threads on the dpreview forum that you probably need to look for. The very first samples were considered to be junk, very soft, and had focus issues. You're too look for a high serial # one, I think the cut off is listed on that forum. I use a 24-120 VR currently, and it's usable...
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    Gordon, Is it possible to share the EXIF's/lens? How close was your daughter to the wall? I like to see camera settings and hopefully learn from them and what effects they have. Thanks! Sam
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    New York City

    Thanks for the post, great pictures; hope to visit some day! Sam
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    D70 Battery life- am I losing my mind or my charge?

    Mark brings out some good points on some stuff that can drain a battery faster. In my personal experience, my batteries (both the original and the OEM one that I bought) last a darn long time. Two things that I've seen drain a battery fast however, looking at pictures a long time, and leaving...
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    This portrait's where I want it, but need help w/1 thing

    Thanks for the advice Chris, it's really amazing what you did with that picture. I'm going to try the same with some of mine. Sam
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    Mt. Lemmon Monsoon...

    I think I like the color better. Amazing textures with the B&W, but the color where the sun starts to get shut out by the clouds lends a real dramatic effect. Sam
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    Got one By Mistake.....

    Truly amazing..... I like both versions a lot. Sounds like a lot of work, but the end result is oh so worth it! Sam
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    some photos with the nikon 28-200mm f/3.5~5.6G

    Reminds me of Chinese New Year with all that lion dancing. Nice colors, impressive for that lens. Sam
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    Nice picture.... am of course :twisted: envious! Sam
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    ok just a couple of more.. 2 cute girls

    Wonderful skin tones on #1! I need to shoot some potraits of my daughter, but she just started walking and won't stay still =/ Sam
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    An old battleship

    I really like the outdoor pictures. I've always had a thing for battleships. Hard to believe that's a monument to history there, having been both at Normandy as well as Iwo Jima. Sam
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    Five more from Sweden

    That first picture really cracks me up. At least it wasn't a hrm... different finger :lol: Sam
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    My fourth portrait session

    Nice photos! Do you mind posting your EXIF's for #2 and #3 perchance? I have yet to duplicate that "glowing hair" look with my kid yet =/ Sam
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    70-200VR for flowers

    Woah! That's some killer bohkeh @ F16! Dangit... that lens is way too expensive! :cry: Sam
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    My wife used to actually encourage me before we got married. Wanna swap???? :P Sam
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    Flash Lust: SB-800

    Dog ate it! :lol: Seriously, I played around with it when I first got the camera and upgraded to the rechargable batteries that are recommended in the user manual. Unfortunately haste makes waste, so I forgot to back the battery door on the trip =/ Sam
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    Depth of Field and Aperture question

    Thanks too, lot of information to digest. Trying to ballpark 1/3 distances sounds like an acquired skill. Sam
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    PRINT Problem - can somebody help me out please

    Oh yeah, I also made the switch from a LCD panel back to a CRT monitor, made for much easier calibrations, and a much more accurate picture. Sam
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