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  1. JB

    mark III, D2X, D200, 5D and D2h compaired

    It's pretty competitive below ISO 400. Clearly Canon still holds the high ISO advantage. The blown highlights in the 5D shots (eyes) are consistent. The gray background in the Canon images surprises me. Does this show the Nikon's have more contrast? Or DR? IMHO, rating highest IQ (ISO100)...
  2. JB

    Historic car races at VIR

    Fun shots, I love VIR & old sports cars. But I am a photog to, so... what lens? Can you provide the EXIF?
  3. JB

    Site to buy batteries from, can't remember it...

    Great company & great products, but not sure it's what you are asking for...
  4. JB

    Please recommend a good bag for D2X

    Johnathan, For just the D2X and 28-70, look at the Lowepro Toploader 65 AW. Check the dimensions, a D2X fits perfectly. It also has some small pockets for CF cards, an extra battery, etc. I think it's exactly what you're looking for. Check ebay for the best price.
  5. JB

    Nikon R1 / R1C1...any experience???

    Igor, The R1C1 is an excellent macro flash, I highly recommend it. I also like using the SU-800 to control off-camera SB-800s.
  6. JB

    Is there any truth to this story about a D40X

    My guess, it's total nonsense.
  7. JB

    Here Comes The D3 On Monday March 5th

    Hear an echo, NB? The Internet rumor mill feeds itself. Look for a wave of these ridiculous posts in the near future... "I'm really disappointed with Nikon's new D3..." (even though we don't have any real specs yet) "Why is the D3 so late?..." (even though it was never announced) "Nikon let...
  8. JB

    Here Comes The D3 On Monday March 5th

    Yep, another hoax.
  9. JB

    D3 to be announced

    "Jim Seaholm A member of the community since February 22, 2007." Since the original poster only recently joined I'm not sure he has a lot of credibility. Had he pulled this on dpreview directly, and not via, people would have called him a troll a trashed his...
  10. JB

    Jim Fenton Opening Day Show Results

    Well deserved success.
  11. JB

    Is the 28mm 1.4 a difficult lens to handle?

    Bjørn Rørslett is less enthusiastic. His review, and the high price almost convinced me to pass on the 28mm f/1.4 AF-D. But, Ron was as high on the lens in person as he is on his web site. Ron let me use his copy & after looking at the results I bought one myself (back when they could still be...
  12. JB

    D200 vs D2X observations

    I always find it humorous that 2 people can use the same thing and come away with completely different opinions. Such is life.
  13. JB

    Is the 28mm 1.4 a difficult lens to handle?

    I also prefer to shoot the 28mm f/1.4 AF-D at f/2.2. I have found that, like most other lenses, it is not at its best wide open.
  14. JB

    What's causing my seemless to Pucker?

    I don't know if they can be saved, but the look might be interesting if its sufficiently OOF.
  15. JB

    What is Nikon thinking ...?

    Be careful what you wish for. Because almost certainly that would mean a world-wide 1 year warranty. :wink:
  16. JB

    Using a PC lens vs Perspective Control in PS?

    Using a PC lens involves a few more steps than a typical prime or zoom. Not a lot of work, but more. And, CA can be tricky to fix. Not to mention I'd need to buy the PC lens. (If I owned one already I wouldn't need to ask! :smile: ) Perspective Control in PS is a pretty simple process...
  17. JB

    What is Nikon thinking ...?

    It's an "ah-ha" moment isn't it. It's an "ah-ha" moment isn't it. You have just discovered why so many media camera pools & sports shooters use Canon. When you provide DSLRs & big glass for dozens of pro photogs, the $$$ savings really add up fast, as in hundreds of thousands of dollars...
  18. JB

    Using a PC lens vs Perspective Control in PS?

    For those of you who use a Nikon PC lens (28mm or 35mm) and have compared it to simply using Perspective Control in Photoshop, what are your findings? Normally I'd expect an optically correct image made in camera would have a higher quality than one manipulated with software. However, color...
  19. JB

    Melissa NX

    Sorry TC. We can't see it.
  20. JB

    Icy Waters at Great Falls NP Virginia

    The falls are beautiful any time of year. Thanks for sharing. Visitors to Washington are always shocked to find such natural, rugged beauty just a few miles up stream from Washington.
  21. JB

    Nikon AF-S 500mm f/4 sharpest aperture?

    Hi Simon, I don't own this lens (yet!) but I'd expect that behavior. One tends to find most lenses perform at their best toward the middle of their aperture range. The lens which is professionally sharp wide open is a rare bird indeed.
  22. JB

    Lens smell like smoke

    Maybe Nikon has QC people who handle the cameras after returning from their smoke break. :smile:
  23. JB

    Need Help

    I prefer #2.
  24. JB

    Question for PBase users

    For the most part pbase is fine. It's simple to use. Occasional outages and more frequent periods of poor performance hold me back from an unqualified endorsement. I believe they still have a free 30 day trial, check it out yourself. SmugMug seems to have the advantage in customizing a website...
  25. JB

    Lens smell like smoke

    This is not necessarily a smell from a smoker. Two D2Hs (plural, not the updated model) in the office smelled kind of like cigar smoke when they were new and right out of the wrapper. I'm not sure why but I am certain they were brand new.
  26. JB

    considering change from 200-400 VR to 300 2.8 VR

    But, isn't that the point of having the faster lens, Simon? You can stop it down to improve the quality. If the light always allowed you to shoot at F/8, or even f/5.6, a lot of lenses would look exceptional. Maybe I'm coming from sports and shooting during the "golden hour" when that one...
  27. JB

    Screw Drive vs. AF-S

    "I have 3 AF-S lenses and all 3 are working fine today!!! None of them squeaked and all of them are focusing fine! Isn't that great?!! I thought I should post a message to let everyone know how cool that feels!" NB, Sorry for the sarcasm, but it's human nature, people ask for help when they...
  28. JB

    Just A heads Up on Extreme III CF

    I've stuck with the 4GB so I could back up an entire CF card to one DVD. But when Nikon starts shipping the rumored 20-something mpix DSLRs an 8GB CF card is going to come in real handy.
  29. JB

    Screw Drive vs. AF-S

    I expect you'll see the AF motor in high-end Nikon bodies for several more generations.
  30. JB

    Screw Drive vs. AF-S

    You must weigh the benefits of AF-S and decide if the added complexity (and increased risk of AF failure) is worth it to you. It is to me. If not, there are many AF-D lenses available to the Nikon shooter.
  31. JB

    New stuff..

    Dave, An irresistible combo, pretty girls and great photography. You have certainly mastered the craft, thanks for sharing your "eye candy" with us.
  32. JB

    2700 mah battery

    I highly recommend the Maha MH-C801D Battery Charger as well. It is a joy to use compared to other chargers.
  33. JB

    17-35 AFS Focusing Squeak

    How long did you wait to get it back?
  34. JB

    17-35 AFS Focusing Squeak

    Who wants to hear that squeak? Get it fixed or sell it.
  35. JB

    what's a reasonable price for a 28 mm 1.4 ?

    What's it worth to you? Nikon D2x, Nikkor 28mm f/1.4D AF, 1/60s f/2.2 at 28.0mm iso200 Byzantine, Nave Dome Fresco, Basilica of Saint Vitale, Ravenna, Italy. Handheld because they didn't allow flash photography. A crop: Am I glad I bought it?... Yes! It's one of my favorite...
  36. JB

    If you order from B&H....

    What he said.
  37. JB

    When will Nikon announce their new Lens???

    The last Nikon rebate did nothing for me either. (I did buy another SB-800.) As for the future, we'll know about everything Nikon has cooking many months before you'll ever be able to buy one. We had pics of the 18-200VR, 105VR Micro and 70-300VR long before they were even announced.
  38. JB

    When will Nikon announce their new Lens???

    I'd expect the next announcement event is PMA in Vegas.
  39. JB

    SB-800 batteries?

    I second this recommendation. The MAHA MH-C801D is simply the best.
  40. JB

    Magazine requesting use of image, advice needed

    I'd charge $350.
  41. JB

    I'd really love a DSLR with a waist-level finder.

    that is a very clever design Hi Adam, Thanks for pointing out the Sony DSC-R1, that is a very clever design. It's not exactly what I had in mind but it certainly gets the job done. (And at a fraction of the cost of ubetcha's suggestion!:smile:) The Zeiss lens is an exceptional piece of glass...
  42. JB

    I'd really love a DSLR with a waist-level finder.

    It maybe my only choice. :smile:
  43. JB

    I'd really love a DSLR with a waist-level finder.

    Oh, you are a wet blanket aren't you! Let a man dream a little here! :smile:
  44. JB

    I'd really love a DSLR with a waist-level finder.

    I'd really love a DSLR with a waist-level finder. Maybe Nikon will give us the option on a D3. :smile:
  45. JB

    Shots from Most Recent Shoot..

    Welcome Laura. I like your work, looking forward to seeing more of it.
  46. JB

    Canon to Nikon???

    My bet, you'll spend is a lot of $$$ and time (learning a new system) only to find in may be little or no better than what you have now.
  47. JB

    Lens Case for 200-400 - 500 f/4 AF-S

    Ah, yes. One day Nikon will update the 400 & 500 with VRII and, I'd expect, replace the box with a soft case similar to the 200-400. FWIW - I've seen the Lowepro Lens Trekker 600 AW others have mentioned in action. It looked like a top quality bag.
  48. JB

    Lens Case for 200-400 - 500 f/4 AF-S

    Nick, What's wrong with the case that came with the lens?
  49. JB

    Back up flash unit - Sigma?

    Buy another SB-800. CLS is very useful and fun. I enjoy the wireless capabilities and now have 3 SB-800s and the SU-800.
  50. JB

    Are you upgrading to Windows Vista when released? (Poll)

    The poll is misleading for my intentions. I will not be upgrading my existing PCs (the hassle is too great and the risk is too high) but I will be replacing them over time with new PCs running Vista.
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