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  1. dond

    Birding lens 300mm F2.8

    I already own a Nikon 200-400 VR, and was thinking of getting a 300mm F2.8 VRII . Any birders out there who have both lenses, care to comment on the 300 F2.8 VRII with a TC-1.7 or TC-2.0III versus the 200-400 with a TC-1.4/TC-1.7? Thanks
  2. dond

    Nikon 500mm F4.0G ED VR II lens

    There is one for sale on Ebay, if anyone is interested. Mint condition! :)
  3. dond

    Nikon 500mm VR or Sigma 500mm?

    I bit the bullet!!! Bought a Nikon 500mm AF-S F4 VRII lens this morning on ebay. A tad over $7800 for a brand new lens. Was shipped out this afternoon by FedEx. Hope to have it in a few days and do some testing :D
  4. dond

    Nikon 500mm VR or Sigma 500mm?

    Actually, I have thought about just renting the lens. That may be another way to go in the interim. I found a seller in Canada who has a Nikon 500mm VR for sale. He says it has a 1 yr. international warranty and a 3 year Canadian warranty, but would prefer one with a USA warranty. Guess if...
  5. dond

    Nikon 500mm VR or Sigma 500mm?

    I know this has been discussed before, and there's a difference of about $3500 between the lenses. However, I need some help on making a decision. I have the money to buy the Nikon lens. Not sure on whether I need it, as I have a Nikon 200-400 zoom, but always seem to want a bit more reach...
  6. dond

    some 200-400 questions

    Hi Randy, I have the 200-400 zoom and shoot just about everything with it...big birds, small birds, flower closeups, etc. I usually pair the lens with the 1.4. I've stopped taking macros with me on vaca, because at 6 ft. min focusing distance, I can fill the frame with flowers, butterflies...
  7. dond

    Where to buy new 500 VR

    Does anyone know of any camera stores that are stocking the new 500 F4 VR lens? B & H doesn't have in stock, only a pre-order, and I usually buy from them. Thanks for the help. P.S. You know this is all Jim Fenton's fault....every time he posts photos taken with his lens, and now it's...
  8. dond

    D300 / Nikon 500 VR Images

    Hi Jim Thanks for the info on your Florida exploits. Have you been to the Everglades this trip? Any advice on where the 500mm VR is available? Looks like I'll be paring down my lens inventory to help pay for this bad boy. When I get back from Florida, will be putting up for sale a D2X...
  9. dond

    D300 / Nikon 500 VR Images

    Jim, excellent shots. Do you have favorite places to visit when in Florida? I'll be down there for 2 weeks starting this Saturday Feb. 23. I'm planning on Ding Darling, Corkscrew Swamp, Big Cypress and the Everglades. If you don't mind me asking,where did you purchase the lens from? B&H...
  10. dond

    Any advice for Iguazu Falls?

    I was in Brazil last August and spent 3 nights at Iguassu Falls. DEFINITELY take rain gear, as it poured the one day we went to the Argentina side. We preferred the Argentina side, as there were more trails and beter view of the falls, even though we didn't get a chance to explore, due to the...
  11. dond

    Focusing proplem 200-400 & D2X

    It's not the focus limiter switch, as it works fine on a D100 or D200 body. The technician is able to reproduce the problem, usually happens on a low-contrast object and usually shooting down at it. Someone from DP review, Leonard Shepard, suggested this "AF always works faster with...
  12. dond

    Focusing proplem 200-400 & D2X

    JcZinn's problem was corrected by making sure she had a fresh battery and by not going below 3 bars on battery life. I was with her on that trip to Brazil. The D2X batteries last a whole lot longer than the d200's, but I don't think batteries are the issue, as I've changed batteries and put in...
  13. dond

    Focusing proplem 200-400 & D2X

    On my trip to Brazil this past August, I developed a problem with my D2X that had a 200-400 lens with 1.4x attached. When I focused on something within the lower focusing range 6-10 ft. and then tried to refocus on a bird/animal closer to infinity, the lens would get "stuck". It would try to...
  14. dond

    Nude Glamour

    Can't see either photo, link stops at a login screen.
  15. dond

    Some hummer's from Brazil

    I misspelled some words, new one of alien hummingbird
  16. dond

    More from Brazil...cowboys, animals, etc.

    Something besides just birds...
  17. dond

    Some hummer's from Brazil

    These were taken in Itatiaia NP and Ubatuba, Brazil, plus there's plenty more on my smugmug site. Thanks for looking. Now, this last picture shows what can happen when you're too close and there's way too much flash output.....Alien Hummingbird lol
  18. dond

    Solitary Sandpiper, RTH in Flight, Kingfisher

    Hi Jim, Love your shots, the sandpiper is beautiful. I really like your shots of birds in flight...any guidelines for those shots, besides...pratice, practice, practice?
  19. dond

    Birds and animals from Pantanal, Brazil

    Logan, We were on a tour of sorts, just 4 of us, my wife and I and Janet and her husband. We were "guided" by Paulo Boute the owner of Boute Expeditions. He was excellent, he's done these tours for over 20 years, knows just about everyone in Brazil. He does other areas in South America and...
  20. dond

    Birds and animals from Pantanal, Brazil

    Mike, the 5th shot is a Great Potoo and it usually looks like part of a tree, if you didn't know it was there, you'd never notice it.
  21. dond

    Painting Fences, California Quail and Blacktail Buck

    WOW! Love the 1st and 2nd shots of the quail, great lighting. Excellent work.
  22. dond

    Few inflight shots with VR80-400

    Excellent shots of the bird in flight!!! Beautiful!!
  23. dond

    Brazils' Pantanal & Atlantic Rainforest photos

    HI everyone, I posted some photos from this trip, lots, lots more on my smugmug site, plus I'm still uploading more. All, well almost all....99.9999%, taken with Nikon 200-400 VR and TC-14EII with either D2X or D200. Had a problem with D2X early in trip, couldn't focus the lens had to...
  24. dond

    Birds and animals from Pantanal, Brazil

    Hi everyone, I spent 2 1/2 week in Brazil...8 days in the Pantanal and the rest in the Atlantic rainforest. I've been uploading lots of photos to my smugmug site, please visit, site is my signature, and comments are welcome. I'll post a few here, almost all photos were taken with 200-400-...
  25. dond

    Bean bag reommendations

    I've never used a bean bag to steady a lens, but might need to on my next trip, where I'll be shooting from a vehicle. If anyone has any recommendations? I'll be using a Nikon D2X/D200 and a 200-400 VR lens.
  26. dond

    *Official 105VR Sighting Thread*

    Just received mine from Berger Brothers, and canceled from Roberts Imaging and The Best Things. Berger Bros. are selling theirs for $799.97.
  27. dond

    Best time for Fall color in Zion?

    Has anyone here been to Zion National Park in the fall? I'm planning on a 2007 trip, need to make them well in advance as they fill up quick, and am looking for info as the best time to be there for the fall color. Would it be a safe bet to pick the last week in September and the first in...
  28. dond

    *Official 105VR Sighting Thread*

    I'm also on the Roberts list and called them last week, Wednesday, I think. They evidently had a shipment of lenses come in, but not enough to clear their list. I asked where I was on the list, bear in mind that I actually placed an order for one, well, I'm still in the top 40 :frown: ...
  29. dond

    Foot for the 200-400VR?

    Janet, I use the RRS replacement foot, LCF-14, and it works really great and balances just fine in the Wimberely sidekick with the D2X attached. Since the D2X is a bit heavier than the d200, you may have to experiment a bit to get the balance with the d200 attached. I'll try out that...
  30. dond

    the 200-400VR vs 300VR + TC dilemma

    Hi Janet, I've been a member her for a while. If I ever decided to get the 500 AF-S f4, I'd probably still keep the 200-400, maybe. Why can't Nikon make a 200-500 zoom or a 400-600 zoom. It's nice to have the zoom, just in case the bird(s) are a bit closer, then I don't have to back up. I...
  31. dond

    the 200-400VR vs 300VR + TC dilemma

    Janet, here's a simple solution to your dilema. Since I'm the "other guy" on the trip to the Pantanal with the 200-400, why not get the 300 f2.8. This way we can each try out the other lens :biggrin: I've also got the Nikon TC 14EII and 17EII, so we can swap those also. Now doesn't that...
  32. dond

    What lens do you WISH you had?

    I've already got the 200-400, but need a bit more reach. So, it would be the 500 f4 AF-S, because it's almost the same weight as the 200-400. Now if Nikon would come out with a 500 f4.5 AF-S VRII that would be great!
  33. dond

    Help with Ditto

    I've downloaded Ditto and everything works fine, REALLY COOL!!! However, I'm having trouble getting any kind of text or metadata files to show up on my template. I'm using the the "classic Gray", click on editor, select classic gray from the template, and now I'm in editor mode. I really...
  34. dond

    Suggestions for lenses to take to Miami, FL

    I'll be leaving for Miami, FL next week, to attend the NAPP conference. I need all the help I can get with CS2 :biggrin: I will be attending a pre-conference workshop in the Everglades, so I'll be bringing the 200-400. But there's also some great architecture in Miami, would it be better...
  35. dond

    Christmas Wish in March!

    How about a 500mm F5.6 with AF-S and VRII? It would be lighter than the 500F4, hopefully and with VRII, I might be able to hand hold it, maybe :biggrin:
  36. dond

    Miami, FL with no car.....

    beach babes are fine and have no problem taking their photos. If there won't be any opportunities to take "wildlife" photos....birds, alligators, etc., within my window, then I'll leave the big glass at home. Thanks for the replies.
  37. dond

    Miami, FL with no car.....

    I will be attending the NAPP conference in Miami from March 20-24. The conference ends about 1PM on Friday the 24th and I don't leave for home till Saturday morning the 25th. I won't have a vehicle. So, that leaves with about 4-5 hours of daylight on Friday. This is my 1st time to Miami...
  38. dond

    Photoshop Conference in Miami

    Is there anyone here, who will be attending this conference, and if so, have you signed up for any of the pre-conference workshops? I've signed up for the Live Model Studio Shoot, but would like to switch to the Everglades shoot. All the pre-conference workshops are sold out and I've put my...
  39. dond

    What new Nikkor would you want to see?

    How about a 500-800 f5.6 AFS IF VR lens for us birders!
  40. dond

    Nikon D2X and 200-400 VR photos

    I've just completed my 2nd trip to Costa Rica and have posted most, still more to come, photos on smugmug. All photos were taken with the Nikon D2X, 200-400 VR lens with Nikon TC-14EII. In some photos, the Nikon SB-800 and Better Beamer flash extender were used in fill-flash mode. Here's the...
  41. dond

    Converting Nikon Raw to JPEG

    I've posted some, but not all, photos from my most recent trip to Costa Rica. Some photos have generic names, since I haven't been able to identify them, so if you know what they are, please let me know. :biggrin:
  42. dond

    Converting Nikon Raw to JPEG

    You're absolutely correct, I can't believe I didn't see it. I need to be in 8-bit mode not 16-bit mode. I apperciate everyone's help, now I can get crackin' on all those photos. All my photos from my Costa Rica 2006 trip will be posted soon at: All photos were taken with...
  43. dond

    Converting Nikon Raw to JPEG

    HI everyone, I'm trying to convert my Nikon Raw images to jpeg for posting on smugmug and I'm having problems. I was able to do this with images from my trip to Australia, but can't duplicate the process. I'm running CS2 with the camera raw plugin. Cs2 will only allow me to do a "save...
  44. dond

    More pictures added from Australia - 200-400 VR

    It's been tough trying to get reacclimated to east coast time, 14 hour difference, from Australia. I've finally posted some photos taken in Australia, mostly bird photos. I will be adding more in the coming week. Most pictures were taken with the Nikon 200-400 VR lens, either hand-held or on...
  45. dond

    Digiscoping with a D2X?

    Can certainly sympathize about the jet lag, think it's going to take at least another week before I'm functioning normally. It was nice meeting you in Australia also. I need to go through all my photos and rename them. I will be posting to:, the gallery name will be...
  46. dond

    Digiscoping with a D2X?

    Hi All, Just returned from 3 weeks in Australia...Melbourne, Darwin, Cairns. Took over 30GB of photos. Will take awhile, but will start posting to smugmug soon, as soon as I can get over the jet lag I took the following Nikons: D2X, 12-24, 70-200VR & 200-400VR and TC14II. Problem is that...
  47. dond

    Digiscoping anyone?

    Hi All, Just returned from 3 weeks in Australia...Melbourne, Darwin, Cairns. Took over 30GB of photos. Will take awhile, but will start posting to smugmug soon, as soon as I can get over the jet lag :frown: I took the following Nikons: D2X, 12-24, 70-200VR & 200-400VR and TC14II...
  48. dond

    NIKON 200-400 VR ARRIVED!

    WHAT A BEAST! This lens is current tripod and head cannot handle this combo. MyRRS ballhead doesn't ship till July 8 and I just ordered a Gitzo 1348. Seems I can handhold for 3-4 shots, then try to rest on my chest. It focuses extremely fast and the few test photos I took looked...
  49. dond

    Magfiber tripods, has anyone used them?

    Thanks for the replies. It looks like I may have to go with a Gitzo 1325 or 1348. More than likely the 1348, as I'm 5'11" and the 1325 only extends to 58", while the 1348 extends to 65.7". These 2 tripods don't have center columns, is there a reason for that? Are center columns bad...
  50. dond

    Magfiber tripods, has anyone used them?

    I'm looking for a new tripod, sturdy with carbon fiber legs. The Bogen magfiber series, 055MF3 & 4 will support up to 15.5 lbs, has carbon fiber legs, relatively light weight and doesn't cost a whole lot. I've looked at the Gitzo's, but most are more than I want to spend, trying to keep...
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