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  1. shebreathes

    Simple Self Portrait

    the tattoo is a work in progress of a portrait of my mother who passed away 4 years ago. i have yet to fully come to peace with her passing so this self portrait is part of my healing, finding peace or trying to.
  2. shebreathes

    Shot my first engagement session

    these are very very nice!
  3. shebreathes

    Tina's Wedding

    Just a few shots and detail shots of a wedding a photographed at the start of the month :-) they were married on a golf course so i thought the men in the background was a little fitting
  4. shebreathes

    Special Challenge #71 - "Best of 2009" - Voting Thread

    1. StaceyLynn - B 2. StaceyLynn - C 3. RFCGraphics - A 4. Troylim - C 5. Julien - A
  5. shebreathes

    Craigs List Advertising

    I was on my local craigs list site today and happened upon the "creative" section. Out of curiosity I clicked and was taken back by how many ads there were for photography services. I had not realized there were so many "photographers" here, my local city, but when I viewed their work it was...
  6. shebreathes

    Mr. Jackson - Newborn Session

    Put together a little studio in my front room for this newborn session. I was using my 50mm f/1.8 lens but still found the lighting to be a little off. I have two umbrella's but not sure if the lights were not strong enough. I think she was happy with these pictures but any comments and...
  7. shebreathes

    The Grandfather

    awesome shot!!!
  8. shebreathes

    Never to be Forgotten

    so rich and vibrant....beautiful!
  9. shebreathes

    Harley Reflections..

    i'm a sucker for good contrast!! these are great!
  10. shebreathes

    Our Family

    i thought I would share our extended family!!! Each one of our pets has such a different's so awesome!! Jezebel Lola Pepper
  11. shebreathes

    Spider at night

    wow!!!! i love this!
  12. shebreathes

    Gerbera Daisies

    During a rain storm I put one of my favorite flowers outside and tried to take some pictures :-) Comments and critiques are more than welcome :-) I purposely under exposed this shot to give it a moody storm feel LOL I think I'll try this little series again, it was a lot of fun
  13. shebreathes

    Dancing to the Sunset

    I used my 18mm - 135mm lens and yes, it was hand held
  14. shebreathes

    Dancing to the Sunset

    thank you so much!!! i'm really glad to be here too.....I'm enjoying this place VERY much!!! and I've been following your work too btw :-) so the feeling is mutual!
  15. shebreathes

    Dancing to the Sunset

    thank you :-)
  16. shebreathes

    On the Rocks

    wow, incredible!
  17. shebreathes

    Not For The "Faint" Of Heart!

    This is great!!!! LOL
  18. shebreathes

    Emily's 20-minute shoot

    i think these are beautiful.....great colors!! and pretty girl :-)
  19. shebreathes

    Dancing to the Sunset

    My step daughter and niece dancing during the sunset I wasn't sure if I should post this under landscapes or people so I decided on people :-)
  20. shebreathes

    Nature and a Portrait

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! i'm very glad to be here!! :-)
  21. shebreathes

    10 From NYC

    these are wonderful images....
  22. shebreathes

    Provincetown,Ma.ShowTime!( Img Heavy)

    i love this series.....i've been there once..and had a wonderful time!
  23. shebreathes

    Nature and a Portrait

    I can't remember the name of the sits in the photography department at the city college i attend.
  24. shebreathes

    Nature and a Portrait

    thank you!! yes these are scans from prints. the second one is tinted slightly blue but honestly, it was an error i made while printing in the darkroom LOL i ended up liking it myself.
  25. shebreathes

    Nature and a Portrait

    My first post to this forum so hello!!
  26. shebreathes

    Getting Started in the wedding business

    you're right..i had not thought of that before! thank you for the heads up, I shall fix this for my blog :-)
  27. shebreathes

    Newborn Session

    Right before the summer kicked off I was able to grab a close friend of mine and take some pictures of her newborn son :-) This road is one of my favorites to photograph at and the clouds couldn't have been better. I'm still very much in the learning process so please comments and critiques...
  28. shebreathes

    Getting Started in the wedding business

    thank you for the link, I will for sure check that out :-) It is a tough time for the wedding business..and everyone is a photographer so it's a big competitive market right now! I've been working the 9-5 behind a desk for so long and I'm finally just getting the guts to follow my...
  29. shebreathes

    Getting Started in the wedding business

    Thank you...but no, this is not my first wedding. This is my first year out on my own, I worked for a studio a couple of years ago and I'm finally doing my own thing :-) it's a little scary for me
  30. shebreathes

    Getting Started in the wedding business

    This is my first official year in the wedding business, on my own. This is from a wedding I recently did and all comments and critiques are welcome!! The watermark is because I posted these on my blog so I'm sorry in advance!!! Thanks! She was pretending to be...
  31. shebreathes

    10:00 am photosession with hardly any shade

    Hi there I am shooting a portrait session this morning at 10:00am knowing that the light will be harsh. My client wants to do it at this time to beat the heat, but the place she has chosen is off of dirt road that has hardly any shade. What do you think would be the best way of exposing for...
  32. shebreathes

    Old Administration Building Fresno, CA

    Hello!! my website is thank you for showing an interest in my work. :-)
  33. shebreathes

    Pennhurst Psychiatric Hospital in Pa.

    these are incredible. i hope to visit sites like this soon!
  34. shebreathes

    Old Administration Building Fresno, CA

    Hi everyone :-) The Old Administration Building at Fresno City College is under renovation to bring back part of the colleges history. The photography department was able to walk around inside before construction got under way. It was incredible and creepy all at the same time. These are just...
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